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Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 $199 | Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum 3000Pa Suction Laser Navigation $579 @ Gearbite eBay


Dreame V11 Vacuum also avaialble at Gearbite eBay for $369

Dreame V11 Video

Dreame V11 carpet head should ready shortly.Please check photo Here

Model **[Dreame V9] Dreame V11 $369
OLED Display No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins Standard 90mins,Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee
Plug AU Plug AU Plug

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H $199

main Features**

400cbm / h particulate CADR can deliver 6660L of clean air per minute
OLED Touch Screen display, air quality at a glance
High-precision laser particle sensor, sensitive to air quality
APP and AI voice intelligent control, support remote control
3 layers of barrel filter purification, efficient removal of harmful substances such as PM2.5, formaldehyde
Small size, can be placed at will
Back-tilt centrifugal fan, brushless motor, strong combination, output high air volume
Large-area style grille for fast and even airflow
Better performance and lower noise
Applicable area: 28 - 48sqm
Rated voltage: 100 - 240V
Rated power: 38W

Dreame D9 Vacuum Video Here

The Dreame D9 is mostly similar to the F9 size, 35cm x 35cm x10cm. This is purposely designed to house the LiDAR navigation system which means greater accuracy in navigation; unlocking advance map memory and room recognition functionality such as multi-rooms and selected area cleaning, virtual walls, vaccum no-go zones and mop no-go zones.

Dreame D9 will have Multi-maps ( upto to 3 maps) support via firmware update. This will allow Dreame D9 to map and operate on multiple levels within the same house.

Other key hardware features of the Dreame D9 includes:

4 levels of suction mode with up to 3,000Pa of suction power.

5,200mAh battery for up to 2.5hours of operation time; and extended further when combined with “Smart Top-up” function. This feature enables the Dreame D9 to top-up for more power during a cleaning session; and continue the clean when the appropriate level of battery is reached.

A 570ml dustbin and a 270ml smart electric water tank with adjustable water level for more precise mopping.

Removable microfiber roller brush can easily be disassembled for easy access to remove tangled hairs and general maintenance.

Specification Xiaomi Dreame D9 $579
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 3000Pa
Dust Bin 570ml
Battery 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes
Mopping E-tank(270ml)
Zone Clean Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes
Multi-map Yes,upto to 3 maps support via firmware update
Auto Charging Yes | Smart Top Up

All products come with 12 Months Official Local Warranty

As always, enjoy :)

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