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OPOLAR Battery Operated Air Duster US$48.45 / A$67.88 Shipped @ Opolar


This is a great chance to grab this item if you have missed the Amazon Prime Deals last time. Remember to enter the Promo Code for 10% 15% discount.

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    Really can't recommend this

    use OPOLAR15 instead for 15% off 😉

    • Can't recommend the product?

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        can't recommend using the 10% off when there's a 15% off, just a failed attempt at a joke - i bought the vacuum 2-in-1 variant earlier during the prime sale with this coupon code but it hasn't arrived yet so unable to give a review

        • +15

          You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, but you had the balls to make it. With failure comes experience, with experience comes mastery! 🧙‍♂️

          Keep takin them shots mate.

          • @Skinnerr: This is too wise to come from the Skinner from the Simpsons… are you some sort of improved Skinnerr?

    • thanks man, code works a charm.

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      Cheers for the extra 5%

    • Thank you for the 15% code.

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      Neat, works for the 2020 New OPOLAR Upgraded Cordless Electric Compressed Air Duster 60000RPM model as well.

      More expensive, but you get:

      🏆 ADVANCED MOTOR, from 33,000 rpm to 60,000 rpm
      🏆 REUSABLE, 6000 mAh rechargeable batteries

      What's not to like?

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        Excuse me?

        • +4

          methinks he's mechasexual

        • I like to keep my carpet clean.

      • +6

        18 month China warranty? Har Har

        • +1

          Yes, that's the funny part of the description.

      • +13

        "Blower Cum Vacuum" Interesting..

        • +13

          Don't disturb me when I'm cleaning my room!

        • +3

          For those confused, it's a Latin conjugation meaning "with" or "and", e.g. "magna cum laude" meaning "with great praise".

          • +4

            @Alzori: So if I've got it right, this device excels at (redacted) (redacted) (redacted).

          • @Alzori: From the people who modernised "Orgy"

        • "Go away I'm 'Batin"

      • +7

        Because after all that work blowing away the dust, you deserve a reward.

      • Post that as another separate deal imo.

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        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • +3

        So, I got one of these thinking that sure, the newer model would make more sense…. but to be honest, it is NOT worth more than $40 in my opinion.

        The quality of the plastic is very low, in fact, within the first 5 minutes of using it, a piece of the plastic grill on the back somehow snapped off and got lodged inside the device which prevented it from changing between blow/vacuum … until I had to apply some brute force. Speaking of which, the design on how you change modes between blow/vacuum is ridiculous (you constantly power it on by accident while changing it).

        That all said, it does blow and vacuum and it's nice to have it in a portable form, but my older metrovac blower is still about 3x more powerful.

        • +1

          That all said, it does blow and vacuum and it's nice to have it in a portable form, but my older metrovac blower is still about 3x more powerful.

          1/3rd the power on batteries is pretty impressive seeing that the Metrovac is a 500 watt blower. Pity about the build quality though.

        • I emailed them about the broken plastic experience and surprisingly (compared to the comments here), they replied and refunded me.

    • Thanks used this on the more powerful model too :D

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      Increasing coupon code by $5 increments to find better coupon discounts, Ozbargain 101 :D

    • Thanks, bought with the 15% off code. This one has been on my wishlist for awhile

  • Awesome, got it for $67.88 with 15% discount

    • +7

      Hmm, did you use credit or PayPal, because I was charged $71.09 with the 15% discount using PayPal… Nonetheless, assuming it's strong enough, it does solve the issue of having to buy compressed gas cans all the time (which I need in my dusty room) so thanks for the find OP (-;

      • +2

        Actually doble checked bank acc and it was $70.30, paid with visa, its usd so may vary a bit for each transaction

        • Same $70.30 for me

      • +22

        using paypay for foreign currency purchases is like throwing money away

        • +10

          theres an option on paypal to let the bank do the conversion worked out to be around $68 for me

          • @k1ng: Thanks, I must have missed it, will look into that when I sign in next.

        • -1

          what makes you say this? :)

          • +2

            @BShandy23: Because the exchange rate PayPal give you is crap (compared to the bank / Mastercard / Visa rate).

      • +10

        Always pick the native currency and let your bank, not paypal, do the currency conversion.

        • What if your bank says no

          • +3

            @Scythic: or the computer says no

          • +1

            @Scythic: Your bank should do it for you cheaper. There are often fees but you should check out the ozb card wiki.

            • @Caped Baldy: But Paypal offers buyer protection

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                @Scythic: No, you still use Paypal. They have the option of doing the currency conversion but their fees are high. So you still select your bank card through Paypal and you leave it at the native store currency.

  • +1

    Interesting. Tax deducting makes it an even better deal.

    • how is Tax deducted?

      • +15

        Perhaps you use it solely to maintain your work computer?

        • Oh in that regard yes, my bad.

        • +3

          my computer is only for work!

          • +14

            @WillKillfor5Cents: same here. i can only get the new 3090 to support the dual work monitors to WFH. this duster would be great to keep dust off the work purpose monitors.

            • +10

              @slowmo: Absolutely, especially if both monitors are also the DELL S2721DGF (Unofficial OzB monitors). Such monitors deserve a great care and maintenance.

              P.S. My eyes can't take scrolling through documents at 60hz, so can only work using gaming IPS monitors with 144Hz as the minimum refresh rate.

              • +2

                @WillKillfor5Cents: Any my Sony A7C which I'm using as a webcam…got to be able to be seen in High Def for those conference calls :)

              • +1

                @WillKillfor5Cents: Except cars, the ATO does not usually concern themselves with how premium you want your work-related equipment to be. Same way business class flight is same 100% deductible as economy provided that it is work travel

            • +10

              @slowmo: 1440p 160hz to ensure no cell ghosting on excel worksheet

        • +1

          Also need gaming chair from secret labs because any other type of chair gives me ergonomic issues when working

  • +1
    • +22

      This one has an…. interesting description.

