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40000 flybuys Points ($200 Worth) with $500 Eligible Spend in 60 Days No Annual Fee 1st Year - Coles Platinum Rewards Mastercard


For those that missed the Finder offer last month, this is even better. $200 worth of flybuys points (40,000) and waive the first year's annual fee when you apply for the Coles Platinum Rewards card. I contacted them and they confirmed that there is no exclusion period if you have cancelled this card recently.

When you apply for a Coles Rewards Mastercard by 31 December 2020 and spend $500 or more on eligible Retail Purchases within 60 days of your Account approval date. Plus, enjoy 0% p.a. on Balance Transfers for 18 months, 1.5% BT fee applies (reverts to Cash Advance rate).1 No annual fee in your first year.5

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  • Do I still get the points if I cancel the card in the first few months with zero or one transactions?
    (As in just getting it for the points).

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      You wish…

      When you apply for a Coles Rewards Mastercard® by 31 December 2020 and spend $500 or more on eligible Retail Purchases within 60 days of your Account approval date. Plus, enjoy 0% p.a. on Balance Transfers for 18 months, 1.5% BT fee applies (reverts to Cash Advance rate).1 No annual fee in your first year.5

      Choose your offer to

      • is this target offer? i never received the email from coles for this promotion.

        one offer per household?

    • So cancelling a credit card doesn't affect your credit?

  • What's the minimum credit limit?

  • I contacted them and they confirmed that there is no exclusion period if you have cancelled this card recently

    Really? Very good of true, and hmm I just closed mine a month ago.
    Maybe will call as well to ask.

  • Still looking for a card with price protection…………………

    • Same. Worried ill one day hit the limit of price protect on my 28deg

    • Which is the Coles card with price protection?

      • Doesn't exist anymore

    • Go MasterCard mate.

      Price and merchandise protection

      No annual fee

      One off setup fee

      Shitty rewards program though equivalent to $200 spend for $1 of rewards

      • I thought they stopped offering it to new applicants

        • Oh? It's an insurance on top right?

          Are you thinking of coles card because they did that

          • @Poor Ass: Latitude used to offer the insurance with their GO Mastercard, but they stopped doing so. The only card I could find mentioning price protection insurance is their Low Rate Mastercard, and it's only 30 days protection, like the other card companies offer now.

            • @itsfree: oh you're right… closed off to new members

              soz ay

            • @itsfree: what is price protection ?Do you get money back if the price dropped after purchase ?

              • @sicinadan: That's correct

                • @itsfree: I think all CITI cards and some Amex still have the insurance. But only in physical stores.

  • Newb question but can the flybuys points
    ever be converted to cash

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      They can be converted to flybuys dollars which means they can be spent in dollar terms (2000 points $10) at Coles group stores eg Coles, Target, Kmart etc

  • $200 in one transaction after all savings and discounts…. Very difficult to do for a single person 😂

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      or u can get 40K flybuys which equivalent to 200 worth of dollars for you to spend smaller amounts whenever and whatever you like :)

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        agree pick the points options

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    For those having a mortgage refinanced every year or two and so want to maintain a good credit score, what’s an acceptable risk with credit checks (associated with applying for these credit cards) lowering your score?

    I imagine a maximum of 2-3 credit application a year is reasonable and so you may want to be picky and only go for cards with high rewards e.g. $500+ or 60,000 points or equivalent, which pop up quite often here.

    • +1

      with interest rate this low and lower, not an issue

    • Good question - interested in this too

    • interested to know what you put down for assets and liabilities, do you need to list your total loan amount and any offset ?

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      Probaby not, there's a $99 annual fee so difference of $1 but higher spending requirement.


      • Agree so I just get both Coles and George

        • At the same time? Or do you spread out across a few months to lessen the impact to your credit rating?

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            @firestint: Same time better Coles can't see my George applications, George can't see Coles.

            I don't need to disclose each limit to another.

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    Will give this a try even though I was a customer less than 12 months ago. I don't see anything in the terms and conditions about this.

