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[Pre Order] Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 Twin X2 8GB $809 (Was $899) + Delivery / Free Pickup @ Umart


inb4 someone negs me because this is RRP… but technically this is discounted from $899 to $809.

3070 is on par with the 2080Ti/S variants of last gen. So not a bad price for a new release. Get it while it lasts!

Comparison between the RTX 3070 and RTX 2080Ti by Forbes

Card Interface PCIe 4.0
Card Size 274mm x 120mm x 3 Slots
Chipset Manufacturer RTX 3070
Core Clock (MHz) 1740MHz (Boost Clock)
Core Technology Ampere
Digital Max Resolution 7680x4320
DirectX S 12
Fan/Heat Sink Twin
Form Factor ATX
Graphic Chipset RTX 3070
Input/output 3 x DisplayPort 1.4a, 1 x HDMI 2.1
Memory 8GB GDDR6
Memory Bus 256-bit
Memory Clock (MHz) 14Gbps
Memory Size 8GB
Memory Type GDDR6
Warranty 3 Years
Wattage 650W

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              • +1

                @tyme: Cost of running a console? I bought an X box S for $350 in 2016 and sold for $250 2 years later then bought a Series X for $500 2 years ago and sold it for $400 last week. So total depreciation over 4 years was $200. People have just lost $500 on RTX 2080 this year! Gaming PC's lose so much money over 5 years its crazy. Also most people got on the 3 year Xbox gaming pass ultimate deal for $120. That's $40 a year! I'm not saying for sure a ps5 or Xbox series X will blow 3070's away but its likely to be very close considering the new gen tech. We will find out soon anyways because next gen consoles are actually going to be in stock!

                • @Robstar350: People who bought 2000 series cards this year were warned not to.
                  That's honestly on them. That series is 2 years old.

                  The PS5 is aiming for 4k 30fps or 1440p 60fps in general. Based on 3070 early benchmarks and comparing it to a 2080ti, I feel confident it will be firmly in front. The series X is a better contender.
                  This is also considering the rumors of developers struggling to make Series X games run properly on PS5, namely Resident Evil 8.

                  I'm remembering how much I paid for my PS4 and just how little use I got out of it, then I'm seeing how "great" a deal these new more expensive consoles that are still making massive compromises are, and I feel like I've missed something here. Paying $724 to play a remake of Demon's Souls makes paying $420 to play Bloodborne seem cheap…

                  • @tyme: Its all speculation at the moment. Maybe worth waiting a week to see the reviews. But once you price in controllers and a 4k blu ray player, $700 - $750 for next gen gaming seems cheap compared to the $2k gaming rig you would need.

                    • @Robstar350: If you get to reduce the cost of a generation by reselling your console, I think it's only fair to assume people have PCs they're upgrading from instead of needing to buy everything fresh from the monitor down to a windows licence.

                      $750 is still pretty low, the Dualsense is $110 each, meaning $330 to complete a set of 4, a total of $930 without any games or subscriptions and the digital only model.
                      Even if you firmly promise you're buying it for singleplayer games without online play required it's pretty expensive, $600 with $100-$125 RRP games is very steep.

                      For the record again I'm not just poo-pooing consoles, I think this gen COULD be good. Just not yet. The PS5 is so hideous and oversized it's bound to get a refresh fast, and so far most of its launch lineup is cross-gen.
                      I'd wait, not jumping on an RTX 3000 card or a PS5 or a XBSX. People are really eager for new toys after a year of being inside and these companies are well aware of that.

            • @Robstar350: They aren't going to give the same results as a PC with a good graphics card. Surely you realise this.

              • @brendanm: Depends what you call a good graphics card? RTX 3080 of course not! a RTX 2070? easily.

                • @Robstar350: Wrong.

                  • @brendanm: Not according to Jay2cents. They reckon a $2k gaming rig with a RTX 2070 to even come close to a next gen consol.

                    • @Robstar350: https://www.pcgamer.com/au/unreal-engine-5-tech-demo-pc-perf...
                      If the Unreal demo is anything to go off, the PS5 would be weaker than a 3070, maybe better than a 2070 though.

                      Jayz2cents hasn't actually got a launch PS5 yet anyway though, he will often make extrapolations but will encourage people to wait until they can test.
                      I'd definitely wait until launch before firmly claiming one console or GPU is more powerful by what margin, just because we know from past gens how different launch day can be from what we were promised at conferences and early looks.

                      • @tyme: I'm just going on my own experience, I have lost far more money on selling old graphics cards and old gaming PC's then consoles. cost of SSDs and RAM just halved this year alone.

                    • @Robstar350: I don't know who/what that is.

                      Do you honestly believe that ps5/Xbox will run at their max frame rates under heavy load?

    • Apples and oranges. PC is usually (way) more powerful but there is a reason the PS4 is still going strong after all these years: the games, and the couch potato factor that goes with a console.

