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Viofo A129 Pro Duo 4K 2 Channel Dash Cam with Wi-Fi & GPS - $288.95 (Plus Delivery) @ ShoppingSquare


Seems like a pretty good deal.
Last time it was $288.95 was on 05/06/2020 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542721)

I think this is a good price, considering we haven't had any better deals since.


VIOFO A129 PRO DUO Ultra 4K Dashcam Dual Channel, GPS, WI-FI & Bluetooth Dash Camera

Dual Channel 4K front+1080P rear dash cam
Dual Band Wi-Fi Built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Sony Image Sensor for Front and Rear Camera
Front F1.8 Aperture 130° Wide Viewing Angle
Rear F1.6 Aperture 140° Wide Viewing Angle
2.0 inch HD LCD Display
GPS Logger
G-Sensor & Motion Detection Supported
Advanced Parking Mode Supported
Quick Release Mount
Support Circular Polarizing Lens Filter (Optional, Not Included)
Support Bluetooth Emergency Remote (Optional, Not Included)
Support MicroSD Card up to 256GB (not included)
Video Resolution Front: Ultra HD (3840 x 2160P 30FPS)
Video Resolution Rear: Full HD (1920 x 1080P 30FPS)

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  • +2 votes

    I have the non-pro version (1080p only) and very happy with it.

    • I love my 119S. Will going strong. Only annoying thing is daylight savings have too manually set it.Now just kinda want a dual cam setup for the back

  • How long can 128gb recorded on 4k?

  • My 129 duo is crap, can't read any number plates compared to my other day cam.

  • This or the Thinkware U1000?

  • This or blackvue dr750x 1ch? Also does anyone know how much it roughly cost to have the dash cam hard wired/installed? I'm in Melbourne. Thanks

  • The 1080p model is $188 currently. Pretty common price for it though.

    • Do you mean for the viofo?

      • Yup. Non Pro version is $188 on Shopping Square currently.

        Edit: although if looking to purchase with hardwire kit and cpl filter, it is prob cheaper to purchase a bundle on eBay. SQ charge per item shipping price, so like $35 shipping for the three items.

  • Is it worth getting the hardwire kit as an add on option?

    is this specific to this model, or is there a generic kit that I should get separately?

    • Theres a specific kit that covers a few Viofo models including this, you will also need a couple of Fuse Taps.

  • Guys another advice please, does anyone use an external dash cam battery pack? Is this necessary or recommended? I heard the these dash cams viofo and blackvue can drain or cause damage to your car battery has anyone come across any or such problems? Any advice would be much appreciated sorry guys I'm new to this.

    • If you use a hardwire kit, like the Viofo branded one, it has option to shut off if your car battery gets to low. So pretty safe bet that it won't drain your battery.
      Unless you don't hardwire and your 12v plug bypasses your ACC line so it works when ignition is off.

      • Oh ok, well the blackvue dr900s that in looking at has a magic pro kit that apparently saves your car battery as you're able to cut the power off before it drops too low or something like that, I'm so confused I didn't realize that it would cost nearly 1k just to set up a dash cam coz the back up battery for blackvue cams are over 400 bucks just as it is

        • Well technically if you have some electrical skills you can hook up a battery power pack onto hardware kit.

        • The 'magic pro kit' is the same think as the hardwire kit - can be found on ebay etc, don't need to go with the one from blackvue, they all do the same job.

          It's not hard to install, you just need a small phillips screwdriver, and google how to get access to your fuse box, usually behind your glovebox

          • @MrChum:

            usually behind your glovebox

            Not one of the 10+ cars I have had, has had the fuse box behind the glove box.

            • @snuke: Where were they? (to help OP)

              • @MrChum: All over the place, OP should check their cars owners manual, it's pretty simple.
                My current two cars - A - in engine bay. B - near drivers right knee and in engine bay.
                Car A has two hardwire points in the cabin outside of the fuse box. That said car A is about to have this Viofo hardwire kit installed as soon as my Fuse Taps arrive, and it will be going to the fuse box in engine bay via the firewall.

          • @MrChum:

            usually behind your glovebox

            Ahhh never that's where your cabin filter is most of the time

            The fuse box would be under the steering coloum or kick panel same place the OBD2 would be or/+ in the engine bay. Most cars have 2 systems for a dash cam you'd use the inside one as its easier and will have a Acc fuse

            Magic Pro and HWK are the same thing. You just set your cut of voltage. So when it detects your car battery as fallen to a certain Voltage it shuts of the dash cam. The HWK form viofo has 4 settings.

            Install is very straight forward. Literally only take about 30min to do yourself. Just need the HWK and the correct add a fuse for your car x2, a understanding of the electrical hot side in your fuse box and a voltmeter. As these system need the 3 wire HWK. Acc, ign and ground

          • @MrChum: Do you run yours without an external battery? Have you encountered any problems with your car battery and how long have you had it installed for? Thanks

            • @Boxcuttahz: Hello,
              Yes, it's plugged into my fuse box without an external battery - it did make the battery low over the last winter, and the camera was off sometimes when i started my car (which indicates the HWK was working perfectly).

