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Lenovo ThinkPad E495, FHD AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB/512GB $749 @ Lenovo


Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Part of the Black Friday Sneak Peek Sale.

Similar to previous deals although this is cheapest for the 512gb. Also says it ships in 2 business days.

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  • Any cheaper on education pricing?

    • Nope, it's $1,619.10 on the education stores (only 10% off RRP).

  • How is AMD integrated graphics for light gaming?

    • Should be pretty good for light gaming. Depends what games of course, but it works well for me for light gaming.

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      Although I have the E595 and not the E495, the only real differences are the lack of numeric keypad and smaller screen on the 495. Exactly the same CPU and graphics. As someone else has mentioned, if you get it, swap out the Realtek Wifi/BT for something else, as the one it comes with is absolute garbage.

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      If you go to the YouTube channel Tech Epiphany, you can see plenty of 3500u gaming benchmarks.


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    I purchased this laptop 6 months or so ago, the Realtek Wifi card in it failed. Read online there are heaps of problems with this card. Swapped it out with an intel equivalent for $20 and has been a great laptop since.

    • even with the E595, the realtek wifi card has the whining coil wire noise, i have to swap with an intel as well

    • Mine has been throwing DPC Watchdog Violation error..so yeah might have to swap it out with Intel.

      • I get the same error when wifi is weak or disconnected. So i bought a wifi extender and it's ok now.

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        Can confirm, we have about 30 of our Lenovo A285 laptops at work with Realtek WiFi that started throwing this BSOD after updating to 1909, I kept telling our Windows team this was a driver/hardware issue. Definitely swap it for Intel

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          Took me like 50 BSOD crashes to realise it was the hardware (Wifi card) - I thought it was the driver / and or a windows update.

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    3500u? This is old stock.


    • this.

  • If only this was lighter.

    Can anyone recommend a good value laptop for high school child less than 1.5 kg? They have been using a surface pro 5 with only 4gb ram for past 2 years and it getting way to slow to use now. Weight of it is excellent at less than 1 kg so would love to get something similar in weight, 8 to 16gb ram, 13 to 14" screen. Oh and price less than $1000.

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      Check Lenovo S540 here:
      If you have AMEX offer (spend $1199 and get $180 cash back), you can buy this laptop below $1000.

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        I have the S540 with the 8 core 4800u cpu. The chassis, QHD screen and battery life is great. I get up to 10hrs mainly using office. The 8 core CPU is faster than anything Intel hss at the moment in the 13" form factor. I view it as overkill for the majority of people, but it's great if you want something that will last a while.

      • Thanks. Looks like a nice laptop. Unfortunately don't have AMEX. If only I could get it for less than $1000. Might be overkill for a junior high school student. Hopefully I can find something similar with slightly lower specs for less than $1000.

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          What do they plan on doing with their laptop

          • @HaveANiceDay: I'm concerned that it would not last very long. But it looks like a great laptop and if I could trust them to take good care of it then I'd definitely get it. But with the way the surface pro has gone it will not be worth it. We've only managed to get 2 years use with the surface pro and I expected it would last 4 or 5 years. They don't take care of it. They drop/throw backpack with laptop in it. Battery now doesn't last long. Apps don't run including Microsoft store. It's slow, very slow (although this could be due to the 4gb ram). Have spilt water all over it. And so on.

            Hopefully I can find something below $1000. I remember when i was looking for one 2 years ago my budget started at $500 and then ended up growing to $800. Nearly bought 2nd hand so I might have to look at that option.

            Do you think the S540 would last 4 years to the end of high school if it cops the same abuse as the surface pro?

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              @Rodo: Hmm yeah it's better to get a thinkpad for it to last that long. Maybe get a used thinkpad? 4GB of ram is atrocious.

              A T14s from the Lenovo education store could work

              • @HaveANiceDay: Thanks. Can a year 8 student get access to the education store? How?

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      My wife just bought one of these @ $900. Great value for the price: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576487

      • Thanks but a little heavier than what I am looking for.

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          Oops yes you’re right.. How about the 13”? Slightly over your budget tho: https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/lenovo-thinkpad-l13-1...

          • @Ryballs: Thanks but I think paying the $100 extra to get the much better spec'ed S540 above would be the way to go. If only I could find something below $1000. 13", 8gb ram and1.4 kg is good though. Maybe something will come up in the Black Friday sales (I can only hope).

  • I have this laptop that I got from an OzB deal for $707.

    I put some extra RAM in it, and it's been 100% bulletproof. Excellent rig.

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    Looks like Lenovo is trying to clear out the old stock. This should be less than $700 imo. If it had the 4300u at this price then thats a different story.

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    3500U is a dinosaur.

    It’s from the more recent Cretaceous Period, but a dinosaur none the less.

  • Need minimum 4000 series CPU.

  • 3500U is soso, 3500 is good based on the below review.


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    Shopping express has the L15 (AMD 4650U) on sale for $899 atm for immediate ship. Great deal for enterprise lite (next step up from the E series). One of the few AMD laptops with 2x SO-DIMM slots supporting up to 64gb of ram and dual USB-C ports.

    • Agreed, I just ordered one yesterday and expected to get it next Tuesday - Friday (confirmation from Aus post). much better specs. And can modify it to 16GB RAM by your own.


    • Wife bought one for productivity use, looks great. Not sure why so little upvotes on that deal. It’s a steal IMO.

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