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CyberPower Systems BR1000ELCD BRIC $199 Delivered (Was $249) @ Amazon AU


CyberPower Systems BR1000ELCD BRIC Line Interactive UPS

GreenPower UPS Technology
Automatic Voltage Regulation
Auto Restart and Auto Charge
EMI, RFI, Surge and Spike Protection
LCD Status Monitor
1000VA/600W - 1* 12V/8.5AH Battery

Previous lowest price courtesy of the 3 camels was $135.20 on 22-November, 2019.

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  • Can price-beat at Officeworks for an additional 5% off.

    PS: It also $199 at Computer Alliance, Umart, Mwave, etc.

    • If you can find a store with one in stock…. Officeworks has it for $329.00… would they price match for $130.00 plus a 5% discount?

  • Was thinking about getting the br700elcd. Only difference is the size of the battery?

    Also saw there is an 800 model even cheaper.

    Are these considered the best Home ups and have a replaceable battery?

    • I have the 700. got Officeworks to price match November Last year - $113.05

      It's a great little UPS. And enough to keep my NAS, Router, Wifi AP, Modem, POE Cameras running for about 40 minutes. More than enough to cover brief power outages and allow my NAS to power down gracefully if the power still isn't up in 30 minutes.

  • Lowest = $135.20

    • Yes on CCC

      • Yep and it was cheaper than this for the majority of the last couple of years.

        • Ahh, that's good insight. But I'm guessing with C19 its all gone up.

          • @vash5: With COVID-19… if you can get it now, then get it now… forget about how cheap it was a year or two back, that really doesn't matter squat anymore… there is still an amazing of stock sitting on docks or in ships globally awaiting arrival into warehouses at their proposed destination. I just received a new book today released and paid for a few months ago and in transit since.

            • @et tu brute: I think it depends if you need it vs want it. If you are prepared to wait, you can find a bargain out there. Different story if you need it however.

              FYI I didn't downvote your reply. I think it was perfectly reasonable thinking and comment but i guess someone else doesn't think so.

              • @vash5: vash5… That surprised me too… I sometimes wonder whether some folks can separate fact from fantasy… we are definitely in a whole new world… what was then is definitely not now… go figure :)

    • agree, that would be a much better bargain :)

      Basic UPS is $119 at Umart https://www.umart.com.au/APC-Back-UPS-BX700U-AZ-AVR-LED_3029...

  • Simulated Sine Wave

  • But you can get a Power Shield Defender 1200VA for ~$230? This is only 600VA?

  • Is the battery user replaceable in this? I've just changed one in my Belkin UPS and it's a lot cheaper than buying a new one or getting someone else to do it.

  • I have this same one connected to 2x NAS device and NBN modem with uptime being half hour, longer when both NAS are powered off after 5 mins power loss as the modem uses next to no power,

    Also only paid $200 at centrecom about 2 months ago

  • I've been looking to get one to protect my gaming desktop PC, 2x monitors and a NAS; would this be enough power for like 2-3 minutes to give me time to shutdown that all down? The power calculators out there aren't super clear on it if it's enough and I'm not smart enough to get the correct measurements?

  • Hi, any UPS owners know anything about getting something heavy duty? Like something that’ll keep a server going for 5-6 hours?

    • Tesla Powerwall(Battery Power Backup) + Solar at that point. UPS is not meant for long downtime, it meant for enough power to power down safely so no data lost.

    • If you want 5-6 hours, you need a UPS and other alternative like a generator. UPS only would be very expensive compared to alternatives. UPS has a high cost of maintenance for batteries.

    • If you need something that big then you'll need to ask an expert.

      Maybe try reddit in r/datahoarders and r/homeserver

  • Have a look at Zenaji batteries for your home solar power backup. Lithium titanate chemistry with 20 years warranty.

  • great got one. thanks OP