      • -2

        The price of GFX cards with similar performances to the generation of consoles it is competing against always comes down. Hence people not paying $200 over the cost of Xbox X for a 1060. If a $600 PS5 has better GFX then a $800 3070 few will buy it. Thus price drops

    • I can't play SimCity 2000 on ps5

  • +5

    With the price of 3070 priced at around $1000 or more for most models. I hope 2070 super will have a big sales on Black Friday, last few weeks some 2070 super models were on discount at around $550, if price drop below $500 on Black Friday then I think it’s good value. half the price of 3070 and it’s enough for casual gamers.

  • +2

    False advertising. Says Twin X2.
    But only 1 in the box.

  • +2

    AMD LOL!

  • +2

    Quite happy with my purchase of the 2070 super for around $560 after seeing these prices.

    • I know right, wondering what the AUD price for the 6800XT will be.

  • I saw that one but didn't order.

  • +3

    I don't think there are any reviews of this particular yet considering how new it is but FWIW the Inno3D 2070 Super Twin X2 was one of the hottest/loudest 2070S models.


  • +3

    After yesterday, Lisa has Jensen back in the kitchen.

    • AMD is kicking goals at the moment. Wish I bought shares years ago.

      • +2

        I got in at about $2…. best decision I ever made. And they are kicking goals and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future :)

        • I sold my Apple shares in 2007 as they were slightly dropping and I thought people would be sick of them soon. I think that was a few months before they released the iPhone……..

  • Any downside of buying Inno3D over other competitors? I just preordered this one but just curious.

    • +1

      admittedly, Inno3D is a bit more cheaper than the competitors at a cost… it's supposedly a bit louder and hotter than more reputable brands. But if you're focused solely on price, it's a good buy. For good thermals and noise, look elsewhere for brands like EVGA, Asus, MSI, Galax even….

  • Didn't and wouldn't put money down for the 3080, especially with a vague ETA, got one eventually anyway.

  • +1

    if you have waited till now, You know you did the right thing. AMD is killing it ;)

  • Worth upgrading from a 1080ti for 1440p or just wait one more generation?

    • if u can wait, wait. the 1080ti was a great buy.

    • well if you thought a 2080ti was worth the upgrade then sure.. but to be honest, you should only pay this sort of price for a 3070 IF you were desperate for a card… imagine getting a dud after paying this sort of price.

      In your shoes i would wait 6 months or so … then we'll have a good idea where each card including the AMD cards sit in the stack.. if they are as good as they are touting them to be then i would say the 3080 might drop a little and that would be worth the upgrade for you…

    • The 1080ti is roughly similar to a 2070S, which is about 30% less powerful than a 3070 at 1440p.
      30% is fairly significant, but it depends on the frames you're getting now/ whether you want to spend >$800 for 30% gain

    • Thank you all for the responses. Think i will wait for the next two year cycle. Getting good enough frames on current esports games.

  • ETA 2021.

  • good price but i wait for AMD CPU + AMD GPU stack

    • +3

      I see you want that set bonus

  • Pre-order no ETA no deal :-)

  • I said I wouldn't buy a gpu over 500$ ever but the craze lately making me feel like this is a bargain LOL. Already got a 5700xt too… Omg

  • +3

    I'd wait for the Radeon 6800 unless you have to get a card now.

    • -2

      6800 is $80USD more than the 3070 FE. That's significantly more for a card that apparently competes with the 3070.

      • If AMD benchmarks can be somewhat trusted it beats the 3070 across the board which is why it's $80 more, it also has double the ram.

        The decision will be is it worth it for you to pay $80 more for like 15% or so more performance.

        I'd at least wait till reviewers get their hands on it.

        • That's 80USD (just over 16%). If AUD mark ups are anything to go by, it could be a 20% price difference between the cards. If you get your 20% performance gain across the board, fair enough but I dont think the gap will be that large.

          As far as AMD benchmarks goes, they're always full of little asterisk. 6800 benchmarks shown by AMD are with smart access memory enabled. Cool but you need a 5000 series ryzen processor have smart access memory feature available. So everyone without the new processor won't be seeing those benchmark numbers. Not being a fanboy just stating the facts.

  • Definitely a deal if you can get 1. It should perform close to the RTX 2080 Ti and at this price it’s a bargain until they drop the prices to the 2080 Super and Ti.

  • +1

    who is ready for a raffle :)

  • Lol just like the 3080 paper cards

  • +1

    People that are buying this for 1000+ are suckers. Seriously its a couple dollars more for a much better product.

  • Very nice price,

    Waiting on 3080 stock or the new AMD cards though

  • +1

    Thanks AMD

  • Oh, that's the Lisa Su effect right here. Price dropped $90 right after launch.

  • +18

    Umart has NO DATE for when these are shipping. I ordered one last night but then cancelled it because they told me today they cannot even tell me if I will receive it this year. There is ABSOLUTELY NO indication of when you will receive this item, but Umart will take your money anyway.

