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Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G Smartphone 128GB $979 Delivered (RRP $1149) @ Amazon AU

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First post, please be ___

Slightly lower than JB HIFI and Harvey Norman, good for ppl who bought $100 Amazon Gift Card and earned bonus $10…

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  • +1

    Great phone NGL, but accessories for these are sparse ATM in stores just a heads up.

    • In Samsung education i bought the 256gb 5g with flip cover for 1,004 dollars

      • +8

        I got 256GB from Education Store in $900 using the 5% extra off promotion for order over $1,000 plus using $50 subscription voucher. Added a case to make it above $1,000, placed the order for $928.88 and then cancelled the case as phone shipped before the case. Got $28 back so effectively got the 256GB 5G model in $900.

        • The device itself costs 952. I didn't know the extra 5%.

        • I am currently waiting on this phone to come back in stock but it's now $959 on education store or $909 after the $50 voucher. How are you finding it? I heard they have touch screen issues.

          • +1

            @drinkin-beer: Haven't faced any issues so far. Very snappy phone, with good battery time. Size of the phone is so perfect and flat display makes it easier to use.

    • Plenty of accessories available now on ebay.

  • Any usb c headphones/ dongle recommendations?

    • +3

      Hidizs Sonata HD, would probably consider looking in to something bluetooth though, even "good" dongles seem to die pretty easily.

    • What headphones are you trying to power? If it's nothing pricy ($300+) don't worry about which cable, they'll sound the same, although I've heard good things about the iPhone dongle on /r/headphones. The sonata hd (pro) as a previous commenter recommended is pretty good if you care about small audio improvements though, it won't be life changing or anything though.

    • +1


      Paired with the ATH-M50x and Tidal MQAs.

      You don't know what you're missing.

      • How anyone can willingly subject themselves to M50x is beyond me. Please please don't waste your money or your ears.

        Get something like Fiio BTR3k and Starfield or T2 IEMs, anything Koss, or cheaper Sennheisers. There's lots of good deals under $150. Checkout some reviews and don't hop on the AudioTechnica train unless after an audition they're legitimately what you want, I implore you, they're totally not deserving of being lusted after.

        I run Fiio BTR5 and SE846 personally and can't say bad thing about them. Plus added flexibility of Bluetooth DAC/Amp you won't regret. With LDAC it is technically lossy, but at 900kbit 24/96 you'd never know.

        • I've been out of the audiophile community for a couple of years, I thought the M50X was the budget darling on the community, what happened?

          • @Bunnyburger: They haven't been displaced as such for over ear options in the same price category ($150), other than there's a lot of extremely good iem offerings which are definitely best bang for your buck.

            My opinion is just one of many but I'd say the bass is not proper deep and refined, and tight, really floppy 70 to 180hz moosh, sound stage is not existent, they're very forward and present the music in a very spherical way without any real imaging.

            I owned a pair for about 12mos, after also getting into some cheaper grados (SR80s) and sennheiser (mm450x) they're just painful to listen to. If someone absolutely needs Audio Technica M40s are alright.

            This guy sums it up alright if you can get passed his joking presentation style (z-reviews) and comments all seem to be reflect the same: https://youtu.be/ZnOlHAfHfQE

    • +1

      The Google USB C dongle does the job for $16 delivered

    • There's new wave of Bluetooth DACs which are great, ES100, Fiio BTR3, BTR5, UP4, + some others

    • +8

      All the S20 FE 5G has snapdragon

    • Get your facts right…
      ALL Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Founder's Edition) 5G come with the 865 Snapdragon processor. This includes the 128gb and 256gb.

      The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G come with the Exynos 990 processor.

      So if you play games a lot and want to have your battery last a bit longer (+2 hrs) get the 5G version.

      • Ahh.. a PC enthusiast, I see.

      • +1

        fan edition*

      • +9

        “Get your facts right”
        “Founders edition”

        Sorry the irony was too good not to highlight

  • +9

    All S20 FE 5G comes with Snapdragon processor. However the 4G version uses Exynos. So, even you do not need 5G, it is worth paying more to get the 5G version just because of the superior processor.

