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MG ZS EV - Driveaway $43,990 @ MG


Electric Car for sub 45k driveaway, extra $500 for blue or red paint job

As per carsales website- https://www.caradvice.com.au/891380/2021-mg-zs-ev-in-austral...

The new 2021 MG ZS EV will be offered in Australia from a lower-than-expected $40,990 before on-road costs, with a national drive-away price of $43,990.

That price marks a $3000 saving on the pre-order drive-away price offered in November last year, and those earlier buyers will be offered the same new price.

Interestingly, the ZS EV will be offered only with a five-year (but still unlimited-kilometre) warranty, falling short of the seven years offered on other MG models. An eight-year / 160,000km warranty is standard on the battery pack, however – and, according to SAIC Motor Australia boss CEO Peter Ciao, that is the bigger point for EV buyers.

Power in the ZS EV is provided by a 105kW/353Nm electric motor and a 44.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack, with a WLTP-certified driving range of up to 262 kilometres.

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  • Sharp pricing.

  • Thanks op bought 3

  • Just looks like a CX5 a little

  • +28 votes

    Chinese electric car, well, good luck

  • 8 year warranty - I think its good. thoughts?

  • +30 votes

    Thanks OP, this'll look perfect in the water next to my Maldives villa

  • I don't like the idea of having the charging port on the front which is a delicate spot which might cause damage to ports.

    and No Frunk!

  • I see this as a win for consumers. EVs won't become widely popular if they still command the sort of prices organs go for on the black market.

  • This is an amazing deal for an electric car!

  • Does the CCP really need more of our money?

  • The current best Chinese electric car is probably this one. Not for sale in OZ though.

    There is a tesla model 3 factory in China. Starting to export tesla 3 to Euro market. And thanks to localisation the model 3 only cost around $50,000 in China. The factory was the key that Elon musk beat the wall street short-sellers.

    Nowadays around half of electric cars in the world are selling in China. Which means China has the strongest electric supplies chains. 2 biggest battery manufactures are also in China. BYD and Ninde.

    If you play Nasdaq, check NIO price.

    For OZ I personally hope OZ could be part of this big world changing games. While the media here is creating many hates to China, US is actually working closely with China in this world changing game, in someway that pp doesn't realize.

    • The tesla's made in china are better as well. They seem to have much better QC in the chinese factory

      • Not sure about that. But as I know, tesla is pushing a model that is using Ninde batteries. This version of model 3 could reach the price of $35000. The only setback is it would be 100km less distance.

        • The Chinese Model 3 SR+ uses CATL made LFP batteries. Being able to charge to 100% without issue is a great plus of the cheaper chemistry. Not having any Cobalt leaves the conscience a little clearer too.

    • I'm not sure it's totally the media's fault. China keeps doing their best to bully Australia.

      • Well. I cannot go too much on this because of it's all political. But if a country A 's media is 70% owned by country U. And country U and country C are competitors. I don't think it's easy for country A to make friend with country C, right?

        There is absolutely no such thing as love or hatred without any reason or cause. :)

        • To begin with, I didn't neg your comment.

          I don't claim to know the details, but the state owns China's media and the actions they are taking toward Australia time and time again are clearly designed to instigate and damage relations. They clearly don't have any respect for Australia as allies, friends or trading partners.

          Maybe the Chinese people think differently, but from what I've seen on social media, they fully support and agree with the state (although I would expect that they are indoctrinated).

          I think China has grown very quickly and are expecting to be the superpower at any expense.

          • @imurgod: Thank you for not neging my comment. I know i will easily get neg when it comes to politics. :)

            I think the important thing for OZ is GET TO KNOW CHINA. I can tell you the Chinese knows OZ but very few OZs really know China. You can easily tell by reading some comments in this thread. Or from twitter.

            No matter OZ try to build trading relationship with China, or OZ take China as enemy, OZ need to know China better.

            Try to understand how CCP thinks, how Chinese thinks. What is the core interest of China. How does common Chinese think of their government. Are their opinions come from brainwashed state media, or come from mix of state media and social media, or from their experience of compare the systems by travelling difference countries?

            Unfortunately, many OZ know China from news.com.au. And even from the same writer. How can that same writer is so obsessed on negative China, I wonder. :)

            • @pandasrandomchoice: Interesting points, although I'm not sure China knows Australia.

              I think Australians see how some Chinese act here (selfish with no regard for others) and add to that the dishonesty with which China handled covid and previous pandemics and the trust quickly disappears with a few articles and new coverage.

              As I said, I'm not educated in politics, I am merely letting you know my thoughts.

              Ideally, everyone would get along, but it's all a bit of give and take, not just take.

              • @imurgod: It's not surprise that OZ see Chinese that way. China is a fast development countries. Many senior Chinese lived in horrible lives when they were young. When they get old they still keep the way they live. For example, they could be very careful on every cents they spend. And acting very selfish.
                Also China is a population dense country. So people would looks more selfish in public, eg. bump into others. But this is totally normal in the world. Just like other part of pp from Japan see Tokyoers are rude. Pp from other part of US think new yokers are rude.

