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Vaalia 900g Yoghurt Varieties $3 (RRP $5.80) @ Woolworths


This deal is back at Woolies again. At 33c/ 100g, this is a great value yoghurt.

Varieties: Natural (low fat), French Vanilla (low fat), Blueberry, and Luscious Berries (low fat). All options taste pretty good as they should :-)

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    Yes, it is cheap. Tastes cheap as well. Anyway, at this price I guess you could not go wrong. I would say it tastes about the same as Woolies brand which is aways at this price (just a few cents more).
    A bit offtopic but it is a shame Jalna jacked up their promotion price to 55 cents per 100 grams.

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      Well, why would you say it tastes cheap. It tastes the same as how it tasted at double the price when it was not on special that often and $3.50 is the lowest it ever went in the past.

      As far as just the taste goes, it's hard to beat Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy range though it has more sugar and fat I reckon. Btw, it's on special as well this week.

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        It is silly to argue about tastes, so let's do it.
        The fruits (the blueberry e.g. tastes nothing like regular frozen blueberry you could add to a yoghurt yourself (I am not even talking about fresh)) it tastes as if it was boiled for 3 hours.
        The base, or the youghurt itself tastes as if it is milk boiled with cornflour. That texture makes it taste cheap.

        Ingredients wise it is not good: uses sugar, powdered milk, low fat.
        My favourite yoghurt so far is the original Jalna. No dry milk, does not taste boiled, no sugar, lots of fat (which makes it creamy) plus it is potset.

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          Fair enough. I like Jalna too, but it doesn't have as many flavours as Dairy Farmers and Vaalia have.

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            @virhlpool: I mix my own when bored. I add frozen fruit, jam, honey, dried currants, sultanas, raisins, cashews etc.

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            @virhlpool: I'll take this opportunity to say the Margaret River brand is the turdiest, nastiest yoghurt imho. It might be a WA only thing (if the east coast is lucky..)

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              @justtoreply: It is very tasty, yes. But it tastes more like a desert rather than yoghurt. Extremely creamy and very sweet.

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    10 cents from 1/2, which almost never happens on specials unless small sizes or close to best before, thanks OP, especially it's said to be good for digestion

  • Just wondering which yoghurt is ozbargainer's favourite?

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      At the moment loving Gippsland dairy, most flavours are good, but a bit sweet so agree with Tetiana in the sense more like a desert then yoghurt. Second would be dairy farmers. Both go on special regularly to $4 or $5

      • Gippsland is very good, but they only ever go on special to $5 (from $7). Never anywhere near half price.

        Also, the Aldi equivalent of Gippsland yogurt is $4.29 I think (everyday). So not much discounted.

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      Homemade greek yoghurt has been a game changer. I reckon it's one of the best things I've learned from OzB

    • Harris Farm brand ones are awesome. Mainly the unsweetened version and then add some fresh berries and bananas 😍

    • Probably yopro (plain unflavoured)

      Im pretty much addicted to yoghurt and fruit

      I throw in half a bag of frozen fruit, a mountain of cacao powder then something crunchy like puffed grains/oats

    • Definitely Jalna Biodynamic. Tastes great on its own and is very healthy (low only natural sugar content and low calories). It is a plain yoghurt but you can add whatever you want to change the flavour. Second favourite is Evia Greek natural yoghurt.

      Oh just searched this up and seems like I am a good judge of taste: https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/the-best-natural-yoghurts-2...

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    I buy Vaalia because of the probiotics - no one has mentioned this and everyone has discussed taste …

    But the sugar content is slightly higher than other brands …

  • YoPro is the best yoghurt to use health wise, this brand however is full of sugary badness….or goodness?