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Samsung 82" TU8000 UHD 4K TV - $2399 @ Powerland


I've been keeping my eyes out for this TV for a while and this one has just dropped today. Best price for this 2020 version TV this year, I don't think Black Friday prices can get any better from the prices I've seen for the RU8000 (2019 model). I just bought it today and getting it delivered for free tomorrow. Next best price from Bing Lee and The Good Guys is $2795.

Also selling on ebay. Possible 5% shopback ebay GC + 1% cw/sb = 6% (not yet verified)


Free shipping.

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  • Price in title please

  • price on title pls

  • $2,399 Nice find OP

  • Is it pre boxing day stock offload?

  • Thanks for the tip, title updated. My first post ;)

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    A very good first post..

  • Can be price matched?

  • That's a crazy price? Is this brand new stock or like damaged box

  • New orders are estimated to be dispatched Mid November.

  • $200 shipping?

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    Just a bit of info for those considering this model based on previous deals.

    This TU8000 is much worse than the 2019 RU8000. The panel is only 60hz compared to the 120hz of the previous years and it doesn't support VRR.

    The deal is still a good price considering time machines are not readily available… to get similar features in a TV this year you would need to jump to a Q70T… but just watch out for the sneaky Samsung model name change.

    • Does it matter if you don’t game at all ?

      • If you're looking for a big ass TV that looks decent to watch Netflix or Disney+ then this will be great. The Samsung OS has most of the apps you would want (key one missing for the Australian market is Binge) and it's nice and responsive. Viewing angles are kinda bad so as long as you're not off to the side then it will be fine.

        Here is a review of this TV: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/tu8000

        • LG OS also missing Binge & Kayo unfortunately, so Samsung isn't that far out of the market on this. Also watching Binge's terrible resolution on such a massive screen might be a bit of a turn off!

          Viewing angles are kinda bad so as long as you're not off to the side then it will be fine.

          Literally have to walk to the other end of the room to be off to the side lol.

    • Agree, TU8000 isn’t as good as the RU model last year but still better than the LG 86” UN8100 for movies (I love LGs remote and interface). As for the Q70T and X9000H, they are still $4k+ and were my other options, but the price it didn’t justify the means. Maybe those models will be better in Nov and Dec.

      • With the level of support I got for my RU8000 TV, I am never buying another Samsung Product again. LG has also done the sneaky bit of reducing the refresh rates on UN8100 but the 86" in this series still gets the higher refresh (unlike Samsung). The only difference between Samsung and LG is the type of screen. Samsung uses VA (good dark room performance but poor viewing angles) while LG uses IPS (poor dark room performance but better viewing angles). Both have their own pros and cons so I don't think Samsung is better than LG. LG definitely has the better remote use case with the pointer (unlike Samsung). To be honest LG looks brilliant when you are watching Dolby Vision content even in a dark room and the TV built is solid compared to Samsung which looks cheap plasticky and literally makes sounds on its frame when hearing up or cooling down.

    • Specs show its a 100Hz panel

  • I’m tempted to order but never heard of this store.

  • Wow. Solid first post. Welcome & thank you.

  • Jaysus, 82 inches, literally putting a cinema screen in your home.

    • Yea but size isn't everything.. 82 inches is overkill and you'd need an amazing quality screen to even enjoy it.. with some big screens the pixels are stretched…

      • While it might not be OLED quality, the most important thing is upscaling of non-4k content and space of the room. Anything over 65" you probably aren't going for videophile TV anyway (bar the 77"LG OLED) so you are probably OK for a little compromise on the output quality.

    • It's so amazing that it's so affordable now, even if this panel is somewhat shitty it's still a lot of screen for the price.

  • Thank you OP… Now I just need to find the will to resist it… I am failing…..

  • OP can I suggest you redirect your post to the Powerland eBay site . Free Postage included to anywhere and you can also take advantage of SHOPBACK/CASHBACK of an extra 2 percent!


  • Free postage to regional NSW too
    Good post

  • Anybody got this TV????

  • Only if I have room for this TV size. Awesome price. Thanks OP?🙏

  • Tempting but waaayyy too big

  • 1.83m wide… damn!

