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[Pre Order] NovelKeys NK65 RandomFrankP Edition Mechanical Keyboard $273 + Delivery @ Daily Clack


For the people who missed out or weren't feeling the previous NK65 complete edition, the RandomFrankP edition of the NK65 has launched for pre-order with shipping estimated to be in April/May 2021. (Like most enthusiast keyboards/kits/keycaps, is it a preorder).

It is an unlimited group buy and like the Milkshake Edition, it is fully assembled with hot swap switches. Unlike the Milkshake edition, there is a second clicky switch option along with the linear option.

* 65% Standard Fixed Layout
* Hotswap PCB
* VIA Compatible
* Per switch RGB lighting
* UV Printed Topographic Design
* PCB Designed by yiancar
* 8 degree angle
* Silicone Dampening Pad

* Top and Bottom case
* 1.5mm Aluminium Plate
* Choice of NK_ Silk Emerald switches (linear) OR Midnight Jades (clicky)
* Dye Sub Cherry profile PBT keycaps
* NK_ Plate Mount Stabilizers
* Black Coiled USB C cable
* Hardware, Mounting Gaskets
* Bumpons
* Keycaps

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  • As much as I love keyboards.
    Please tell me how this pre-order is a deal?
    Give me a discount, and i'll buy it.

    • It's a deal in the same vein as the previous deal, an affordable entry point into the custom keyboard hobby where a high end custom can go for $500-$1000 depending on build

      • Doesn’t mean is a “deal” and yes I’m into keebs too though only ortho and split ergo.

        If this was a x percent off pre order price then I would say is a deal. Never gonna happen though in the keeb world though if anything prices just go up…

  • Instead of waiting for half a year, I'd like to buy a FILCO minila air.
    I have a FILCO over 7 year, still very good.

    • the letters are already disappearing on my 1yo filco :(

    • Are the key caps still good? I prefer Leopold because they have PBT caps that are supposed to last/wear better without the shiny bits you get on the common keyboards.

      • Filco keycaps are generally inferior to other keycaps on prebuilts (Leopold, Ducky, Varmilo etc.), that said a Filco with affordable Tai-Hao keycaps would be a killer board

        • +1 vote

          I was so close to getting a Filco when I first got into mechanical keyboards, but was told by the sales guy that for a few dollars more, I could get a better quality keycap if I went with Leopold.

          I am looking to build my own board one day, but some of the prices are very steep (for me!)

  • Waiting on GMMK deal..

    • They have 10-15% off every now and then and since its usd the savings are quite nice

    • Heard a couple complaints about the stabs on them, but I haven't had much fuss with them myself. Not only do the OEM keycaps feel substandard, some of mine came scratched up and many of them had burrs from cutting at the factory. I'd recommend sticking away from them and purchasing a set somewhere else separately. Additionally, if you're into RGB, it's quite lacklustre.

      Despite all this, GMMK is still an overall solid board which has decent value.

  • Wassup guys, I'm randomfrankp?

  • I got into this hobby 2 months ago as part of my COVID projects. Bought the Alt High Profile and Holy Pandas from Drop. Then the 'accessories' and plastic lubricants from keyboard online shops. Took hours and hours to complete but it was very satisfying. The end result is out of this world. I will never look at keyboards the same way again.

  • +2 votes

    I've been into custom keyboards for 5+, bought and built many a board, and would personally say that this is a pretty damn good value deal for what you're getting.

  • any threads where i can source parts for my first build? i want to do a custom keyboard but can't find many places to choose items from?

    Any tips/advice/help is greatly appreciated !

    • Aliexpress has a lot of cheap pcb, cases, and has gateron/cherry/khali/omron switches and some panda knockoffs as well as all the other stuff you need like stablisers, springs, cables etc. I wish there was a better pcb shop because i too am struggling to find non chinese pcb (important because of the shoddy software some of them require)

      • You can just make the pcb yourself via jlcpcb if you like any of the open source design.

        But yes only use QMK where possible!

        • I actually have made some small macro pbs, but for a full keyboard not yet. Is there an open source model youd reccomend getting printed?

    • start off simple in the mechanical keyboard world and source parts from cheap places like AliExpress or Banggood. Cheap parts, but still good quality. Buy lubricant and other accessories from local supplier like NovelKeys etc.

      If you're looking for a 60-75% it's about $130-160 depending on what switches and case you choose

      Just a tip, don't underestimate how much lube can change the typing experience and sound I guess


      I'd recommend checking out any one of the many Custom Mechanical Keyboard Discords. Either DailyClack, SwitchKeys, Snzag Keys and plenty others. In all of these discords they have areas where you can ask questions such as this one. I'm quite active in DailyClack and am helping a few friends of mine build cheap entry customs and if you are interested you can find me there.

  • As someone looking to upgrade their setups but never experience the different types of switches how do you go about doing so? Are their test kits for a reasonable price to see what you like?

    • Ali has test kits. If unsure ~65g linear is popular


      I think going for a linear for starters than venturing out and trying sample packs of other tactile and/or clicky switches is a great option. KBDFans, Aliexpress, banggood and many others have testing kits, however just keep in mind that when it comes to customs there a lot more than just Cherry switches that are definitely worth checking out. Either this or purchasing a Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard is a great option as it allows you to buy and test new switches on the go.

    • My MX Cherry key switch tester just arrived (like 2 days ago), it took about a month and it costed about 15 dollars for 12 keys from Aliexpress
      Get ones with labels on the keycap instead of ones with clear key caps. I got one with clear keycaps, there are at least 5 switches that are shades of grey and white.

      That said, I know that KBDFan has a tester that has 72 different switches, it was currently available on Drop as well if you are interested.