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OPOLAR Battery Operated Air Duster US$48.45 / A$67.88 Shipped @ Opolar


This is a great chance to grab this item if you have missed the Amazon Prime Deals last time. Remember to enter the Promo Code for 10% 15% discount.

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          • @DonWilson: Not sure I trust that as he already sprayed once without the straw attached and then again with, which would have affected the output. Still, cans cannot sustain their pressure like these machines.

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      Hurricane o2 costs 3x as much.

  • For those who already own it, simply use your Dyson Supersonic on cold shot mode.

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    Any danger of these generating a static charge?

    • I'm wondering the same, price is tempting but may sit out if it's not making any guarantees like the datavac

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    Anyone know how this compares to an o2 hurricane? Mine died recently and I'm missing the overpriced thing.

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      I have a o2 hurricane. 35mph air speed vs o2's 200mph.

      This is 1/5 as powerful as the o2 hurricane.

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        i'm unsure of the speed of the product mentioned in the deal, but the 2 in 1 vaccuum has 35m/s wind speed, which converts to just under 80mph, so still slower, but not 1/5 as slow - actually if the 33k vs 60k rpm directly translates to rpm vs wind speed (feel like it wouldn't be a linear conversion though), you might be right

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            @Wizard: eh subjective, my o2s battery stopped holding charge after a dozen charges.

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    i see 192 upvotes and i just want to buy it.. not sure what to use for though

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      same but saw the comment below yours and not powerful enough so will pass on this

      • thanks for the reply.. legit signed in to purchase this deal and saw below comment..

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    Purchased this in the Amazon deal but returned on same day it arrived. Nowhere near powerful enough to clean dust off computer components. Not recommended

    • Is it that weak? What's the point if it can't even blow dust off computer components.

      Have you used a can of compressed air? How does it compare with one of those?

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        Air compressor > Hurricane o2 > Air can > this deal.

        Look on YouTube. It rather disappointing.

        • well that's disappointing, you'd think it'd be able to be at least on par with an air can yikes..

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            @k1ng: You also need to work out which posters are just on jihad where facts aren't going to sway them.

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          This one shows it's considerably better than a can. Maybe you had a faulty unit?

          • @DonWilson: Total pressure from the unit might be greater than compressed air. But if you adjust by size of nozzle, compressed air is much more effective.

  • Thanks OP.
    This was recommended to me on Amazon today. Almost paid $100 for it.

  • I usually go to the local petrol station and use the tyre inflator machine to blow the crap out of things.

    Set the air compressor to the highest PSI setting and usually there's a button to press for completely deflated tyres.

    It will blast air in short bursts… Keep pressing the button until done.

    • Do you bring your tower down to the servo? Extreme ozbargaining hehehe

  • Is this good for blowing?

  • Is this powerful enough to;
    - blow bird poop off the outdoor mesh furniture?
    - blow cobwebs off the flyscreens?

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    Does this have a water trap on it? If not, I wouldn’t recommend it near electronics.

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      I don't believe it compresses air into a tank, so condensate shouldn't be an issue?

    • Why would it need a water trap?

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    Not sure why i bought this. Damn you Ozbargain you've done it again

    • classic fomo

  • Can anyone vouch for or know the expected average time of use for the higher level 33000/60000 variant?
    Also recharge time as a bonus?

  • Don't need it but still bought it

  • Good enough to clean air filter?

  • Thanks OP, needed one of these! Good price for a well reviewed product.

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    How does this battery air duster compare to the super power us built MetroVac DataVac ESD Safe Electric Duster ED-500ESD which I have at home. This thing blows dust all over the place and is exceptional at cleaning a mega dusty pc.

    Thanks for feedback.

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    I was looking at this just 2 days ago. Thanks OP!

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    I didnt think I needed one until I saw 250 up votes

  • oz bargain sure knows how to make you want something that you dont really need or even think about… BOUGHT!

  • Grabbed one on Prime Day after the deal sold out. It's great for my needs. Will pay for itself after a couple of months of not buying cans. Is strong enough for most use cases.

    Also great for cooling between sweaty toes at the end of a long day.

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      Thanks for the visual at the end

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    After reading reviews and considering other 'blowing' products, a corded blower by XPOWER might be a better choice, albeit a little more expensive

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    Bought the 2020 version on Aliexpress thanks!

    • How much? Link? I don't see anything cheaper on AliExpress

  • Thanks for posting this. My work used to supply cans of compressed air, but recently decided to stop to save money and gave me a useless Rocket Blower. This will make a much better replacement.

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    New version is cheaper on Aliexpress.

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      I just bought it and noticed this comment. Guys, it's so much cheaper on Aliexpress.

        • With shipping it works out to be pretty much the same… also 45 days delivery on aliexpress?!

          • @Sir Flabo: yeah i think those guy buying from aliexpress didnt realised 15% off at opolar website, plus ali will attract gst

        • How is much cheaper do you consider the 15% discount yet on this deal?

      • How about the gun cheaper version on this original past, is it also cheaper on AliExpress?

