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Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3000Pa Suction Laser Navigation Au Version $579 @ Gearbite (Members)


Dreame (Xiaomi Eco-system) Launch New Flagship Robot Vacuum Cleaner D9 in Australia. We are glad as Australia is the first country to launch this new device.

Dreame has tried very hard to develop a high performance Robot Vacuum machine at exellent buy price. D9 is the right one.

Big Thanks to this community and your valuable feedbacks so that we can bring more and more excellent products. Dreame are very serious on our community's valuable feedback and take very good effort to improve their products.

We offer special price to our ozbargain Community. 60 Days Money back Guarantee(include change mind).

In Order to Retrieve the Prices in the title, please follow these steps:

  • Join the Facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive'
  • Follow the instructions in the most recent post to retrieve the code via Facebook message to apply on our website.

Otherwise, the coupon OZBARGAIN100 provides $100 off these vacuums (rather than the $120 off for members).

Dreame D9 Vacuum Video Here

The Dreame D9 is mostly similar to the F9 size, 35cm x 35cm x10cm. This is purposely designed to house the LiDAR navigation system which means greater accuracy in navigation; unlocking advance map memory and room recognition functionality such as multi-rooms and selected area cleaning, virtual walls, vaccum no-go zones and mop no-go zones.

Dreame D9 will have Multi-maps ( upto to 3 maps) support via firmware update. This will allow Dreame D9 to map and operate on multiple levels within the same house.

Other key hardware features of the Dreame D9 includes:

4 levels of suction mode with up to 3,000Pa of suction power.

5,200mAh battery for up to 2.5hours of operation time; and extended further when combined with “Smart Top-up” function. This feature enables the Dreame D9 to top-up for more power during a cleaning session; and continue the clean when the appropriate level of battery is reached.

A 570ml dustbin and a 270ml smart electric water tank with adjustable water level for more precise mopping.

Removable microfiber roller brush can easily be disassembled for easy access to remove tangled hairs and general maintenance.

Specification Xiaomi Dreame D9 $599
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 3000Pa
Dust Bin 570ml
Battery 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes
Mopping E-tank(270ml)
Zone Clean Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes
Multi-map Yes,firmware for 3 maps coming soon
Auto Charging Yes | Smart Top Up

All products come with 12 Months Official Local Warranty

As always, enjoy :)

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    • +2

      I have an S5 Max and the mop is awesome on our wooden floors and bathrooms. Having the robot Vacuum/Mop saves us so much time but they aren't without a little faffing. You will need to replace parts, empty the dust collection, fill mop and wash mop heads relatively regularly but the effort compared to full mopping and vacuuming the old way is very limited.

  • How do these compare to the iRobot Roombas? Are they similar quality?

    • +2

      Not enough info online, but on paper this is a more powerful vacuum than most/any Roomba. Check out Vacuum Wars YouTube, channel, he provides some handy comparisons with the Roborock’s and Roomba’s, this being such a new model there is no vid/global reviews yet.

  • -1

    Can you guys please change typo in Australia : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0416/6225/1175/files/p1_e1... :D

    • Thanks for that, fixed.

  • Has S50 been discontinued?

    • Was discontinued.

  • +1

    Took the punt on this one (along with a few others I’m sure), I don’t see the S5 Max going under $699 for Black Friday and the 60-day MBG plus other features, let alone the Dreame brand’s strong track record locally, and my positive prior experience as a Gearbite customer informed my final decision.

  • +1

    With the 60 day money back gurranty , will work this machine hard to see if it stands up to the said performance spec.

    • It's a new product, if it turns to be not as good for the $579 pricing, not sure if Dreame will support Gearbite. There were previous Xioami products being discontinued without proper support as there is no real presence of Xiaomi in Australia like they do have in all of the rest of the APAC countries

      Here they have a few agents/resellers in Australia including Mi Store AU & Gearbite. Not sure why it's taking them 10 years to enter AU directly , every other country have a direct Xiaomi online store including UK, EU and US. The resellers must have paid a lot to get exclusive access for a couple of years. The price difference is huge as a result !

  • Would be interesting to see if rep align the price for roborock s5Max or s6Pure to the same price point, which one would receive more orders.?!

  • Damn, 3000Pa, that'd be nice.

    I have a Roborock S6 (standard, not the cheaper Pure variant) and it's near useless on carpet. Also have a much older (but more expensive) Neato Connected and it's far superior on carpet and has a larger dustbin. That said, the Roborock S6 despite being cheaper, feels more premium and seems more intelligent in the way it goes about cleaning.

  • +1

    Hi Op,

    How does this compare to the 360 S7?

    • Was wondering this as well. The s7 is the one gearbite imported to try and get a better model in yeah? Didn't seem to have worked out.

    • +1

      I cant speak for this new dreame line, but as someone who jumped on the 360 s7 deal form gearbite, I would advise you avoid like the plague. Getting replacement filters or brushes are nearly impossible. The app was trash and would not work - though it has started to get better.

