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[Android, iOS] Free - 12 Month Subscription to TomTom Go Navigation Service (Was $22.99) @ TomTom


Finally got around to testing this deal. Subscription covers turn-by-turn navigation, traffic and speed camera functions.

Steps -
1) launch OP link. Stay in the German site ie don’t change over to Australian site as promo code won’t work. No VPN required.
2) sign up or log in using an existing account. If you’re signing up, you’ll need a German address. If you’re using existing account, you’ll need to migrate your account over to Germany to get the free 12 month extension.
3) download the TomTom Go app to your phone. Sign-in to 'TomTom Services' via 'Settings' to confirm subscription for 1 year.

Credit to mydealz.

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    Whats the difference between this and Google Maps?

    • +11

      From HUKD -

      Benefits over apps such Google Maps / Waze:

      • Does not require an active internet connection
      • The traffic alerts are more up to the minute (Google's are user generated whereas TomTom's are based on accurate floating car data)
      • TomTom has a more detailed lane guidance system
      • +6

        accurate floating car data

        what that?

        • +84

          I'm not sure but I am sick and tired of inaccurate floating car data that's for sure.

        • +10

          We skip verb like caveman speak

          • +17

            @nurbsenvi: Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

          • @nurbsenvi: He skipped a connective, not a verb.

            • +2

              @Yepseh: “What that?” -> “what is that”

              • @Meconium: But where did the capital letter and question mark go?

        • +3

          Something about flood waters

      • +1

        Just downloaded it and its super laggy :L Running it on Samsung s10. Guess ill keep it for emergency.
        Also, any idea how to switch toll roads off?

        • +1

          Settings > Route Planning > turn off toll roads

        • dont forget to set reminder to cancel sub?

      • +34

        @dealbot Google maps can be downloaded and is essential if you travel to areas without a 3G/4G connection.
        Go into Google Maps app, go to your account settings, about halfway down you will see "Offline maps", follow the instructions from there.
        Basically you select an area then download it. Download it while you're on WIFI as an area such as Greater Melbourne or Sydney will be about 200MB.
        You can only download small areas, for Victoria it's about 4 separate downloads. Anyhow downloaded offline maps reduce lag when using guidance, which can be very frustrating when you come up to a turn and instead of instructions it starts to buffer!! It's quite helpful while bushwalking/cycling in remote areas also. You can mark where you left your car, so you can find your way back. Simplest way is to take a photo of your car with geo-tag enabled, then when you need to find your way back select the photo, go to file information, you will see a map of where the photo was taken, select "location from file" and you're now being guided back to your car or whatever you took a photo of. This is for Android not sure about Apple devices, but I'm assuming if you've got the Google apps it will work just the same!!

        • -9

          Yeah, Apple devices are usually not that advanced. They usually lag by about a year.

          • +9

            @jecec: Don’t be rude. It works fine in iOS.

        • +4

          Or you can just say "Hey Google, save my parking location".

      • No active internet connection is probably the only slight advantage over Google maps.

        • +3

          You don't need it for Google maps either - just have to download offline maps

          • @Benjamin7711: That's why I meant by slight advantage. If you offline maps I think it doesn't adjust for live traffic to give you other route options. But otherwise you'll still get to your destination.

            • @dust: google live maps leverages pings from everyone using GMaps and Waze.
              Offline maps only give you the backup roads. If you're online, it'll use the maps then overlay information vs continually streaming the mapdata.

          • @Benjamin7711: but if tomtom is national, gmaps have to download a bunch of radial areas

      • +11

        Not sure how much more "up to the minute" Tomtom can be over Google - considering Google uses millions of users to detect traffic conditions within a given area along with a hard core backend to interpret the data. I think I'd trust Google way more than TT for accuracy in traffic alerts.. lol

        • +6

          Unless there's a guy who drags a bucket full of phones across a bridge to simulate traffic I think you're right.

