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One Container Credit $20 Spend | 20+ Container Credits Free Containers @ Woolworths


Woolworths is set to offer free glass containers to customers in all its Australian stores as part of a new 'collectable' promotion.

Customers will receive one 'container credit' when they scan their Everyday Rewards card for every $20 spent in store or online from Wednesday, November 11.

Shoppers can then score a container for free once they reach 20 credits.

Glass container credits(Corrected from source, to be confirmed)

Round 0.62L container: 20

Round 0.95L container: 25

Round 1.75L container: 30

Rectangular 0.61L container: 20

Rectangular 1L container: 25

Rectangular 1.45L container: 30

Rectangular 2.2L container: 40

I must say Woolies learns everything from Coles pretty fast nowadays.

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  • +29

    So a 'Round 600mL container' after spending $400.

    • Glass, better than Coles plastic ones last year. Actually, size not confirmed. The size info in the news must be wrong.

    • +7

      $380 if you use Wish gift cards stocked up before the discount was cut 😄

      • -3

        The discount still exists if you are using the entertainment book.

        • The discount has been reduced and is being fazed out there too. Currently 4%.

          • +7

            @swimmingtoad: Feel free to downvote into oblivion, but I thought you might be interested! What you mean is "phased" - describing something happing in phases/stages. "Fazed" means bothered/disturbed. So you could be fazed about the phased approach to getting rid of Woolies discounts.

    • +6

      its funny how many people see it like this, or say a $400 container.

      I mean its free, would you prefer nothing instead lol?

      • +13

        Its funny you would actually think anything is free. You are paying for it through higher prices and less discounts.

        • So… if you don't claim the container does that mean you get lower prices and more discounts?

      • +12

        If your purchasing decisions are influenced by the incentive of the glass container in any way, then Woolworths has accomplished what they set out to do.

        • unless you were put off buying from Woolworths

  • +2

    So who's gonna win? Glass containers at Woolies or knives at Coles?

    "I must say Woolies learns everything from Coles pretty fast nowadays." When I fill in surveys, I always say Woolies is the follower.

    • +5

      Glass knives at Aldi ?!?

    • +9

      Probably it will also learn Coles' trick of running out of stock, thus rendering your 'container credits" useless, even before the end of promotion period

      • They have tried the trick with their latest ooshied promotions. Fool me once..

    • +1

      I wish that Coles would follow Woolies and enable using GC's and flybuys dollars online.

      • this!! so much this ^^

  • +4

    And this is a bargain?

    • +1

      it is if you already spend this much on your groceries.
      if, you're like me and only do a few top-up shops every week, barely getting to $10 each time, it won't seem as amazing.

  • +7

    The sad thing is that there's people who will spend more money (that's the goal, duh) just to get up to the next credit than they would just buying a container separately :/

    • +2

      Why is this sad when this makes them happy?

  • Wonder if credits get counted if buying giftcards.

    • +1

      Most likely NO. Prepaid Mobile starter packs may count.

    • +3

      You can't even get 50 points for buying a $50 gift card; why would they give credits during this promotion?

  • +9

    Oh yay … take away my 5% giftcard discount but give me small glass container if I spend $400+ … Woolworths you inspire loyalty.

    • +1

      it's obvious they only value loyalty from the big-spenders.

  • +3

    Having flash backs to the old collecting stamps for cutlery sets….

    Everything old is new again.

    • +4

      if the depression goes much longer they'll be printing pretty patterns on the flour sacks.

  • +4

    from the linked article:

    Round 95L container: 25

    is that the bowl ozbargainers eat their meals out of?

  • +7

    The Woolworths Rewards app just pushed through a notification saying "We can't contain our excitement" 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • +8

      …for all the cash that's going to bring in

  • +12

    These are only like $3 in Kmart so way too much of an ask over multiple spends amounting to hundred of dollars. May as well be a peanut.

    • linksies

    • Wholeheartedly agree, it’s not even some special edition in collab with Charlie Brown’s Snoopy that I’ve seen in Japan for plates. Maybe we’ll start seeing Disney plates in future who knows.

    • currently Decor 500ml glass on special for $4 at… Coles lol

  • Any bargains

  • +3

    Perfect Xmas pressie!
    "Merry Xmas, that container is worth $400 so u better like it!" 😂😏

  • Will they have to organise a swap day like the trashy ooshies? 🤭

  • +2

    Hope it isn't like the Coles one where we go ally accumated enough for the large container and they ran out of stock at every Coles around 🙄

  • +4

    So the containers are the new ooshies? Mums on target this time instead of kids. ;). Seriously, WW should just pass on this value in form of price reduction or Rewards points.

  • The lid clips appear to be the ones that break after many uses as it bends back and forth

  • +2

    I'm so excited i can barely contain myself

    • +2

      kerfuffle 4 hours 4 min ago new
      +1 vote
      The Woolworths Rewards app just pushed through a notification saying "We can't contain our excitement”

      • i cant contain my big beautiful mouth

      • +1

        Well that’s embarrassing… but so are all bad puns

  • Are these going to organize well with peoples' existing containers?

  • +8

    Spend $800 to receive one 2.2L glass container at Woolworths, when a 2.7L one is only $10 at Kmart.

