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[PC, Steam] Humble VR Fall Bundle (Walking Dead Saints and Sinners + Bonuses) - Pay A$24.06 or More


The main deal here is Saints and Sinners VR (steam version) for $24.06 AUD. That's about half price of what its listed for on steam's page.

HIstorical low.

Paying $24.06 unlocks the top tier which also gets you:

zero caliber (reviews very well)
I expect you to die (overwhelmingly posititive)
Creed Rise to glory (reviews well)
Raw Data (reviews well)
Atech cybernetic (reviews are ok)
Killing floor incursion (mixed reviews)
Archangel (reviews well)

Exceedingly good deal - especially those who have a shiny new Quest 2 and either Virtual desktop or Oculus Link (or both).

Personally I am waiting for the native Quest version to go on sale (but will most likely not happen this side of 2025 :(

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  • +6

    Saints and Sinners is an insanely good VR game. Haven't gotten that much into a VR game since RE7.

    • +1

      re7 spooked me enough as a pancake version as is - vr would be just too much lol

    • Do you happen to know if Walking Dead Saints and Sinners: Meat Grinder is the same game with dlc added or just dlc?

      • +1

        i didnt buy the deal as i prefer native quest tbh - but from googling it looks like added dlc?

  • +1

    Damn now I want to pick up a VR set to play the Walking dead game…the new oculus is at the perfect price point with all the bells and whistles but the mandatory facebook account thing is pretty off putting. Thanks for the post though.

    • +3

      Pretty sure it can be jailbreak if ur into that..

      • +1

        Don't think it's released to the public yet, plus you'd lose all Oculus functionality I believe.

    • +1

      Cant you use a fake account? I see the reason why a facebook account required ia off putting but why cant you use a fake one? Do they have requirements or something

      • +4
        • +1

          From what I've heard they have also completely bricked headsets in some cases. They usually revert it but it sounds like alot of work so I wouldn't risk it.

    • +1

      Keep an eye out for Samsung Odyssey / Odyssey Plus, seen a few on eBay lately probably from Quest 2 buyers. Awesome HMD for the price and no Facebook shit.

  • +3

    Hey I was just wondering. I'll be receiving my Reverb G2 soon. Are all these games on steam and how does this work? Sorry if its obvious i just wanna make sure.

    • On steam

      Buy code
      Redeem on steam

    • In my experience, Steam has the best integration with VR too. I run Reverb and Oculus Quest 2 (wireless is fantastic) and previously had CV1 and DK2.

      In short, install game on steam. When ready to play, it's as simple as clicking on game to start it and put in headset. If the game is both playable in VR and normal monitor, an option will pop up asking you which means you want to play it on.

      • Have you had any experience running superhot via virtual desktop for quest 2? Couldn't get the grab to work… Thanks

        • Mine works fine and indeed running through virtual desktop.

          • @Porker: Thanks I did some research and I think I need to change the beta I'm opted into

        • Works fine on quest 2

  • +1

    Great deal thanks for the heads up OP.

    Got the Quest 2 version of Saints and Sinners and really enjoying it, although I'm looking forward to the graphical upgrade of the PC VR version.

    • +2

      I have a decent amount gaming laptop for virtual desktop streaming but i actually 100% prefer native quest use.

      Instant in/out of game is a HUGE plus having an infant.

      • I use virtual desktop too, it's good but have had some lag. Native quest games are great and as you say, much easier for quick sessions. I've got an infant too so most of the time I just play native Quest titles, but on those rare occasions I have time to fiddle about I love the SteamVr experience….Half Life: Alyx has been amazing so far

        • i turned down the stream quality to low and use ethernet over power for a dedicated 5ghz network, seems ok.
          I just play blade and sorcery , super hot, in death and it's not so bad.

          Upside: in comparison, native quest gaming looks amazing lmao

  • Can anyone recommend a solid pre-built VR PC? I don't play any AAA modern games but I'd really like to be able to max out Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky in VR without my system catching fire.

    • depends on your budget?
      VR at all maxed out settings really pushes pc hard.
      Would want to probably set aside a good 1500-2000 depending if you already had stuff like peripherals and monitors sorted.

      • I've already got mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor etc. Just the PC itself. Budget isn't a huge worry. Something that handles those games in VR easily. I'm not too concerned about anything super recent.

    • +1

      That's funny because VR is more demanding than AAA gaming and honestly you can never have enough power. Tech fast and titan tech or whatever had pretty good pre builds posted here recently too.

  • On the off chance anyone already has S&S but wants the bundle for the other games, hit me up.

  • +1

    Thanks, already had:

    Archangel: Hellfire - Fully Loaded

    • is the letter em for Mary
  • Was hoping for beat saber but this is a good deal nonetheless

    • +1

      Imo pistol whip is vastly superior for a music based workout.

      • This bundle doesn't have pistol whip either haha.
        Hopefully one of those games gets a discount soon cause neither have ever gone on sale.

  • +2

    Was literally just looking around for new content for my shiny new Reverb G2. Killer timing bro, thanks.

    • +1

      U welcome

    • +1

      Dam, I wanted one of the G2 as well but Quest 2 is coming in tmr. Didnt know VR headsets cost that much.

  • On a semi related question, does Oculus store games ever go on sale. Just got quest 2 and wondering if I'll just be waiting forever for games to go on sale.

    • +1

      IIRC - when quest 1 came out it was like a year before any meaningful sale on games.

      If you have vpn and no international fee card I can suggest using Canadian oculus store as some titles are a good $10+ cheaper.

      Eleven table tennis
      Pistol whip (36 vs $26)

      • But i can still play them in australia no problem right?

        • Yes. I just played a session of pistol whip no prob

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