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Telstra BYO 5G Plan: 150GB Data, $89/Mo (12 Months) + $600 JB HI-FI Voucher (Port In / New Services)


Just called up JB Hifi, got a $600 GC on a $99 Telstra plan PLUS $10/mo credit making it $89/mo.

Includes 5g

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      4 people missed the deal and have sand in their pants now.

  • i am still waiting for $69 + $500 GC :(

    • You missed it, it was also +10 discount.

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        Hoping they will do that again!

        • Don't sell your soul to the devil

    • Yeah me also, I've changed my number over to AmaySim so I'm eligible next time. I'm missing Telstra reception & speed inside though esp during busy times. C'mon JB you can do it again ;D

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        Just talked to JB hifi staff, they said they can do $400 GC + $59 plan and give me another $100 credit on anything other than a new iPhone. I showed the TGG $800 deal, they said coz their plan is $89 per month, so they only can do $89
        + $600 + $80 credit to match TGG

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    Or $800 gift card through TGG


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      do the maths

      $1,188 - $800 = $388

      $388 / 12 = ~$32 a month for 150gb a month

      that's not bad given most people will struggle to piss thru 150gb a month if you're not torrenting linux iso's all day and night

      assuming you were going to spend $800 on a nice phone or laptop from TGG in the first place?

      a lot of people would save over spending say $70 a month on nbn that you wont max out anyway and you get a mobile num.

    • Is this $800 TGG offer not expired already? If not, can it be stacked with $0 upfront Samsung Galaxy S20 FE?

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        It says valid till 31st December and yes it should.

        • That sounds crazy and hard to believe! 800$ and the Samsung!?

          • @H Le: will tgg stock the new iphone 12?

            • @hibijibis: Already have the iphone 12 on TGG site. Max is out next month.

              TGG is a better deal.

              Even if the cashback was the same, more you pay Telstra, more points you get as well. ($89 vs $99 and after cash back monthly is the same)

        • How do you stack the deal because, as far as I know the $0 upfront S20 FE is a JB HIFI deal and Telstra $800 gift card is with TGG?

        • Has anyone signed up recently in NSW? I went to Chatswood TGC, they only offer $600, and called Artarmon TGC, they said only $500.

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          I couldnt get them to stack the $0 upfront with the GC Offer… I have to choose only one… in NSW .. Miranda Jbhifi… what they explained to me is the the $0 upfront for S20 FE is just a upscaling of $600 GC to $1000 … and you are using that to get the S20FE :/

          • @nippy: I thought that might be the case. 0 upfront and GC would have been a deal of the century!!

    • Can do JB hi-fi by phone though which is handy (I live nowhere near a good guys)

  • Do you have to be a new customer?

    • new service or port in from another provider that isn't belong, boost or telstra.

      • Ah ok thanks…I'm existing

        • you can still get the offer if your existing. Just connect new service then msg telstra to transfer your existing number to the new sim. Assuming your off contract on your existing number

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    Can I open a new service to claim this deal that swap my mobile number from my current month to month (no contract) plan to it?

    • confirm you can, I did the same thing 4 months ago, just chat with rep via telstra app

      • How long does the number swap take?

    • Did exactly this on the $69 - $10 credit with $500 giftcard a few weeks ago.

    • Just adding, i literally did this yesterday via mytelstra app chat, took minutes to take effect.

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      Hang on, so if I am a Telstra customer currently on a JB Hi Fi plan, but my plan has expired… I can sign up to this new plan, then move my current number over?

      • correct

    • +1 keen to know how that works, that's a great loophole if so!

  • I still haven't got my $500 gift card yet from last deal $59, it has been more than 2 weeks

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      Don’t they offer it right away when buying a plan. They deducted it from new phone on the spot.

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        no, they said gift card will be given after 48 hours of activation but I have chased them twice and still not receiving anything yet

        • I just remembered I did mine at the Good Guys. May be they do it differently or it has changed since last year. All I had to wait was for sim to activate (which took 5 minutes) and then they get email from telstra with a voucher that they applied on my new phone purchase

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            @Pricebeat: I did one at JB Hifi last year and I walked out with the $500 GC in hand

        • I walked in JB after activating and they provided right there. Try to see if walk in to a store is possible.