    • $85.00USD on the OPOLAR site


      $83.09USD on AliExpress (using the link from patrick2u).

      Not a huge saving to justify shipping delays from AliExpress.

        • Strange! Total comes to $76.20USD using my existing AliExpress account.
          Are you using any coupons?

          • @DoctorCalculon: That's still cheaper than the $85usd off the opolar website, right?

            • @Munki: Of course. I am sold.

              My only worry is their tracking system as someone else alluded to potential loss of package. What are your thoughts on this? Anything to be worried about?

              I also note AliExpress does not support PayPal, so you don't have any form of buyer protection at all other than credit card charge back.

              • @DoctorCalculon: Aliexpress has a really good buyer protection system. I got refunds on items that didn't arrive on time during this whole covid situation but the items did eventually arrive… they weren't particularly expensive items, but aliexpress is pretty good to help keep you covered.

                • @Munki: I used to think the same until they marked something as delivered when it wasn't. Ali's buyer protection then became useless because they demanded I prove I didnt recieve the item.
                  How the heck do you do that? Given I've worked from home for the last 6+ months, I 100% know it never arrived but can't prove it to them. Anyways hopefully it was a once off, but now i'm stressing over two items that are gonna be over a month over the expected date. I used to just buy, forget, and be pleasantly surprised after a few months when it arrives, sigh, can't do that anymore, trust is gone.

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                    @bowtiehoon: Understandably it was during this covid situation, yeah? Did the parcel have proper tracking or just their shoddy "tracking"? Was it a big purchase?

                    I've fortunately never experienced lost packages like that, but did genuinely feel bad for the sellers when I lodged that my packages hadn't arrived within the buyer protection time - only for them to arrive after the refunds had been made. Think it's just an unfortunate time for both parties during the disruptions covid has caused.

        • $100 plus item, Ali expected arrive around a month, prob more, with no tracking … hmmm

          I have two items with Ali stuck in transit well over a month over their expected date. Another incorrectly labelled as delivered I know what I would choose…

  • I must be going mad, I can't find the coupon entry field! Any tips?


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      go to checkout page and skip to by paypal upfront from cart page :)

      • Thanks a lot

  • I can only see the application here for portability reasons and easy to carry on air travel (not that we can do it much now).
    But for those that use compressed air frequently. Wouldn't you just have an air compressor? Tons more power and economical to run than this and the cans.

    Also you can just buy 2-3 compressed air cans and just refill them using the compressor to about 90-115psi.

    • Come again? You refill the compressed air cans with a compressor? How? They use difluroethane or similar, not actual air.

      • So been using pneumatic refillable cans for awhile on non-sensitive / ESD applications. Basically a metal can with nozzle attachment at the back for refilling.
        Heck I've even just jammed a tyre stem + compressor over normal officeworks Dusting cans that have emptied and they operate the same.

        Edit: To be specific similar ones to these

        And the backyard method in a pinch except I use presta valves with clamp that ensures seal.

        • Oh cool, wasn't aware of those, nice

  • I had literally just decided not to buy this on Amazon AU because I couldn’t justify $125 for it. Can definitely do close to half price! Thankyou very much good sir

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    Might be a bit of a niche question, but would this work to dust/clean plantation shutters?

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    I know blowing is good but does it swallow too (the dust of course)? If it does, I may drop my load (of cash) on it

    • Wait did I just purchased a sex toy?

      • depends how you want to use it

  • I've never cleaned my PC before. Why do I need to?

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      When your pc fans are choked up by dust and furballs. It will run hotter and will likely result in decreased performance.

      • Great thanks I guess I need one too, bought! 😂

        • your question was basically the same as "why my children need a bath?"

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      yes, fits nicely in the desk drawer.

  • Bought 2020 with 15% code, thanks!

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      sucked in, nobody wants 2020!

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    Surprised this is so popular. Can see the uses if you are a computer technician, but what is everyone else buying it for?

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      So you can pretend to be a computer technician

    • pretend to be a police-person, or use as a traffic speed gun near schools.

    • I used it to blow out 2 years worth of dust from a soundbar with a top grill for the up firing speakers. The result was a bit like spreading Donny's ashes in the Big Lebowski. Also got mine to clear out the fans on my 3d printers.

  • How does it compare to ozito powerX mini leaf blower? Thats what im using

    • This one all ozb member is using

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    tip on using paypal and foreign payment (some pro member must have already knew this):

    get good online shopping credit card ie latitude previously 28degree.
    when pay with paypal, pick that card then you will see an amount on the right to it.
    when it says AUD xx.xx means paypal is still doing the conversion - BAD PAYPAL! (in this case for this deal: AUD 70.xx)
    see under it "See currency options" in blue
    click this, and change currency option on the top to USD
    when you confirm the previous page will now show you USD 48.xx instead of AUD 70.xx
    pay and complete.

    few days later you should see debit of AUD 67.xx on your credit card statement.

    • +1

      It also depends on the day you do it. Mine came out at $69 even.

      • $69.62 on Citi Debit card