    • +1

      Pretty stupid if you ask me. If you need a glass container, just buy a glass container and then you're free to buy your groceries wherever it's cheapest/most convenient.

  • +3

    I don't spend that much at Woolies. Only buy half price stuff that I need from Coles/Woolies and the rest from Aldi.

    • +1

      and the reduced-to-clear stuff. some decent bargains to be had if you go on the right day at the right time.

  • Wait does this include Woolworths fuel? Because I spend a lot there

  • Guys, don't be so hasty.
    Starts today, and you get bonus 5 credits if you shop instore or online each time you shop.
    I bought doughnuts this morning $2, got 5 credits.
    I bought kinder bueno just now at lunch $1, got 5 credits.

    Already have 10 container credits. It's too easy now.
    Bonus credits ends 10th Nov.


    OTHERWISE, 1 credit for every $20 spent.

    • Max. 5 bonus Container Credits per Everyday Rewards member applies.

      Do you have evidence that you have 10 credits with your $3 spend?

      • +1

        Yes. It's on my receipt. It says I have 10 container credits.

        • Interesting. Are you planning on racking up another 10 so you can get the cheapest container when it launches next week?

          • @kerfuffle: I don't have plans. I just shop for bits each day and scan my rewards card each time. I noticed it on the receipt. I don't do big shops while I work.

    • How did you get 5 credits twice? The T&Cs on that page say:
      "A maximum of five (5) bonus Containers Credits per Everyday Rewards member applies during the Pre-Launch Offer Period."

      • +1

        Maybe they got lucky and someone didn't program the offer properly. I bought more items from Woolies today after buying some items on Wednesday and didn't get any extra points

  • Has anyone managed to get an containers? lol, what a joke of a promotion.

  • +1

    Out of stock everywhere. Anyone manage to secure one?

    • I managed to secure a round 20 credit one at the Westfield Bondi Junction store this afternoon. They only had the round 20 credit and round 25 credit ones; maybe a dozen of each on some shelves between the drinks cabinets (so not in its own outpost like at the beginning of the promotion period)

      • Maan I live far from Bondi. :(

        • Yeah I’m in south-west here, but the DJs there has good bargains so try make a point of visiting during the big sales

    • I got a 30 credit one on Monday. They were the hardest to find. Plenty of time 20 credit ones but it's getting harder day by day

      • Which stores did you find the 20 credit ones

        • Campsie

          • @Sweetnsour: Is it the round ones too?

            • +1

              @emboon: Think so. Think I got the last square one, more popular bc bigger size and better use of space compared to round.

  • Stores have labels up with “temporarily out of stock”. Wonder if there will actually be a restock?

    Kind of hard to believe that they would run out 1-2 months away from the promotion end.

  • struggling to find 1L for my 25pts >:"'(

  • +1

    My local store will run out one week then have them again the next. Stock keeps coming in, just have to get them at the right time but I dare say they will run out before the promo ends. I've got the 2.2L rectangle, and the 1.75L and 0.95L round so far. Better than getting Ooshies or something throw away for the kids.

    • store i visited recently had boxes of stock kept on the top shelves, but no 1L, so i reckon some of them keep it out the back too, obviously they wouldn't want everything claimed so easily..

  • Does anyone know of any WA stores that still have stock of either of the 20 credit containers (none at my 2 local stores)?

    Round 0.62L container: 20
    Rectangular 0.61L container: 20

    • Rang multiple stores and only the 40 credits one left if you are lucky. Some stores are supposedly getting some still but no one can say for sure

  • OK, so after collecting these container credits, they are saying out of stock…. too bad!

    Been to 4 stores (Sydney)

    Very not impressed!

    • try online ? might be too late as cut off is today i think.

  • So has anybody actually been to redeem these anytime recently? You are meant to be able to redeem these for the next week or so but they have literally like never been in stock.

    • I have just got them in the Chadston Shopping Centre. They have only 30 point Round and Rectangular ones, but still plenty of stock.

  • +1

    this promotion a joke, spent over $500 the last 2-3 months, and when i had enough credits to get the containers early jan,
    none are available. went to many stores and still couldn't find any.
    the staff are saying they will be coming back, went in every single day for the last 7 days, and still nothing.


    the container probally only cost them $4 to get in, and me spending $500 from them, and still they have no plans
    to restock on the containers, the staff just saying, they are not planning to get anymore in, at least get more in
    to keep your customers happy.

  • +1

    Finally got a 1 L rectangular (25 points) from Mandurah Forum WA. There were a few left at close on Sunday.
    There were a couple shelves with the 40 point 2.2 L rectangular left too.
    Olive (the online Virtual Assistant) said there was no stock, but that was not the case. Don't believe the bot, you might still find something in store.

  • If anyone is still looking for containers there is a selection of containers between 25pts to 40pts available at Woolies at Newstead (Brisbane).

  • +2

    So I have 24 points, and I went in to store and they say I could have the 25 point one even though I didn't have enough points. Even after redemption, I still had the 24 points in my account. So I went in again yesterday, claimed another one, yet I STILL have 24 points in my account. My go to a few different Woolies today and see how many times I can redeem before they realise!

  • Do you think i can get a container for 8 points

  • One container credit can be converted to 20 pts by 28th Feb. Check your rewards account.

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