  • nothing is too big these days until I saw a 100 inch at JB

  • Can anyone confirm if this has Kayo available? I have an older samsung which doesn't, but I've been told anything up to date should have it.

  • I dont have a room big enough for an 82" TV :(

  • The TV model is no good. Just read the review.

  • these dont even fit into my apartment :(

  • If anyone wants a laugh check this out. They were banging on about these bargain TVs that were bug infested with no warranty selling for bargain prices on Sunrise the other day.


  • $747.86 freight.

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    Tempted but some of cheap large LED TVs have shockingly poor picture quality when watching FTA content.

    I wonder how this one is.

    Sure, I don't watch much FTA but still watch the news and some other programs on FTA.

    Will also check out the viewing angle, but I think it's rated poor.

    From my cooktop, TV sits 7m forward and 2m to the right. Been too long since I left school to work out the angle.

    I can view it fine on my 65inch plasma.

    May have to wait for a 77 inch OLED.

  • Is this or the 75 inch q70t better for the same price?

    • I've currently got an 82" which is similar to the Q70T. I've also had a TV similar to this deal (in terms of spec/quality) in a 75".

      I would take the 75" Q70T over this in a heartbeat. I would even pay more for it.

  • Reviews say the SDR/HDR capability of the panel is pretty ordinary.
    But… For sheer size and if you were considering a new(er) tv upgrade that wasn't top shelf, $ value is pretty damn good.

  • I sit 2.5m away from a 75 inch sony. I wish it was bigger.

  • Is anyone tried to price match in JB or the good guys for $2399? if so, can you please share the receipt of the purchase?

  • I went to look at this TU8000 in store at JB.
    I compared this TV with the more expensive QA8580T 85inch for $6K at JB Hi Fi. Same settings and video content.

    The TU8000 looked very grainy. Picture quality was not great. It is definitely noticeable even without comparing it with another TV. I watched it for about 5 minutes. Understand this is a good price for 82inch but I wouldn't pay $2400 just for the big size.
    Picture quality is most important.
    I wouldn't be able to live with it on my wall on such a low quality TV.

    With TVs always buy the best TV you can afford at your maximum budget at the time, and you want to keep it for long enough and not be too outdated in 5-7years.
    I can see this TV being very out dated in 2 years in terms of picture quality and its not at a price point that has maxed out my budget. I would pay more for better quality, although not $6K. But there better options in the 65-75 size

    • Have to agree here, $2400 is cheap for an 80" TV, but when you think about quality and how long you want to keep it, you'd be mad to not get a smaller higher quality TV or a slightly pricier better 80" (or even 75").

    • Yea I've always said that but some ppl just see the big screen and get fooled… I've always been one to look closely at the specifications of a TV as in value for money & quality!

      I've been to friends houses who have these huge TVs but they look like crap, cheap big screen TVs just to act like they are good but they've just got a cheap TV….

      I much rather a really top spec 55/65 inch over an average 80 inch anyday…

  • For this price, other Sony or LGs have OLED panels or at least local dimming LCD displays instead of Samsung's QLED which hasn't been rated well for viewing angles, colours and overall clarity.

    Also see comment above with similar sentiment about Samsung TVs. I owned one a few years ago and it failed within 2 years. The level of support I received from Samsung Australia was shockingly bad.

    • Just searched it up - no, this TV does not have local dimming. That, combined with the Crystal UHD technology means there are far greater alternatives at this price, such as the Sony X9000H, X9500H, or X8000H (larger but without local dimming). I think Android TV is the way to go due to the broad selection of apps and how intuitive it is with the new Sony TV remote.

      • I appreciate your reply.

        What would you suggest for someone who doesn’t care about the apps (I have Apple TV) and no gaming.

        Basically some FTA and movies.

        • FTA sucks full stop.. Doesn't matter if you have a cheap Kogan TV or top end.
          Shit source quality = shit picture.
          If you're watching Ultra 4K BD's constantly, then this TV won't deliver the best experience either.

        • What kind of size you looking at, price etc? Planning on using a soundbar?