    • same same

      • Hopefully someone here screenshots the page and saves it before Coles add in a secret condition.

        • just call or even easier do the chat online, and you can save the transcript

  • This is looking like a pretty good deal ngl.

  • +1

    This was 100k points last year.

    Edit ….but with $99 fee

    • -1

      obviously this is much better deal 🙂

      • +3

        Well 100k is worth $500 and you pay $100 for it.

        Now you pay nothing and get $200.

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    Holding out for a repeat of the 100k + 20k over two years they offered this time last year 🤞

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    Citibank rejected me from my last application a few weeks ago because I was on jobkeeper (even though my salary was actually unchanged bc it was over and above the threshold + 6x cash coverage on the limit I applied for). The guy said they're not accepting any applications from jobkeeper ppl

    Pretty tough crowd to please

    • +1

      How do they know if you’re on jobkeeper ?

      • It's on my payslip + they asked

        • Your payslip Talks about job keeper?

          • +1

            @hashtagbargain: Yep - there's a line for jobkeeper and a line for the company's final out of pocket sum.

            Add them together to get my real pay

      • Yeah exactly, how does anyone other than the ato know if someone is on jobkeeper?? Did the employer say this during background checks?

        • Employers put it on your payslip. When i submitted my payslips they all said jobkeeper zero but (profanity) anz called me 4 times over two weeks to ask the same question again and again and held up my credit card application. For a month…

    • +1

      Yeah citibank is tough, rejected my application

  • I've wondered… would you guys rather have 150k flybuys (75k Velocity points after bonus) for $198 if it comes up again or 40k flybuys (20k Velocity points after bonus) for $0… decisions decisions

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    use live chat, and save the record…

    ME (12:09:29 ) : my question: what if i had coles credit card in the past (but already cancelled it) will i still be entitle ?
    Nyzy (12:09:57) : I see. Yes, ozbargainer, you are still eligible for the offer because it is still considered as a new account.

    if someone else can do the same, the more confirmation, the merrier

  • +1

    they just recently changed the points for transactions above $3,000 from 2 points to 1 point per $1 spend.

    • Yes, that's a bugger if you buy a car or solar for the house.

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    Does anyone know if having a Coles Platinum No Annual Fee Rewards Card makes you ineligible? I couldn't find the answer anywhere.

    • +1

      i think so. just do chat first, no point to apply if not eligible.

  • I got approved in 2 hours. Noice.

    • during upload documents how many did you load?
      i saw 2 categories, the first is something payslip. i click the payslip and load 1 pdf, then click done but it didnt give me option to load for the second categories, just went straight to completed

      • 2 payslips.

        • -1

          doesnt matter anymore, got approved . in just 30 mins haha

  • I currently holding their no fees MasterCard, would I eligible for the bonus flybuys poimts?

    • look up vincent, someone asked the same.

      ifonlyiwasyounger 1 hour 24 min ago

      Does anyone know if having a Coles Platinum No Annual Fee Rewards Card makes you ineligible? I couldn't find the answer anywhere.

  • can you buy jbhifi gc with flybuy points?

    • No JB Hifi.

      You can only buy BCF, Supercheap and Rebel physical gift cards. This is in addition to flybuys dollars.

  • +1

    They rejected me earlier this year. Too scared to try again as I just applied for an Amex recently :(

    They're very strict with applications, don't know why mine was rejected and they never tell you the real reason

    • no banks will tell you the reason - thats the industry standard

  • The deal at the start of the year for 140000 bonus points was soo much better

    • Yeah waiting for that one as well. Shame this card will get nerfed in 2021 now with the $3000 cap if you want 2 flybuys points per dollar. Maybe a lot of people transferred it to Velocity with the bonus so its not cheap for Coles it looks like.

  • If I only wanted a credit card to pay off a balance transfer over 18 months, would the $500 I have to put through the card in the fist month mess with this? I'm not sure how the interest gets added on.

    • https://www.coles.com.au/credit-cards/existing-customers/faq...

