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Xiaomi Mijia Portable Air Pump $56.99 Delivered @ Gshopper AU


SYD stock. 1 day handling. Free delivery.

High-precision alloy die-casting cylinder, the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Air Pump can be easily pressurised to 150psi to meet the aeration force required for road bikes, as well as to inflate tires, football, etc.

LED lighting helps you to operate freely in the night
Micro USB port, compatible with most smartphone cables
Inflatable treasures do not require an external power supply when working
High power supply with lithium battery
The Xiaomi Mijia Portable Air Pump comes with digital display to detect its pressure and test tire pressure at any time to avoid emergencies.

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  • Anyone know if this would be good to pump up air mattresses for camping?

  • Can it do footballs etc? A) compatible with a standard connector type and B) not too much pressure?

    Edit: yes it can

    • You set the target pressure, I think you also set it to bike mode, not car. Can't recall, but I often pump up basket balls, soccer balls with this.
      You need to buy those metal nozzles. Pack of 10 cost me $2

  • Is this any good for Ute tires? After a beach day, servos at Noosa area annoyingly removed most air pumps.

    • I've seen a video where a guy connected it to a punctured car tire, taped it to the wheel and drove like 10kms to the service station. So yes, it can ;)

      • Lol… must have been a run flat, or just a slow leak gimmick. I have one and it's very good, but doubt it could fill a car tyre from flat.
        Can output decent pressure but has a low flow rate so would run flat before filling. Struggles to pump up bike tyres from flat, but excellent topping up cars, bikes ect.

    • Security guard at work got same one. He told me its ok for small tires or inflatables only. He was telling it took 20 min to fill 1 tyre of his Hilux. He was just testing to fill it from flat.

      • 20 min for a battery powered inflator the size of a take-away coffee cup to inflate a tyre from flat…thats not bad!

        I've got two of these, great for motorcycle tyres - but yeah, takes longer with a big tubeless car tyre on a 4WD. Its good for incremental fills. Ive got a bigger unit stashed elsewhere, but this is great for convenient little jobs. I keep one on my motorcycle as a dedicated unit.

  • Its AU$'s ? Doesnt say.

  • Bought this today - pumped 3 car tyres around 22psi to 33 about 4 minutes each works like a charm and also did a motorcycle tire from flat (about 7 psi to 32 in about 8-10 minutes).

    • Thanks for the info - I notice it says it can do 5 tyres on one charge. Does that sound about right from your experience so far?

      • It can add pressure to 5 tyres on one charge, providing they are not too low. Has never gone flat topping up both my cars.
        But, I wasn't able to pump 6 very skinny bike tyres which were all very low, ran out of juice on the last tyre. Those skinny tyres need a bit of pressure though.
        That being said, I have had mine for many months, use it to top up bikes, cars, soccer and footballs, it's a very handy unit. Set the desired pressure and go.
        Doesn't deflate though.

    • can you use this pump, while it's connected to a charger ?

  • Hrrm, the upcoming ALDI pump is (slightly) cheaper….. wonder which is better…

  • does anyone know how much this weighs?

    EDIT: solved… 434g according to one of the photos

  • Only a $3 saving. Maybe better to hold off for black Friday deals if you can.

  • Seems like it was $30 before https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543606

  • Same price from AliExpress get you this AND the case.

    • Interesting. Have you got a link?

    • I bought one from the Xiaomi Gshopper Store on Aliexpress, no idea if they're affiliated, for $53. It's the only thing I've had not arrive from Aliexpress. It made it to Australia (apparently) then tracking went dead.

      • Also got one too from Aliexpress, but wasn't from GShopper. Arrived in Australia according to the tracking 2+ months ago but it hasn't appeared. Managed to get a full refund through Aliexpress though :)

      • Same thing. Bought from Ali express in July when it was advertised in OzBargain. Picked up by Last mile courier services when it arrived in Australia. Waited but it never arrived. Full refund but wasted 3 months before I could claim a full refund.

        • Same. I only just got the refund from the dispute. Before this, I'd never had any issues with Aliexpress - coincidence for the three of us? I think not.

      • that is extremely suss

      • Same store, same purchase time, didn't receive; full refund.

