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OnePlus Nord N10 5G 6GB 128GB NFC + Free Gift US$269.50 (A$384.83) @ OnePlus Official Store AliExpress


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Part of the 11.11 Sale starting 7pm AEDT.

To get above price, apply US $24 Select Coupon & US $30 Store Coupon.

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  • Should I upgrade from a Oneplus 5t?

    • Would also like to know. I have a oneplus 5, but it is still going strong, don't feel there is any reason yet to upgrade. Photos still look good, has android 10, it doesn't get stuck when opening many apps, lots of storage, battery still lasts a whole day with normal use, etc.

      • OnePlus 5 although it's an 3 years old phone, you would find it's processor is still far superior than these mid tier phones. Unless you are upgrading to Snapdragon 865, don't worry about these cheaper phones.

        • Thanks! I tried comparing both phones on one of those random sites that come up when you google phone1 vs phone2, and it looked like the processor on the nord was better, but since my current op5 is sitll working as intended, i'll keep it for a year more, thanks!

        • it's processor is still far superior than these mid tier phones

          Don't give false information.

          This is not at all true. First of all, the 10nm Snapdragon 835 in OnePlus 5 will definitely be beaten by the new efficient 8nm Snapdragon 690 5G.

          First of all, from a benchmark point of view, the Snapdragon 690 gets ~1728 in multicore, while the Snapdragon 835 gets ~1429

          Does this still sound like the OnePlus 5 is far superior?

          On top of this, the OnePlus 5 still has the old design, and unless this user specifically enjoys this design, I would prompt them to go for the upgrade, as the minimised bezels will provide a far better experience and much more screen to enjoy

          • @Zackeroo: Thanks for breaking that down 🙂

            • @namenotspecified: You're welcome :)

              I just didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about this phone. While it is a budget phone, it still is more powerful, has a MUCH better screen, and is overall a better phone than the 3.5 years old OnePlus 5

          • @Zackeroo: Only on CPU, the GPU on SD835 is still better than SD690. SD835 is more comparable to SD765 on GPU performance.

            Also SD690 does not support higher resolution than Full HD whereas SD835 goes up to 1440p.

          • @Zackeroo: You're right that the Nord isn't a bad device, and it isn't inferior to the OnePlus 5. To be fair, I don't like the Nord and I don't think people should buy it…. but at this discount price, it's quite good.

            However, the OnePlus 5 is almost 4-years old, and it is one of the better value phones the company released. Bested by the 128GB 3t, which was bested by the 64GB 3, and that was bested by the original OnePlus One. And that device is going strong with community support/custom roms.

            It should be noted that there are TWO models of the Nord, one with the good QSD 690 and the other with the great QSD 765G. The QSD 690 is still (slightly) inferior to the QSD 835 in my books. It doesn't have the full coprocessors like DSP, and the GPU is inferior.

            Qualcomm is quite smart in how they stack their offerings by making gradual improvements, until the competition shows them up. Here's the inflection points when their mid-range chips caught up to their old flagship chips:
            QSD 630 = QSD 800
            QSD 632 = QSD 810
            QSD 636 = QSD 810
            QSD 675 = QSD 820
            QSD 710 = QSD 821
            QSD 730G = QSD 835
            QSD 765G < QSD 845
            N/A < QSD 855
            N/A < QSD 865

            • @Kangal: It's more so that the original comment that sparked this is misleading lol. A blanket statement saying the 835 is "far superior" than the 690 is straight up not true.

              • @bert-lifts: That is exactly right. I was simply clearing up any confusion for any consumers who read this misleading information and make a purchase decision based on that

            • @Kangal: so are you saying that the 730G is the same as the 835? If so, how come everyone is bagging on the Pixel 4a so much?

              • @avgbowlofpho: Because people are silly and think you should only use a phone with current year flagship chips. The 730, 765 and even the 690 are more than good enough for normal day to day usage. In 2 years time the 865 will be "garbage" apparently zzz.

              • @avgbowlofpho: Most of the hate is (rightfully) thrown at the Pixel 5, which is inferior to last year's Pixel 4/XL in certain ways. The Pixel 4a is decent, though the more expensive New 5G Model ain't worth it.