          • @Techie4066: 75 or 80.

            $2000 is my max.

            I don’t have a sound bar, but wouldn’t mind buying one if the sound from the TV is terrible.

            • @Putin: At $2000, you'd really be skimping on features and quality with TCL or Hisense as your only options, for example no local dimming and worse panel quality. At $2,295 I would not recommend either Samsung or LG (for example the UN8100 75") which use IPS panels without local dimming, and in the case of the LG doesn't have HDR, which is a big no-no for watching movies. Having an IPS panel means blacks shown on the screen will show up as very patchy greyish blacks (poor blacks and uniformity). This also means worse colour reproduction, viewing angles, brightness etc. Check out the Whirlpool forum and rtings.com for more info.

              If you want to pay the same price and have a better but smaller screen, there's the new $2,295 Sony X9000H 65", which has a VA panel rather than IPS, meaning better blacks, uniformity, better contrast and better colours. Review here. If you check the Ozbargain deals, in the past weeks it has come down to $1995, and for a box damaged one it was $2674 for the 75". I bought a box damaged soundbar and subwoofer from Sony and the box was barely damaged at all. Everything works as new.

              I seriously would spend more if you want a TV that lasts and has a great display, not just an ok one that you will regret buying. If you want the best picture and sound without having to use a soundbar, go for the 55" Sony A8G OLED for $2495 from JB (the best in its price range - you won't find another OLED this cheap from a reputable brand). Review of that here.

            • @Putin: By the way, I looked up the Samsung TU8000 from this thread. It has a Crystal UHD panel as opposed to QLED. That's QLED minus the quantum dots, meaning you get a bog standard 4K TV, hence the price for such a big TV.

              • @Techie4066: Yea Samsung overrated I'm liking hisense and TCL now

                • @Willco88: I'd not go with the Chinese brands. LG is sticking with poor IPS panels and no HDR, while Samsung is stubbornly using their cheaper QLED or Crystal UHD technology for marketing purposes, doesn't include Dolby Vision and is putting ads on their TVs. Sony's televisions are the obvious option, as their IPS panels are always better than LG's, and the VA panels on their higher tier 4K LEDs are excellent. Here's an in-depth review of the X9000H, comparing it to the X9500H (which has better viewing angles and reduced reflections). The Hisense Q8 series is what you'd go with for local dimming, at $1995 for the 65", which is the same price as the new X9000H when it was on sale at Harvey Norman a couple weeks ago. However, again, the Hisense uses an IPS panel, which not many consumers know about, reducing the display quality in every way. The X9000H also supports the new HDMI 2.1 standard - more details are in that video review I linked.

                  • @Techie4066: So you say Sony is the best out of all for price and quality?

                    • @Willco88: Yes, check the rtings.com videos on YouTube and you'll see all of the aspects that matter for picture quality and overall TV quality. Also read through the threads here.

                      • @Techie4066: I will have to because I don't have a big budget but really do appreciate proper picture quality on all angles and using all media formats :)

                        • @Willco88: What is your budget and requirements?

                          • @Techie4066: Well maybe $2000 maximum would like 65 inch 4k uhd but would go to 55 inch if that would get me the best possible quality overall for hdmi 2.1 and 4k streaming PS4 but eventually xbxsx really looking for the best crispest picture quality

                            • @Willco88: X9000H fits all of those requirements. Wait for it to come back down to $1995 - it's a new model. Edit: found it for $2185, cheapest at the moment.

                              For the best 55" model, you could easily step up to the X9500H, however no HDMI 2.1 in this model. It has a better display (contrast, brightness, viewing angles, black uniformity, less reflections), better sound and improved build quality, such as the stand. You can directly compare the two here.
                              And from the same website, here's a video comparison.

                              Both come with Airplay if that's of any use to you, and they're both this year's models, so they will receive software updates in the next years. I own the cheapest 4K TV they were selling in 2017, and it still got an update last month.

                              I have tried this year's X8000H model which I recommended to a family member (cheaper and no local dimming), and the Android OS is very fast to respond and the new remote is more intuitive.