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Silicon Power A55 SSD 128GB $23.99, 256GB $38 (Expired) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Silicon Power Amazon AU


$2-$3 price drop since the Aug/Sep deal on the 128GB. The 256GB is also the cheapest price yet according to camels.

See previous deals for comparison and discussion.

  • 3D NAND flash are applied to deliver high transfer speeds. Read: 560Mpbs Write: 530Mpbs
  • 3-year warranty. (Please register your product via SP official website to get the complete manufacturer warranty services, product support and more.)

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  • Do SSDs qualify for Cashback

  • Cool. 38$ to store call of duty cold war

  • Now we just need a good deal on enclosures ;)

  • Have the 1TB if I store more than 500gb it slows down to worse than standard HDD and is apparently within normal spec.

  • Plan to buy a laptop on black friday, should I get one of these just incase I need to add it to my laptop or would it not be a likely upgrade

  • How does this compare in terms of speed to the crucial mx500 and bx500?

    • Horribly. They are cheap for a reason.

      • 500GB Crucial MX500 for $79 Delivered is currently similar price per GB to buying 2x 256GB Silicon Power + delivery.

        • Yeap but (in all my instances) never need larger that 250GB hence can't base it on per GB cost. Most corp or basic user Notebook 250GB is more than enough if that makes sense……..and no, not buying this one. Tend to stick to MX's for boot partitions and durability.

          • @Borg: Oh I see. I was replacing a 1TB HDD on my desktop computer so 500GB was the smaller option.
            Just trying to say that the Silicon Power could be cheaper (if the quality is bad).

            Recently got the Crucial MX500 as a SSD first timer.
            Fresh install of Windows 10 yesterday.
            Finished copying 200GB of music files to it today.
            Put aside 10% off space for over-provisioning & ran trim, so expecting it to last a good while.
            Very happy so far.

    • and best not compare the Crucial MX to BX. The MX is far superior where as the BX is more in line with this or WD Greens but perhaps a tad better.

    • If you can afford an MX500 buy that not this!

      Crucial MX500 250GB SATA 2.5-inch 7mm (with 9.5mm Adapter) Internal SSD, 250, CT250MX500SSD1,Blue/Gray

      $57 Amazon AU


      Much better value with the 500gb

      $79 Amazon AU

  • This SSD is garbage. It uses SM2258XT, a stupid controller which has poor performance. This SSD doesn't have any Dram on it. When you run out of SLC cache, it is even worse than HDD. Nerver buy this SSD.

  • Might give it a go, have been wanting a cheap small SSD for my HPGen8 microsever/NAS. Using USB for the OS has had so many issues trying to get FreeNas installed/working.

  • Bx500 is way better than this

  • This brand comes up every few months and I repeat myself every few months. Don't use this as boot drive or have anything you can't afford to lose, mine died after 1.5tb read/write, and based on past comments I'm not isolated. Seems higher than avg failure rates.

    • Personally I just stick with Samsung SSDs now and they haven't let me down (nor my family members I have bought them for).

    • I have been using the 1tb 2280 nvme for about a year now, it has been rock solid with no performance degradation to speak of.

      I'm not saying that invalidates your experience but the issues are not as simple as this brand bad that brand good. I have had dead MX and Evo SSDs that died within months of purchase with less writes than 1.5tb. it's the nature of pc parts, they're built on such scale you are going to see duds from time to time.

  • I don't think these drives are worth it, why would you trust your precious data with a cheap drive?

  • Honestly, I would recommend to just get the 256GB SSD

    The 128 just doesn't seem worth the price, as the previous Sandisk 120GB deal for $19 seemed to prove itself as a much better deal. In this case, choosing the 256GB option is much better value

  • Will this be OK for NAS? Just want a quiet drive for writing video surveillance and torrents

  • Stick to a Samsung 860 EVO….last day for cashback is today 31/10/2020…for the 500BG model, it’s $91 delivered with $14 cashback (works out to be $77) - not sure why you would buy anything else at this price point; let alone a 256GB or 128GB unit…

  • Hopefully Silicon Power ironed out the problems in their A55 from 2018. They appeared to have a significant failure rate, including my drive. It worked fine for about 9 months but then developed just a few bad blocks. Performance fell off a cliff and it took many hours to retrieve my data from the drive. Others have noticed the problem too. https://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B07997QV4Z