      Balance Transfers

      What is a Balance Transfer?
      A Balance Transfer involves transferring the balance(s) on your other credit cards or loans to a Coles Mastercard. The balances transferred will receive a promotional interest rate for a set period of time and can be a great way to save on interest charges.

      Once your balance(s) has been transferred, you will need to close the other credit facilities you transferred balances from, as this will not occur automatically.
      A Balance Transfer lets you:

      Use up to 80% of your Coles Mastercard limit to transfer balances from other credit cards or loans, so long as you are transferring balances of $500 or more
      Take advantage of a lower interest rate for the period of the Balance Transfer
      Whilst taking advantage of the above benefits, you should remember that no interest free days are applicable to Retail Purchases when you have a Balance Transfer. This means that any purchases you make will be charged interest at the APR for Retail Purchases from the date of the transaction.

    • tbh you're better off applying for a virgin card as this has BT fee. say you're BT $10k, straight up it's already $150.
      on the flip side the other cards don't have BT fee but have annual fee, so you've just got to weigh it up.

      Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer – 0% Balance Transfer
      60 reviews
      Transfer personal loans & cards
      0% p.a. balance transfer for 22 months. $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher each year. Earn 3 additional bonus Velocity Points per $1 on your everyday spend in the first 3 months (capped at 10,000 Points per month).
      $64first year
      then $129 p.a.

  • What is the interest free period on this card ?

    Is it still 60+ days or did that change after Citibank bought over

  • Hi, has anyone try to use the Balance Transfer (BT) as a source of financing?
    For example, I have a $300k home loan, a $20K credit card and an off-set account with Bank A. On the day of applying for a $20K Virgin Credit Card, do a $16K cash advance from Bank A Credit Card to the Off-set account , Balance Transfer to the $20K Virgin Card and have zero transaction on the Virgin Credit Card and at the end of the 18 months interest free BT, transfer $16K from Bank A off-set account to pay back this Virgin Credit Card.
    The net effect is all I pay is the Virgin Credit Card fee of $64 first year + $129 second year versus the savings on my Bank A home loan of $16K @ 2.9% p.a x 18 mths = $696.00

    Anyone tried this ?

    • Did you end up trying this? I'm thinking about something similar.

  • key points to meet the requirements:

    To receive the 40,000 bonus points, you need to spend $500 or more on eligible Retail Purchases (excluding Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, BPAY payments, purchases of foreign currency and travellers cheques, transactions made in operating a business, bank fees and charges such as interest and ATM charges) in the first 60 days of the Account approval date. You will receive the bonus points within 4 weeks of meeting the required $500 spend, credited to the Flybuys account linked to your Coles Mastercard. Include your Flybuys number on your application to receive this offer.

  • hopefully card arrives by weekends to spend at Coles x4 weeks of 130 each (520 min in total) for another 10K points :)

  • Good deal… won't say no to free points and no annual fee! Quick and easy approval process, card came in a week.

  • +1

    This Coles flybuys credit card backend system is so good, I have just done the $500 spend requirement two days ago and just now I saw 40,000 points credit into my flybuys….

    Compare with other big banks they will wait weeks and weeks before giving out the cashback etc.

    Time to pay off and close the card…

    • Good to hear.

      Compare with other big banks they will wait weeks and weeks before giving out the cashback etc.

      Or not (automatically) at all. I've had to chase recent bonuses, which is extremely tedious.

      • Correct I suspected their process is manual

    • About a week since I made the qualifying spend and I've received the base points (relatively quickly) but no bonus points yet.

      Hopefully they're awarded soon as I want to close the card asap.

      • Have you received your bonus points yet?
        It’s been over 2 weeks since I met the spend and still nada

  • Comments reopened

  • i think they adding the bonus points at around the same time they generate statement (maybe someone checking and approving just before statement is out) so if me once i get a statement without the bonus points then i will be calling and asking

    • Got the statement and now got the bonus points.

      • Congratulations… Coles is much better than st George can you believe it….