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Sony WH-1000XM3 $260, Note20 $999.20, Buds $119.20, T5 500GB $87.20, 1TB $175.20 @ eBay (20% off @ Microsoft/digiDIRECT eBay)


A couple of 20% off deals have started today on ebay. Some of the deals I've found -

20% off all items @ DigiDirect ebay - PDIDI20

  • Sony WH-1000XM3 $260 using promo code PDIDI20 @ digiDirect ebay - Black, SIlver

20% off select items @ Microsoft ebay - P20MIPC

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    if note20 ultra at 999 i will bite

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      too bad it's 20 cents more!

      • +1

        Thats note 20, not the ultra.

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    You’ve been on fire the last week or so DB. Plenty of solid deals

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      why tf did you get downvoted ? People are weird sometimes

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    Is it okay to buy xm3 at this price of wait for xm4 price to drop? How better is xm4 from xm3 ?

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      I am in the same boat as you!

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        They're selling out fast so make up your mind haha!

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        I am waiting for black Friday to get the xm4 for below 350. hopefully the 300 mark after cash back and eBay discount

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          Having just bought the xm3 (for 270). Depending on your usage but I would recommend the xm4 for the multiple Bluetooth devices feature. It really painful switching between devices.

          In saying that the phones are basically identical looks, audio quality and noise cancellation…. so 260/270 is a great buy for what is essentially 90% the same pair of headphones as the xm4.

          • @burns13: agreed… multiple BT is about the only noticeable difference

            the noise cancelation on these are awesome! Im mean, amazing

    • personally I think the xm3's are really good and are well worth $260 even $300, although they are older than the xm4 obviously there isn't too much difference. It is perfectly reasonable to go for the xm4 though, if you're willing to pay more I suppose. I can't remember the differences exactly but either option is very nice

    • I was in the same dilemma previously.

      Basically, not a big jump in term of the sound quality. Some upgrades on the features and the way it sits but other than that, the reviewers recommended to jump on XM3 if the pricing is good. Afterall, XM3 was the best in its class before XM4 so I decided to save a bit and got XM3.

    • If you don't plan to use immediately or have something else you are already use. I would infer from your comment, you should wait :)

      I got my xm3 when it was less than $300 (WFH usage, tax return), so it was a no brainer for me, to each their own (TETO).

      • So Apple airpods also can be used for tax return? (Planning to use the 80c shortcut).

    • +2

      I have both and as a normal user I can't tell much the difference. The only thing I really use on the xm4 is the bluetooth multipoint (on xm3 it's not hard to just repair a device), I don't like the talk to stop music and I disable the sensor when you take out the headset (I tend to lift my earpad every now and then because it makes my ears sweat, btw both headsets are really hot to wear).

      In short, the extra money for xm4 isn't really worth it, I got mine at around $350 during the amazon day with ebay 20% off + shopback. If you can get the refurbished deal from sony around $200 (was a really good price), otherwise $260 new isn't bad.

      • +1

        on xm3 it's not hard to just repair a device

        *re-pair, for anyone as confused as I was by this sentence

        I disable the sensor when you take out the headset

        I have the XM3 and always thought this would be handy feature

        • +1

          Thanks for correcting, concerning the sensor I also have an issue with when I wear the headset for like an hour and my ears are steamy and moist. The condensation gather on the little squared glass of the sensor, disabling the function. The concept is great but I'd rather double tap my right earcup to stop and restart my music.

          I'm not saying the xm4 are bad but I'd advise people to have a look at the new features first and see if they'd use it. I liked the idea of multipairing, voice interruption and proximity sensor but in everyday's life I only use the multipairing. The sound quality is the same as xm3, I know the ANC is better but I can't really hear it (maybe in a plane it would show its superiority) and the ear cushion are itty bitty bigger

        • You don't have to re pair them everytime. Just connect from the device you want to use. You don't even have to disconnect from the previous device as it does it automatically.

    • uhh….. Im still using XM2

  • +9

    Microsoft just increased the price of Note 20 to level it back to $1,249 after discount. Price Jackkkkk……

  • +2

    XM3 is perfectly fine for the job

  • +1

    Got a pair of the refurbished XM3’s delivered last week from that $180 sale on eBay and they work flawlessly.

    • Where was this?

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    Note 20 is available in Microsoft Store for same price $1249 with free Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds Live for extra $60.

    If you have the Microsoft AMEX Offer in 3 cards, can be purchased for $1009 with GC purchase in 2 cards and balance amount in one card .

