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MG ZS EV - Driveaway $43,990 @ MG


Electric Car for sub 45k driveaway, extra $500 for blue or red paint job

As per carsales website-

The new 2021 MG ZS EV will be offered in Australia from a lower-than-expected $40,990 before on-road costs, with a national drive-away price of $43,990.

That price marks a $3000 saving on the pre-order drive-away price offered in November last year, and those earlier buyers will be offered the same new price.

Interestingly, the ZS EV will be offered only with a five-year (but still unlimited-kilometre) warranty, falling short of the seven years offered on other MG models. An eight-year / 160,000km warranty is standard on the battery pack, however – and, according to SAIC Motor Australia boss CEO Peter Ciao, that is the bigger point for EV buyers.

Power in the ZS EV is provided by a 105kW/353Nm electric motor and a 44.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack, with a WLTP-certified driving range of up to 262 kilometres.

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    • It will depend on how fast you drive for how long, but if you are exclusively doing highway driving my guess it it could be as low as 170. Having said that, not many people are in that boat. In town if you avoid motorways or going above 80 you will get close to the mark. Realistically if you add in a few minutes of driving to and from the motorway exists you shoudl get at least 200km (at a guess, you could research this I'm sure as it's a popular car now)

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      I live 240kms away from my closest mg dealer. Lots of range anxiety to get this MG Home

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        And back again for warranty repairs ;)

    • 170 km with 10+- percent left

      • Do you have one?

        • Naa watched some YouTube vids

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    I hit the like button just because it’s electric.

  • Just to check, is this a limited time price or MSRP?

  • Thats a pretty nice price.
    I was looking at the Renault Zoe for 36K but this is a lot bigger.
    My friend has the MG1.5ltr model, i might take her to compare the two.

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    Not sure how the battery management system is on the MG, but to maximise battery longevity they may ask you to maintain only up to a 80% charge for daily use. Combine that with the overly optimistic WLTP figures which overestimates real world range by ~20%, you’re looking at ~175km of charge for daily use.

    For $44K, its still not quite there yet for me. MG will also have terrible depreciation being a smaller brand.

    I’m awaiting the new chinese made Model 3’s and Y’s which will hopefully reduce costs by about ~$5000. With the phosphate lead batteries instead of lithium ion, which can daily charge up to 100%, this might mean a SR+ model at $60-70K would offer a real world 400km range, reducing the need to upgrade for $20K to the long range models.

    All theory crafting on my part. I think we’re still 3-5 years out before widespread mainstream adoption - which in Australia will be determined by price, range and available charging infrastructure. Whether the government offers any incentives (eg remove stamp duty) to accelerate this, is another story…

    • ACT has zero stamp duty costs for electric cars. Makes it more affordable

      • Does that also apply for transfer of ownership?

    • phosphate lead batteries

      Think you mean Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP). But I agree the China SR+ sounds like a winner

      • Yes. Thanks @Steptoe as usual for all things electric :)

    • I've been researching EV's for a while, very tempted to get this one. It does have water cooled battery, and has been out in the UK (cold) and Thailand (much more Au temps) for two years i think? No reports of degredation on the car forums yet.

      Re: 80% this car does the same thing as the Kona and the Ioniq where the car has a built in buffer that the consumer can't access so that a "100%" charge is not actually 100%. This also means any battery degredation that has occured in the last couple of years has been hidden from owners in the UK and Thailand as the capacity is shown still 44kwh even if it may have degraded.

      Agreed i would love a cheaper tesla, but I like the practicality of this car for a family, so i am tempted. DC fast charging and water-cooled battery means this beats the current Zoe's for sale in australia.

      • Depreciate much faster then a Tesla, better to cry once and buy the Tesla rather then cry twice

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    Would rather buy a used Tesla

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      Still nowhere near this price

  • Any ludicrous mode? if so, might buy 2

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    I've got a MG card, its great! I'm starting to see alot more MG's on the road now.

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      agree, people need test drive to see the saving or rip off we been paying lol

    • I respect the opinion of an ex-Google, ex-Facebook Tech Lead (as a millionaire)

  • Thanks, but no thanks.

  • In terms of acceleration, MG's Australian release quotes only a 0-60km/h time, listed at 3.1 seconds

    0-60 time got my hopes up for a moment

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    been using 2 of their MG3 Auto, very good price and decent drive

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    Why purchase a car from a regime that is putting serious pressure on our own exports?
    All these MGs and Great walls etc should be sent back to China, until they learn to play nicely on the world stage.

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      I bloody agree

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      Lol like banning Huawei for 'security reasons' is 'playing nicely on the world stage'. Go figure.

      Aussie exports are suffering purely because it is retaliation from the Chinese, and guess who started the trade war?

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        More like "guess who had the gall to question the CCP about the virus"

      • Yes do you know how fast the George Orwellian world is developing over their? It’s not a joke, facial recognition, banning people from getting jobs, welfare, all sorts of Bs.. we should not let them get more powerful, it’s just another tank, plane, nuke and Loan shark deal we are helping them achieve, maybe I’m paranoid atm but I think war is a strong possibility in the next few decades

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    Real acceleration

    Cars of yore used to fake acceleration by turning the planet under it instead of moving the car.

