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Earn 1000 Points (Worth $5) on $50 Ultimate Gift Card | 2000 Points (Worth $10) on $100 Ultimate Gift Card @ Woolworths


Earn 1000/2000 Everyday Rewards Bonus Points on Selected Gift Cards

Collect 2000 points to get $10 off a future shop.

May not be available in all stores. Colours, sizes and styles may vary by store. While stocks last.

Offer available on all denominations of Ultimate Kids, Ultimate Teens, Ultimate Active, Ultimate Students, Ultimate Eats, Ultimate Her, Ultimate Him, Ultimate Home, Ultimate Style or Ultimate Christmas gift cards excluding variable load from 11/11/20 - 17/11/20. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. While stocks last.

Gift Card Participating Retailers
Ultimate Kids Cotton on Kids, JB Hi-Fi, Dymocks, Timezone, Toyworld, Rebel Sport, Zone Bowling, Kinpin Bowling
Ultimate Teens Boost Juice, JB Hi-Fi, Zone Bowling, City Beach, Rebel Sport, Timezone, Kingpin Bowling
Ultimate Active Adidas, Anaconda, Puma, New Balance, Rip Curl, Foot Locker, Lorna Jane, Drummond Golf
Ultimate Students EB Games, Typo, City Beach, Boost Juice, Foot Locker, Zing Pop Culture
Ultimate Eats Nando’s, San Churro, Mad Mex, Boost, Sushi Hub, Ribs and Burgers, Hog’s Australia’s Steakhouse, Schnitz
Ultimate Her Forever New, Lorna Jane, Bras N Things, Seed Heritage, Napoleon Perdis, T2, Swarovski, The Body Shop, Wittner, Peter Alexander
Ultimate Him BCF, Drummond Golf, Barbeques Galore, Supercheap Auto, Rebel Sport, Oakley
Ultimate Home Freedom, The Good Guys, Dusk, House, JB Hi-Fi
Ultimate Style Bras N Things, Sportsgirl, Pandora, Strandbags, Forever New, Sunglass Hut, Nine West
Ultimate Christmas Cotton On, City Beach, Puma, Anaconda, Dymocks, The Body Shop, T2, Timezone, Kingpin

NOTE: The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online.

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  • Thanks OP

    1) Do you need to activate this or do the points just get added automatically?
    2) Do the points get added straight away?
    3) Can you use a 10% offer your one shop for the month to make it $45 or $90 if you have a Woolies Credit Card/Mobile/Insurance or does that not apply to gift cards?

    • +2

      1) No need to activate
      2) Points should be automatically added to your Everyday Account (Should reflect on the receipt)
      3) Don't think the 10% off applies to Gift Card Purchases. (UPDATE: 10% off Offer excludes Gift Cards)

    • +2

      Bought a few last week when it was a similar deal, points added instantly to my account after checking out in store

  • +2

    Ultimate Her: T2, The Body Shop

    Men don't drink tea and don't groom?

    Ultimate Him: BCF, Drummond Golf, Rebel Sport, Barbeques Galore, Supercheap Auto

    Women don't boat, camp or fish, don't play golf or any other sports, don't BBQ and obviously don't maintain their cars.

    Ultimate Kids, Teen: JB Hi-Fi

    Ask the kids to choose your TV & Hi-Fi?

  • Only 6 different types of cards are pictured or named in the attachment. The OP has listed 10 different types. Are we sure this applies to those types (eg. Ultimate Home) which are not pictured or named?

    • Did you read the quote in the OP?

      • -1

        If you mean this one:

        'Offer available on all denominations of Ultimate Kids, Ultimate Teens, Ultimate Active, Ultimate Students, Ultimate Eats, Ultimate Her, Ultimate Him, Ultimate Home, Ultimate Style or Ultimate Christmas gift cards excluding variable load from 11/11/20 - 17/11/20. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. While stocks last.'

        Then the answer is yes. But where is this from? It's not in the linked attachment. Is it listed in the catalogue? Just seeking confirmation.

  • Are the bonus points once per rewards card? one per card type?

    Or can I simply buy 10 cards of let's say $100 Ultimate teens and get 10*2000 bonus points. ( Have to be very lucky to find all in one go)

    • +1

      As many as you like. But don't buy more than 10 in one transaction.

      • Thanks.

      • Had a look in the catalogue and couldn't see any T&C's in regards to this. Was this the case for similar offers? Did a search and couldn't find anything concrete. Don't really want to buy a few and end up with only 2000 or 1000 points.

        • +1

          It's a common fact. Dr Ralph is correct.

  • +1

    I bought one of these at woolies in store last month during the promo, scanned my rewards card, but just notice I didn't get the bonus point when I checked today. Too bad.

    • +1

      You can contact Woolworths everyday rewards and ask them to credit the points if you have proof of the gift card transaction during the promotion period.

      • Misplaced the receipt, and also needs to be done within 7 days of purchase unfortunately. All G.

