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Ozito PXC 18V Pruning Saw and Shear - Skin Only $39 @ Bunnings


From what i could see, normally $89 but down to match Aldi. Can't say I have used this but reviews do not look good.

200mm hedge trimmer blade
100mm grass shear blade
Quick blade change
Batteries are sold separately
The Ozito PXCGSS-018 Cordless Grass Trimmer and Shear is ideal for small cutting jobs on lawn edges, bushes and shrubs. A convenient quick blade change system allows you to change from hedge trimmer to grass shears without the use of tools.

The safety switch can be comfortably operated with one hand and prevents the tool from being switched on unintentionally.

Lithium ion technology provides cordless convenience, plus you can choose the 18V Lithium Ion Battery for the run time you need.

This product is intended for D.I.Y. use only.

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  • Come' on the specials for the 4ah batts!

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      Online the black battery is $49, the red is still $69. Limited availability.

  • The reviews don't seem that convincing.

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      From my experience, this item jams a lot. Ok for very light pruning of shrubs.

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      Always the unhappiest people write reviews. Gotta take into account there's 3 reviews and being bunnings they've probably sold thousands of them.

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    Have had this for over a year and purchased for the same price. Been going great and never had it jam.

  • I have it too. Been using it mainly to edge thick buffalo lawn for the last 2 years. Never jammed. I always WD-40 the blades before and after usage. I use it with the 4Ah battery.

    • I never would have thought about using it on the lawn

      • I bought it because it's advertised as grass shears :D Excellent for those hard to reach places.

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          Wouldn't a line trimmer do the same? (just asking)

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            @Frootluips: Don't have one but I can imagine a lot more control over something like this vs a line trimmer. I have personally had many moments where I am trying to trim a corner with line trimmer and it constantly hits things around the grass which it shouldn't…

    • How does it compare to something like this?

      How do I tell if the item is on sale?

      • I think it depends on your grass type. One landscaper I talked to told me he wouldn't use that type of edger for my thick Buffalo edges because it'll rip some grass off and leave an unsightly bald patch.

  • I've got one, it's barely adequate.

    For a light prune, perfectly ok, otherwise it jams up. Hopefully Bunnings will one day release a brushless version

  • We've got one at home and it works well for us. We just use it for light pruning of some shrubs and it does the trick. Obviously not going to be great for any thicker branches, etc.

  • Anyone has this and can comment if worth buying pls?

    • I'm planning on purchasing the 2 x 18V version. My understanding is this one is a bit underpowered.

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    Last weekend, one of these was used to "shear" 6 alpacas. Thanks to covid, NZ shearer wasn't in Qld this year, and my fathers internet purchase of shears lasted half an animal before being too blunt to use..Don't recommend it, but it got the job done and they they should be more comfy this summer.

  • -3

    Seems like mixed reviews on this product. Can someone recommend something similar/same size. Just needed for box hedges and azaleas trimming. Can pay more for a good product.

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    I have had this for over a year now and no issues. I mainly got it for the grass shears so i could trim lawn in corners or next to "delicate" things that my line trimmer can't reach or damages. Also use it if I miss a spot or there is a small section that has grown more rapidly than other. I have a ryobi hedger attachment so wasn't expecting to use the hedger much but find the ozito hand hedger does a great job for a tidy up as it is quick to grab, use and put away, so I don't need to get the big petrol one out nearly as often. I would NOT recommend as the sole equipment if you have a large hedge you want to keep perfect as the blade size does not lend to easy perfect flats.

  • Had this and returned due to malfunction. Do not recommend.

    I want to have something to compliment my medium size (corded) hedge trimmer and thought a handheld hedge trimmer may do the trick. It was too weak for me to even do hedge maintenance. The shearing blade provide slightly more guts and that what I ended up using on hedges, but even then it was still way too slow to get the job done. Originally I hope to be able to use this for rough hedge maintenance weekly basis, but it's not performing.

    Towards the end, the motor starts up only whenever it wants. I tried different batteries, re-grease its internal and none helps. Return the unit back to Bunnings within warranty and had my money back.

    • Sounds like you had dodgy unit rather than reflective of it as a whole. What you describe mine did with ease for over a year no issues.

  • Unfortunately, looks like it's back to $89.98 on the website. That didn't last long

    • The website was showing the full price for a couple of hours. Just went back and got it for the sale price! If it's not working, try again later.

      • I had the price change when changing to my store before checkout.

        Solution was to use default store “Alexandria” go to checkout and then change store.

  • Just bought one in store. $39 still !

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    I bought one last year for full price and wife uses it all the time and it works really well. Just saw it at Bunnings and getting another one only because it's a deal.

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    Went to the shop today and no luck.
    also back to original price at website.

    kinda annoying Aldi sells it for $39 and makes profit but normal price at Bunnings is $90 💵🤷🏼‍♂️
    1/2 price in Bunnings is the only way to buy anything from them.

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