  • +4

    Note 20 is not worth it. Better to buy s20 fe , or go for note 20 ultra.

  • Does anyone know if these aftershokz headphones are worth buying? They seem like a good price but never heard of that brand?


    • +2

      I have a pair, as do friends. Amazing for what they were designed for - sport/active use. They are a totally different type of sound, and nothing like a normal pair of earbuds/earphones/headphones. Go to a stockist such as 99Bikes to try a pair out. A lot of people hate the sound, I find them to be the best for what I want, which is being able to listen to music & take calls while riding a bike and still being able to hear everything around me.

      • Thanks that's really helpful, I'll try to test them in store!

        • +1

          I also like them but for a different purpose. Sometimes I want to listen to music/podcasts without blaring them out into the world AND don't want headphones crushing my ears for hours. Earphones are fiddly, get uncomfortable in my ears, and sometimes fall out, (especially of my right ear; must have a weird shape). This sits perfect and are just… comfortable. Only issue is that the circle round the back is a bit too big and if I wear collared shirts they can get in the way when I'm slouching or moving about.

    • +1

      Yeap I bought them recently,
      they're awesome. The sound won't be anything like the stuff that go in or over your ear, but I bought it for cycling and it lets me hear things around me as well as the music.
      Only downside is if what you're hearing has a very loud change, like an explosion or a scream, it will vibrate quite hard against your head, no big deal though.
      Do love them!

      • Nothing wrong with a little head massage

  • +1

    XM3s already out of stock!

  • +1

    have a pair, still going strong in 2020. I think these are the most comfortable set you can get at any price point.

  • +1

    Rumours suggest next exynos chip will be better, tired of buying crappy exynos in Australia.

    • +1

      Only reason I ended up going with Oppo find x2 pro but that wasn't my cup of tea either. Switching to iPhone for now

      • I also bought find x2 pro from officeworks , couldn't justify $1000 plus for oppo, returned it unopened. What you didnt like about find x2 pro?

        • That was a good decision.

          I have used Samsung for past 10 or so years and mainly like my screen and camera quality on phone.

          Screen is pretty average imo compare to Samsung, Samsung colours are alot more vibrant. screen feels premium and even though camera quality is okay it's really hard to focus and get a good photo, Even though it has top of the line hardware it froze on me few times too using facebook, messenger or chrome.

          Not to mention the price depreciation, Paid $1600 for it only 2-3 months ago , I'd be lucky to get $1000-$1200 for it now.

          • @RobotWizard: I've also bought almost all samsung flagship phones for andriod , except s20 went with s20 fe 5g because of the processor and also used iphones. I also like samsung screen and other samsung features like secure folder, dex , good lock for customisation, etc. Oppo's last year flagship was selling for around $500 this year.

            • @Modesty: Yeah only reason I am moving to iPhones now, even after few years they hold their value well compare to other phones,

  • What about xbox controller?

  • never owned an ANC headphone, so apologies if this is a dumb ques: if XM3 or XM4 runs of battery, would I still be able to use as a "normal" headphone via 3.5mm cable to PC or smartphone? TIA.

    • +2

      Yes you can

      But the sound quality is pretty bad when the headphones are powered off, so this is only for emergencies.

      • thank you!

  • No surface devices?

  • Are these better than jbl duet nc?

    • JBL Duet and JBL Live 650 BTNC are both based on the same design as JBL E65btnc. They are great headphones. I personally prefer them to xm3. Also duets come with cable with mic while these do not. The duets sound great even when powered off and wired. These sound absolute garbage when wired with power off.

      • I think i will stuck with jbl one's and will get xm4 when its on special. Thanks for your commen.

      • Interesting, they're 40% off at JB at the moment.

        Someone posted it as a deal, but it hasn't gained much traction yet.

        • Sony's are currently riding the hype train. Most people on ozb prefer the sonys because of the hype and many people are not aware of the downsides. JBL Live 650 gives amazing sound quality, great noise cancellation, comfortable, comes with remote and mic cable and also sounds great in wired mode even when turned off.

          • @usbc activist: What are the downsides of the Sony's?

            • @fireforce: No multipoint connection till xm4
              Sound quality bad in wired mode when powered off
              Many of the advertised smart features work only when the Bluetooth codec used is SBC.
              Equalizer does not work when higher quality Bluetooth codecs are used
              Gets uncomfortable compared to other similar models

  • Microsoft code P20MIPC has expired.

    • Just when they added the XSX accessories as well.