          • @newbargainer: Victoria is still in lockdown so i can't do anything except waiting

            • @V13tbargain: Yes you can. CallJB hi-fi and tell them it's been over 72 hours. I did that and got it 12 hours later.

              • @carpecrash: i called them twice: first one guy told me his manager has to go thru 100s of people so it will take a while but I still waited 5 days after that and still nothing so I called someone else today and they told me to contact online support. It is like passing ball, very frustrated, I always got hiccup trade with JB Hifi

        • I am in the same boat, 2 weeks on and no GC. Who and how did you chase them? I made the order on the phone in Victoria so had called up local store who put me through to the team.

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            @new2melbourne: i called 135244 numbers then talked to JB Teltra plan sign up team #1 option, they first told manager has to go thru 100 of people signed up then nothing happened so 2nd time was referred to online support. Will have to keep chasing them next week if i don't hear anything from them

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      Call them just in case. It's $500

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    I wonder if i sign up for this deal and then upgrade to the new Telstra XL 115 deal which is currently have a $50 credit

    • This would be pretty cool, sounds like it might be eligible since its an "upgrade".

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      You will pay an Early Termination Charges.

      • Why would it be ETC if it's an upgrade from $89/month to $115/month

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          Because you are going from a 12 month contract to month-to-month plan..
          So you will be flogged with ETC.

  • anyway of getting $10 per month off via telstra chat like in the good old days?

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      A Loyalty discount was possible if you had other services with Telstra. Not sure about it now though.

    • Oohf I've tried but nothing avails. They just play dumb and palm me around. Pretty disappointed given my family uses NBN, home phone, mobile plans..

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    no longer a deal the 180gb poln just dropped to $65/month

    • And sure this data can be use as hotspot as well?

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    Remember when for $49 a month you also got a brand new phone.

    These days are sad.

    • I managed to snag a family and friends deal with some complimentary data packs for that. My plan expires this month though :(

    • And phones cost half the price….

      • Paid $679 for the iPhone 3G was big money back in the day

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      It's still kind of possible but you gotta make your own deals.
      For example, old $49/mo deal over 24 months = $1176
      S20 FE 5G deal is $594 ETC + $30 prepaid x 24 = $1314 or ~$54/mo

    • I remember when for $30/month you also got a brand new phone.

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        The RBA keep telling us inflation is low.

      • Sorry, I disagree bro. The telcos got greedy, and the deals are nowhere near as good even considering inflation.

        Anyway, I'm not your brah, buddy.

          • @Coronavirus5G: I'm not your buddy, pal.

            Greedy, through removing plans that gave you a better deal, even though you were locked in for 2 years.

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    but you have to spend money at JB

    • Resale of the GCs on OzB classifieds is about 8-10% discount, so $800 becomes $720-$736 cash.

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    Curious to know why people choose these plans? 150 GB a month mobile data usage is a lot, unless this is a primary source of internet data? As in, anyone who has a decent cable/NBN plan at home wouldn’t need such a plan, I would’ve thought.

  • This is a good good deal compared to $65 plan at least you get a $500 gc to spend on a phone or device of your choice. Isn’t it or am I wrong what are the savings here.

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      $89/th x 12 months = $1,068 - $600gc = $468 (Edit: Sorry $600 GC)
      $65/th x 12 months = $780

      So yes this is better (provided you have a good use for gift card and buy things at good price)

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        the $65 deal last year was a $500 GC so = $280 for the 12 months. less data (60GB i think) and not 5G but still a lot cheaper. oh and most of us got $10 credit a month too, so actually $160 for the year!

        • Yes I'm still on that one (edit: although that means I'm paying $55x12 = $660 per year atm)

  • Does this also offer Samsung S20 FE for $0 upfront or it is either store credit or the phone?

  • so if i cancel the plan on day one i will pay ETC $594 but can the $600 JB voucher?

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      Congrats you get $6 for free

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        and a credit check

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