One Container Credit $20 Spend | 20+ Container Credits Free Containers @ Woolworths


Woolworths is set to offer free glass containers to customers in all its Australian stores as part of a new 'collectable' promotion.

Customers will receive one 'container credit' when they scan their Everyday Rewards card for every $20 spent in store or online from Wednesday, November 11.

Shoppers can then score a container for free once they reach 20 credits.

Glass container credits(Corrected from source, to be confirmed)

Round 0.62L container: 20

Round 0.95L container: 25

Round 1.75L container: 30

Rectangular 0.61L container: 20

Rectangular 1L container: 25

Rectangular 1.45L container: 30

Rectangular 2.2L container: 40

I must say Woolies learns everything from Coles pretty fast nowadays.

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  • So a 'Round 600mL container' after spending $400.

    • Glass, better than Coles plastic ones last year. Actually, size not confirmed. The size info in the news must be wrong.

    • $380 if you use Wish gift cards stocked up before the discount was cut 😄

    • its funny how many people see it like this, or say a $400 container.

      I mean its free, would you prefer nothing instead lol?

      • Its funny you would actually think anything is free. You are paying for it through higher prices and less discounts.

        • So… if you don't claim the container does that mean you get lower prices and more discounts?

      • +12 votes

        If your purchasing decisions are influenced by the incentive of the glass container in any way, then Woolworths has accomplished what they set out to do.

  • +2 votes

    So who's gonna win? Glass containers at Woolies or knives at Coles?

    "I must say Woolies learns everything from Coles pretty fast nowadays." When I fill in surveys, I always say Woolies is the follower.

  • And this is a bargain?

    • +1 vote

      it is if you already spend this much on your groceries.
      if, you're like me and only do a few top-up shops every week, barely getting to $10 each time, it won't seem as amazing.

  • The sad thing is that there's people who will spend more money (that's the goal, duh) just to get up to the next credit than they would just buying a container separately :/

  • Wonder if credits get counted if buying giftcards.

  • Oh yay … take away my 5% giftcard discount but give me small glass container if I spend $400+ … Woolworths you inspire loyalty.

  • Having flash backs to the old collecting stamps for cutlery sets….

    Everything old is new again.

  • +4 votes

    from the linked article:

    Round 95L container: 25

    is that the bowl ozbargainers eat their meals out of?

  • The Woolworths Rewards app just pushed through a notification saying "We can't contain our excitement" 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • These are only like $3 in Kmart so way too much of an ask over multiple spends amounting to hundred of dollars. May as well be a peanut.

  • Any bargains

  • Perfect Xmas pressie!
    "Merry Xmas, that container is worth $400 so u better like it!" 😂😏

  • Will they have to organise a swap day like the trashy ooshies? 🤭

  • Hope it isn't like the Coles one where we go ally accumated enough for the large container and they ran out of stock at every Coles around 🙄

  • So the containers are the new ooshies? Mums on target this time instead of kids. ;). Seriously, WW should just pass on this value in form of price reduction or Rewards points.

  • The lid clips appear to be the ones that break after many uses as it bends back and forth

  • I'm so excited i can barely contain myself

  • Are these going to organize well with peoples' existing containers?

  • Spend $800 to receive one 2.2L glass container at Woolworths, when a 2.7L one is only $10 at Kmart.

    • Pretty stupid if you ask me. If you need a glass container, just buy a glass container and then you're free to buy your groceries wherever it's cheapest/most convenient.

  • I don't spend that much at Woolies. Only buy half price stuff that I need from Coles/Woolies and the rest from Aldi.

    • +1 vote

      and the reduced-to-clear stuff. some decent bargains to be had if you go on the right day at the right time.

  • Wait does this include Woolworths fuel? Because I spend a lot there

  • Guys, don't be so hasty.
    Starts today, and you get bonus 5 credits if you shop instore or online each time you shop.
    I bought doughnuts this morning $2, got 5 credits.
    I bought kinder bueno just now at lunch $1, got 5 credits.

    Already have 10 container credits. It's too easy now.
    Bonus credits ends 10th Nov.

    OTHERWISE, 1 credit for every $20 spent.

    • Max. 5 bonus Container Credits per Everyday Rewards member applies.

      Do you have evidence that you have 10 credits with your $3 spend?

      • Yes. It's on my receipt. It says I have 10 container credits.

        • Interesting. Are you planning on racking up another 10 so you can get the cheapest container when it launches next week?

          • @kerfuffle: I don't have plans. I just shop for bits each day and scan my rewards card each time. I noticed it on the receipt. I don't do big shops while I work.

    • How did you get 5 credits twice? The T&Cs on that page say:
      "A maximum of five (5) bonus Containers Credits per Everyday Rewards member applies during the Pre-Launch Offer Period."

      • Maybe they got lucky and someone didn't program the offer properly. I bought more items from Woolies today after buying some items on Wednesday and didn't get any extra points