Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G 8GB/128GB Lunar Silver $627 Delivered (HK) @ Tecobuy


Seems like an insane smartphone for the price

Snapdragon 865 5G
8GB RAM, 128GB UFS 3.1
6.67" IPS LCD 2400x1080 144Hz
Gorilla Glass 5 Front + Back, Aluminium Frame
64MP Wide + 13MP Ultrawide + 5MP Macro + 20MP Selfie
Side mounted fingerprint sensor
Stereo Speakers

I haven't bought it myself but I am tempted to because this seems like amazing value, wondering if people could add their thoughts about Xiaomi phones in general and MiUI
Reviews have noted
-not an OLED but the tradeoff is the higher refresh rate at lower price. most reviews say its top tier as LCD panels go.
-5MP Macro camera is a useless addition to the phone
-The speakers, whilst being stereo are of poor quality comparing to other stereo speaker phones
-the phone is very THICC in a good way and feels premium

Also note there seems to be a general consensus that Tecobuy has slow shipping. If this is a not a deal or a bad deal please let me know :)

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  • I've had the mi max 3 and mi a1 and didn't mind MiUI. Seemed similar enough to stock Android for me and it was quick to adapt to. The dual app feature made issues with Android auto for me so don't know if xiaomi/google has fixed that.

    Specs wise this looks pretty good. Comes with a 5000ah battery too and the screen is non curved.

    • Mi A1 doesn't have MiUI. It's got stock android. MiUI doesn't seem anywhere close to stock android for me and there's a shit ton of bloatware (can be removed through various methods though). The one great thing about Xiaomi is that they allow you to unlock the bootloader and flash custom ROMs very easily. Writing this on a Mi 9T Pro right now with EvolutionX and it's great.

  • Is it Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro?? whats the difference if it is different model. Unfortunately, couldn't find any info online

    Update 1…definitely not 10t pro…that comes with 108 Mp camera…
    Update 2… Found this info from Xiaomi website, OIS not available..

  • It's not a bad deal at all and the phone is solid, but for $749 you can grab a S20 FE 4G from Samsung Educational Portal with $50 coupon. Yes it has a worse SoC as it's the Exynos (5G is $869 with coupon) but you get better camera, IP68, local warranty and 120Hz OLED screen. The budget flagship tier is definitely very competitive right now unlike before.

    • idk man, anything 750 and above is still considered flagship territory to me, budget flagship types I would consider 650 and below. Its a little upsetting that the foldable phones set flagship precedence at 2k++, and apple following suit.

    • you can't unlock the bootloader on Samsung phones,
      without breaching the KNOX counter.

      with KNOX counter breached, phone loses warranty, loses value.
      this will affect services like Samsung Pay
      and you won't be able to reset the KNOX counter.
      the phone won't fetch as high a resale price in that state either.

    • Exynos chip is literally a dealbreaker, I don't know if people realise how inferior it actually is to SD chips.

      For me, makes it not worth the AU price.

    • Disagree. Exynos is garbage so you would need to buy the $869 5g version for snapdragon 865. $627 vs $869 is completely different price brackets.

  • Great price OP. Personally, I would take this any day over the 4G S20 - I wouldn't touch the Exynos with a ten-foot barge pole. And more than 200 bucks cheaper than Sammy 5g. That's a lot of extra cash in your back pocket.

  • In regards to this phone no idea why xiomai didnt use 128mp, and 7 inch, mi max 4 where are you.

  • best brand phone

  • I have the Mi 9T (K20) regular since this time last year and I think its a solid mid range pickup, the specs you get on paper are really good and translate to snappy performance (this 10T even has a SD865 whereas mine has a I think SD725 which is still super snappy), when I got my phone there was a MIUI version that didn't have an app drawer that really bugged me and so I installed nova launcher instead, but Miui actually has a new version now with an app drawer than I explored and looks fine but I'm just set in my ways/setup with the phone now. All the launcher really changes is the home screen and app drawer: drop down menus are all still the same.
    You don't get 'mainstream' camera quality with Xiaomi but honestly tech reviewers think everyone is a photo editor or instagram model, its still great for most end users IMO mid range phones in the last few years are more than sufficient.
    If my phone was a couple gens older I'd consider picking this up as the experience with xiaomi has been great
    No ads on my model as its international and I presume this wouldn't get ads?
    In terms of xiaomi apps yea they use a few home brand versions like Mi Browser but honestly the only app of those I ever use at all is Mi Calculator which is just a simple calculator (obviously chrome is installed for browsing) and none of them ever bother me
    I did only pay $440 for my phone though vs this price and obviously thats because its newer and the specs are a step up so keep that in mind

    • I have the same model too and usually upgrade my phone once a year, but there's honestly nothing riveting about the last year of phones to be honest.