              I've had it installed for about 6 years and only now had to replace the battery.
              Does it drain the battery, yes, have I ever gone to my car with it installed and never been able to start my car? no

              Someone smashed into the back of my car whilst I was inside a shop sipping coffee, the footage it took was very cool.

              The device comes with simple instructions, solely with a small screwdriver I installed it.
              It can seem hard when you first try, but you can do it - pm me if you need help.

              Maybe its Japanese design and simplicity, but my fusebox was above the cabin filter behind the glove box - just popped open, pulled out one of the fuses that was always on and jammed the correct wire in back with the fuse. I haven't had any issues since.

              Should you get the HWK, yes, I wouldn't install one without it

              • @MrChum: Oh, if your concerned about a flat battery etc, you can get this solar panel that sticks to the window, that trickle charges your battery.
                It's a bit of jinning around, and to be honest, not required, because that's what the HWK is for (to prevent full discharge)

              • @MrChum: Hi, thank you so much for this information, this is the experience I've been waiting to hear. If your car battery lasted you 6 years before replacement then that's really good coz I wouldn't expect a car battery to last more than that anyway so I guess it's worth just hard wiring it without an external battery which saves me alot of money. I am leaning towards the blackvue dr900s or the dr750s with a magic pro which I assume is similar to the HWK am I right? I'm not too familiar what HWK is. Did you set the voltage cut off to 12.5 or 12v?

                As far as installation I decided to just pay a professional as I am afraid of stuffing things up hehe

                Thank you once again for taking the time in writing this, you've been very helpful. So many kind people in this community seriously am grateful for all the advice. Hope you have a great day :)

  • Have you guys had any problems with your car battery just running it straight without using an external battery? Does the magic pro damage the car battery since its still allowing the battery to drop low as 12v? Sorry im trying to understand what is the safest and most affordable way to install one of these dash cams. To my understanding using an external battery is the way to go, if someone can please help thank you

    • Alright, so if it is like the Viofo kit, you can set it to like 12.4V and it turns off so your battery is safe, but I have read on forums (also many of the users tested it) that if you turn the car key switch (but don't turn on the car), even if it is below 12.4V, it causes the camera to keep working until the battery goes below 12V.

      HOWEVER, all the users said that as long as you don't do that then you are safe. Also, in terms of dropping below 12V, its usually only if your car battery is already very very weak.

      I personally use an external battery for multiple reasons and it has been great so far. No issues and I'm assuming you've done your research that you know it is highly recommended you don't use a normal external battery but a specific one made for dashcam use.

      Now, the downside is that it is really expensive. I managed to get it on deal via that Ebay plus 1 hour deal and got it for like $270. It is pretty much never on sale

      • Wow that is so lucky as all extenernal batteries I've searched for are over 400 bucks 😔 ok so it looks like I pretty much have no choice but to search for an external battery that's the safest way right? So basically hard wiring it to the car battery is not good. I'm confused as alot of people don't know about this and they just usually hook it straight up to the car battery and doesn't know about using externals. Thank you for the insight

        • over $400? I'm guessing you are only looking at the Blackvue one for $420

          (These all have best offer option, but I think maybe seller will lower it by like $10-15).

          https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BlackVue-B-124X-Ultra-Dash-Cam-B.... It gives 25 hours

          This one is $347.

          https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cellink-NEO-Dash-Cam-Battery-Pac... This is the one I have it gives you like 20 hours and takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100% via cigarette socket.

          This one is $269 and gives you 12 hours.


          Make sure not to confuse expansion pack with the actual battery pack.

          In terms of your other question, it is the 'safest way' but I wouldn't call hardwiring dangerous or anything like that. Long term does it slowly drain your car battery? 100%, but as long as you do it right then we're talking like multiple years before that happens.

          I don't know too much about the 12 hour option, but it can honestly be enough.

          I'm planning to get an usb extension that has on and off switch, so when I'm parked in my garage, I can turn it off and not use the battery but turn it back on when I'm going to drive. I'm not sure if it will work, but its pretty cheap option and may as well try it. So, thats why 12 hours maybe enough

          • @BarginGrabber: Oh man thank you so so much for these links. Well I'm also thinking long term, I plan on being able to remove maybe not the dash cam but keeping the external battery so when I purchase a new car again I'll be able to do the same set up. What is an expansion pack is that another type again? There's so many. Anyway I don't want to waste your time but thank you once again for taking the time to help out. I'm researching for both me and my dad as he wants one for his car as well.

            • @Boxcuttahz: Expansion pack like the name suggests is just another pack that you connect to the main battery pack that will increase the total number of hours.

              so like lets say One battery pack gives you 20 hours, but if you attach an expansion pack then you'll get 40 hours total.

              Also, its fine if you have any questions please ask. I don't want you buying an insane amount of stuff you didn't need to get or even worse buying the wrong thing.

              Just PM me

              Just click on my name —> Start a Conversation at the bottom.

              • @BarginGrabber: Thank you for clarifying that, it makes sense now. ylyou've been very helpful and so kind with your time and sharing your knowledge. Am very grateful, I'll keep researching and if I get confused I might consider your offer hehe. Hope you have a good night.