      The mop attachment leaks constantly and started to crack - and guess what, can't buy replacement. Not even on Ali express.

      • Please send me oz message, we have spare water tank for you.

        • +1

          Did you do a recall of those units or waiting for users to complain ! These are the problem of resellers, whereas manufacturers will take the loss and do recalls, resellers never will unless they are forced by legal trading.

        • Sent.

    • +2

      I had a 360 S7, then got a Roborock S50 Max.
      The Roborock S50 Max is a WAY more polished unit that has better battery, better brushes, and better pick up - it didn't bang into things with a thud either.
      Avoid 360 S7.

      My pick is Roborock S50 Max

      • Did you sell yours?

  • Alright, took a punt on this, not much in way of reviews and stuff, but hopefully good. Seeing the good support from seller helps. Fingers crossed. Very confused at why Xiaomi has 1000 different models on the market under so many brand names.

  • Took the plunge as well and hope to keep the spirit same as using as was reading the positive feedback from OP

    • Received today and pretty impressed overall. Happy wife happy life !!

      Thanks Op

  • Will it be able to clean footstep marks on shiny porcelain tiles with the inbuilt mop?

  • The s5max has no zone mopping zones. I may have missed it but does the D9 have the same function?

    • Yes.

  • So just a question. I follow the instructions on the Gearbite Memeber Exclusion to redeem the code and the $120 off price $579. I presume in the instructions on that page the instructions as listed that the price of $329 is clearly wrong or if the link wrong since it mentions the f9 but goes to the D9??

    Please do not share exclusive offers code to public, as they are only for this group.
    Dreame D9 Gearbite Member Exclusive (Copy and Paste this to Messenger)
    Please like our facebook page at facebook.com/gearbiteau
    Send message' Dreame D9 Gearbite Member Exclusive' at messenger to get your coupon code.
    Grab your coupon code for Robot Vacuum by clicking "Get Code" below.
    Apply Coupon code at Mi Robot Vacuum at $329 at https://www.gearbite.com.au/.../xiaomi-dreame-f9-robot…

    • Fix that.

  • Also rep, have you had any luck with a wall panel control for the whale spout toilet seat?

    • +1

      Yes, We did that for next patch of whale spout. Please check here

      • That's awesome. Hope the price is good. Have you got an approximate arrival date?

        • Price will be slightly more, still in production and will available around December.

          • @Gearbite: Looking forward to it. Hopefully a good price means I can buy two.

            Any chance you could also provide some photos on how it looks on certain toilets.
            A few people mention that even though their toilets are ok with the measurements you provide that it still looks weird when installed.

            • +1

              @kulprit: Please send me your toilet shape, i will have look.

  • +2

    Do you need to specify when it's a mop vs a carpet clean or does it do both simultaneously?

    Do you need to specify what areas are carpet and what are tiles for example? Do the robot detect this automatically?

    How does it deal with rugs in a tiled zone?

    With saved rooms, how does it deal with say a chair that has been moved to a different part of the room? Do the room objects need to be static (i.e. always in the same position)?

    • +4

      Do you need to specify when it's a mop vs a carpet clean or does it do both simultaneously? You can set up no mop zone, so vacuum wont go to carpet setion if watertank is installed.

      Do you need to specify what areas are carpet and what are tiles for example? You can set no mop zone for carpet area.

      Do the robot detect this automatically? You need to manual set no mop zone at your house map.

      How does it deal with rugs in a tiled zone? set no mop zone for your rug will be ok.

      With saved rooms, how does it deal with say a chair that has been moved to a different part of the room? Once map save, you can move as you need, it wont affect the map. Other sensor will detect the change.

      Do the room objects need to be static (i.e. always in the same position)?No really.

    • Really good questions. Every little thing I had in mind. Thanks

  • from amazon answers: Pa is a unit of measurement for atmospheric pressure. For example, if the vacuum power is 1KPa, it can only suck dust. If the power is 8.5Kpa, the vacuum is able to handle dust and hairs. If it reaches to 16Kpa, the vacuum can clean not only the dust and hairs, but also the food crumbs, small particles and debris

    anyone got any first hand experience with this?
    cause apparently 3kPa (3000pa) is Very low. like might just be able to suck hairs.

    • +2

      My 600pa Roomba sucks up a shit load of short hair dog hair and long haired girlfriend hair.

      • this is handy. Thank you!
        just to clarify you think the above thing was probably an older review of suction capabilities?

        • Possibly, I have a Roomba 630 which is about four or more years old.

  • Hi OP,

    I bought the s6MaxV recently in their pre-sales, what is the main comparison with Dreame D9 and S6? i know it has the AI object detection, apart from it what is teh difference?


    • AI object detection is biggest different.

      • How is it practically useful as i thought i spent so much when compared to this D9 deal?