                But in general, Google has a habit of cheapening out on both the features and the QC of it's devices, despite charging premium prices. For the longest period, Samsung has shipped a better device at the start of the year at the same RRP. By the time the Pixel comes out at the end of the year, it's outgunned, and battling against a Galaxy that's within the discount period. Yet, Google hardly makes discounts on their own Pixel flagships. They want to emulate iPhone and it's success, but they're simply incompetent.

                What stings more is that Google was the original "flagship killer" with the post-6month half-price deal on the Galaxy Nexus, then their magnum opus The Nexus 4, followed by the competent Nexus 5. They did okay with the Nexus 5X, but dropped the ball with the Nexus 6 and Nexus 6p. After that it was the mostly disappointing Pixel line, where they got less and less competitive each device. The Pixel 2XL was great, and their cheaper "a" devices are okayish. That's my imho, so take it with a salt I guess.

                PS: There are some legitimate reasons to pick the Pixel, and the largest being that it has the best Google Services… but this is mostly a USA thing. It's kinda so-so when it comes to Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. Source I've owned one, wasn't impressed.

                • @Kangal: I'm disappointed with my pixel 4xl compared to my older oneplus 5t that my wife has kept. Screen on my pixel is very noticeably inferior. The only saving grace (for me) for my pixel is that the battery easily outperforms that of the 5t.

              • @avgbowlofpho: I got Pixel 4a, it's perfect for me. But I did upgrade from Galaxy S5, so my use case is very different from most people.

            • @Kangal: So I got a oneplus 6t with QSD 845, that's nothing budget to replace that atm right? Got midrange chips

        • OP5's Snapdragon 835 is slightly slower than the Nord's mid-range 765G
          Edit: didn't realise this deal is a Nord N10 with a 690

      • That's really interesting. Makes me want you change from Samsung galaxy.

      • I think about this once a month or two.
        I also have a OnePlus 5 (rooted and custom ROM) and the speed is fine on all apps I use.

        I just wish I got the 128 GB version instead of the 64 GB as I have had to purge the phone once or twice.

        • I got the 128gb one and still end up emptying que often. What custom room do you recommend? I'm pretty happy with the stock one so far.

          • @gonzule: I recommend LineageOS for features and reliability but I'm really disappointed they decided to not make Lineage 17 (Android 10) builds for the OnePlus 5.

            At the moment I am on Paranoid Android but it's not my thing.
            Will probably hop to another ROM this week!

    • Apart from all the performance stats that's been discussed here you'd be going from a AMOLED display to a LCD.

      My preference would be AMOLED 60Hz over LCD 90Hz.

  • Finally PayPal is accepted by AliExpress. Nice.

  • Can anyone pls confirm if Nord supports VoLTE/VoWiFi with Optus/Voda?

    Edit: Found a link that may help others

  • Great price, my concerns are how much stock they actually have and how many people you're competing with.

  • What happens if you have issues with the phone after a few months ? Anyone has any experience ?

    • Had no personal experience but you would be buying from the official store. Not some 3rd party seller.

  • US$ 31 extra to ship with DHL and DHL delivery time 23 days. WTH?

    Untracked standard shipping estimated delivery November 27th.

    Doesn't make sense…

    • DHL and aliexpress have some sort of profit sharing deal going on. I wanted to get some joysticks and the only place to get them (in our region) is aliexpress. Shipping for the 4 pieces I wanted was something like 350 dollars…

    • It's not exactly DHL all the way. What they do is have their staff pick the items, have it packed and then it is stacked in a sorting area. All the items sent to one region/area of the world are batched up. They wait until it is enough to fill up a large truck. Then this truck drives for quite some time, all the way to DHL. Once it hits DHL, things move very quickly. The steps before DHL can take anywhere from a week to a month.

      • If that is the case there's not much. point paying extra.

        Pure DHL is still quite quick, despite the minimal flight schedule, I received several items from Hong Kong in 3 to 5 days.

  • Where's the $24 Select Coupon? I can only see $2 ones…

    • The deal hasn't started yet. You'll seek it on the 11th.

      • Thanks, good to know. Interesting that the $30 store coupons are already there to 'Get' now, for use on the 11th.

      • @Clear

        That information was unfortunately wrong. Please don't answer people's questions if you don't know these things. I cost me $$.

        The Select coupons completely disappeared from the deal page on the dot when the deal started. Upon spending some time on Google I found that Select coupons have to be collected before the sale.

