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Delivery for my showbag was $6.46 from their factory in Botany, Sydney but may vary.

I bought a Violent Crumble showbag from them and had this 10% off voucher in the showbag.

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  • +4 votes

    Are there any bargains ?

    • The Bertie Beatle one is pretty good, I couldn't see it in any retail shops.

      I'm not associated with this business except as a customer, btw.

      • +10 votes

        The Bertie Beatle one is pretty good

        It's not a bargain though…

        12 x 10g Bertie Beatles for $5. That's $5 for 120g of chocolate, or $41.67/kg… Are these Imported Swiss Berties???

    • That Homer Simpson beach towel looks legit.

  • Sorry but 10% off overpriced showbags does not constitute a bargain

    • If you need to buy them anyway because your city's show is one of the most important days to your kids, then it'll save you 10%. Lots of severely disabled people too look forward to the show in their city each year. Their carers are left with the budget they set aside for it so why not order some bags 10% off with some of it. Their clients will get a lot more value than $26 out of a Garfield bag or whatever if that's the kind of thing they look forward to year after year. You can't really know how other people will value something and they can't ever really truly understand how you value things either. If you suffered a massive brain injury then you might be all about show bags right now.

      I agree with you though, if you want any individual item in any of these then you can probably buy it separately. But where is the fun in that.

      • Aren’t people here looking for bargains.
        What to stop you producing a bag at 25% of this rip off price and buy something else with the money save .
        Eg a made up show bag 4 days in a row :)

  • It's not a flat rate shipping, it depends on what you buy.

  • I can understand that kids are excited by show bags when at the show. You're paying a premium for the "experience" more then the products they walk away with.

    However, I can't see why anyone would have a desire to pay a 200%-300% premium (and pay shipping) to buy the identical products* that are available from their local supermarket.

    *excluding bertie beetle

    • It's an experience to be had at the show for myself and my sibs, but obviously none this year.

      I do believe this helps the showrunners stay afloat until next year, however, so this will consituate more towards OzDonations. But you get signifcant goodies in return.

  • do want that Homer Simpson towel

  • Keeping the Carnies employed in 2020.

  • i guess people are just nostalgic for the things they had to do without this year e.g. travel and those Qantas business class packs that sold out within hours. and if you or your kids really like the contents of one showbag, why not save 10% as well? worse things to blow your money on…

  • Wow, they really do t include anything with these showbags anymore. Almost all of them are cup, hat, waterbottle, keychain, bag. Even the lollie ones are cheaper at coles or amazon lol.

  • Vide the below ozbargain page you can use BIG20 to get 20% off (min spend $60)


    I haven’t tested the validity of this

  • Something has happened to the Bertie beetle recipe. Brother picked up a showbag at our local show before covid and they all had a massive chemical smell and after taste. They were gross. I'm a massive Bertie fan

  • +1 vote

    Either this is already 6 months overdue or preparing for 2021's show… the former me thinks.

    At least 50% off to be anywhere close to a deal. e.g. post xmas items at Coles or Woolworths after xmas has past.