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Telstra SIM Only Plan 80GB/Mo for $59/Mo (12M Contract) + $500 Bonus JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (in-Store, New Customers Only)


Rang up JB Hi Fi this morning to see what plan I could get with the new I phones and she happened to offer me this deal instead. She also pointed out after tomorrow the deal would be lessened to a $400 gift card.

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  • Can you use gift cards for a PS5, I assume not?

    • You can

    • Didnt they say yes now. But with a lot of stuffing around.

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        Yeah it's full payment online, then contact them for part refund and to use the voucher. It sounds like a pain.

    • Just did it worked fine for me

    • I used the $500 gift card this morning and it was all good!

      • Which store did you use this at? Just went to JB and the guy said the $500 can only be spent on gaming stuff. I wanted to use it toward a phone but the guy said I would only get $400 for that.

        • JB hifi guy told me yesterday that the $500 card can be used for anything. I specifically asked if there are any exclusions and he said "no".

          • @lunchbox99: Just went back again and he said it had now been changed to be for everything.

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    This works out to be $17.33 per month once you've deducted the $500 GC.

    Not a bad deal!

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      once you've deducted the $500 GC.

      That's only worth around $400 for real money though…

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        $450 to be precise at current rate.

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          My bad…

          I added the covid tax…

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          JB HiFI usually sell their stuff at a mark up so unless there is a discount , buying at full price using GC will not return the full value of $500 tbh

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            @bestbarginever: Do you think any ozbargainer is going to be buying stuff at full price from JB?

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              @tradewind: clearly all the ozb'rs preordering PS5's

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            JB HiFI usually sell their stuff at a mark up

            So do so stores.
            Nobody goes into business to sell at or below cost

            • @spaceflight: He meant JB sells stuff at a markup to other stores e.g. amazon. JB sells some stuff higher than the RRP from Apple even.

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            @bestbarginever: I negotiate my deal first with a team member and then pay by gift card every time when I get to the counter. I get a cheaper price always. $500 is $500 if you're confident to always haggle. They'll generally price match, and if they don't then just go to the other place.

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              @chrislheilig: This! I don't tell them how I'm paying while doing the deal, if they do ask I just say cash!

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                @bassmaniac69: The salespeople really don’t care how you pay. If they ask it’s so the quote they print out is accurate, so you could just be honest.

            • @chrislheilig: Price match is the way to go. I've bought a few things from JB over time and they have been market price or below. Or I'll buy stuff on sale when its close enough to not matter to me.

              At this stage my gift cards are going to a PS5, and I doubt they will get much of a discount anywhere over the next few months.

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              @chrislheilig: How do you negotiate?

              • @ronnknee: Get lucky by finding a store that's willing to do so :p

          • @bestbarginever: JB are great in my opinion. They have always price matched fairly for me. Always replaced faulty good when it hasn't been my fault.

            They're perennially understaffed, but hey, as long as they keep doing what they're doing now (price match/ease of replacement etc.) I'll keep supporting them with my business.

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        Or if you were planning on buying something 100%, like the IPhone release tomorrow, it’s $500 cash

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          Not if you’re going to use discounted gift cards anyway.

    • It is a good deal, except for those who haven't been to JB Hi-Fi in ages, like us.

    • agree if you use a lot of data. 80gb per month.
      $207 a year not bad deal, althrough i use less than 10 a year.
      so i'm using the boost $150 prepaid.

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    Goddamn, I know when my current year of (prepaid) Boost is up in 4 or 5 months I'll probs be jumping on one of these and killing my home internet as well, these deals keep getting better.

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      Boost is not eligible as it's a Telstra spin-off. Likewise with Belong. You'll need to get a new service and get Telstra to replace it with your current number, assuming JB Hi-Fi do it by the book.

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        Oh I know, I know, I'll do whatever's necessary at the time, I just mean when my current thingy is up, I'm jumping on one of these suckers.

        • Just get a new Optus $2 sim.

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            @Slippery Fish: then wait a month…they checked this with me

            • @slipperypete: New number bud. You port other into telstra prepaid then change number onto the in plan.

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                @Slippery Fish: @slipperypete you mean get a new number and then replace the new number with existing boost number? New number will be gone and existing number will be used? I did not know its possible

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                  @randomrandom: I believe thats the idea. You get a optus sim for cheap, port that number to telstra to activate the deal, then port your preferred number from one the old telstra account to the new one

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                    @Intoxicoligist: Done it twice now. I don't need to port the number I'm changing though as it's already telstra

                    • @Slippery Fish: Could you please explain this in lame man terms?

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                      @Slippery Fish: Step 1, buy Optus SIM with a brand new number from Optus that they will activate and do not tell them your plan (as they will give you a speil about fraud lol)

                      Step 2, get a coffee kill 10 mins.

                      Step 3, go to jb, get the plan on Optus number.

                      Step 4 if your number you want on the new JBHiFi plan isn't on telstra port it over.

                      Step 5, change the number you want onto the in plan.

                      Ps. Step 6 seemed fairly lame.

