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$50/Mth Credit for 12 Months on $115 XL 180GB 5G Plan (Was $115/Mth, Now $65/Mth for 12 Months) @ Telstra


Available when buying a phone or as a SIM only plan on it's own. As with all other Telstra plans, it's month to month so you can leave (paying out any device repayments if you bought a phone from Telstra) or change plans once a month at any time without penalty

Extra Large
Was $115 per month.
Now $65 per month.
$50/mth credit for 12 months.

Save up to $600
Get $50/mth bill credit for 12 months. Offer ends 16/11/20.
Credit applies each month you stay connected for 12 months.

Offer extended to 23/11/20

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      no there is ETC on the JB-HIFI plan as that is a 12 months contract

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    Update - there is a Early Termination Fee if you are coming from a JB HiFi contract. After signing up and given the green light the Telstra sales lady called back 1 hour later saying there is a Termination fee but she has waved it all and added it to her notes.

    Phew - happy camper here :)

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      so she waived the ETC ? 0_o
      might have originally been a mistake and they waived it as a gesture of goodwill

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        Yep - mistake on her end .. considering I only signed up 2 sim only plans to the JB HiFi contract 2 weeks ago.. so winning :)

        • @wilsong If the upgrade of the plan has happened - i.e. you can see the 180gb - and you've received the critical information summary from Telstra, does this mean that you're in the clear? I keep checking my email waiting to be hit with ETCs despite the chat agent confirming it's all good!

          • @LeoSpaceman: yep :-)

            in my case also she tried calling me and left voicemail messages stating this - so I have saved them too :)

            • @wilsong: haha nice..

              I'm just waiting on my new invoice first before my $1000 of JBHiFi gift cards.. :)

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      Yes very lucky there because you are meant to get an ETC. tried with a few different reps now and all said the plans are locked in with JB

      • Same they offered me 10$ credit but apart from that they said they can't do anything . They are not allowed to touch JBhifi plans at all.

    • Do you know the name of the consultant you spoke to? I am speaking to someone via online chat at the moment but they are saying there is nothing they can do to waive the fees.

    • I got freaked out about the stories here so I started the process via chat (after lodging on the app). The chat agent confirmed no early termination charges and that it will take 24-48hrs to reflect on the app and systems.

      Fingers crossed I have the same outcome as you - what an awesome deal!

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    Just got confirmation that my JB HiFi plan was changed to the 180GB one, however I upgraded it before seeing the issue with ETC fee. I can't see anywhere on my account about the fee to be paid at the moment, but I'm on live chat to figure it out. Hopefully it isn't an issue, otherwise I'll move back to my old plan.

    EDIT: I was told by live chat that there will be no ETC fee. Screenshot here https://ibb.co/N7YbKKt

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      that is great news!

      good news for people who are going to get the S20 5G on $99 plan and $0 upfront.

      upgrade it over to the 180GB - so you basically only paying $65month to month

      and since your out of contract, cancel that aswell… = very cheap S20 FE 5G

      • To get s20 fe , is it possible to signup over the phone?

      • This should go down in the OzBargain hall of fame if it works for more people than it doesn't!

    • Dang keen to do this but what if they said nope you gotta pay etc. Lol you might just be one of the lucky ones.

  • I am on the recent JB $59 / 80gb deal. I messaged Telstra asking about upgrading to this and they said:

    Changing the plan now will triggers the early termination fee and also the exisiting discounts for your current plan will not be carried to you new plan.

  • So tempted to sign up but I currently pay $29 a month for 35GB and don't even remotely use that now and don't have a 5G phone.

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    Hi Telstra rep, I am currently on the 24 month $65 Jb-hi-fi contract which I signed up for last year for getting Pixel 4. Am I eligible for an upgrade? I contacted the support on chat and they say that I will have to pay early cancellation fees. I thought I could upgrade to $115 with this promotion and that would not change my monthly fees.

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      Welcome to OzbargainTelstraChat

    • As you're ending a 24 month contract early, there will be an ETC to pay, even though it's considered more expensive/higher tier. The issue is going from a lock in contract to a month to month plan.

      • Thanks for the explanation. I get it now.
        I am just surprised that if I need more data on my current contract, I have to pay ETC and get a new plan. Seems like I am stuck with my current data for next 12 months.

