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Ozito PXC Brushless Hammer Drill Kit $99 @ Bunnings


ALDI price match for their upcoming deal on 14 Nov.
Normally $169, this is the deal we have been expecting.
See also the matching impact driver skin $39: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578812

Drill into timber, plastic and metal
13mm keyless chuck
2 speed gearbox
21 torque settings
2 x 1.5Ah batteries and Fast Charger included

Link to skin-only (normally $99 alone) in case kit is removed from website: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-hammer-d...

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    Not on their web site. Called our local store and they were in stock. Quote part number 6290591.

    Three on the shelf in Tool Section at Edwardstown SA as I type.

  • 2 left at Kent Town SA

  • Coffs Harbour have quite a few. Ticketed at that price. Be aware the old bat in the tool section doesn't know what she is doing and may scan it incorrectly.

  • Nothing wrong with the Ozito range, I used to have it but have since switched to Milwaukee. I've always said if you don't have much money, skimp on the power tools and buy the best hand tools that you can afford.

    One issue I had with it was the battery design. The ridges where the battery slots on to the tool break very easily and the battery will then sit loose. Bunnings will generally replace the battery with no questions, it was just a PITA when I was wanting to drill some holes and couldn't. I then had to insulation tape the battery to the tool - which is not ideal.

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      How do I drill into masonry with hand tools?

      • ?

        I never said that you should

  • I'm just about to dive into buying tools for my place, just basic DIY for the house. Tossing up between the Ryobi or Ozito battery ecosystems. Can anyone offer any insight into where I should go from your own experience?

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      Ryobi has very little value anymore unless it's a kit item being cleared out. All my Ryobi batteries have come from this way. Never bought them separately, because again they just never really drop in price. Whereas Ozito will drop when Aldi do the Workzone special buys.

      But if you've waited for some replies before going out it's probably already sold out lol

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        I just buy ryobi gear around fathers day, always on special then!

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      I'd got for Ozito. With all the aldi price matching you'll probably spend 50% less for tools that are 90% as good.

      Ryobi do have a massive range of skins, but Ozito also have heaps so probably not a deciding factor for most.

      • +2

        It'd be more constructive for people to explain themselves rather than silently negging the comment. I think it's a pretty fair general statement but I'm happy to be convinced otherwise.

      • +1

        Agree with this, my first power tool was a Ryobi but as Ozito has become the sacrifical lamb when Aldi does a power tool special I am slowly finding myself buying discounted Ozito and selling my Ryobi skins.

  • 5 left in Castle Hill NSW when I rang them this morning.

  • Drill and impact Driver Kit with two batteries - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-drill-and-impact-d... . Looks like normal price though

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    To save anyone the trouble of going to Bunnings Lidcombe, both the brushless hammer drill kit and brushless impact driver skin only is sold out. Just bought the last stock of both.

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    Has anyone used this with one of em Auger lilke this?


    • +1

      A drill with a side handle, like the drill in the video link below would be better.


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      I use my brushed ozito hammer drill (set on screwdriver setting and 1st gear) with a Sutton garden auger bit. Works fine with our softer moist soil and is very useful but I think would struggle with hard dry clay.

      • Superb information boys. THANKS!

  • There is still one left at Blacktown, no ozito brushless impact drivers but.

  • One left at Thomastown. No impact drivers but.

  • Anyone used the Ozito SDS Rotary Drill? https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-rotary-hammer-dril...

    A normal hammer drill is a toy compared to a Rotary Drill.

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    Plenty at artarmon. Top shelf

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    Bunnings cancelled my impact driver ($39) order. Now sure whether I should get this

  • Sorry for offtopic question. For Ryobi 18v drill, can you use these Ozito batteries? If not, what do people normally use for Ryobi. My batteries after 4 years are gone bad.

    • No you can't.
      However, there may be battery converters around that people 3D print. I haven't looked for a while. Ebay or gumtree?

    • For Ryobi 18v drill, can you use these Ozito batteries?