    • -7

      Wait to get downvoted for this.

      E: I love how I said the exact same thing earlier and got downvoted till my neg vote got redacted.

      • Umart has no stock (It's a preorder obviously) ≠ Umart has no ETA for preorder, potentially till next year.

        • They had no stock to begin with and no ETA. Before I commented I already contacted Umart and they said they know nothing about any details or anything. Couldn't tell you if they had a single card in inventory, but theyll just take your money.

    • geez thats crazy… good on you for cancelling

    • Sorry to hear that…. Probably wouldn't be worth looking to purchase this if you're looking for something ASAP. I have to be honest it's a damn good price, provided you're willing to wait for it…

      • +1

        I might be willing to wait if I had some idea how long I'd be waiting.

    • +1

      The real issue is if your money is tied up in this and it's not chicken change, you could actually miss out on some real bargains if they pop up.
      I would not tie my money with an order unless it was confirmed and locks out any other cheaper deals.

      So in other words I would not have ordered and if did would have cancelled like you did.

  • +2

    ShoppingExpress this is price gouging at its best, all other places put this card at $949 .. and i can tell you the distributor price for this is around $890 … so at $949 i can sort of understand!

    • Yeah profit margins on computer shit is (profanity) low.

      I personally will just wait until next year if you already have GPU/working system.

      • lolll.. im in a holding pattern unfortunately … i started getting parts early this year to replace my intel 4790 + R9 270 itx build .. now im sitting on an NR200 with a x570 + 3200G and moved the R9 270 over to it .. mainly did that to make sure all the parts i have work fine before next gen CPU and GPU's .. and now it's a total shit show with the lack of supply in the new gen GPU space.. i might bite the bullet on the 5000 series CPU's but might be a while for a GPU it seems.. :(

        • Im still sitting on skylake+980ti.

          I was gonna wait for next platforms for AMD and grab 3080 for now but probs gonna have wait another generations or grab whatever is available mid/late next year or whenever somethings breaks as most games I play runs fine but have run at low/medium at 1440p.

  • +3

    Can i ask why someone in Q4 2020 - almost 2021 would buy a graphics card with only 8GB's of ram when AMD are selling a faster card with 16GB's thats only US$70 more?

    • The AMD cards will be more expensive… No proven DLSS counter, Ai upscaling will be a valid thing future wise… One thing that could possibly be in AMDs favor is if they can move devs to a more industry standard Ray tracing than Nvidias proprietary RTX.

      • Because AMD has the same arch RDN2 Ray tracing on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and now also Desktop PC/Laptops were's Nvidia will only be on high end gaming PC's/Laptops (drop in the bucket) vs 100's of millions of Consoles all running on AMD Ray tracing sold.

      • Weak argument to base a BIAS RTX tech that has proven tine and time again to be ineffective.
        Devs don't care about RT, nor does most of the public.

        • I'm not too interested in RT no matter how you cut it RT basically halves your performance what you gain is probably not worth the loss…but DLSS and AMD's equivalent is something i think should become industry standard … this stupid only one brand "feature" stuff is always doomed to fail… it would have failed already if Nvidia didn't have 80% market share and Devs then need to pay attention to what Nvidia are throwing out there in order to sell their games. Even DLSS the devs have to send their images to nvidia to run through their super computer in order to then use the upscaling that is in the cards… the sooner this stuff gets merged into API's frameworks like Vulkan and DirectX the better for everyone including game devs.

          • @scud70: Last time I went from AMD to nVidia was from a 290 to a 980 Ti, that 980 Ti has been great but I wont buy into Huang's propaganda that you would be crazy not to buy a RT enable GPU in 2020, for what 6 games?
            nVidia got greedy, AMD are the real winners here having both consoles and PC markets covered.
            When was the last time nVidia made a CPU?, that's why AMD is laughing all the way to the bank.
            Once you lock in devs with game works etc, you also isolate your market.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser353340: I'm yet to own an Nvidia card… It was looking like this upgrade it was going to be a total change for me… Intel to AMD cpu and ATI/AMD gpu to nvidia… Now depending on bang for buck might just be a pure AMD rig… Unless i get a good deal on an Nvidia..

              • @scud70: I was waiting and waiting on AMD's release due to owning a Q60R (120 HZ panel)
                Now that the consoles do it, I don't need to spend 1K on a GPU when a whole eco system will do it for $750
                Regardless of what you chose to game with, AMD is crushing it with CPUs and GPUs in PC and console.

                • @DisabledUser353340: Q60R tv? Does it have hdmi 2.1?

                  • @scud70: No just 2.0, it is last years model, but I am happy with 1440P 120, a console will never be able to push 4K 120 with proper IQ.

  • If I order this, how easy or hard to cancel if they cant ship it soon?

    • +1

      I called today and cancelled over the phone very easily, got my refund like an hour later.

  • Dam $800 for a 3070 I hope the AMDs compete

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