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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Fitness Tracker Global Edition (Local Stock) $45 Delivered @ Gearbite


Greetings everyone, Gearbite have dropped the price again on this popular fitness watch :)

I'm fairly sure this is the cheapest I've seen on this band for Local Stock, looks to be cheaper than getting it delivered from China which would take much longer, and this has a 12 month local warranty also from a very reputable supplier.

Main Features:

  • Large screen with dynamic color display, the display area is increased by about 20% again, 100+ themed watch faces
  • 11 sports modes, rowing machine, skipping rope, yoga, elliptical machine
  • 50 meters waterproof, can be worn in rain or swimming
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time monitoring, heart rate warning
  • 24-hour sleep monitoring, REM rapid eye movement, sporadic naps
  • New women's health, physiological period record and reminder
  • 14 days long battery life
  • Magnetic charging, direct charging without disassembly

15% off Storewide (e.g. Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" Monitor $499.99 (OOS), Atuman Laser Rangefinder LS-P $24.95 Shipped) @ Gearbite

Xiaomi Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3000Pa Suction Laser Navigation Au Version $579 For Members @ Gearbite

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Does this work with Google pay?

    • I want to know as well

    • +1

      @ChiMot unfortunately not

      • +3

        thats sad

  • +3

    Cheers OP….Ordered one from Amazon earlier - cancelled and reordered from here…

  • +1

    Can it be linked to google fit or samsung health app for activity tracking,anyone pls advise

    • +3

      I'm using the band 4 and it's linked to my google fit app, links sleep and activity data.

      • Can confirm

      • How? Using a third party app or?

        • +1

          Just go into the settings for Mi Fit and you can link it to Google Fit

    • +4

      My "Mi Fit" is linked to Google fit so I would say it works.

      • +3

        And then you can link your Google Fit to Pokemon Go to hatch your eggs. That's honestly the only reason I bought my Mi Band 3.

        • -1

          I only hatch my normal eggs, sorry, no experience with Pokemon ones.

    • +4

      Open Mi Fit - Profile tab
      Scroll down & select Add accounts, Select Google Fit
      Tap Add Google Fit button, Sign in, Tap Allow.

      To sync from Google Fit to Samsung Health you can use app Health Sync

    • Can be linked to google fit, unfortunately it doesn't appear to be able to sync directly with samsung health

  • -1

    Bought it last week from kogan for $55 with 8% cashback and $30 bonus cashback😛

    • how come bonus cashback could be that big??????

    • cashback from which company? - kogan or cashrewards?

      was cashback target or sitewide?

  • Of course it is, bought last night from Kogan $59 already despatched 😭

  • +1

    No GPS
    Can't expect for that price, looks great otherwise fun monitoring sleep and steps, probably have to have phone sync to upload to Strava for a walk perhaps

    • I'm pretty sure there is no Strava support

      • All good thought worth mentioning, got a charge 4 recently but obviously almost 4x the price.
        These would be good for step, cals, sleep tracking etc

      • +1

        You can use third party apps on the playstore to export to Strava and the like

      • Not officially, but 3rd-party apps Notify (Android) and AmazTools (iOS) can both export to Strava.

  • Thank you :)

    one for me and one for the missus

  • So is this the international version?

    • +1

      Global English version.

      • So does it have the SpO2 function. Not fussed about NFC

  • Thank you

  • great find op!

  • Still prefer the Band 4 for $27.99.

  • +25

    I'll wait for band 28

    • should be out next year

    • +1

      4* Band5 + 2* Band4

  • +1

    @Rep: when does the sale end? Thinking of getting one but also expecting it to drop lower with 11.11, black friday, Cyber Monday etc soon 😀

    • If you have a card with price protection that might help 😊

      • would price protection work for coupon code price drop as well?
        do they protect for aliexpress and all oversea purchases?

    • it will be lower on 11.11

      plus there will be coupon codes as well.

      They always do this every year.
      just check last year on 11.11

  • How accurate are these for pool swimming?

    • +1

      Works alright, doesn’t miss laps.
      Does what it should for the price

  • Anyone know what app required to be installed to sync with phone?

    • +1

      App called Mi Fit

  • +1

    Was about to get this until I saw the interesting technical features Garmin watches have for running, it makes me want to spend a bit more for it as a hardcore runner.

    • +2

      Definitely go for something that's made for that purpose. You get what you pay for. This is basic, but for the price, it's good value. I'd be overly cautious if I had a $300 watch on my wrist all the time. With something that's $50, I wouldn't be too worried about it being scratched.

      • +3

        i still protected my miband from being scratch even if it was $50.

        A scratched screen is not nice to look at, even if it didn't cost $300

  • +1

    bought one for my daughter to deplace a dead Garmin Jnr on Saturday from Amazon, delivered Monday…

    She's stoked with it, and can be integrated with Strava, Google, Apple Health, etc using Mi Fit or Zepp (which is the Huami version of Mi Fit and used to be called Amazfit <- need to use this one to integrate with Strava)

    Missus wants one to replace her Fitbit Charge 2 when it finally gives up the ghost….

    • great tips about Zepp. I now have Strave integration which is fantastic

  • -3

    yesterday in amazon it was 37

    • Where? CCC says lowest historical price is $50.95.

        • +6

          That's a completely different product..?

          This is a Mi Band 5, you linked a Honor Band 5.

  • Is there any Xiamo smart watch that has NFC that works in Australia yet?

    • Unfortunately not..

      • Are you meaning using the watch/band NFC for google pay?

        or using NFC in general?

  • Any good with iOS and connecting with the standard fitness monitoring apps like myfitnesspal (as an example)? :)

  • The accuracy on these are crap. I compare it with other tools and distance in google maps and it’s really off. Anyone know how to get these calibrated?

    • spend $600 on an applewatch with GPS

      also get fall detection and warning, air s02 and BP ~ alas in oz these functions are not allowed until apple get approval but you might be able to spoof US registery and then you get the full gamit of ability

    • It uses your phones GPS, I Think its been pretty accurate for me to be honest.

  • the koretrack watch is about $50ozzie and it has heart, so2, bp ect, or so it says
    what its missing is GPS I think for location, it has a USB plug style recharge where the band attaches, but is missing fall detection and alert

  • Hi.
    Does this watch has a memory where you can store podcast / music to use with a bluetooth ear set ?

    • No. It just has limited controls for pausing, skipping tracks etc. on a connected phone.

  • Best app to get the most out of this with iOS?

    • Wondering this, myself. Looks like MiFit, Google Fit and Zepp are the most talked about

  • whats a reliable model for tracking steps? Not looking to spend more than $100 as thats my main purpose and present for someone else.
    read reviews that this was not very reliable for this purpose.

  • Thanks OP

  • Might be cheaper with a dodgier source on aliexpess https://www.aliexpress.com/?spm=a2g0o.productlist.1000002.1.... Sale announced on the 11th

    • USD 29.99 for the Global version? That's disappointing, it's not even cheaper than this after GST.
      Sigh and it's sold out at gearbite.

  • Did anyone get any tracking no? I got a random text to an app to install which again shows no tracking no.

  • Is it weird to get this in an Amazon prime box?

    • I guess fulfilled by amazon..

  • Back in stock, just ordered. Thanks OP.

  • Received mine last friday (20-11) in just a plain post padded satchel

  • Says sold out. Besides notifications and tell the time on your arm, what does this actually do that having your phone in your pocket doesn't?

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