        • +1

          The rewards app has all the receipts in case you have access

          • @auindie: That's the thing - even having scanned my rewards card that particular transaction did not have an E receipt.

            Edit: just found my physical receipt! But as the chat say, beyond 7 days so too late

            • +1

              @NeutralName: That does sound fair. If it is their mistake/system failure why do you only have 7 days to alert them that they didn’t credit it? That rule is if you forgot to scan your card, but this is different. Sometimes it takes 7 days for the points to even be credited.

  • Oooof , they bring out this deal just after I've paid off my ps5 and Xbox.

    To any one buying a new console, games and/or accessories this is 10% , definitely jump on it if you can, I wish this came out earlier 😭

    • 9.1% but yeah, awesome for the PS5/XSX

      • If its a ebgames pre-order it'll be annoying, cause the largest denominations on the student card is $50, will be using 10+ cards for the console transaction.

        • i used gift cards on both xbox and ps5, luckily i was trading in my consoles for each , after the 200 deposit and console trade in i only had to use 3 x 50 on xbox and 6x 50 on ps5 :)

  • +3


  • Can't redeem online is the major stopper :(
    Anyone knows whether I can use the Ultimate GC to purchase JB GC instore?

    • Tried at Albert Street store in Brisbane and got rejected.

      • Why did you get rejected? Should be calling gift card for reimbursement. The gift card clearly states you can use it at jbhifi, so I'm confused why you can't.

        Edit: I misread. You can't use the Giftcard to buy jbhifi giftcards.

  • +1
    1. Is there a limit on number of gift card you can buy and do you have to split the transactions to get 2000point on each of the $100 cards?
    2. Is there a limit on number of gift card you can spend at JB Hi Fi?

    Want to get the new iphone~

    • +1
      1. Purchase limit of 10 gift cards per transaction, no need to split further than this.
      2. No limit in store at JB Hi-Fi, guy at my local told me his transaction record is 56 gift cards.
      • 56 gift cards….. Wondering how long is the receipt and how long does it take to redeem.

    • +1

      I had exactly the same questions so thanks for typing for me. 😊

    • Hi there just got confirmation from JB that there is no limit on the amount of giftcards in one transaction both online and in-stores. Hope this helps!

      I've used 15 online for the new iphone with no issues

    • +1

      Just purchased 20 (in 2 transactions of 10) and used immediately after at JB Hifi for a new iPhone. All points already credited in Rewards account. JB staff are pretty well versed in gift cards - even had a coin ready to scratch off the pin number covers!

  • This would be really handy for the jbhifi 11% day. Even better.

  • This is a better deal for those after selected Ultimate cards (but expires today)

    • Why is it better? Both are 2000 points?

      • +1

        It's 2000 points for $50 Ultimate at Coles; only 1000 points for the $50 at WW?

        • +1

          Coles one is only 1 gift card per flybuys card.

          Woolies one is as many as you can but 10 cards per transaction, can be many transactions but limited to 10 cards per transaction.

          • @fishandchips: Ah, fair enough, did the T&C change? Didn't know there isn't a 1/card limit as per Coles. From memory these offers at WW also limited to 1 per Rewards card?

            • +1

              @Craze: It has been 10 for a long time. Kerfuffle would know more.

  • +1

    If I purchased the ultimate gift card tomorrow, can I make a purchase straight away at JB hifi?

    • +1

      Yes. Activates at Woolies checkout

  • Bought two $100 HIM and HER gift cards this morning, just before 0900. Didn't receive 2000 points for either purchase.

    Lodged missing points claim of Woolworthsrewards website. See what comes of it.

    • +2

      Did you buy the right Him card i.e. not this one?

      • Dammit, bought the wrong card! Can't return these can I.

        • +1

          Nope; they've been activated already

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: Lesson learnt, read what i am buying next time

    • +1

      Saw a lady took 10x $100 her card and 10x $100 him card this morning at marsfield woolies. Lol

      • Oh man, can't help but feel a little sorry for her 😟

    • +1

      I also bought the wrong one. The local store put them together under the promotion banner. I know got the wrong card and they are not allowed to return. However, the store do have the responsibility for this. I was double-checking during the checkout and the woollies staff told me I will receive bonus points. And another staff told me to claim missing points online after this happened. And even online staff spend 20 mins until he figure out this is not the card for promotion. I mean, if the woolies staffs are confusing about this, how can they expect customers to know it. The store asked me to contact online, then online told me to bring back for return. I had wasted 2 hours on this.

  • +1

    Stacked these GC with the 10% off at TGG.

    GC activate upon checkout, RP credit at checkout, limit to 10 GC per transaction.

    TGG accept (and rather happily) as many GC as it takes to pay down the invoice - we did 34x100 today for our new washer & dryer.

  • Such a good deal not getting much attention!

    • Because a good deal is 2000 points on a $50 gift card

      • Where was it?

  • -2

    Question can you buy these gift card with a Wish Gift card?