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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB + Free Screen Protector $879 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Cellmate


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G128GB For $879 (BRAND NEW- Aussie Stock) + FREE Screen Protector + FREE delivery @ CELLMATE
Payment options available via ZIP and Payright

100% Genuine Australian Stock with 2 year Samsung Australia Warranty

Choice of Navy, White, Orange and Red

We also have the S20 FE 4g Navy colour on special for $799 and White for $819. Can be purchased by clicking the link below

We also have the Samsung Buds Live for $208 (Limited stock).Product can be purchased by clicking the link below

For a detailed list of handset features please click the link below

Friends if we run out of stock please subscribe to the product and that we you shall get notified once we add more stock

We thank you for your continued support and appreciation

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  • This or iphone 12?

    • +69 votes

      Any day S20 FE 5g

      • This or Pixel?

        • This any day. Unless you're a pixel peeper and must have the absolute best image quality. For your average social media poster, there'll be no difference. Google is still using the same 12MP sensor from 3 years ago, whilst Samsung/Apple have all caught up.

          The S20 FE is the superior phone in every other aspect.

        • Pixel. I have an s8 and it's due for a new one. I need a cleaner software. Tired of Samsung.

          • +14 votes

            @PeeDee: I went from using Nexus/Pixel phones for the last 7 years to the S20 FE and it's so much better than it used to be with TouchJizz on my S3.

          • @PeeDee: New Samsung's are awesome.

            • @onlinepred: The software is bad enough for me to want to check out why Google pixel is reknown for its software, plus good battery life.

              • @PeeDee: Renown for beta software… It's often buggy and Google is using fanboys as free beta testers.

                Stock Android just means bare bones android without helpful features. Screen recording, scrolling screenshots, system wide dark mode etc have been in Samsung UI for years before Google has attempted to integrate it.

                That combined with hardware QC issues which have plagued every pixel release and charging flagship prices for non flag ship specs makes it an easy pass in my book.

                Samsung is offering the same 3 years of updates so Pixels don't even have that any more. They've also dropped the free unlimited resolution google photos uploads.

                As for battery life - the pixel 4 xl was renown for terrible battery life. According to GSMarena standardised tests, the Samsung FE outlasts the Pixel 5, and that's with a SD865 and high refresh rate screen.

              • @PeeDee:

                plus good battery life.

                They are known for bad battery life… They literally put a 2800 mAh battery into a phone with a 90Hz… The Pixel 4.

                2800 is just way too small tbh

              • @PeeDee: Google isn't renowned for software, it's a lack of software that peyote like. Some people like super basic phones with no features or options for customisations. Fe 5g actually has better battery life by a lot. Almost 33% better. The last pixel had the worst battery life of any flagship. The pixel 3 was the worst performing and still had very bad battery life.

        • This

        • I wish Samsung and other companies would stop adding bloatware to their phones. I am more inclined to buy the Pixel 5 as my next phone just to have a clean version of Android. I don't want Bixby (is that still a thing?), Samsung Pay, Samsung Photos, Samsung Camera, Samsung Browser, Samsung Whatever installed on my phone, and 100 hidden Samsung apps pre0installed and working in the background… Also, I hate waiting months for updates.

          I'm not excited about any of them to be honest… I miss having an actual flagship phone that I would look forward to buying… From my point of view, the most interesting phone this year was the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (grey import only). However, I have a Huawei P20 pro and am trying to avoid another Chinese phone.

          Was hoping to have a decent Pixel, but Pixel 5 is just meh… Nothing really different about it except its price (because it is not a decent flagship).

          I might just wait for an amazing deal, or for 2021 and, hopefully, new flagships… I don't have a rational reason to replace my 30 months old P20 Pro.

          • @tderevko: Samsung's security feature is pretty good IMHO. You can run 2 Twitter one locked behind a passcode. Each instance of the Twitter app wouldn't know the other is running and they behave like installed on 2 different phones. For people like me (Chinese sometimes reposting anti-communist content) safety matters.

            • @enveloped: Not sure if this reply was correctly addressed to me, but I don't have nor want Twitter/Facebook apps installed on my phone. Some people want to have these apps installed, or multiple versions of each of them. I would like to have the option to uninstall all the rubbish that I don't use, which probably include all Samsung apps. It's not about Samsung, my Huawei has many apps installed that I just can't uninstall.