    • Should I get the Xiaomi Dreame V9 + $68 duster or just this $120 duster+mini vacuum? Already have a big, heavy vacuum at home.

      • Up to you really, but unless the Dreame is replacing your old vacuum I wouldn't think you'd need another proper vacuum, this is just gonna be for our car and computers. Just depends what you'd be using the Dreame for, if it's replacing i'd go the Dreame and duster.

        • I've got the non-lightweight version of this which is a pain in the ass to maneuver for myself, let alone the women I live with. However it still works fine so I don't know if I really should spend $260 on the V9 when the only functionality I really need is a duster blower + mini vacuum.

          • @Trysaeder: That's a chonky boi, honestly if that's what you're using, id buy the Dreame, I have no idea what the vacuum is like on this as it's only a side thing it'll be used for so not too worried.

  • +5

    I got mine and it is great.

    Can definitely recommend it, a lot of power. The delivery was really fast but it did come in Amazon packaging.

    There is also another product in their store that is more powerful (Almost 2x the RPM) + can work like a mini vaccum (so pick up dust), it costs like $40 more (https://www.opolar.com/collections/others/products/2020-new-...)

    Personally, don't see the point in paying extra for it but I know others would appreciate it.

  • AU plug?

    • +2

      It comes with a usb charging cable that you can plug into your phone charger or laptop or pretty much anything.

  • +18


    • Must be a translation error-
      Youtube: Jakmister airblower cum vacuum cleaner complete review how to use and benefits

      That's unfortunate…

      • +9

        not really, in some countries (singapore) they like to use "cum" to mean "as well as", so it's unfortunate to see in job postings as "administrator cum personal assistant"

        • -6

          I don't know why you've singled out Singapore, as it's long been in common use in Australia. Just because OzBargainers tend to have below average English language skills, don't take that as being representative of the entire population.

          • -2

            @dcash: That's five OzBargainers (and counting) who have confirmed that they're not very good at English. No doubt there are many hundreds more who would love to downvote me, if only their level of comprehension was sufficient to understand what they would be voting on. Not that I suspect that would stop most of them.

            • @dcash: scratch that, it was just me being mean.

      • +13

        Not having a go at you personally but I'm apalled at the low level of general knowledge in the Australian population.

        Cum is just Latin for "with".

        Otherwise, do you think someone jizzed over some dollar notes if you buy some shares cum dividend?

        • +15

          I'm appalled by your low level of Australian schoolyard humour.

        • +2

          Yeah, I never learned Latin or bought shares, but BLOWER CUM VACUUM makes me lol.

          • -2

            @KintaroOe: You don't have to have learnt Latin to know about it, because it's a word that has entered the English language from Latin, unaltered. In other words, you will find it in an English dictionary.

            • @dcash: See, slowmo taught me something the right way. They explained it politely and provided a sample location and an example of usage.

              Aaand then you came along and reminded us all that while most OzBargainers are kind, helpful and have a sense of humour, we shouldn't take that as being representative of the entire population.

              • -2

                @KintaroOe: My apologies, as you obviously haven't been in the country long enough to understand that we're a country of knockers. No, not the kind you'd find on your front door or girlfriend, but meaning someone who likes to find fault. With all due respect, get used to it! :P

                • @dcash:

                  we're a country of knockers. No, not the kind you'd find on your front door or girlfriend

                  Not bad, a bit late though.


                  Yeah, I never learned Latin or bought shares, but BLOWER CUM VACUUM makes me lol.


                  There's no longer any ambiguity when there's a picture of a car floor mat.

                  That about sums up my position. It's a great double entendre whether or not there's a small creamy hole in the side of your dictionary.

            • @dcash: As you suggested, I looked up Cum on Urban Dictionary, however the results were… not quite as you say they should be

              • @Balmaino: I realise you're taking the piss, but obviously I meant a real dictionary, as opposed to a web site exclusively for people with minds continually in the gutter :D

    • +3

      that's very helpful for my step sis

    • +1

      It's a great little sucker

  • +15

    Got one during the prime day sales, I wasn't blown away by its performance. Average build quality and nozzle a bit too big than my liking, doesn't feel very powerful. Worked okay for cleaning the case which is all you really need I guess, but wont get rid of the more stubborn dust.

    • +6

      upvoting for

      I wasn't blown away

      and to balance out the votes

    • +1

      Is it stronger or weaker than a can of compressed air?

      • Imo it's weaker since the nozzle's huge compared to a can's straw. It'll still clean your pc fine, but for the price of 2x leaf blowers or 3x cheap hair dryers I expected more. Air leaks out of the back of mine during operation too, had to cover that with my hand.

        • +8

          So you are saying that due to a lack of performance, you needed to use your own hand, around the rear, to compensate for the huge nozzle and despite all that you had a leak and in hindsight you expected more, so overall, disappointed. Got it.

      • +2

        Looks to be stronger according to this review. Perhaps not the most rigid test methodology, but seems like a reasonably useful comparison


  • This is global store charging in USD. Will AU Customs add 10% GST?

    • Are you buying over $1,000 worth?

        • +2

          $1,000 is still the current threshold. If the store overseas doesn’t include GST, and it’s under $1,000, customs won’t stop it. In my experience, at least.

            • +7

              @Plug: They legally do not have to implement it unless they sell more than $75000 of stuff to Australia every year.

  • Awesome! It’s hard and expensive finding decent air duster cans. Thanks OP, this is work a lot better.

  • Nuh. Just wait for this deal again