        • +2

          nah Tom Tom has
          " accurate floating car data"

          sounds sexy! and awesome

      • Google Maps doesn't need active internet connection either if you download the map prior.

    • +3

      Dunoo why people even use google maps. It aint that great. I use Here Maps. (Nokia)
      Doesn't require a connection either (from memory) -> Used it in Europe and just download the regions you want before you go.

      • +1

        You can do the same thing with Google Maps.

        • +4

          Not exactly.. Google only supports localisation caching - It's a Progressive Web App and it's limited in how much you can store (roughly 50x50km on an average device). Here Maps can cache an entire country or continent if you have the storage space. Google maps isn't great for long hauls outside of what you can cache on your device.

          • @bchliu: It's more troublesome, but you can download off-line map (cache) for a whole region/country 50x50km section at a time..

    • +4

      I don't see any benefit in this in fact with Google Map you can do much more, even download the area maps or multiple maps before traveling if you want.
      The cons will be adding another app, that drains your battery, collecting extra logs while you already share with Good or IOS :).
      It is a pass from me!

    • +3
      • Haha, I didn’t know this but I can’t say I’m surprised at all.

        Thanks for sharing!

        It’s always interesting to learn the many ways in which our data is monetised these days.

  • +1

    Poor tomtom, doesn’t even need a VPN….

    • +1

      Pretty much when Google Maps went navigation mode and price of data dropped - put almost every GPS manufacturer out of business other than ones built into cars.

      • +2

        I'm so glad Google did that. I remember before that, if you wanted satnav, you had to buy gps car navigation units (like TomTom or Garmin) for $150 to $200 for the most basic models, their manufacturers tried to lock those units down, their data became out of date, then they wanted exorbitant payments to keep the data current (I recall figures like $99 for a 1 year subscription to updated data). The current situation is much better for consumers. I just wish there was a viable open data replacement - eg last time I looked, apps based on OpenStreetMap were not viable replacements for basic navigation, let alone having really helpful features like lane guidance and live traffic conditions.

  • +1

    For everyday uses, may just stick to Google or Waze as most of the sim plans these days offer lot of data to burn anyway. But may be good alternative for these who uses android double din in their car

    • Yes I was wondering how this works with CarPlay for iOS…

      • Works well. It’s only been available for CarPlay for around a year but I’ve used it since. It has what your speed is and the speed limit which is useful.

  • +1

    Does android auto support this?

    • -3

      TomTom fund themselves..

    • Unfortunately no. Google claimed at Google IO 2018 that they would work directly with third party navigation apps developers to ensure they follow Google's strict distraction guidelines. Its 2020 and they still haven't supported any third party navigation app like Apple CarPlay has introduced (see Choose your favourite navigation app section).

      • Sounds like i'll be sticking with waze

        • I used Waze on AA and ran TT and they both ran ok. Slight differences in route choices. TT has more reliable alerts of red light/speed cameras whereas Waze is hit and miss. Waze has user reported police alerts whereas TT doesn't appear to offer such a feature.
          The only real advantage with TT is it can run offline without the compromises that Google Maps has.

          • @plapic: I didnt think tom tom would have the community base for mobile speed cameras like waze does

  • An unknown error has occurred. Please check your details and try again.

    • The first 2 fields are your first and last name. I got this error when I put the street number in where name should have been.

    • Same

  • You should know and as far as I know, you can only migrate your google account to another country once a year. It happend to me a while back and they refused to change my account back to Australia. I travelled overseas for couple months and I needed some local apps so I changed my google account to that country.

    • +1

      Can't you just make multiple accounts under different email addresses?

      • Yea that could work I havent tried it. I personally don't like having different accounts. Not good at keeping track of subscriptions and cancellation etc lol.

        Just letting people know if they migrated their main account they wont be able to migrate back for a year.

    • Why would you change your country because of travel?

      • Some apps ( for example, government services) were only available locally specific to that region. On my Australian account I used to get the message 'not available in your country' so I had to do it.

