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OPOLAR Battery Operated Air Duster US$36.75 / A$48.10 Shipped @ ATEnge Store via AliExpress


Pay with PayPal to enjoy US $2.00 instant off. Model number in specifications and photos from recent customer reviews suggest this is indeed the Opolar (also, the brand name is displayed on the last product image).

Don't forget cashback, not sure if it would stack with the code but worth a try.

Mod Note: Coupon Code SINGLEDAY4 has expired, but LETYSHOP1120 still available (cost ~A$2 more than original post).

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  • +36

    WTF! I paid nearly $70 a few weeks ago!

    • +3

      I'm sure lots of people did lol

      • Yes, hundreds I'm guessing.

    • is it worth it?

      • +22

        I'm not that impressed with it. I wouldn't have purchased it if I was able to trial it first.

        • +93

          Seems like you weren't blown away by it.

        • +3

          Yeah, a hair dryer is cheaper.

          • +2

            @misfitt1911: It's cheaper, and when you put on the concentrator nozzle (the flat one) it's more powerful.

            In fairness, it's not cordless though.

          • @misfitt1911: Good idea. $16 from K Mart. Thanks.

        • +6

          For those wondering about the strength of this duster compared to other options, this is a great video (although it's in Korean).


          But to summarise, the video compares the air pressure between the two OPOLAR models against a can of compressed air and a pneumatic compressed air tank. It's achieved simply by aiming the air at a digital scale and measuring the force (weight) exherted.

          OPOLAR original - 28g
          OPOLAR 60,000rpm - 42g
          Compressed can of air - 80g (short burst)
          Tank of compressed air - 120g

          • +1

            @ash2000: Tank of compressed air probably contains heavier particles such as water.

            • @afoveht: Easily removed with a refrigerated compressed air dryer, or a cheap moisture filter.

              • @m9: Not the point of his comment. His comment was indicating that given the heavy water, using a mass balance to determine air pressure is not accurate.

                • @bbbargain: Oops. Wrong Opolar deal post. Somehow thought afoveht was replying to this comment and I chimed in saying you can easily remove moisture from compressed air allowing you to clean non sensitive electronics. I need another drink..

          • @ash2000: Does anyone own the XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro and OPOLAR original/upgraded? How well do they compare in the field?

            I've outlined some specs below (ripped off the sites) including ali express, opolar and xpower AU/US. Was going to perform some minor calculations using https://www.engineering.com/calculators/airflow.htm but I feel that my conversions wouldn't be accurate.

            Device (links to manufacturer) RPM Wind Speed Rated Airflow Power Source
            OPOLAR original 33,000 28 m/s unknown Battery 6000 mAh rechargeable
            OPOLAR upgraded 33,000 - 60,000 35+ m/s unknown Battery 6000 mAh rechargeable
            XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro AU US 35,000 / 40,000 unknown 90 CFM Corded (550 Watt Motor)

            *Feel free to chime in with some answers to the unknown values
            **I'm NOT associated with either seller(s) or manufacturer(s)

            Nonetheless these specs ain't terribly great to have cause I'm confused how a 10 watt device can be comparable in output to something thats corded

          • +1

            @ash2000: I wonder what results a human with a straw can achieve.

      • +2

        Mine turned up a week ago from the last deal and I am pretty happy with it.. It isn't as intense as a can of compressed air, and it could probably use a slightly finer nozzle - but overall I am really happy with it.

        I had a sliding compound mitre saw absolutely covered in thick dust from cutting siding and it cleaned it up really nicely, got into all the nooks and crannies and stopped it dropping shit all through my car.


    • same and it still hasn't been delivered

    • I just bought the upgraded version for $100 :/

      • upgraded works well depending on your use case scenario.

      • Was yours a refurb? I received mine today and the box inside was dusty and the attachments appeared to be used. I was pretty pissed off with the QC. Vacuum and blower work fairly well but, yeah, I need to contact the company about it tomorrow.

        • Only ordered it today so we'll see.

    • Do you think we can be compensated?

      • +5

        No. And what's worse is we now have to live with the knowledge that we paid too much every time we use it!

        • +1


          • +1

            @smako69: It's not one of my better purchases from ozbargain, from a performance perspective, and now, price perspective. 😢

            • +1

              @ash2000: I have been trying to convince myself that I wasn’t a little bit disappointed with its performance and then I opened this thread….Yeah, not my finest moment either.

              • +2

                @mattahula: I'm definitely going to be more cautious about the Herd buying mentality next time!

    • Yes i did too.

  • +4

    Love the Opolar. Annihilated most of the dust in my HP n40l without even taking it apart.

  • +5

    Coupon code doesnt work

    • Must have stopped working shortly after I posted the deal, I tested it and it definitely was applying before

      • Yep. I just ran Honey's Coupons attempts through and got a hit. Took it down to $48.10 with use of PayPal payment discount too.

  • Shows $57 to me

  • "This promo code is a limited offer and is no longer available."

  • Just got mine from the other deal today

    • How is it?

      • +4

        Cliffhanger end of season moment. Tune in next Season to find out~!