                For young Chinese generation, it's another level. Young Chinese are living in much better environment. So you can see younger Chinese are acting more polite then senior. A interesting point is, this is totally contrary to Australian. Senior Australian are so nice.

                But still to my opinion, do not judge people too fast. I saw some Chinese that are dude and stingy but donate all of their savings to schools in poor areas. And I saw some polite pp acting like (profanity) in the office. And I saw polite townhouse owner, put their family member into townhouse council and living like leech on other townhouse owners.

                During this covid period, to many pp in China, they are surprise to see that in many other countries, why there are people against wearing masks in public, why people buying up all the toilet papers, why there are people going to work while sick.

                That's what I am saying, people need to get to know each other. Because when you look at another point of view, it's a difference story.

              • @imurgod: Not only that, it wasn't long time back when the ccp affiliated students attacked the Hong Kong students in Australia. Also, iirc, the same thing happened to the supporters of Dalai Lama.

      • +11 votes

        It's a lot of political posturing. Australian politics is hijacked by china hawks propped up by murdoch media with a race to the bottom exploiting anti-chinese sentiment for cheap short term political gain. China was never going to be the bastion of virtue and beacon of democracy, but you can be tough against China and safeguard australia's interest without clumsy aggressive diplomacy - or lackthereof- which pisses our economy down the drain.

        • They have nukes, re education camps, it’s only moral not do business with such a power, if we give in they will be the most powerful nation, yes it is looking inevitable, though we could prop up and help other third 2nd world nations that are built on better moral grounds and still reap economic benifts, no one has the answer, and their are extreme ways to look at it but downplaying such a power due to political correctness is not the awnser neither is racism, I think the world should keep China in its place, as war is looking likely.

      • well, isn't it First Nation people been bullied on this very own soil and still being treated that way? that's bullying. what going on in between China and Australia is basically like this: why do I have to support your businesses if you piss me off - perhaps our pollies should have had their mouths shut like KFC?

        • I think you're off the mark here. Indigenous people in Australia are offered a lot of support. I don't know how you draw any parallels between the two topics.

          Also, why should the pollies have their mouths shut? I don't understand that. Who decides that? Another country?

          All they requested was to investigate this, especially given that China were never honest about the pandemic which, let be honest, caused this virus to spread.

          The whole world can learn from the investigation, how to better handle any future outbreaks, no?

          • @imurgod: it's not the act but the execution. think of how many ways you can tell your wife you are not buying her that $5k handbag. don't tell her you'd rather blow it on coke and hookers and wonder why you're in the doghouse..

            • @drwho: Ok, who have you been talking to?! Lol

              You're right though, it was a little ham fisted and it should probably have been left to usa to demand an investigation, but the sum total is that an investigation is warranted and China has acted like a spoiled brat since.

              If I have done nothing wrong and I'm accused of murder, I would welcome an investigation right?

              Let's not forget where China was 30 years or so ago. Building trust with the Western world would be prudent for them.

              Anyhow, I really don't want to go into foreign politics that much because I'm simply not very knowledgeable on the topic.

              • @imurgod: oh absolutely the inquiry was always going to happen, but let's not pretend morrison did what he did out of scientific curiousity and a sense of duty it was always a political play at the beck and call of the american hawks

                and my wife is actually looking at 5k handbags hence the too close to home analogy above. i'm looking for sleeping bag bargains as we speak

    • China also has the most Coal Fired Power Stations :-)

    • That's a terrible review. And why is he wearing a bum bag?

  • Driving range is still not quite there yet, needs to be WLTP 400kms as a minimum imho

    • yeah its a good in town commuter for home to work to shopping to home (less than 50kms in one day)

    • +7 votes

      Sort of agree, but how often are you driving more than 100km a day? I'd put it at a few weekends away per year.

      If the battery packs are the expensive bit, they should be putting in smaller packs, with the option to rent an additional pack for one of those trips. At 25K EVs are a no brainer.

      • We are a young family and we have 2 cars.
        Car 1 is a hatchback/small SUV for our small trips, from work to home to shopping.
        Car 2 is our bigger family car for long road trips or weekends away

        I'm thinking this MG EV is suitable for Car 1 replacement (EVs are meant to be efficient in urban areas with regenerative braking) and we can have a petrol or diesel for Car 2 for those weekends away and longer road trips.

    • You know ciao means both hello and goodbye in Italian, right? Makes your meaning a bit unclear.

  • how much will Mustang Mach expected to cost in AU

  • Only 105kW power.

    Is it me, or does that seem severely underpowered for a 1500kg vehicle?

  • Can I charge this with my recently acquired Romoss portable charger?

    • Yes you can!!!

      I think the Romoss is 18W
      So, unless you bought 2,472 of those batteries you're not going to be able to fully charge your car as the car batteries are 44.5kWh

      If you work out the maths, it's cheaper for you to buy a spare car just for the batteries than 2,472 Romoss.
      It will also save you the time on figuring out how to wire your Romoss to produce the likely 48V power it needs to charge.

      Good luck.

  • is that a genuine 262km range? or real-world something like 150km