  • +1

    waze, here maps are much better than tom tom.

  • POI is the killer function on Google map

  • +7

    The Nokia guys also had FREE downloadable maps called HERE WeGo.

    Not sure what’s so special about the TomTom subscription?

    • +11

      Been using Here We Go for years. Has all the premium features, works well offline and it's free. Better than Google Maps and after checking out Tom Tom, I really can't understand why Tom Tom even has a paid subscription.

      • -1


        • +1

          Simple search on any app store…

          Android HERE WeGo

          Don't know what it's like on iphone but if you use Apple, you can find it on the app store.

  • "We're sorry, an error occurred, please try again"
    Doesn't even say what error and what need to be done to fix it!

  • Its not working for me.

    The voucher code you entered is not valid or expired.

  • +2

    Biegen Sie am Kreisverkehr links ab. Schnell!

    • Yes

  • +1

    How did you manage to bypass the 1 month free trial in subscriptions? I am not able to get to the page where I can login.

    • +2

      Just accept the one month trial then go into settings and log in with your newly created account. It may still show 1 month trial in the subscription so you will need to close the app completely and then open it up and it will be updated with the 1 year.

      • Wow Genius thank you

  • Worked, no plrobems, thank you

  • Do they have speed warnings?

    • +2

      Yes, they are. Also it shows the area of average speed enforcement and the current average speed as well.

  • +7

    I use Amigo application on top of Google maps. It's free and based on Tom Tom database. That way I get best of both worlds without any subscriptions.. While google is best for navigation and mobile speed cameras, Amigo is best in fixed speed cameras and speed limits of roads (and warns when exceeding limit etc which is handy). Most importantly, Android allows overlay of applications so I have amigo running in small section on top of Google maps navigation..

    • +1

      Tried this, looks neat.

      It's free

      What's the catch though? If this is free forever and based on the same map, it's better than this deal!

      • +3

        No catch as such. While amigo has some basic GPS mapping functionality - it's primary focus is on speed, traffic and camera alerts, which it does amazingly. I wouldn't use it for destination routing.

    • +2

      This is the answer. Tom Tom Amigo is great. It's been free for years (I keep expecting them to go for a monthly fee - which I'd happily pay). You can set it as an overlay. I use it in combination with Android Auto (Google Maps on AA screen and Amigo on my phone)

      It also covers off average speed zones which is a plus.

      It has definitely saved me some $$ over the years.

      • Thanks, definitely going to try the overlay. What do you think this compared to Waze?

        • +3

          I never really got used to the waze interface. I've always preferred Google Maps. So I find this the best of both world

        • Same here, never a fan of Waze. Now that google maps has many of important Waze features which used to make Waze unique, now it's no longer unique. Another reason to stick with Google maps.

        • Based on my limited trial today, Amigo informs you that you're approaching speed camera, while Waze remains silent. Amigo however displayed wrong speed limit in a couple of instances. Amigo overlay is only working in your phone, so not working in your headunit display, not really ideal for my case. Interesting to see how this app improves in the future

      • +2

        Waze has Fixed, average and reported speed cameras.

        They even have all the Wall.E mobile cameras reported everywhere in Qld.

    • +4
    • +1

      Still don't know why google maps doesn't add an option of audio alerts when exceeding the speed limit by 10%, like Tom Tom had. With our high speeding fines, it's an option that makes so much sense.

  • Code expired apparently

    • At what point do you get that message. I just tried again and its still applying it and letting me create an account (which I didn’t complete)

    • Worked after I used vpn

  • Worked great, i used chrome browser to translate german

  • No problems for me. Suggest you use Google Translate camera view to help you understand the text.

  • Am I the only one that read the coupon code completely wrong?

  • +2

    I think i'll stick to Waze, free and without hassle.

  • +17

    This deal would have been fantastic in 2007

  • I had a free subscription a few months ago but uninstalled as google maps works for me fine. This was taking too much space.

  • great work

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