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AKG N700NC M2 Wireless Headphones for $79 + Shipping @ Polyaire


Fantastic wireless headphones: Discount the AKG N700NC Headphones to just $79incGST with the coupon code I3535X7K7J3 at checkout on the Polyaire Store online. Strictly only until Friday 13 November 2020 or unless sold out prior. Limited stock.

Nothing comes in between you and your music with the AKG N700NC Wireless headphones; it’s truly inspirational. It blends first class Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology with a sleek and elegant design, and delivers pure studio sound like only AKG can do. Its ergonomically crafted design and long lasting battery provides 20 hours of musical inspiration with BT+ANC on (36 hours wired, with ANC on). Plus, with a simple push of a button, the Ambient Aware feature enables you to hear everything that’s happening around you.

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  • -2

    Interested but shipping a bit too much, $18.66 to metro VIC…

  • +3

    Got a pair of these from when Green Gadgets were selling em for $99…absolute bargain at this price (even with the slightly expensive shipping).

  • +4

    Still selling for full RRP of $499 at HN too (unsurprisingly) - https://www.harveynorman.com.au/akg-n700ncm2-wireless-headph... .

    I'd been contemplating getting a pair with some of the recent price drops, but it was an instant buy at this price for me.

    • Received these today and definitely no complaints at all, sound great to me and decent noise cancellation as well. A big thanks to the OP for the bargain!

  • Can't ship to 2304?

  • Steal at this price.

    Have 1 and ordered 1 more.


  • What's the ANC like on these?

    • +4

      Works but mine has annoying white noise constantly. Its pretty low level though and you get used to it. The ANC is definitely not as good on these as it is on the Sony’s, but the AKG has much better sound quality.

      • +1

        I have this issue as well. Bothered me enough that I bought some Sony's.

      • I should also add for reference that I own a pair of Sennheiser HD800s. The AKGs compare favourably and for just about every use case (except maybe audio mastering) you wouldn’t enjoy the HD800s any more than the AKG. The Sonys are a different story; they lack the deep bass of the other two. The Senns are definitely better, obviously.

      • I should also also add that these are still an absolute steal for the price. Way better value than Sonys unless ANC is much more important to you than SQ.

  • +1

    Hey everyone. Please comment on comfort of these. I have a large head and tend to prefer over-ear, but I notice these are on-ear.
    *Also I'm new to getting bluetooth. Can someone recommend a bluetooth device for my non-bluetooth PC to make these good to go?

    • +3

      I watched a youtube vid before - "When it comes to comfort these headphones are not big head approve. The padding is fairly stiff and feels like the headphones are squeezing your head."


      • Thank you.

    • The cups are smallish, but they are not on-ear: they're over-ear.

      Keep in mind with bluetooth, this doesn't support AptX LL, which means you're looking at 100-200 ms latency, which is completely unsuitable for gaming.

  • Great price.

  • +2

    Have a pair of this. Def a bargain at this price

  • +3

    $18.66 shipping to 2000 - so $99 all up. Seems a very good price

  • Thanks OP - ordered!

  • Does anyone know how these would perform when connected to a TV via Bluetooth for watching movies/gaming?

    • +2

      They are fantastic for both in terms of sound. I don’t think any headphones are fully wireless when it comes to party chat, but these ones come with a cord to plug into the back of your PlayStation/Xbox controller, and the mic is pretty incredible. Only issue I have is the noise cancelling in the headphones is so good that I don’t realise I’m shouting when I only need to be talking. The one drawback to these is that they kind of wig-out a little when you have multiple devices connected, so you just have to disconnect your phone/tablet sometimes to get clear sound.

      • Thanks for the great reply :) I'm going to keep an eye out for a similar deal in the future

    • I have Samsung q80t TV, via Bluetooth the sound are very faint even at highest volume. Though I think it's issue on the TV not the head phone.

  • +1

    Ah yes aircons and headphones the perfect mix.


  • Gone right?

  • can't seem to order

  • Missed out.

    Receiving "The inventory level for the following product is below what you ordered, so we could not proceed with the checkout: AKG N700NC M2 wireless headphones"

  • $18 to ship?! What is this shipping service that cost so much?

  • Can't find any way to add it to cart - seems like OOS

  • +7

    Update: We've had to expire this as we had an amazing response from OzBargain users, and completely sold out of our stock due to the popularity of this deal. We'll be despatching everyone's order shortly. Thanks everyone :)

    • noooooooooo

    • Hey man, i missed out. When will you have this again?

      • I would have been keen as well

        • +2

          Bloody OZB, they OZB the hell out of anything and everything before you get the chance.

          • +1

            @alz: Honestly, so far it's had 600 clicks I just don't think they had that much stock

            I feel like OzBargain would be 5000 clicks + lol

  • Lack of aptX and aptX HD support made me decide against these. Thankfully grabbed the WH-1000XM3 from the seconds deal.

    • They do sound "very good" quality wise to my ears surprisingly. Even quite on pair with an entry level DAC/Amp combo.

    • +1

      Munki, where is the Sony deal?

        • +1


          Much more than double the price for refurbished headphones isn't a comparison for me.

          • @DisabledUser17524: A lot of other ozbargainers (including myself) believe they were just rebadged new stock so they could flog them off to make way for the M4s. I inspected it very carefully and could not see my signs of previous use. All accessories looked brand new too. For ~$200, they were well worth it.

  • Anyone who finds these clamp too hard on your head, try leaving them stretched out on an object wider than your head for a few hours

  • Haha missed it

  • Damn missed it…

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