        • You may be able to switch at JB rather than thru Telstra… Not 100% sure. When Telstra did 12/24 month contracts they would always let you go up in monthly costs but never down for free. May be the same with JB or they may have to re-contract you. You'd have to check with them.

  • I "upgraded" from a JB 12 month plan to this. Got the email for "Your Order Estimate", and there's no mention of ETC in the one-off charges section. Fingers crossed!

    • i got that too, but in the next email , it had the fees in the pdf…..

      • Bugger. I haven't received the next email yet.

      • What was the PDF that listed the ETC? Your actual monthly bill already?

  • Telstra chat told me there is a ETC as I'm on a contract. (JB $65/m plan)

  • Seems like the 89/month + 600gc is a better deal if the extra gb not really needed.

    Real value is if you can upgrade from the JB / TGG deal to this with no ETC.

    Conflicting info so far

    TGG deal very tempting.
    - 800gc, upgrade from 99/month to 115/month with the credit applied to make it 65/month.
    - Heck even just the 800gc and then paying the etc is tempting hmmm

    • It shows up in your credit history which is something worth consider.

    • What’s the TGG $800gc deal?

  • +3

    I was lucky on chat, got an agent to do the upgrade for me with the $50 credit and confirm no ETC.

    Been very lucky week as I was able to get the s20FE 5G with the free buds from JB plan and now downgrade to $65 in cost with upgrade to more data!

    Happy days!


    • Do you know who you spoke to? I am on the chat now but they are not budging.

      Edit: Sorry just saw your screenshot

      • but I dont think it matters if you give names casue they can never track down agent by names, had simillar issue before.

        Otherwise you should go direct to app where it shows the cost of upgrade as being "at least $0" and screenshot that.

        • Too late, I already changed my plan this afternoon :(

        • I asked a rep that my app is showing zero cost for a switch of plan. This was the reply, "This may be because the app does not recognize the contract since it's from JB Hi-Fi but when the system detects that you have confirmed updating your plan to this offer, you will then be automatically charged the early termination fees on your upcoming bill".

          • @zeoko: anyone still got a screen shot of the my telstra app with the $0 upgrade ? i proceeded as well without taking the screen shot…@@

  • I switched my Jbhifi plan which end 05-2021 to this plan and received email confirm which show credit for jbhifi plan to make the plan become $65 a month.

    • How did you switch? Online chat or in app?

      • In app

        • So confirming you had a JB plan with 8 months left on it, and you didnt get charged ETC?

  • Thanks for sharing OP. I upgraded my old $60 p/m with $10 loyalty discount that I’ve been on for years (with 23.1GB).

    Great to hear data sharing is coming back. Will they have a $5 data share sim, anyone know?

  • This is a sick deal, but honestly don't need the data. I'm still on that $59 friends and family deal from 2 years ago with a $10 a month credit.

    • Yeah I’m on the $65 plan paying $49 from that period, but I’ll need a plan with 5G in a month. Might get on chat and see if I can get the $65 one with the same discounts I have. Don’t like my chances but.

  • Can people who signed up to jbhifi plan for s20 fe , can move to sim only $55 plan which gives 40 gb data as that is month to month , and after that cancel that and pay no etc?

    • You will more than likely cop the ETC as you're ending a 12 month contract and going month to month. Some people have reported them stuffing up and waiving the ETC but if they do it properly, you will have to pay it. You would have a better chance of moving to this deal as it's technically a more expensive plan/upgrade than the $55 plan.

  • This is a great post, and discussion! If I got the second SIM what router do you reckon best for a not big home? Would like to drop the crap Optus Internet altogether and switch to this 180gb plan, enough data for this house!

  • I wonder if my alumni discount will also carry over? Which is 10% off Telstra services.

    • Well went into a Telstra store and still kept my Alumi discount

      • Is this applied before or after the $50 credit, if you don't mind me asking?

        • +1

          Should be after. I'm on a 10% corporate and it's taken off the 'final' amount.

  • +2

    I didn't see this mentioned - this plan also comes with 45,000 bonus Telstra Plus points and 50% more points across your account if you are on this plan.