    • Used fake torque too.

    • On a serious note though, you can fake velocity but you can't fake acceleration.

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    43K No led headlights no thanks

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      Oh yeah that's the main point of this car.

  • Not long now before EVs can be had for the price of a corolla!

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      You mean the new Yaris?

  • Any other EV alternatives in aus, around the same price range (now and near future)?

    • Probably the Ioniq

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        IONIQ is 10K list on top of this though probably can haggle. Low pack voltage (Ex Kona 38kWh) is dog slow to recharge, worse that the OG IONIQ

    • Ace is releasing some odd looking ones for 20-30k next year I believe.

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    Or just wait a couple of years for the $35000 Tesla

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      In a few years the MG EV will probably cost 20-30k with their business model

    • Demand will likely push out availability in Australia on that one

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        Yes renault zeo and small electric cars have skipped aus as they logic is Aussie dont want cars with 200KM range, plus we dont have the subsisted that make them exciting like Europe.

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    Aus beef, wine and barley have problem to go to China but China cars have no problem to come to Aus. Is this bloody fair? I bought lots of Chinese products without intention but now it would be different.

    • It's either we follow the Chinese way or be the OzBargain way . Proud to have bargain no matter where it's made

  • I wonder what the ancap rating is ?

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    Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole personally. Things are generally cheap for a reason, so where have the corners been cut? Also, calling this an MG is frankly taking the piss.

    If I had $40K to spend on a car, I'd be buying something used for $35K that was $80K new, and the other $5K can offset the cost of the fuel for a few years.

    Electric cars will get there, but I'm in no rush to buy one.

  • Stupid question, if I drive this to a holiday home (say I book a place from stayz) for example, how do I charge this overnight?

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    • Pretty sure the original leaf had a AC plug with insanely slow charge, but I think every other car hasn't. You need a industrial outlet

      • So if one drives to a random holiday home they book, they get there, they can’t charge unless you’re driving a leaf?

      • yes of course, charge an EV with a petrol generator - brilliant ;)

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      Wall plug with a Granny Cable. Else

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      It comes with what they call a "granny" charger that plugs into a regular wall outlet. 7 hours to fill it up i think. My mates have a leaf, and they have held off getting a fast charger at home as they are getting by with the granny charger every night.

      Also if you are keen, I like to take hypothetical road trips in different EV's on the various apps. My favourite is ABRP (A Better Route Planner) you can select a car and then a journey and it will tell you all the fast chargers on the route you can top up at. Its been really eye opening about things like - different efficiencies and different charge rates.

      EG: Renault Zoe- doesnt have any DC charging so takes ~3 hours to fill
      2020 Ioniq - changed DC voltage on battery so now takes ~40mins vs ~20mins on DC

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        Thanks! helpful info

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        Clever approach. Have done the same.

        Lack of Capacity can be in part made up by (low) Consumption and (high) Charging Rates. The 1000km challenge is a good way to compare models and get their true average speed all things considered.

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    MG brand name was stolen from a bunch of B class won't to be business men from the UK. They took them out for dinner asked them to give them the MG name in good faith.

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    Bjorn Nyland (TeslaBjorn) has a ZS EV in Thailand. There's a lot of videos on his YouTube Channel.

  • Ugh hmmmm.. is this car good nuff for mortgage broker … ??

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    Regardless Chinese are not, i welcome the competition.

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    I plan to wait for the Xiaomi version to come out at a cheaper price.

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    44.5kwh at 100% charge efficiency and 0.30c/kWh (roughly) is about $13 to travel 260km. So economy is about the same as a petrol car getting 5-5.5 l/100km, if you're filling up for between $0.95-$1.00 a litre.

    My wife is getting 5.9l/100km in her 2018 Astra RS/V that we got for $21k drive away a couple of years ago with 3,000kms on it and the balance of the 5 year warranty.

    I'm struggling to see any compelling reason to go to an EV like this other than to hug some trees.

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      Lots of free chargers around. Just don't tell anyone else. It's also good for using Solar PV to charge instead of a rapidly decreasing FIT and export limits that are becoming more common.

  • What poultry range. I average around 300-350 on my model 3 SR and sometimes get range anxiety when Im on long drives or forget to charge one night.

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      What's it got to do with Chickens?

    • yeah tesla is the one to beat, in range, charge networks, and software too. Mind you this is almost 30k cheaper, too!

  • Interesting the VW-derived switchgear and steering wheel (probably due to MG's family ties with SAIC, and the SAIC-VW joint venture)

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    Some comparison of consumption and range to other models

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    Also note that there is a Facelift already in the pipeline.

  • AU$36,284 in the UK after concessions etc.

    Certainly influences the reviews etc

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      Australians may get concessions for EV ownership if there is a change of government.

      I would prefer the MG5 EV station wagon, they released in the UK:

      More boot space than a Subaru Outback of Audi Q5.

      MG claim Maximum driving range of 344 kilometres on a single charge, based on the real-world driving cycle.

      I think SUVs & Utes will be taxed higher like they are EU/ UK if there is a change of government. Car makers may then reintroduce small cars like Colt, Pulsar and Accent which were pulled even though for example the Accent was the 15 th most popular car sold at the time it was pulled.