    • Also added 8gb ram vs 6gb ram for 4g. 256gb rom vs 128gb rom for 4g. I really love my SD version. It doesn't heat much as compare to exynos. For 1000 with case I'm satisfied. Screen is 1080p but really good, i thought i want the WQHD+ resolution. however, Samsung's flagships can only run 1080p at 120hz, not wqhd. Z fold2 can do 120Hz in wqhd though.

      • The screen is that tiny you don't notice a difference. I had my note 9 on wqhd for the past 2 years and swapped back to 1080 to see if I could notice a difference before I buy this phone and it looks the same… And I am sensitive to screen resolution.

        • I have note9 as well and I'll choose note9 over s20fe.

          • @JohnPantone: So would I. I see little gains in updating to a newer model over the note 9. If anything you lose with a newer phone. Maybe next generation it would be worthwhile updating. The new 5nm processors is a massive upgrade even compared with the current snapdragon 865+.

          • @JohnPantone: How about a note 9 with a shattered screen? Pretty keen to get a new phone because I broke my screen lol plan to get this as a cheapie until the Samsung and AMD partnership phone supposedly releases 2022. This is also directed towards Ronnie.

      • Only 256GB model has 8GB RAM.
        All other models including 128GB 5G and all 4G models have 6GB RAM.

  • +12

    Is it true the fan edition doesn't come with an actual fan?

    • +1

      They want to avoid fan death

      • Lol I just looked that up. Wtf

    • +4

      This device was intended for Only Fans.

  • +6

    It's around $600 from JB if you sign up to the Telstra $99 plan and cancel immediately:

    • What if you cancel 2-3 days later?

      • I believe it's pro-rata so you'd pay $7-10 in addition to the $594 termination fee. But I haven't been able to take advantage of this deal because I'm in Victoria.

  • -5

    Had a look at this in JB HIFI the other day. The bezel is too thick. Don't like it so don't know what the fuss is all about.

    • +6

      Is there a better phone under $1000 sold in Australia?

    • it has a flat screen, which is meant to be less prone to accidental presses.

    • It doesn't bothered me at all. I love the flat design and battery is good. A tip that i saw in youtube was turning off adaptive brightness while using 120Hz to preserve battery life. The sensor always checks the ambiance when 120hz turned on. It's in the algorithm.

      • but then you need to manually adjust screen brightness every time

        • I don't mind honestly. my priority is battery so it doesn't bother me at all.

      • Adaptive brightness was off by default on my handset and I left it as such but it's good to know.👍

  • -2

    Timed just right as iPhone 12 fivegee is out on Friday I think larger phone are difficult to carry around too clunky

    • +1

      This half an inch taller but you get half an inch more uninterrupted screen. It's also narrower than the iPhone which will make it feel smaller than it is. Best to check it in store.

  • +4

    Stop asking everyone to be nice for your first post. Ozbargainers are decent people 😊. Thanks for the post. Won't take as my current s20+ is superb

  • Deal's good but it's a bit odd how Samsung doesn't give a 25w charger for this phone but gives it for their mid range a71… Of course that phone is no match for the fe but something to consider

    • No headphones as well. Nor dangle to be use for 3.5mm jack.

      • Dangles are expensive though: a standard dongle for USB-C to 3.5mm is around $5 so that's no big deal; the dangle equivalent, however - I agree, aftermarket ones aren't worth it and should be included with the phone…

    • Fast charging heat the battery too much.
      Samsung did you a favour heh

      • I have money to buy dongle though. Just 16 dollars in education store. Free shipping. Solve.

      • Yeah I turn fast charging off

    • +5

      At least you get a charger lmao

      • -2

        Is that right? Samsung did an Apple and never shipped the FE with a charging brick?

        Ouch!!! A defective model, without a charger?

        When will it drop to $500 heh?

  • Any current owners can confirm if this phone support dual SIM or just eSim… or single SIM only?

    • +3

      Got my FE 5G from JB, single sim only

      • Alright, didn't get much info online. Thanks buddy.

  • 6GB RAM isn't great for future proof.

    Also does anyone remember what Gorilla Glass 3 was like? I have an old S6 with GG4 and it's very glassy compared to GG5 on my P2XL, worried the GG3 might crack too easily.

