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Linsar 58" 4K UHD HDR Android LED TV $499 @ The Good Guys


This recently released model just dropped from $699. Looks like a great price for the specs.

Also available at TGG eBay

Technical Specifications

Screen Size: 58"
Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Display Resolution: Ultra High Definition
Additional Features: 4K HDR, Chromecast Built-in, Slim Bezel
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Smart TV: Android TV
Compatible Video Streaming Apps: Netflix, You Tube, Amazon Prime Video, Any Google Store Streaming Apps
Hands-free Voice Assistant: No - Access the Google Assistant with the included voice remote control
HDR Format: HDR10
Sound: 8W 2CH
HDMI Input: 4
USB Input: 3
VESA Wall Mount Size (mm): 400 x 200
Weight with stand (without stand): 19kg (14.6kg)
Release Year: 2020
Product Height (mm): 816
Product Width (mm): 1298
Product Depth (mm): 261
What's In The Box: Linsar 58" Ultra HD Android TV, Remote Control, AAA Batteries (2), Mini AV Adaptor, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Certificate, General Safety Warnings
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year

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The Good Guys


  • Anybody used this TV??

  • Linsar product reviews been really bad. 1 star rating

    • Do you have any sources?

      Does someone know how bad the input lag on this one might be?

      • Just drop Linsar TV review and you’ll see a lot of people complaining. They have bought it from TGG as well.

        • Linsar is a Good Guys home-brand so everyone bought it from them.

          With all these whitelabel TVs there are significant differences between models so the only way to confirm if this "LS58UHDGTV" has lag is to go to the shop and test it yourself. You can't rely on generic "Linsar TV" reviews.

    • Yeah some TVs are junk.. I'll be waiting for black Friday my mate got 65 inch 4k UHD Samsung for $995 last year

      • That's a completely different TV to this, twice as much and larger size. There's very few 58 inch TVs from reputable brands available at all. And even when they are it's not like they're only a hundred bucks more than this, they're a few hundred extra at minimum.

        • Still not paying $500 for junk TV may as well give money to charity

          • @Willco88: It's a competitive price for what it is. I've been in the market for a TV around 60 inch for a while (55 too small, 65 too big) and this seems a good price for a budget model.

            I'm not certain that paying $300 (60%) more for a Hisense is necessary as it may have a panel from the same factory anyway. Fortunately as this is from a bricks and mortar retailer you can go instore and see it for yourself. https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/hisense-58-inches-s5-4k-uhd-s...

          • @Willco88: and what, stare at a wall and feel good about yourself?

          • @Willco88: I love my $400 Eko. All generic brands, and many major brands, are just rebrands of one of four panel manufacturers. They just put in bulk orders & go with who gives me stock cheapest. In many cases you just get last year's panel. I once asked our Sony & Panasonic reps why if their TVs are so much better they only have 1 yr warranty. Never did get a consise answer.

            • @lestat87: Whatever floats your boat I've personally gone around to many stores and viewed TVs side by side and can definitely tell the home brand Vs the high end brand TV

              • @Willco88: Side by side you can often tell. Sometimes due to the fine tuned demos they have playing, sometimes due to the settings being fine tuned on the expensive TVs, and sometimes due to the quality or software differences.
                Bit like you said, as long as the consumer is happy with their purchase that's really all that matters.

  • Is this any good for the Apple TV 4K?

  • Since the Aussie importer/distributer cant even be bothered adding the manual or anything to their website, I cant be bothered buying it… It gives a good indication of what kind of support they would supply.. :

    • link-building-search-operators.pdf

      these guys are clowns

      • Yeah i saw that. Calling it the instruction manual yet it mentions nothing about the TV. Quick starter guide is exactly the same PDF too. Clowns alright they couldn't even get the manuals right.

    • Description here…

      That's a new level of laziness.

      • Yep. That wouldn't happen with a known brand name.

        Also the Software Updates just links to that crap link building search operations PDF instead of any software update. The entire Downloads tab is nothing but that link building search operations PDF on every link.

        And the FAQ section is nothing but blank.

        That is nothing but lazy and it's like as if they are treating customer support with contempt. In my personal opinion i wouldn't trust this brand with any customer support.

    • 3 year warranty, that instills more confidence.. ..

    • Yeah but Hitachi TV in Australia is nothing but a generic TV slapped on with the licensed out Hitachi name on it. Other than the Hitachi name on the TV it has nothing else to do with Hitachi itself. Just a licensed out brand name to some cheap Chinese manufacturer.

      It's no where near the likes of say Hisense.

      • Much better specs than the LINSAR

        • Yeah. But i would spend extra and get say a Hisense TV or some thing like that. Even TCL would be better than this Linsar TV and that's saying some thing. But every one has their own will to buy whichever TV they want. It's just you get what you pay for.

  • Now we just need 10 / 20% off TGG Ebay…..

  • Add $1 item in EBay to make it $500 total, so you can get another $50 off with AfterPay

  • AVOID! Family friend got the 50" model about 2 months ago, this is below Kogan/Soniq imo, the colours are washed out, the motion blur makes everything seem like a painting.. and android TV, not sure of the processor but its 20 seconds to open netflix! Spend $150-200 more, get a hisense/TCL

  • Well i kind of can't believe that the TGG would be selling such a blatantly junk TV. I thought that TGG had better standards but i guess i was wrong. I guess they are selling all sorts of junk now a days.

    • Yeah just means you NEED TO do you research so you don't fall for the JUNK, some ppl don't even know what they are buying like the elderly unfortunately

      • Now that’s harsh. Wife and myself are “elderly” however still read forums. Including this one. Also have purchased what i would call quality TVs over the last 15 years or so including Pioneer MXE50, Kuro.LG B7 …and researching for a 65 so our old eyes can see the bigger picture…elderly comes faster than you think..

    • It’s all about the price point.

      Some people will come into the store, see a Pixar movie playing on it, it’ll look great and then they’ll see the price…and then they’ll snap it up for the garage or holiday house or their Airbnb.

      Yes they’re junk. But that’s what these TVs are for.

    • 50inch is 35% less screen area than 58inch. Really depends if you think the extra $100 is worth it to you. Neither is a well known quality brand.