      How do you feel about duct tape and paper clips? Got a 3D printer? :-)

      My batteries after 4 years are gone bad.

      You could re-pack the cells from Ozito/ALDI to Ryobi. Google it.
      But how many Ryobi tools do you have? If just a drill, sell it and buy Ozito stuff from now on. As said above, Ryobi batteries cost too much.

      • Got quite a bit of Ryobi tools including lawn mover. Got generic ones in the past from ebay, but those aren't as good and drain really quick and wondering if Ozito is a good replacement.

        • Have a look at youtube etc on cell transplants. Might be worthwhile.
          Or just buy new 18650 cells with solder tabs if you can find a decent source.

          • @bargaino: I find that buying18650 for beginner is playing with fire. Also trying to spot weld battery tabs is tricky for a beginner.

            • @Naigrabzo: Hence "with solder tabs".
              I've not tried spot-welding, but have seen some youtube videos on how to make a spot-welder using a transformer from an old microwave.
              Looks like fun!

              • @bargaino: Oh yes, Greatscott had video on a DIY spot welder also.

                Most of the ebay/banggood/aliexpress 18650 batteries are fake and very poor quality. Just not worth the trouble IMHO.

  • Purchased 1 at Chatswood, 2 box left on shelves and it isnt marked at the $99 price point, still $169.
    No Impact Driver left though :(

  • Just got one. Marked as $169.

    Excellent deal. Thanks to OP

  • This was on sale last time for $99 (from $179) and is MUCH better as its brushless and stronger, although it's not as compact as this one.

    • Damn i would have bought one at that price…

  • +2

    Thanks op for making me spend money

    • Cool. I was stronger, and just bought the $39 impact driver. I already have enough batteries and too many drills :-)

  • Just put through Click and Collect order in Cranbourne, Vic. I think I got the last or 2nd to last one.

  • -2

    Thanks OP, great deal!

    Ordered one on click and collect at the closest store that had stock. I noticed above that Lidcombe shows stock online but poster confirmed they are all gone.

    I got a cancellation email from the Grass Trimmer deal so ended up ordering another as contingency from another close-ish store.

    I figure I could probably return or flog it off on gumtree for a bit of a profit if both orders are fulfilled :D

    • You can just return it if you don't want it - Bunnings are very good with returns in my experience.

      • -1

        I'll chuck it on Gumtree/Facebook for a couple of weeks if no bites, I'll return to Bunnings. Cheers

  • Still at least 2 in stock at Brendale qld

  • Thanks OP!! I was about to spend more on a second hand one!

    Snagged the last one at Belmont, WA

  • Got one at Ringwood Click and Collect, thanks Op/

    • Scratch that, they did not honour it

  • …and now the page is back again

  • Thanks OP was waiting for a deal on an Ozito drill since my green Bosch started giving out smoke.. Have been using/abusing wired Ozito tools for the last 3 years, best value for home use I'd say IMHO , with a 5 year warranty. OOB doesnt seem to have the same power the Bosch has but again adequate for home use and at this price point for a skin 2 batteries and a charger a no brainer..at least for me. Again like previously mentioned on the post youd need to call up and reserve , online shows 0 stock

  • Saw couple at Bunnings Greogry hills,nsw
    @2030 hrs (drill)

  • +2

    I just ordered this drill and the $39 impact driver for click and collect.
    Earlier today I was in Bunnings and picked up a hammer drill behind a $99 sign and a impact driver behind a $39 sign and I had a bunch of other stuff, including the $55 reciprocating saw. I go to the checkout in the tools section because you have to.
    A woman scans all my items, I can't see prices as they are scanned and when she has done she announces a crazy total. People are covid queueing behind me. I ask what I've been charged for these two things and it is a lot more, I go back to the shelf, I tell her look at the shelf, she pulls the specials price tags off. She rescans all my items and its a couple of hundred more even though I've removed the drill and impact driver, I guy in the line laughs and says it's even worse now. I ask her to start her scanning again. She has words with another staff member, an understandably impatient person in the queue who has been in retail for decades sympathises that she has to deal with assh.le customers. She makes some oh ye you've just got to keep on smiling comment to him. I'm quite calm the whole time, this is what I expect from the Bunnings tool section. I won't go into my wife's experience returning a dead within warranty Ozito blower and the weird creep she had to deal with.