      • I know you've got the tables in the post, but what would you say are then the main reasons to go up from the new d9 to the s6 pure or s5max?

        If say the main thing over the f9 to do is the vslam to laser? And the 3 maps.

  • Is this 16mb or 32mb RAM?

  • bought Xiaomi Dreame 1C, it's a good basic robot, great cleaning performance, but regret it after seeing $380 price for F9, it's getting stuck sometimes without a reason, sometimes stops cleaning and stays on same position, any update for 1C coming OP?

    • Will check for you.

      • Thanks OP, will wait for your reply…

      • any news Rep?

        • No new at this moment, sorry about that.

  • edit

  • Can this climb onto carpet?

    I recently purchased Ecovac Ozmo 920 and it can not climb onto carpet.

  • +1

    @gearbite - Can you add cleaning products to the water tank? A little drop of floor cleaner for example?

    • Please use water only, otherwise will block the water tank.

  • Rep I have the Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum, any specials on the carpet head?

  • Rep I have the Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum, any specials on the carpet head?

    • Send product link by oz message, please check.

  • had to jump on, sigh… we have 1st Gen Xiaomi and I'm entirely happy with it, never got stuck anywhere without an obvious reason, cleans well and all that. Missus, however is nagging for the one which can mop. Hopefully that would do.

  • Hi. I have several Xiaomi products that work through Mi Home App which is connected to China server (wouldn’t work if connected to international server).
    Can anyone tell me when you buy Xiaomi products (AU version) through Gearbite, which server is your Mi Home app connected to?
    If I have both AU and China versions of Xiaomi products, how do I operate them with the Mi Home App, what server to connect to?
    Thank you all

    • For D9, you need to connect to Australian server.

      • +1

        what happens when I have many Xiaomi products for AU and China? how does Mi Home App work because some products will only work with Au server and some only work with China server?

        • You can switch region in mi home app. I will double check if Au version ok to connect to China server.

          • @Gearbite: My region is set to China (still have a couple of Xiaofang cameras) and the F9 connects ok.

  • How many sub-brands and tiers does Xiaomi need?

  • Hi Rep,

    It's about to pull the trigger.

    Can this climb onto carpet?

    • +1

      The specs say it has a 20mm climb.

      • Thanks Ordered

    • +1

      My F9 can easily.

      • Thank you!

      • I'll back this up too for your peace of mind, I have bar stools with pole farmes about 1cm thick and my f9 climbs over them. It climbs a bit too well, I have a seat with a wooden frame about 2cm high and it climbs over the wooden frame to get under the seat.

  • How much ram does this have?

    If it's 16m it'll be slow af

  • @Gearbite can you advise if you have stock and will this shipped out straight away?

    • Yes, but very limit stock now.

    • Mine had shipped.

  • What are then the reasons to pay more money again to go up to the s6 pure or s5max?

    And if the price drops within the 60 days, can just return and buy again.

  • I have joined the facebook page and followed the instructions please can you send me the code.

    • If you send the message instructed in messenger, it automatically pings the code back to you

  • so how much RAM is in this?

    • i will check.

    • DRAM 256MB

  • Rep, please let us buy Dreame V12 at a good price…

  • +3

    Mine just arrived, no dramas setting it up etc so far. Keen to see how it goes!

    • Wow. That was fast.

      U ordered when the deal was posted?

      • Ordered Tuesday afternoon, sent melbourne Wednesday, arrived this morning to Sydney.

        • How is it? Worth it?

          • +4

            @loksmack: This is my first robot vacuum, but so far so good, easy to set up, mapping worked well, was able to navigate obstacles great, and cleaning seems solid! Havent tried mopping yet.

            • @Gmetal: I'm keen to hear your feedback as well. I'm about to pull the trigger on a robot vacuum to help with dog hair (short Golden Retriever hair). Currently looking between maybe this and Kogan LX10 Robot Vacuum/Mopping.

              Edit: I just ordered the D9. Fingers crossed!

            • @Gmetal: Let us know how the mop is! I’m still waiting for mine to arrive in Perth

              • +1

                @pizzacracker: Mopping works well, its pretty controlled in its water flow, and seemed to do a nice job. I'm keenly awaiting the multimap so i can do the other part of my split level.

  • @Gearbite - It says that deal is expired when I sent that facebook message. Is it expired?

    Edit: Its still valid, I was sending wrong message, my bad.

    • No problem.

  • How can we enable multi map?

    • as far as I can tell from the comments It's coming in a future update.

      • Yes. Will support by Firmware update.

  • +2

    @Gearbite, I received it this morning and it has been brilliant so far.
    I think I might need extra mopping pads, but cannot find any accessory for this from your store.
    Can you let me know when it will be in stock?

    • We have some spare mopping pad. We will stock most dreame robot vacuum accessories shortly.

  • Hi, does it support Y style mopping?

    • No, U shape Mopping.

  • Thanks …bought one, now to see how it handles 2 x Border Collie hair :)