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[PC] Steam - Half-Life: Alyx $63.71 - VR @ Steam Store


Half-Life: Alyx now 25% off $63.71 (usually $84.95).

It's a VR game so you will need a compatible headset.

The add on, Half-Life: Alyx - Final Hour, is also on sale for 10% off being $13.05 (usually $14.50)

Cheapest it has been since the last deal which was the same price: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547749

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  • +21

    Absolute masterpiece of a game. Such a polished title, the best VR game available at the moment by miles.

    • Out of interest, which VR headset are you using or you would recommend?

      • +1

        I use a HTC Vive - pretty old these days but still enough for a great time. I'm a little out of touch with the more recent headsets but I've heard good things about the Oculus Quest 2 - seems to be the pick of the most recent bunch.

        • is this Half Life 3?

          • +3

            @capslock janitor: This is as close as we might get. Although Valve are open to more Half-Life, we most likely will never see 3…

            However - one of the original writers for Half-Life 2, Marc Laidlaw, left Valve and not long after any NDAs would have expired (10 years) relating to Half-Life, he released this: Epistle 3 which is clearly a thinly-disguised recap of the Half-Life 3 story with some of the names changed to avoid getting in trouble with Valve. It's worth a read if you want some closure from the original writer.

      • +7

        For me it was either the Quest 2 or the HP Reverb 2. I went with the Reverb 2, it's double the price but you get so much more and I'm planning (hoping) to get a 3070.

        • +9

          Ordered a Reverb G2 as well. The lockin path facebook is going down put me off Oculus.

          • +2

            @gromit: Same. Hoping they ship soon. FYI HP updated their site the other day and broke things, orders disappeared from accounts. Apparently they're all still in the system, it just hasn't migrated properly. There's a thread over on reddit about it.

            • @unknown: ouch don't tell me that, scared me into checking my order. Mine is still showing up in the system.

      • playing it on my quest 2 with a link atm, its great

        • +1

          Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop for me!

          • @kiwizz: How is the latency? I got quest 2 and virtual desktop on 5ghz wifi router sitting next to me. Beat saber pc version is almost unplayable :(

            • @hitman47: Beat Saber is pretty playable for me - using Wifi6 and an OP access point. Only have issues when playing those crazy fast songs (extreme+). I've had latency around 24ms in VR (~14ms desktop) but it's around 40ms now because I have all settings at max and running at 90hz. Waiting on a 2.5gbps switch to connect between my desktop and access point (both have 2.5gbps ports) which should mean 1200mbps between quest 2 and desktop (I know this is probably going to do nothing to improve latency, but hey - so what).

              • +1

                @kiwizz: To be fair, beat saber over wireless link has got to be one of the more demanding titles. From all accounts, virtual desktop with slower games like half life is perfectly playable.

    • Couldn't agree more… even though I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet.

      The most immersive and most realised VR world yet.

      (Playing using HP Mixed Reality set… falling apart and kept together with cable ties!)

      • If you're a Half-Life fan the ending is a 10/10 and the last hour or so is incedible.
        It's worth finishing.

  • Agreed - must have game if you have a PCVR headset (or a Quest, which is how I played it).

  • +3

    It's almost like Steam knew I'm picking up my 3070 today!

  • +6

    This game is the sole reason I still have an urge to get a VR headset.

  • It's the best VR game I have ever played. Waiting for the next episode.

    • +8

      Might be waiting another 13 years yet…

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for a sale.
    I think I will wait for next gen CPUs and GPUs so I can max out the settings to get the best experience for the best VR game.

    • +6

      No it's not necessary. My Dell G7 (i7-9750H, RTX 2060) & Oculus Quest running smoothly via Virtual Desktop.

      • Oh nice, I haver a 3300x and 5700xt as placeholders. Might give it a go. Cheers

    • It still uses the Source engine so it's very easy to max this out.

    • +1

      I have an i5 9400F and a GTX 1070 and it runs like an absolute dream (on high).
      Don't wait, just get it and enjoy.

    • I have a gen 4 i5, a 1080 and pimax headset. I can run the game on high no issues! It's really well optimized and looks great.

  • Wow, this sale highlights how expensive the game is. I guess they need to price it high since the sales volume will be low due to VR requirement.

    • Yeah its like a chicken or egg scenario. Need the customer base to make AAA VR games but need AAA VR games to increase the customer base.

    • +1

      It's worth it even at $90 in my opinion.

      20+ hour campaign in the most fully realised world in VR.
      It's a masterpiece of VR game design.

      • Appears to be an 11-14hr campaign but I agree that is very good for a VR title, majority of them are under an hr in length or just endless survival style games.


  • +1

    I really want to play this game but can't justify buying a VR headset.

    • Oculus Quest 2 is $479 retail. Can play via Oculus Link or wireless via Virtual Desktop.

      Otherwise the Quest 1 is selling on the marketplace for around $350 which can do the same.

      If you're gonna be playing games through Steam, I'd honestly just get the Quest 1. No need for the performance boost of the Quest 2 plus the Quest 1 has OLED and much better IPD slider.

      • Is that the one you need a facebook account for?

        • Unfortunately, yes

    • yeah me too, VR headsets are so expensive!

  • +2

    Where can one purchase discounted Steam gift cards?

  • was waiting for xmas sales but just gonna grab it now.

    but still gonna wait for a GPU upgrade before playing.

    • You don't need an amazing GPU.

      I only have a GTX1070 and it runs perfectly on my Rift S

      • yeah the 1070 is a beast, no need to upgrade all the time, it will last many many years.

  • is this half life 3 without the 3

  • many people buy new VR headsets just to play this game and then sell them 1/2 price after they are done with it.

  • I have Oculus Rift S with Ryzen RX 570 which is enough to play BEAT SABRE. Can it play this game?
    Another question.
    Does higher spec VR headset require higher spec GPU?

    • A higher spec headset definitely requires a higher spec GPU.

      Alyx is a really well optimised game but the 570 might be a little too slow for it.
      I think it would be worth a shot though, especially since you would be able to refund it on Steam if it didn't work for you.

      I have had success with every refund I have requested through Steam. Make sure you don't 'play' (including menus) for over 2 hours.

  • +1

    I felt the story dragged on in the middle at times, but the physics of the game, and the ending, more than made up for it.

  • what's the dlc like? i bought it anyway…. sale

    • I didn't realise there was DLC, I know there is a Soundtrack and an interactive story, but no new gameplay DLC, I think.

      • I think he means the Final Hours interactive dev diary

  • +1

    The best vr game. It is so scary and makes any other 2d horror games just funny.

    • FEAR is more scary

      • +1

        Fear actually was scary when it came out.

  • Nice OP!

    Any chance of this playing on an i7 6700K + GTX 1060 if I get an Oculus?

  • I just bought this two weeks ago but steam honoured refund and repurchase at sale price 👌

  • Been waiting for a sale like this since May. Now I still have to wait until I get a bigger SSD.

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