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Amaysim Data Increases (Permanent) & 1st Renewal Price Drops: 2GB $5, 8GB $7, 50GB $9, 65GB $12, 80GB $15


Amaysim has dropped first renewal pricing across all its unlimited 28-day plans, whilst increasing data as well. Unless I'm mistaken, the data increases appear to be a permanent change. The 50/65/80GB plans include international to 28+ countries. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • Unlimited talk/text & 2GB data $5 - (was 1GB for $10)
  • Unlimited talk/text & 8GB data for $7 - (was 5GB for $20)
  • Unlimited talk/text/international* & 50GB data for $9 - (was 30GB for $30)
  • Unlimited talk/text/international* & 65GB data for $12 - (was 45GB for $40)
  • Unlimited talk/text/international* & 80GB data for $15 - (was 60GB for $50)

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  • For first renewal only.

  • First renewal only! - Remember to cancel auto recharge once activated.

  • It means the $30 starter pack bought before has 50GB for the 1st renewal, too.

    • Yup, exactly. Any $30 plan activation will now get us 50GB. I think a much needed jump based on how users consume data now.

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    The purchase is also seems discounted, so this is two months (2x28 days)?

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    Was just going to post this!
    Nice post TA. Interesting to note the permanent data increases. $30 now gets you 50GB.

    And Long expiry 1 year is down to $150 with 120GB data. No international inclusions though.

    Yes the permanent data increases are for any existing users as well. If I go to change plan, I see 50GB for $30 now.

  • 50gb plan now better value than Kogan 40gb ~$28 a month.

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      I thought people only take the following with Kogan:
      $ 0.99 or $ 4.90 / 30 days - 40GB
      $ 9.90 or 14.90 / 90 days - 60GB

      Never heard of anyone here using the regular month to month Kogan Plans.

  • am i the onlyone here that can spend an hour trying to find good phone number combos for free on amaysim?

  • Any recommendation for data only on an ipad? around 7-10GB per month usage?

      • Awesome thanks!

        • Then what are you doing after 90 days?

        • Kogan $4.90/40GB/30 days: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543472

          1. Place order. Don't forget Cashrewards. Activation code soon arrives in your inbox.
          2. Buy a spare $2 SIM from a garage like 7/11. Activate this SIM using the code.
          3. Setup your account and turn off auto billing.
          4. About 7-10 days later the Kogan SIM arrives. Keep it ready to do the same thing next time.
          5. When SIM 1 is nearly out of data goto step 1 and order another. Use the next code to activate SIM 2 from step 4.
          • @Faulty P xel: Cashrewards do not work for existing Kogan customers for most of time, probably only 1 day per month. Better to collect some Qantas points.

          • @Faulty P xel: So this would require one to buy a bunch of this Kogan $4.90 pack right now? as the special offer will expire end Nov?

            • @jeeg: Yes, but no. They will expire by the end of this year if you don't activate.

              So, you can buy it by The $4.90 offer ends 30/11/20


              The voucher expires on 31/12/20. Last day to activate.

            • @jeeg: No, they'll edit and advance that date by a couple of months about a week or two before it expires. A search on ozbargain shows it's been available for a few years (only with less data the further back you go). You can buy as many as you need though. But you can only buy one SIM per order. So you have to place one order, then another, etc. Oh and I think you can only order 5 SIMs using the same payment method in the same month. So if you want to order 6 SIMs you'd have for number 6 using a different method like Paypal, another bank account etc.

              You can place multiple orders. But unless you know you'll need that many that soon, there's no need to. As before, just buy 1 (or more) $2 blank SIMs from a garage, or add extra SIM/s onto the Kogan order during checkout. They email you the activation code soon after paying. So you can use that code to activate a spare Kogan SIM you already have. (You don't have to wait several days for the SIM you just ordered to come in the mail.)

              • @Faulty P xel: The code is what expires too, not the SIM cards. So if you place 5 orders today but only activated 4 codes by Dec 31, then on 1st Jan you would not be able to activate a SIM using code 5. That code will have expired. That's another reason not to buy too many in advance.

              • @Faulty P xel: Grrrrr that was s'posed to say: " So if you want to order 6 SIMs you'd have TO PAY for number 6 using a different method like Paypal, another bank account etc."

    • There's this now too. For the first month anyway…. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/577724

      Just have to find out how to turn off auto billing so they don't charge $30 for the second month. IIRC I think you can set Amaysim to auto-charge your Paypal instead of giving them your credit card. Login to Paypal a week later and turn off auto payments. When they go to bill you for month 2 it won't go through so they'll deactivate the SIM. If the deal is still around buy again next month. Or look elsewhere again.

  • Does it include data rollover?

  • $9 one is the best among for value of money :)

  • Is this valid for existing customers?

  • The 50gb plan it’s insanely good value (even though a while back there was a deal $30 for 100 with student edge). I think that’s the cheapest $ per gb without any gimmicks , swapping sims etc

  • is first renewal = first sign up? I am in my first month with amaysim so not sure if I can get this?

    • This is what I want to know.
      I thought first 28 days is the first month sign-up and the renewal precedes this.


    One more better plan which is 200 GB in $40 with unlimited International talk and texts.

  • These are the type of plans I need but I need them on an esim.

    The government should legislate that the mvno’s get access to the esim platform ASAP.

  • Honestly, these guys have got it just about spot on - treat existing customers really well, decent network on Optus, basically the only thing I have to ever do is watch my PayPal payment zip out each month. Easier to be an Amaysim customer than Netflix, an amazing value too…

  • Only downside with amaysim is the network becomes buggy with stormy weather and have to switch my data to my backup data sim

  • Boost used to be the bees knees! But looks like I'll be porting to Coles Mobile or Amaysim after the 1 year plan is up….

    • Similar thoughts. Coles $150 plan, if on offer (any) would be the cheapest with international calls. I guess so it is currently also the cheapest with international calls included.

      A huge let down with Coles / Amaysim is that they dont offer call conferencing. I've used conferencing with Lebara (Vodafone) and Boost (Telstra). Is the non-availability of conferencing an "Optus" thing?

    • Why not just renew with boost?

  • Would the data roll over when i downgrade plans? i.e. First month on 50$ plan, next month on $10
    plan ?

  • Shame theres such a gap between the 8 and 50GB plans - something in between would be noice. Ditto in the data only plans

  • I signed up 2 days ago when the $30 plan was only 40gb's. On my next recharge will I get 50gb's?

  • What i don't get is that their data only plans are expensive than sim plans. Why do they even bother having data plans?

  • "Unlimited talk/text & 8GB data for $7" is good for a monthly port

  • Make the price permanent $5 month instead.

  • Do you think Optus will keep prices low if they take over soon?

  • Rewards Gateway has $30/50 cashback but the specified data is the original amount of 30/45/60GB, not sure if it would still work as expected.

  • Existing customer and not seeing this in account - either for current data, or when going to change plan . . ideas?

  • Timely.
    I needed to find my wife a filler provider between her Kogan plan expiring and waiting for her new Woolworths 12 month plan to arrive. She bought a $2 Woolworths SIM but they can't transfer the plan to it until the other one is despatched next week. Might be 10-20 days before the Woolworths SIM arrives. Also I didn't want to see you the $20 Cashrewards credit for the Woolworths plan. Got a $2 Amaysim SIM at a very busy Chadstone shopping centre yesterday. The port took only 10 minutes.
    Kogan give her just 2 days notice her 90 day plan was ending and I'd forgotten to set a reminder.