This was posted 1 year 2 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra SIM Only Plan 80GB/Mo for $59/Mo (12M Contract) + $500 Bonus JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (in-Store, New Customers Only)


Rang up JB Hi Fi this morning to see what plan I could get with the new I phones and she happened to offer me this deal instead. She also pointed out after tomorrow the deal would be lessened to a $400 gift card.

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          • @tryagain: Oh ok? I stole that style off another oz member last time but both times were smooth.

        • What happens to 049696961?

          • @quarrymaster: Gone. The number you keep goes onto the plan the other is quarintine before being recycled

        • Where have you requested doing this, trying on live chat/message, and it's excruciating!

          • @tryagain: Live chat

            • @Slippery Fish: This was my first reply after laying it out as clearly as you have, it gets worse from there

              Can i confirm what number would you like to cancel? because if ever what we can do is to just switch sim cards

              Latest is he is saying that it can't be done, I have asked to talk to a higher level help.

              • @tryagain: Ouch :/ I'd try ringing or another rep, I've never had an issue

                • @Slippery Fish: Think I am now booked in for a call from the level 2 help (who fixed up the stuff up last time), I was thankfully smart enough to ask if it could be done before signing up and getting a "yes" so that helps when requesting it be escalated, even if I had to ask about 4 times. The other compounding issue is due to covid issues (in India) their overseas-based seems very reduced, i.e. no live chat, etc.

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    How long need to port out and port in again?

    • 1 month at last attempt

    • Pretty sure last time this deal came up there were multiple reports of people porting out and back in the same day

    • I did 1 week last time and worked for me

  • I'm international student and visa less than a year. Am i eligible?

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      And you plan to stay or leave? If planning to leave, why bother a 12 months contract you won't use up ( unless you are thinking …..)

      • temp visa after possibly

      • If he's from India, he's probably never leaving.

    • You might as well go with eTel. I am on 25gb and international calls for $17-18 per month.

      • How's the reception on eTel? I haven't heard that before.

  • So what's the go with these, how long do I need to be away from Telstra to get a deal?

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      was away for 18 days they said no, YMMV

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    Still waiting on my gift card when I did this over a month ago. Called up multiple times and each time they've said I should get it within 2 business days. Pretty frustrating. I was gonna use it on a PS5 but who knows when they're going to get another order in now that December's allocation is sold out.

  • If I have two numbers on Optus, can I bring them both across for a total $1000 in gift cards?

    • I believe so, do one at a time ;)

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      Yes you can.
      We have done the same during last same promo a few weeks ago switching from Optus to Telstra and got 2*$500 GC. Service switched successfully within 10min.

    • Yes you can, I did this last time, did them both at once, into the same name, no issue.

    • Thanks guys, just signed up for both and my $1000 in gift cards are pending approval, they'll call me when they're ready to be picked up

  • Got this plan 2 weeks ago!

    My number ported from Optus pre-paid in 10 mins.

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    Which store was this?

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    guys, is this 80GB plan 5g ready?

  • Still waiting to receive the $500 GC from the last deal. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • I assume you purchased it over the phone? I did it in store and walked out with it

      • Yes on the phone.

    • I received my $500 GC a couple days after activating the SIM.

  • Anyone signed up to this previously actually get 80GB? I signed up to the last one and only got 60GB.

    • Yeh I got the 80GB. Signed up last months deal

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      They have to add the 20gb bonus manually. Call them and they can do it on the spot, takes 5 minutes.

      • Call Telstra or JB?

    • Call up telstra about it

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    Why would you pay so much pm…

    • To get a $500 gift card?

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      Sell the gift card and get 80gb of data with excellent Telstra reception for about $20 a month.

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      only works out cheap if and only if you intend to buy something.
      Wanted to buy the iphone 12 pro for my mother, AND WORK needed 150gb+ data, so it worked out well for me.

      If you do not intend to buy anything, its completely stupid. unless you sell the gift card for like 450? then it works out well; once again, if and only if you need the data.

      I am on boost plan, 19$ p/m for about 20gb data.
      This if you sell the card for like 450, you be paying 17$p/m for 80gb

      Seems pretty stupid since i will never use 80GB personally per month.

      • according to your logic, it's still cheap isn't it? You're paying $19/mth and this will end up at $17/mth (and more data, which you can ignore if you don't need it)

      • Gift cards don’t have an expiry date so I don’t see why not get it even if I don’t intend to buy something now. I eventually will either buy something or come across a friend who is going to buy something from them and that friend will hopefully fork out the full $500.