  • Can anyone comment on the reliability of this store? And how long it may take to arrive?

  • Not seeing an Australia Store. Where does this ship from?

    IGNORE: Shows Corp info as Melbourne Logistics. I didn't see AU flag as I was already on AU Ship to page,

  • This thing looks like an iPod with a padlock on it

  • Thanks got one!

  • Slightly cheaper at Gearbest $54.70, but shipped from China


    • This is not standard pricing, I have been wanting to buy this for some time and have been watching Gearbest and Aliexpress.
      This is definitely on sale on the moment - but I do agree it has been cheaper in the past.

  • camelcamelcamel au price history, just for reference. This price seems historically very low (not the lowest)

    I really want this but can't justify the spending when I already have this bad boy from Kmart and barely ride any more.

    Small foot pump:

    * kinetically powered
    * relatively small form factor
    * cheap
    * warranty

    * hard to use
    * takes ages
    * heavy

    Xiaomi gizmo:

    * very small form factor
    * very light
    * easy to use
    * quick

    * requires charging
    * potential for warranty hell

    Other factors:
    *I don't ride much lately and only for commute/leisure
    *punctures are rare
    *covid support payment has been cut

    Guess I'll hold off :(

  • Ive got this, not a fan, it overheats after 10 mins of use on a car tyre, and ull have to wait for it to cooldown. Then it overheats quickly again if u use it right after it coolsdown.

    • Did you do top up or fill it from flat tire that made it overheated?

      • Ive got this, not a fan, it overheats after 10 mins of use on a car tyre

        Expectations might be a little adventurous. Cordless could be handy for motorbike or pushy but will need something beefier for car tyres. Plenty of decent 12V compressors out there

  • how is this compare to Ozito 12V 150PSI Air Compressor


    or Ozito 12V DC Digital Mini Compressor


    • You can't compare as those are 12V and require connecting to Cig Lighter or Car battery. Those would be much much more powerful.
      This has build in battery and designed more for comvenient top ups.

  • Went back and had another look at this and it's had a price drop. Now $52.99 with 5% discount = $50.34 delivered. I couldn't pass it up…bought.

      • Dam. Do I really really need this………I must do as just bought for $50.34. Was being good and avoided at $52.99! Now to work out what to use it for (Car and bike I suppose). Utter laziness as I already have a bike pump :-)

  • Mine just arrived, shipping was solid, will test it out. Looking forward to it because half the servos around me have their compressors straight up broken, for me to even check pressure or give it a couple PSI top up (most common scenarios for me).

  • Bought in July, never showed.
    GShopper refunded to my long closed CC,
    last week. Guess I lost the money

  • Anyone get confirmation of shipping.?purchased and got PayPal receipt and nothing. Seems odd

  • Mine arrived today also, also in Brisbane, also ordered on the 26th.

    Quick test with some pushbike tyres (about 5psi top up - presta valve) and a top up of my car tyres (put 2 to 3 psi into each tyre - schrader valve) and it seems solid.
    - Screw on adapter is nicely made and connects easily - my experience with screw on valves is that you normally lose more than what you need to put in
    - Comes with presta valve, needle and bag - I wasnt expecting any of that
    - Size is what you expect - not too big or small
    - Wish I could set and save the default pressure and metric (bar/psi) for each mode
    - Digital gauge reads about 2psi higher than my handheld gauge (YMMV)

    My use case will mostly be for small topups of car tyres at home and when making small adjustments to tyre pressures when rallying (currently use a 12v compressor and its a nuisance getting it out, running the wire then packing it all back up). I havent tested a tyre from flat, and whilst it could probably do this in an emergency I wouldnt put faith in it as a complete replacement for a proper compressor or where larger pressure adjustments need to be regularly made.

    • I was about to post a questions as mine also arrived.
      Bicycle Mode: On mine the MAX that I can set it to is 65psi. Can you check yours as its advertised to do 3 ~ 150psi

      Other Observation: I connected it to Car Tyre and reported it as 25psi when I know its 40psi Massive difference. Perhaps I am doing something wrong but don't think so.

      I also agree, wish psi was the default for Cars & Motorbikes and not bar.

      • Just use manual mode rather than the device specific modes and set your pressure in PSI as you like it.