              I've seen somewhere that Europe is trying to pass new regulation to force phone manufacturers to offer uninstall options for all (unnecessary) apps.

        • Imagine paying over $500 for an Exynos phone..

          Also if you want 3 different apps that do the same function and come preinstalled with your phone, then go for the Samsung

        • Read enough reviews and you'll see it comes down to a few notable things;
          -Screen size
          -Software experience

          Work out what is most important and go with that. All other specs are comparable.
          For anyone worried about the 'chipset' or 'battery' on the pixel, don't, it's not an issue. In 3 years? Maybe, but even then not something that should matter unless you're playing games. My Pixel 2 XL is still perfectly fine and fast, and battery easily lasts a whole day.

          I opted for a Pixel 5 with the hub max and getting rid of that for $250, so $750 for a Pixel 5 was a no brainer for me.

          Honestly I don't think any of these phones are bad.

        • I just came from a Pixel 3 and had a Pixel 1 before that. I refused to get a Pixel 5 because of the mid-tier specs.

          While I like the simplicity of the vanilla Android, it's not that bad on the FE. I reskin with Microsoft Launcher anyway.

          A few things I miss: squeeze to activate Google Assistant, the fingerprint scanner on the back (in screen on is okay but not great), the Pixel has a wider screen than the FE.

          I chose the FE of the S20+ because I wanted the Snapdragon chip. While I have not ran into any issues, I probably would have bought the 256gb version which comes with 8 vs 6 gig of ram.

      • +30 votes

        An apple fanboy negged your comment
        EDIT: 5 Apple fanboys negged your comment
        EDIT AGAIN: An Apple fanboy who thinks that they aren't a apple fanboy negged my comment

      • ofc cellmate would recommend S20 FE on an S20 FE deal post 😉

      • Your store does not sell iPhone 12… Possible conflict of interest…

        If you ask me, go with whatever you have now. Android -> Android, iPhone -> iPhone

      • +18 votes

        And you can brag about what an environmentalist you are.

        • That's right.

          Jokes aside. We know Android makers will follow next year. :-(

          • +5 votes

            @netsurfer: In all seriousness Apple's move to not provide a charger and earphones in the box of iphone 12 would have been ok. Had they provided all iPhone 11 with usb c chargers.

            Their reason was oh our customers already have chargers from previous iPhone. Well they do but they are usb a ones and the cable they provided In the iPhone 12 were usb c ones. Therein lies the problem.

            • @xoom: Apple's action is not a surprise to be honest. Since when does Apple do anything that's cost friendly to consumers? The fact that Apple elected to stay with lightning for iPhones is quite clear that Apple doesn't mind cross selling you some accessories.

              The fairly useless 5W iPhone chargers for years, Macbook Pros moved to USB-C, Older iPads not including the fastest charger.

              Also, half of it is Android fanboys teasing. If you don't want to buy a new charger, the old USB-A chargers will still work. It's not really an issue for people in Apple ecosystem. Most of them would have old cables and chargers. A substantial number of them would already have USB-C chargers.

            • @xoom: It is a shrewd, but well calculated move. It's not going to upset too many Apple users. With 2019 onwards iPads already including a USB-C fast charger (and iPad Pros doing so even earlier). 5 years of Macbook/Macbook Pros (USB-C). Not to mention years of including the dumb 5W charger (there should be enough people fed up and bought some USB-C chargers already).

              The same cannot be said for Android makers, if they remove the charger next year. Does Samsung want to continue USB-C/PD/PPS? That charger, if you buy it separately, isn't cheap. How about Dash charger for OnePlus (and a special cable)? No wired handsfree kit. Do Android makers really expect to sell their AirPods equivalent solutions as well as Apple is doing with AirPods?

          • @netsurfer: There was an article about a month ago saying that Samsung is also considering ditching the charger in their next phones (S21 series).

            • @Trishool: Of course Samsung will do that (likewise for other Android phone makers). They can lower the cost. Samsung resisted removing the headphone jack for a few years, but did that really win them anything?

              Sure, we can tease Apple now, but it is a shrewd move and that bad influence will carry to Android camp sooner or later. It will be more annoying for Samsung next year, since Samsung uses USB-C/PD/PPS. With Apple using USB-C/PD/PDO, it is oldish tech and easier to make (and lots of 3rd party cheapo ones). OnePlus uses Dash fast charging. It will be more annoying when Android makers start following Apple's dodgy foodsteps.