        • On the contrary the OP has actually provided false information as AliExpress have changed how discounts work this time around, not that he would have known. You can either use a Select Coupon OR a Promo Code - not both, so the $30 off OPLUSN10 coupon is the best you'll get.

          Also, if you read the other comments you'll see others got the Select coupon too, so clearly that one has run out.

          • @Clear: Others got it, but, before today's start of the sale. Then they used it for the sale today. That was the crucial bit of info that would have been helpful.

            Maybe they were already all out when I asked the question more than a week ago, but I doubt it.

  • Snapdragon 690? Ouch
    Thats low,
    Does it have weather sealing?

  • Seriously considering this now. Just a quick question: is multi-user enabled in the Android version OnePlus supplies?

  • No wireless charging

  • Would have been perfect if the screen was oled

  • This or the poco X3?

  • So a couple of questions. I have a OP5T and the only reason im thinking of going on this is my battery is starting to die.

    I dont care of 5G, but this will work on Optus 4g?

    Also, how do i ensure I get the 'gift'

    • I have a OP5T and the only reason im thinking of going on this is my battery is starting to die.

      Unrelated to your questions, but just an FYI it's fairly feasible to replace the battery of your OP5T yourself, depending on your experience with stuff like that. Removing the front screen to get inside is the toughest part.

      I'm like you, I didn't see a strong reason to upgrade from my OP5, so I've recently just replaced the battery and the USB port.

      • Yeah, but OP have stopped supporting the OP5T with updates now; so… to pay what $50 for a battery im better off paying for something with a bit more storage and RAM, will get updates, nicer camera…. parallel CPU… $300 these days isnt too much, its not a $1000 flagship

        • Yeah I understand. Their updates this year has been pretty garbage anyway. As support ends on these devices I'm about to turn to a custom rom, but if it gives me issues then I'll likely just upgrade.

          I do have my OP1 still, running LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10) which is surprisingly stable and fluid, considering it's a 6+ year old device now. So I do still have some faith in the longevity of the OP5.

          • @nmur: If you can't be bothered replacing battery make sure to sell your old one. Someone will do it. 50 off the going rate would be more than fair.

      • I woulde definitely recommend this. Try replacing the battery on your phone first. I don't feel like there is any big reason to upgrade from op5 to this one yet. I remember a few years ago i replaced my partner's nexus 5 battery and that gave it like 2 more years of use before it actually stopped working. Try to get a good quality battery rather than any cheap replacement from aliexpress and you should be ok. Alternatively, find a phone shop that could do this for you.

      • What was wrong with the USB port?

        • Sometimes when plugging in the cable, it wouldn't connect successfully. Was mainly seeing this with Android Auto. I had cleaned out the lint and other crap from the port a couple of times, which improved it, but was still not great. I was plugging in a cable multiple times per day (work/car/home) for over 3 years, so I guess it just wore out. Gross before and after photo

          An OEM replacement part was $16, and I was opening it up for the battery anyway, so thought I may as well.

          • @nmur: Ohh!!! This happens on my golf all the time I thought it was the USB port in the car …. might be the phone… like it randomly just disconnects, the moment i unplug and replug it works again?

            • @liljohnny19: Yeah it's pretty common for usb/headphone jacks to fillup with pocket lint, and Android Auto seems to be extra sensitive to it for some reason (I've got a Golf as well). If you take something like a toothpick or thin plastic tool (metal can scratch the contacts), you can pry out an alarming amount of shit sometimes.

  • OnePlus 8T for 499 on the 11th too for those looking for higher specs at a 'decent' price.

    Still not as good a price as I got my OnePlus 5 for so im on the fence as to whether I should upgrade yet…

    • Looks to be usd $414 (~$590 aud) on the 11th. However, only the China version without the bands.

      The EU version doesn't appear to ship from Spain/France.

    • should probably clarify $499 USD on the 11th before other discount codes are applied…

    • Its global Rom not global version

  • Just checking this site: https://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePhones/Guides/Will-my-ph...

    The bands missing from the CN version are 28 (700MHz) , and 40 (2300MHz), how important are these bands for 4G speeds/daily use?

    For $414 (~590AUD) after discounts, Im really tempted to upgrade from my OnePlus 5…