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Gigabyte AORUS P850W 850W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply $169 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Seems to be decent as per review and neck to neck with Corsair RM850x

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  • No don't say that, my rmx cost me an extra $60 over this

    • I'd rather spend the extra $60 and get a CWT produced PSU than this unproven MEIC.

      • Yep, I only roughly spent extra 40 dollars for my RMX with shipped cost is only 25 dollars saving. \

        This unit has double the ripple in 12V compare to RMX. Also fan profile could be noisy but probs won't make a major difference. Is not a bad pickup regardless if you need something now.

    • Nah, I'd rather have the rmx. Assured reliability is worth $60.

    • I've no idea why the RMX is so popular given the Leadex III goes at around the same price.

      • Corsair name is known, Super Flower (although a solid OEM) in the retail sector not many people know the brand or equate it to quality.
        Also harder to get, staticice only has the Leadex III listed at PCCG, as opposed to the plethora of stores that stock Corsair.

        • SF have been around in the retail sector for ages, and actually make their stuff unlike Corsair who are just a sticker maker. I remember MSY used to stock them (around 10 years ago?) but stopped for some reason - no idea when they stopped, why they stopped or why Corsair is popular in the first place.

          • @jkim: They might be around for a long time but their brand recognition isn't that great.
            Retailers probably stopped because supply chain is a problem to handle (RMAs, stock/supply consistency, which distributor the retailer is willing or able to work with, etc).
            Corsair is popular because their marketing team is good and add the fact that they have everything makes brand recognition strong.

            • @Trance N Dance: I'd argue that SF brand recognition is very strong for the target market - people who build and maintain their own PCs. For example, the EVGA G2 was popular because it was an SF Leadex at a good price point (around $40 less than the SF retail unit), where as the G1/GNEX had to be given away in pre-built machines because no one was buying it in retail packaging as it was an FSP Aurum.
              I can understand people buying Corsairs as part of a full system build (inclusion by shops for promotion purposes, as a result of rebates or incentives, etc), or when the RMX (i.e. [email protected]) was cheaper than the Leadex III ($239) or Focus Plus Gold ($229); but when the RMX ($230 as per ln28909's comment) is priced similar to the Leadex/Focus Plus Gold, I've no idea why people are buying the RMX.

              • @jkim: I'd argue that relatively speaking the EVGA G2 weren't flying off the shelves (at least in Australia) either. I'd also argue that people who bought the EVGA G2 were influenced by glowing reviews rather than knowing who the OEM was. (I know I was when I first started getting back into PC building years ago) Most use reviews rather than finding out who the OEMs are specifically, then see what they can buy at their preferred retailer. (You can't have people buy your products if it's not sold anywhere, speaking from an Australian market context, EVGA are only slowly breaking into the PSU market here)

                As for brand recognition, I'd highly doubt SF's brand recognition is what you think it to be in the target market (being custom builders, and not just the hyper informed).

          • @jkim: nostalgia right here. yeah i remember getting the SF stuff, was pretty good, no issues.

            msy seems to be all over the place with their stocked lines anyway.

          • @jkim: My first 3 PCs were built in SF cases with SF fans. They did 'bling' before bling was mainstream.

            I had no idea they were even still kicking.

      • Only mwave or pccasegear stock them so, if you don't leave close to these store you have pay for shipping. It usually cost more than RMx and has 7 year warranty compare to 10.

      • I think people here tend to go Corsair/Seasonic or nothing and willing to pay premium for those while there are still many great units out there. I got a CM V Gold 750W for $150 from Amazon couple months ago. Sure it's not quite at the level of the RM750X but I'm happy with the price/performance and it was readily available. RM750X would have been a steal at $180 back then.

        Other than CM V series, there are some great units at reasonable price I've seen out there like be quiet! Straight Power, NZXT C, EVGA, Fractal Design ION+, Antec HCG etc. Sure most of them are from Amazon US but I think they can be sourced locally too.

        • My point is that it's odd that people tend to buy Corsair despite the fact that they're just a sticker company, and the RMX is overrated for what it is. Also Seasonic shouldn't be put on the same level as Corsair. Seasonic is more akin to SF: both manufacturers with retail brands, both make great PSUs, both OEM suppliers to other brands. Corsair (and Antec, EVGA, beQuiet, NZXT, Fractal from your list) just make stickers and stick them on products from SS, SF, Delta, FSP, CWT, etc.
          I can understand when people purchase the other brands when there's a price differential i.e. buying an EVGA G2 over the SF Leadex made perfect sense as there was a $40 difference for what was essentially the same product, as does buying an Antec EAG unit given they tend to be ~$20 less than the SS Focus Plus Gold.
          However, the RMX (or the RM/RMi) doesn't sell for less than better units but tend to be very popular. This is what I find odd.

          • @jkim: To be fair, Corsair is more than just a sticker company now. Ever since Jonnyguru was hired by Corsair they've had a much more active role in PSU design (mainly working with CWT). The latest Corsair models are based on CWT platforms but considerably customised to suit Corsair's requirements.

            However, it is still true that the Corsair brand alone is demanding a larger premium than other brands. For example, Seasonic Focus Plus units (i.e. NZXT C) are often $30-50 cheaper than RMx while delivering much the same performance.

          • @jkim: Actually while I'm aware of the OEMs behind those PSUs, I don't care as much. Given that 99% of us don't have the necessary equipment to test PSUs, we should go for reviews anyways. I buy PSU based on itself, not the OEM or who sells them for that matter is what I'm trying to say. Ultimately to me it always comes down to price/performance. Those units I've mentioned fit that based on what I've read about them, not because of their brands or OEMs.

            That said, like Cielescha said, some brands do more than just slapping their stickers on the PSU. Corsair is heavily involved in the design and implementation of their PSUs and they are rewarded with some of the best PSUs out there. This from the man himself may help to shine some light into the matter.

      • Brand recognition. Same with Intel, Nvidia and Razer.

        G A M E R S

  • Is there any discount code discount on this market? I am buying this one + MSI MAG Forge 100R RGB LED case it total $279.42?

  • looks better than the other one earlier… but not for me

  • Damn, I way overpaid for my 850W. Oh well.

  • Thanks, bought one

  • Shows out of stock for me now after checking out at the car

  • My 2 yr old Dell XPS died a few months ago. Can I replace the PSU with any unit or are the connectors proprietary nowdays. It has an i7 processor