    • Isn't the points bonus only if you get a handset through Telstra on that plan?

      • Nope. This is SIM only plan - handset purchase not required.

        • Got any links to anything which says that? The terms I found said it's only when purchased with a handset.

          • @AaronR: Those days are gone, all plans are separate to handsets, making them byo plans and if you wish you can add a handset and pay it in 12 or 24 month instalments.

          • @AaronR: It’s on the ‘BYO’ page this deal links to.

  • Anyone switch to this plan got the email from telstra to confirm plan changed?

    I only got an email "Thank you for placing your order with Telstra. We'll start working on it and contact you to clarify details if required.."

    • Yes! it was taking too long to swap over (from prepaid) so,i ended up telling them to cancel it.

      I did a seperate order, though. (I don't mind changing my number,and disconnecting this one)

      I just hope it doesn't need long.

  • I will sign this plan when 12 pro max comes out

  • For someone who changed from JB ($99 S20 FE) pla to this successfully without paying ETC , can you cancel the plan if you don't need it without paying etc as it is month to month?

    • Yeah just port number out to another provider

  • I am on JB Hifi $89 plan Live Chat told me there will be early ternimate cancellation fee :(

  • I got FE 5g yesterday, tried to get the buds too but no lock. They gave $10 credit per month for 12 months. Went to live chat and changed to $115 plan withoout any ETC and the planis $65 atm , and telstra gave $10 credit on that one so $55 a month. I am assuming as I am on month to month plan now so can I cancel that service altogether?

    • wow, what did you say to them?

      • Just had a chat. I asked to change the plan and confirmed no cancellation fee , took screenshots.

    • Damn. You got lucky there. I tried a couple of times to upgrade to this but kept being told an ETC is payable

      • Maybe try again .

        • Hey good thing I listened to you.

          Successfully got ETC waived upgrading to this via chat.

  • If Telstra still supported data sharing with a second SIM, I would be all over this but alas they removed that from all their consumer plans so can't consider them.

    • Data sharing is coming back. Get on it.

      • Link/source?

          • @knuckle8: Can you setup data sharing at the time of signup? I have my phone, tablet as well as my wife's phone that I would like to setup data sharing with on this plan so wondering how I would go about in setting that up.

            • @merajaan: I was told by Telstra rep last night, data sharing is not supported anymore.

            • +1

              @merajaan: Hasn't been release yet. They are moving all plans from the old siebal system to a new one. Once that is completed then it is possible.
              It's on the road map.

              • @knuckle8: oh thanks for that

              • @knuckle8: Than forget it. No way I'm signing up to Telstra in the hopes that one day they will get their backend systems in order so that I can data sharing. Will try again in a few months and see where they're at as I'm sure deals like these from telcos will continue to crop up in the COVID era.

  • Did anybody got bill for cancelling JB plan for s20 fe or moved to $115 plan?

    • I am on the JB S20 FE plan, spent the weekend trying to request the upgrade to this plan and was informed by all the agents that I will have to pay ETC.

      • +1

        Luckily, I managed to upgrade to that plan and the chat person said no ETC, took screenshots. Got bill today for $6. I don't know whats happening to my account now. I am hoping if I can get bonus 45 thousands telstra plus points which are included in that plan.

  • Anyone got bonus 45000 telstra plus points?

    • Good luck. I'm waiting for 42 lots of 20,000 points from a month ago and I will also be owed the 45,000 as well. They are really bad at crediting you the bonus points.

      • I just had a look at the plan details now, they've removed 45000 bonus points, it's not there anymore.

  • Anyone else having trouble signing into the "My Telstra" app? I haven't been able to login since Friday.

    • I can log in, but it gives me errors and the support chat does not work at all.

      • Are you running an ad blocker? It works for me when I pause my ad blocker

        • Thanks mate, I've disabled ad-blocker but it still cocks up. Both on the My Telstra app and Windows login… 🤨

  • +1

    Did people get an email saying they are being kicked off their old mobile plans and getting moved into the small plan?

    • Yep - same boat. Looking at upgrading to this and going with 5G. Thoughts?

  • Has anyone took a screenshot of the 45000 bonus points in the plan details? I forgot to do that and they removed it today. Thank you.

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