            • @Trishool: No S21 its gonna be a S30

    • iPhone 12 if you want iOS

    • iphone 12 is over price and rip off.

      All Samsung phones are rubbish too, low quality, no guaranty like Apple, stupid softwares, ugly and I believe very low quality.

      Go for older phones with better price or others like oppo n huawei, I got 2 new 5G phones and these phones have never connected to any 5G service and feel no different.

      Btw Apple is very good with guaranty and resale price always and a trusted phone.

      • I’m thinking the iphone 12 Pro is not bad and the price point is better compared to last year’s model where they still stuck with 64gb. Having said that I still like the P30 Pro.

  • You should put 5G in the title. You know how much hate there is for Exynos

  • wow the price of this phone just keeps dropping…

  • +11 votes


    I was referring to the price drop with us. Sorry for the misunderstanding if any

  • Give us a ripper deal on 4G please

  • OP I'm looking for a S20 FE 5G 256GB… noticed you don't stock it.
    Can you shed any light on why numerous retailers don't stock this phone with bigger RAM and hard drive space?
    Less profitable? Samsung just don't offer it to u?

  • Tempted but still unclear if the Aussie version is esim + sim or dual SIM by any chance?

    • According to an OZBer, it is single SIM.

      nuwancp on 17/10/2020 - 19:52
      I checked with Samsung Sales on their website, unfortunately no dual sim or esim on Galaxy FE edition be it 4G or 5G :(

      Source: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/571915
      Last comment…

      • I am inclinded agree that the Australian 5G version is not dual SIM.
        A friend returned theirs as they required this feature, and neither they or support could find any eSIM ability either.


      If tempted we suggest you buy it as we are selling out pretty fast

    • I've checked it with Samsung Australia support: ALL Australian S20 FE (4G or 5G) are single SIM.

      Such a terrible decision considering that S20 FE is sold as a dual-SIM outside Australia.

  • You have Z zlip 5g??

  • Very tempted to pull the trigger but with people having issues with touchscreen I'm a bit hesitant to purchase from an unknown website. If I were to buy this and have the touchscreen issue what would the return policy be? Would the device be treated as DOA? Would a full refund be offered if the device is sold out?

    • +6 votes


      We understand your concern.

      Just to clarify.
      Our website might be unknown to you but we have been in the business for over 10 years.
      You have 2 year Samsung Warranty and can take it to the nearest Samsung repair centre if any issues.
      Even with the touchscreen issues mentioned the handset is pretty new and the issue has been identified in a small percentage of the overall sale volume.

      Hope this answers your concerns

      • Pulled the trigger and got it. Blue was sold out by the time I placed the order but white will be fine. Do you expect all tonights orders to ship tomorrow?

    • Every phone has issues fyi

      • Not the experience I've heard. Mate has had the same phone for the last few weeks and had no issues.

        • The touchscreen issue seems to only occur with multitouching - eg when gaming or zooming in or out on maps. It's not that noticable otherwise, eg scrolling problems harder to notice unless using a touchscreen test app.

          That's why only certain people notice and even when they get their replacement handset the problem persists.

        • Thats what I thought too.. but I felt the touch was always a bit off, maybe my fat fingers.

          Then downloaded the touch screen tester app, did the rapid light touch movements and.. nope - it's definitely the screen. It's screwed.

          Day to day simple browsing, texting you probably won't notice much aside from the odd off touch - if you do a lot of pinch to zoom, precision (it will slightly go off centre when lifting your finger) , or games which require very fast movements - don't get this phone until it is confirmed fix, as it's highly likely hardware issue.

  • How does this one stack up against the P30 Pro?

    • No comparison when it comes to the camera - Huawei outshines all competitors in that department. Huawei's EMUI on the other hand is my least preferred Android skin

  • Do you have Galaxy Z Fold 2?

  • Any deals on the Buds+?

  • OP I think there's 8gb RAM/128GB internal mem version of FE too for not sure if I am mistaken as I read while comparing specs on gsmarena. If yes, do you have any good deal on that?

    • In Australia, there are only 3 variant of S20 FE.

      4G with exynos

      • 6gb RAM/128gb

      5g with snapdragon

      • 6gb RAM/128gb
      • 8gb RAM/256gb

      NONE of them have eSim/dual sim.