        • i agree with everything above, i am just stating the obvious, i am sure there are heaps of people that have never stepped into jb hi fi.
          I am one of them, it is actually my first purchase from jb.

          Just make sure you are buying something that you need, and you are sweet.

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    Just called up the store - confirmed this deal is running at JB Gepps Cross SA for today. Unsure about tomorrow, so better get in today if you want to get in on this deal.

    • did anyone confirm this deal for any NSW store? if so please list.

    • Make sure you are porting in not getting a new number. I learned a lesson from last deal posted here and called to confirm new number would get $500 gift card. When I got there was told a complete different story that new number is $400 port in is $500.

  • to me, 80GB is more than enough for one year…
    no buy save XXX!

    • Some will be using this as their only internet connection.

  • Anyone who has signed up over the phone, how long did it take to receive and port etc.

    Our prepaid plans still have about 3 weeks left so don't want to waste that by doing in store.

    • Mine took 4 weeks. Granted, I think mine was an exception and most took around 1 week.

      You could potentially only activate the sim when your prepaid expires though? There might be a limit of how long you have to activate the sim once you receive it though. And it might potentially lead to complication getting the GC.

    • Took less than a week. 3 days if I recall.

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    Rep @ Forest Hill Vic said 500 bonus expired. It's 400 now.
    Gonna try Nuna

    • I called mine in QLD and they said it was in a different area of their system to the 400 one. Just ask them to double check and they should find it.

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      Twice in the last month I have been in JB FHC and asked about a deal I had seen here and on JB's website, only to be told that they had no idea what I was talking about. The second time, a family member went into the same store a few hours later and asked about the same deal, and was told the same thing.
      Now I don't bother, and I stick to Nunawading.

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      Signed up at Nunawading. Should be statewide, apparently Forest Hill not up to date with deal…

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    Noob question. Once you sign up, you become telstra post paid customer, correct?

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  • Hey, maybe a silly question

    Can you just go in for the plan, you don't have to be buying a phone?

    And this would be on 5G?

    Thanks ya'll

    • Yes/Yes

  • Can the gift card be used to purchase online-only things (like the new DJI Ronin RS2)?

    • Used it yesterday online with C&C.

      • Thank you!

  • Doncaster JB has no idea about it

    • I got the deal this afternoon at Doncaster. They said they had done 13 ports today already

      • Yep I got it in the end. Just talked to wrong person at telco who had no idea about it .

  • Called up jb tuggeranong act and they confirmed they have it

  • New customers only or adding new services to existing accounts?

  • Does Telstra do shared data plans with multiple numbers on same bill

  • Which Sydney CBD store is running this deal could you tell me please.

  • What happens if you are yourself a New Customer but transferring the number from someone else who is with Telstra?

    • Then it doesn't qualify, they typically will check the number you're porting.

      So if you're a new customer but the number belongs to Telstra/Boost/Belong then per the terms & conditions you don't meet the requirement.

  • Can confirm this is available at JB Miranda, NSW. Just signed up. Thanks!

  • Seems to be every second thursday now? I feel there is a pattern

  • How can they justify 12 month plans when 12 months ago they dropped them?

  • I rang Noarlunga JB and was told deal is on today and tomorrow as well. Can also sign up over phone. I ported out from Boost 2 weeks ago and was told must wait 4 weeks.

    • Bummer! I ported out from JB/Telstra two weeks ago myself.
      I’ll try my luck at a store tonight, but not keeping my hopes up.

  • How long does the $500 gift card last for? Was thinking to maybe save it until better deals on phones or other useful tech comes out.

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      JB gift cards have no expiry on them anymore

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    Can you add International calling to this one?

    • It could be possible with $10 / month, but please check with JB.

    • No, sales rep said no international call included, have to pay for this when you made one

  • Does "New customer" mean new Telstra or new JB customer please?

    • I dont think they can do a check to confirm you have never purchased from JB before ;)

      Its for new Telstra Customers.

    • If your question is serious it means new Telstra customers either sign up with new numbers or port in existing numbers from another telco. Not for existing Telstra (including other branding service providers using Telstra network?) customers looking to change its existing plans to this one.

  • JB Hi-Fi in Castle Hill NSW said it was a $400 GC

    • got the $500 at Parramatta Westfield JB

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    called 2 different stores and they said have to go in store for some reason… so behind the times

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