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Cole & Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set, Clear/Silver $59.63 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Not as good as the Prime day deal ($11.09 price difference), however if your looking for a decent quality Salt n Pepper set here you go.

Features stainless steel and acrylic base with a carbon steel grinding mechanism for pepper and a diamond sharp ceramic mechanism for salt. Comes with different grinding settings and are filled.

I missed out on the previous deal which expired after a day before my old pepper mill broke and bought a C&M wooden set recently for $58 (arriving today). Hope that it would have the same quality, if not better.

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  • Would recommend traditional one's. Much more satisfying to use.
    Got a black and white one for 12$ each - on special right now https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/807194/min...

    • Comparing Woolies brand to Cole & Mason lol

      • I thought it was electric ones regarding the price haha my bad

      • Comparing Woolies brand to Cole & Mason lol

        I have never heard about "Cole & Mason".
        Is it any good?

        One day I am going to buy a battery powered paper mill. Haven't done my research yet.

        • They're among the top for mainstream consumer brands. They use good materials for the burrs (ceramic and stainless steel) and they grind settings are adjustable and consistent, whereas a basic set may have wobble. For people who want a nice set and care a bit more, it's a great starting point over the non branded stuff at other retailers.

  • I like to put on a lot of pepper, and it takes too long with the hand-cranked one. Truth be told, even the electric one I have is too slow for my use. I'd kill for a grinder that takes 18650s, and has more power/speed to it. I'm even considering going the DIY route.

    • DIY for a salt and pepper shaker? wowzies

    • I like to put on a lot of pepper, and it takes too long with the hand-cranked one.

      define too long

      • Nah, define "a lot".

        Show us a pic of your potato mash!

      • Well, if I'm covering an average schnitzel, it takes a solid 30 seconds of grinding before I give up. Ideally, I cover it until you can't see the meat under the pepper. Some say it's excessive, but it's how I like it.

    • I'm thinking the same. But I reckon a plug in electric coffee grinder would be the best alternative.
      I would love one that's powered by a DeWalt battery though

  • I have the previous Cole & Mason deal on order and will keep them for a special gift for someone.We have the Woolies ones at home and they're absolutely fine.

  • Thanks OP. Gave them a go.