      Manufacturers have this obsession with putting in crappy macro and depth sensors, and just higher refresh rate screens. when honestly these don't do much for phones, and most users would be best served by the wide, ultrawide and telephoto cameras we have in the Mi 9T.

      So for the first time in a long time, I have no reason to upgrade this year. Sad but true. It's not even an upgrade anymore with phones, more like a sidegrade.

      • I've got the Mi 9T as well. If you are after better quality photos, there are some modded g cam variants that work quite well.

    • No ads on my model as its international and I presume this wouldn't get ads?

      My friend's Redmi N9P had ads, perhaps it's a Redmi thing? It's trivial to disable ads though.

  • Hahah I am the same with the camera's - I know it is really important to a lot of users so is clearly a big selling point for many. I am uglier than a bucket full of smashed crabs, so if anything I want the camera to be slightly blurry to offset my ugly head. There is nothing scarier then my mug in ultra hd 8k . Gimme a snappy SoC, a good screen and a large battery (none of this 2800mah rubbish!!) The Xiaomi Mi 10T ticks pretty much all those boxes, I would have jumped at it but I just ordered this one a couple of days ago.


    I actually reckon that Sadfrog has a better deal, the same SOC, the screen is almost as good, and it still has a good battery, a similar camera, and is a full $170 cheaper.

    Has anyone actually seen any benchmarks that show any real difference between 6/8/12 G of ram?

    • I am uglier than a bucket full of smashed crabs,


    • To be fair, screen is not almost as good. A 144Hz OLED screen is top of the line shit, whereas 144Hz IPS is a lot cheaper. That alone justifies the $170, but the ROG Phone was never meant to be a camera phone or a normal phone. It's a mobile gaming device with better cooling and loads of gaming accessories to go with it, a very niche product.

  • Obligatory "no band 28" 4G comment

  • Had the MI 9T pro for nearly a year, awesome phone and still super snappy..

  • been using a mii 9, and mi A1 before that. great phones.

  • Aside from the obvious spec difference and 4G/5G has anyone had experience from a Xiaomi note 9 pro vs this model? I just need to get a new phone but is the $200 odd dollar difference worth it in terms of "real world" experience?

    • I have never owned a SD720 phone so can't speak to how it feels real world.

      Synthetically though the 865 is about 2x more powerful then a SD720 - so that is a pretty significant difference.
      The Adreno 650 in the MI vs the 618 in the Note, is about 3 x more powerful
      Screen wise the Mi is 144hz vs 60hz, also a pretty significant difference, the Mi is also rated as HDR10+ so will also have significantly higher peak brightness

      Note pro is UFS2.1 vs Mi 10T 3.1 - so loading etc may feel snappier on the Mi

      Is the Note pro still a good phone, most people would say yes. Is that worth $200? - well that depends entirely on your situation and only you can answer that!

    • Closer to $300 difference with the RN9pro.

  • Woah, cracking value. My mi9t pro is still going great, probably my favorite phone ever.

  • The mi note to 8 has a better gaming GPU in it, purely strange decision to add it.

  • Just got my new Poco X3 after having the MiA1for 3 years. The a1 had Android one but the poco x3 has mui 12. Have only had it a week but absolutely love Mui12. That said it is almost identical to Android One except with enhancements like floating windows.

    If your only concern is you have not tried Xiaomi take the plunge. The value is amazing.

    • Any chance you are on Telstra/Boost and can let me know if VOLTE works fine on your phone? Got a Poco F2 Pro and am struggling to get VOLTE up and running on it. Have always had it on previous phones, so feel a bit miserable without it.

    • Just got my new Poco X3

      Can I ask where did you buy it and how much ? Looking to get one of these soon, but waiting for a good deal from a reputable seller.