      • It's ok, blows dust away I guess lol I actually got it to dry the car after a wash so have yet to try that

  • Code doesn't work.

  • +8

    When ever I need to dust my PC I just take it out back and use my wife's hairdryer, with no heat. I also use a small paint brush to dislodge any dust that's stuck. Does a pretty good job and one less thing I need to buy/store.

    • Yep, i just use the air compressor in the shed.

    • Ryobi blower from a distance?

  • thanks for the updated code

  • This promo code is a limited offer and is no longer available.

  • If you guys have Honey extension, use the coupon sampler to see if you can snag a hit with one. I had to do it twice as the first time Paypal errored out. The second time a different coupon code hit but with the same discount. ended up being $48.10 delivered

  • +3

    just use hairdryer on cold settings lol

    • Or just go hot 🔥 for some diy soldering.

  • +1

    "LETYSHOP1120" Gets it down to $48.10 shipped with PayPal discount.

    • How do you pay with PayPal?

      • Sometimes it's not shown as a payment source, so expanding that box, and selecting PayPal is all I needed to do.
        NB, I don't know if the bonus $2 saving with Paypal applied to the order, just the total with that code.

    • Is that inclusive of GST?

  • +2

    Got some coupons from the seller and when I logged in AliExpress gave me a bunch of coupons for some reason, comes down to $45.31 shipped for me with PayPal. Aliexpress is confusing sometimes with all the random coupons

  • What the.. mine is $34.55 USD. Code didn't work though… But some random $20 coupon popped up on my screen.

  • With the other discount codes they seem to get wiped out and after GST is added it's up to $57!

  • Didn't need this! But bought anyways!!

  • So Opolar just white label the goods??!

  • Just scored it for $45.31 delivered, a bunch of coupons popped up and I paid with PayPal for a further reduction.

  • Paid US$34.55 after some random coupon pop up and applied automatically.

  • not sure why but i bought one

    • I'm gonna use it to blow the dags off my beard November mo.

  • +1

    Well I feel like a dill for buying from the previous deal

  • I was able to purchase it at A$48.10 … interest thing is that if you use any type of cashback link then the price of the item goes up from $55.61 to $68.19

  • +1

    Man, just got mine for 70 dollars, this is depressing.

  • This is not that good - get the upgraded model.

  • It's a pitty it uses Micro USB.

    • +3

      Surely people aren't that lazy they can't change a cord?

      • Not only the cord, USB C is faster charging. + i got a ton of usb c around while maybe 1-2 of micro usb meaning more then ever il be wasting time looking for a micro when i got a lot of type c around.

  • Thanks OP !

  • Thanks OP!

    Got mine at USD 34.55!

  • +1

    I ordered one of these (not from this seller) and ended up getting sent this piece of shite instead:


    Had to do a dispute to get my money back after many weeks. Not saying this seller will scam you but just be aware, its possible.

  • +3

    Honey used: ALIALERABAT1111

    To get $4.18 Off

    • USD$3 OFF which is the same as what OP quoted: LETYSHOP1120

      • +1

        Never a bad thing of having more coupons, never know when one well expire. :)

    • +1

      Thanks mate. LETYSHOP coupon code expired but yours worked nicely!!
      Got this for $54.22 after applying the Paypal discount too.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one. Now it's time to think whether I needed one.

  • +2

    I'm not 100% but looking at the pictures in more detail this doesn't look to have the Opolar brand on it and shows ATEnge. Are these not original? Would that explain why they're cheaper than the last sale?

    • Pictures from customer reviews are showing Opola brand. Hopefully, that's what we're getting.

      • +1

        Looks like some of the customers received ATEnge branded ones. So it could be a 50/50 of which brand you'll get. might just be the same product but just rebadged

  • Code didnt work anymore

  • Small and weak motor cannot be that good.

    I bought the Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac 500-Watt, 0.75-HP Electric Duster years ago and it is more than adequate.

    • +2

      But that's mains powered and large. So not directly comparable.

      • You cannot defy physic with small motor, small battery to get similar power. You need the main to get that power.

  • +1

    I bought this on Amazon for 100 and like it but whenever I come read the comments to be sad about the bargain I didn’t get I feel worse because everyone in the comments doesn’t like it

    • +8

      Life's not perfect and sometimes you just have to live and let it be, don't stress the little superficial things. The fact that you like using the product should be the only thing that matters, other people can have their own opinions but that shouldn't affect yours 🙂

      • +1

        Man the best advice I've seen on ozb, thanks viet jesus

  • I've been using my electic flosser for dusting my keyboard etc. I drain the liquid inside before use so it's all compressed air.

    Does this work much better on a keyboard? My flosser is a hack, so just wanted to know if I'm missing out much.

  • i bought the Opolar upgraded and now i have a portable hair dryer… 30000rpm is not strong enuf so i love the 2 speed option, havent used it as a vacuum cleaner yet.. its expensive but i love it.

  • +1

    Quite many negative comments about the Opolar. Mine just arrived and I am sceptical. Feeling the buyer regret. 😞

    • I did try to warn you.

  • Anyone received their order from this store yet?

    • still waiting for mine

    • waiting for mine too…..

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