    • +1

      The ram will be fine for the majority unless people are into heavy gaming or trying to run multiple apps at once

  • +4

    this phone has a screen protector installed

  • -1

    Jaysus, only single sim?
    Aussies getting screwed

  • +4

    I wouldn't buy this phone right now. My model and 2 others that I tried have massive touch screen issues (phantom inputs).

    See below, able to replicate this easily:


    • +1

      Can confirm that this test replicated the same issue on my S20FE. Trying to get Samsung AU to return the phone is another issue, should have gotten it from JB, Officeworks, etc for easier return

      Edit: also tested on my partner's phone and could also replicate this issue.

  • +4

    $999 at Samsung with $200 trade in bonus is a better deal if you have an old trade baiter phone lying around.

    • +1

      Can you just trade anything for $200? OR is it 'up to' to $200?

      • -1
        • +4

          $200 is the bonus value ON TOP of the trade in value. https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/

          Learn how to read.

          • @Penpinch: My bad, missed that at the top of the page..

          • @Penpinch: LUCKY it's on top. Put in Note 4, 'Get up to $10'… what, if it's damaged you get $6? haha

            • @albot: jokes aside, the phone has to be functional as you have to install the samsung trade up app on it for self diagnosis.

        • Samsung values my 3yr old S8+ $125. So, $325 total discount if I hand it in. Not bad!

          I wonder if this is also available to Student store purchases?

          • @vrsac: only available on the general Samsung store.

      • +1

        i went through the process with my galaxy s6. downloaded the app and did the tests and tasks.
        trade in value is $15, which goes up to $215 under the $200 bonus deal.

  • Anyone who bought one of these outright get RCS working with Telstra? My pixel friends can't send me messages if they have RCS turned on and I can't enable it because i don't have Telstra firmware

    • +1

      Yes, try https://www.reddit.com/r/UniversalProfile/comments/j42gly/a_…

      Restart your phone after making the changes

      • thanks so much for that i couldnt find anything anywhere. did you manage to get RCS enabled on google messages or just samsung? samsung messages lets me enable it but google messages says my carrier doesnt support it.

        • +1

          Samsung only. According to a Telstra guy on whirlpool, Telstra RCS only works for Samsung now for some reason. We will need to wait for Google to get their shit together with true Universal RCS.

  • +1

    Before buying, check out the touch screen issues on Whirlpool S20 FE thread, Reddit, YouTube and quite a few news stories. Have a Google, its everywhere. Hope they can fix it with firmware. Holding off until Samsung make an announcement: https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s20-fe-displ…

  • It's better to buy in education store if you can right?

  • -2

    Just had a chat with Samsung AU rep.

    ALL Australian S20 FE phones that we care about (i.e. SnapDragon SD865 chipset) are single SIM !!!

    So, while other regions are getting S20 FE 5G with dual-SIM we're getting neglected (again) and getting the substandard single-SIM

    Screw you Samsung! I'm done with you. Will get something else.

    • +2

      So what? Are you going to neg every S20 FE deal because you can't get dual sim version locally?

      Import the phone or find another phone that has the features you want.

      Aus was already getting the shit end of the stick with exynos so snapdragon is already a big upgrade in comparison.

      • I'm raising awareness among Australians that Samsung is selling substandard models at premium price.

        Samsung rep even recommended that I get a S20 or Note 20 if I wanted dual-SIM! I then gave them a lesson on rubbish Exynos 990 chipset they're dumping to non US/Korean regions, including Australia. Everyone should boycott Samsung until they offer the same quality products they sell in US and Korea.

        So, screw you Samsung!

        • +1

          such a negative nancy

  • The minus is for Samsung, not for yvesmindreader's deal

    • I am with u mate… Dual SIM or at least esim support is necessary nowadays…

  • Just out of curiousity, do these come with Exynos or Snapdragon CPU?

    • +1

      ALL S20 FE 4G will have exynos, and all 5G will have snapdragon.

  • I just upgraded from s10 5g to s20 fe 5g. I moved all my data to new phone through smartswitch , I have a question I think Samsung keyboard sync doesn't work any more. Is there any alternative good keyboard which works across different devices and can remember writing patterns and words?
    Can someone help if I use 2 samsung phones with same google and samsung account, can it sync so i have same messages/ apps data on both phones?

    • Microsoft Swiftkey syncs across multiple devices.

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