  • 6.7" is a lot to hold
    a certain well known company is making it 5.4" soon

  • Seeing how Xiaomi has grown over the years it is pretty impressive seeing them go from crap cheap phones to phones that legitimately perform at the top tier. I would not be surprised if I give their phones some serious consideration in a few years

    • +1 vote

      Can you give examples of "crap" cheap xiaomi phones?

      • He must mean prior to the 4 series? My RN4X is used as a backup phone and still runs perfectly, including battery life!!

      • I can't give you a model as it was a phone I played with 6+ years ago at the time. All I recall was a clunky interface and mediocre hardware performance.

      • I think he is talking anything before RN4 and those with Mediatek CPUs

  • I am waiting for the stock of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra in Australia

  • +2 votes

    Can confirm as a Mi 9 owner that these phones are pretty damn good for their price. I'd happily buy another when the time comes to replace this one.

  • For those who may worry about malwares or advertisements (which actually can all be turned off in the setting), you can flash the system to a clean European version

    btw, you need to unlock the phone first @ https://en.miui.com/unlock/

    Edit: I'm holding a Poco F2 Pro

    • Alternatively, you also can disable ads and disable/remove bloatware without unlocking the bootloader. It's not as effective as flashing MIUI EU, but at least you're not voiding the warranty.

    • Is VoLTE working for you?

      This is very important if using the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot: if VoLTE is not supported, speed would drop to 3G during phone calls!

  • No headphone jack on this one btw for those that need one.

    Otherwise amazing value for a phone.

  • Anyone looking at this should look into the weight. The mi 9t is quite tiring to hold.

  • I,ve used Xiaomi phones for more than 5 years and my daily phone is the note 8t ,its a great phone with everything i need and want ,its fast enough to run games has NFC and i wouldn't trade it for any samsung or apple..10/10.thoroughly recommended.

  • Staggering amount of phone for the money. If I wasnt in the Apple ecosystem already, I would be thinking of a switch. What I dont understand is how people spend money on Samsung's though? Absolutely everything in the Android world is cheaper and better.

    • quality - the s20/n20s are well balanced, very nice phones in the hand instead of xiaomis design where the 9t/mm35g/etc are quite tiring to hold and quite heavy. speakers on this device are shit. cameras and other device features have weird omissions - eg no OIS in video mode or stupid bullshit corner cutting.

      local service - if my n20u breaks i have someone to shout at. not the same for xiaomi whatsoever.

      updates - miui interferes with work mode and isn't properly tested (opening the work mode camera app bootlooped my mi mix 3 5g), alongside getting absolutely 0 updates to android 10 on that device.

      security - something something CCP something something huawei something something china bad

      • I'm looking to get a Xiaomi phone for it's hardware only: yes, I'm planning to run a Lineage (or some other) custom ROM. In this use case, "CCP something something……" does not apply.

    • Not quite right, when I got a MI6, it was expensive than Galaxy S7. I think now Galaxy is the cheapest flagship comparing S20 vs MI10.

  • Any 10T Lite ??

    • The whole China spying thing is overblown and just Western propaganda. We're clearly in another cold war (v2.0) which is following the same path with propaganda being used by both sides to sway the public into buying into the hostilities. Anyone that believes otherwise is just reading too much propaganda material.

      This is a value forum and this phone is good value. Buy this phone if you like it, don't buy it if you don't want it.

  • Lunar Silver is $608

    I need to replace my cracked S8 - tempted to just pull the trigger on this one….

  • the only risk I can think is will google continue to update android on this phone? like googles fued with Huawei

    • Wasn't Googles choice - that was a Trump instructive.

      Looks like Trump is gone, and Biden has previously worked well with China - so should be ok. Might even see a return of Google services on Huawei.

  • Hello folks,
    I purchased the Pro Version on 26th Oct. I did not register an account but instead made a payment via paypal as guest. I have received the order confirmation email but i have not received any tracking email.
    I tried contacting them via email address provided at the confirmation of order email but no response. wondering if anyone else had any issue wrt delay in response?

    • Purchased 21st , got confirmed order but still not sending item yet, no response to email. Yesterday open dispute via PayPal, got email reply from them in 5'. Promise will send item in "few business days".

      • thanks for updating ….I have sent them message before asking here….i shall raise the dispute if I did not get any response in couple of days.

  • Where is everyone buying cases from? I see ones in China but delivery is mid-Dec to mid-Jan?

  • It's now $572