    • +3

      What is it about the Bunnings tools section? Bunnings staff are generally an agreeable, helpful lot - but it often seems like the ones with customer service or performance challenges end up in the tools section. Bizarre…

    • You should Boycott em!

  • +1

    What is the model number of the drill itself.
    The box kit says PXBHK120
    But the drill says PXBHS100

    I bought one but box has been open (no others to choose from), making sure it’s the right drill and hasn’t been swapped around.

    • 120 is the kit, 100 is the drill. You have the correct item. (See Ozito website)

      • Thanks.

        I looked on the Ozito site but it didn't have the model number.

  • Heaps left across Northern Beaches Sydney.

    • +3

      It must be that shipping container that went overboard in the storm?

  • +1

    Sorry for a noob question, but can anyone suggest me any good drill bits that are compatible to this kit?

  • +2

    Used it today for a small job. Excellent quality for $99 :-)

    Would even be value for money @ $169

  • Just picked one at Bunnings Penrith. Plenty available

    • Would you know if they still have please?

      • +1

        Unless he is presently in the store, how could he possibly know?

        Phone call..

      • +1

        Go to the Bunnings website, select your store location and see if the item is shown on the website.
        If it's not shown, it's not in stock.

      • Thanks mate. Will do.

  • Sold out at Craigieburn VIC, got an offer to buy ozito 18v hammer drill with 4ah battery instead. I'm not sure Should I take or not?

    • for the same price $99? that would be unbeatable deal.

      • Yeah for the same price. I think normally they go for $120. Just wondering which one is better brushed or Brushless.

        • +1

          Always brushless…

          • @UncleRico: 100% agree. Just upgraded by brushed Ozito hammer to the brushless. Went through bricks like hot butter.

          • @UncleRico: … all else being equal.

  • I don't seem to launch the link anymore. Is this now gone? Anywhere else I can try getting it please?

    • +1

      The page can come and go with stock or whatever. Depends which state.

      ALDI deal is for this Saturday 14/11, so price still applies if you can find stock. Ask in store, and they can check the computer.
      I set deal to expire a few days after that.

      • Thanks. Will check with my local Bunnings

        • Would anyone know the item number please?

          Found it - 6290591

          • @djsydney: Ended up picking one from Penrith NSW. Thanks OP

      • +1

        Bunnings North Penrith have 4 units, I got 1 last eve

  • +1

    Thanks Op. Picked up one from Clyde north in VIC.

    Online does not show any stock. Have ring few stores to find out the stock and finally got one.

  • Which one would be best for home use DIY, furnitures and make holes on the wall?

    Aldi (https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-14-...)

    Special on this Saturday


    Ozito this one.

    • +3

      Not an expert here.
      But ozito is a good brand for DIY projects. It will be easier to deal with Bunnings compare to Aldi if there is any iasue with the product in future.
      3 year warranty with Ozito for battery and charger vs 1 year for Aldi.

    • Does this mean Bunnings will have a special this week on there batteries.
      Thought i read somewhere someone else mentioned this…

  • Not sure if anyone is still chasing these but I think the last one left in Sydney was in Bowgowlah today.

    I bought the second last one.

  • +1

    Make sure u don't mistaken it for the brushed version with 4ah battery. They seem to have discounted that from 129 to 99 now

    • I think I did exactly that tonight. Ah well back it goes

  • Thanks OP!

    Got the exact on posted by OP with 2 1.5 battry n brushless hammer drill,there were 5 in stock at Bunnings North penrith now 4!
    Guys,Any recommendation or deals for drill bits?

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