                      Step 6, send me 50cents on PayPal rofl

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              @slipperypete: thanks to all for this info….sounds risky to me but if all goes well then cool

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                @slipperypete: @Slippery Fish Mate I am a Boost customer what I am going to do is

                1. Buy Aldi sim and activate it
                2. Port to JB Hifi deal
                3. Move my number from Boost to Telstra
                4. Replace the JB Hifi number with my (Boost > Telstra) number

                Is this correct? the JB Hifi number will be gone and in the end, I would have my Boost > Telstra number active with this deal. Am I correct? Thanks

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                  @randomrandom: are you asking if this is correct or you saying this is what you will do?

                  Like the idea

                  edit*** I didn't see the above post, hoping it'll work!!

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                  @randomrandom: Idk if you can move a boost number onto telstra mate but that's the idea once it's at Telstra.

      • I thought if you ported out to like Optus or whatever for a few weeks/month you could port back in as a new customer? Has this changed? I’m looking at doing this and am currently a boost prepaid customer

        • Transfer current number to telstra, sign up for new Optus SIM in store with activation (So it happens fast) port Optus to telstra, change your old boost number to the Optus number online via chat. Don e

        • pretty sure you can port out.. just grab a Aldi, Optus, Voda sim and port out for 2-4 weeks

      • +3

        as it's a Telstra spin-off.

        No it's not.

        Boost a separate company.

        • Which company shall we boost?

      • Just buy a Vodafone sim with 35 day expiry, and port your number out. After 30 days, go to JB and port back in.

      • -1

        Boost is not eligible as it's a Telstra spin-off

        Not so. I've just ported from Boost to Telstra 180Gb $65pcm.

        • It's in the T&Cs, you got lucky

    • +1

      You use less than 80 gig a month on home net?

      • Is this not one of the ones that slows down after you hit the limit?

        Also, honestly, yeah possibly. If you take Game Pass away which obviously bumps me up, I might watch a couple hours YouTube a week but beyond that I don't really do much other than like Facebook and this. And even Facey I killed my account only have the portion left.

    • killing my home internet as well

      Definitely sounds like a plan. I've just replaced my Boost phone and home wifi with the Telstra 180Gb for $65pcm.

  • Whats the ETC? Want just the gift card?

    • +2

      Early Termination Charge

      • Yeah i mean thats the early termination charge for this plan.

        • Look up the CIS

    • +2

      $414. Not worth the hassle imo.

      • +1

        And a credit check

    • It's normally half the full value….so $354 on a $59 plan. But JB don't usually offer a $59 plan, so I'd assume this is their $69 plan with $10/month discount. So you may forfeit the discount and end up paying an ETC based on the $69 plan which would be $414. You'd have to check the CIS as above.

    • Best Deal for cancelling was the S20 FE on $99/mth $0 upfront. ETC $594 for a phone that retails for $999 and can sell for ~$700 cash

  • They brought it back, eh?

    • +4

      They usually run it on Thursdays due to late night shopping.

  • Am I missing something? The link provided shows $300 gift card for $69/m for 80gb.

    • in store and calling is different

    • Seems you might have to ring up and enquire

    • +3

      Apologies, I needed to post a link up so I could post this deal. Rest assure you can call your local JB to have this deal confirmed for you.

  • Does anyone know if we can put 2 accounts under this one plan?

    • I signed up 2 under one name last time this was offered

      • what I mean is, is it possible to have 2 phone numbers under 1 plan. So I just have to pay 1 monthly bill of $60.

        • it’s usually one number per plan…?

        • No, can't say I've ever heard of that.

  • New customer or new plan? Or port ins too?

    • port ins are considered as new customers.

      not for new plans if you are allready with Telstra

      • But what if I already have another plan with Telstra? My understanding from previous posts of this deal is that you don’t need to be a new Telstra customer. But this post says new customers only.

        • oh really I could be wrong then. Maybe give them a call ?

        • I thought it was always new customers/port ins. Don't think I've ever seen them offer it to existing customers?
          Only way around it is buy a cheap sim, port it in and then link the new number with your old Telstra number…so your original number ends up on the new plan.

    • Just called, I'm porting in from Kogan and they said its all good.

    • You can't get a new number, you have to port in. But you can get a $2 sim, activate it, and port that in.

    • New number is only $400. Port in is $500.

  • +1

    I wish they let you sign up online for these deals.

    • I believe you can by calling them on 13 52 44.

      Get your plan instore or over the phone.
      Chat with one of our team who can help sort out your preferred plan. You can catch them 7 days a week, 8am – 7pm on 13 52 44.

      • So can confirm - I've called 13 52 44. Asked for my postcode, mentioned OzBargain deals and no fuss. Was transferred to another guy with a short wait was put on a 'tracker' because of call volume and told I will be called back within a few days for the deal. Assured that the deal for $500 GC and $10 discount off $69 monthly plan would be honoured. Asked to call back and chase them up if I haven't heard. Will wait to see what happens from here.

        • I was told that too, last time around. I got $400, not $500 - be sure to chase them about it. Maybe even ask the person you speak with to email you confirmation that they'll do it.

          I don't think it was intentional; more that they were snowed under with calls and simply lost track of who had called on the $500 day and they'd agreed to honour the deal with, in spite of it not being completed until later.

  • Anyone with past experience knows if on Black Friday there will be better deals than this??

    • Depends on the items you are after. Black Friday is a chance for suppliers to get rid of excess inventory in preparation of Xmas shopping so there is certainly a chance that old inventory may have a big mark down (for instance I am eyeing galaxy s20 which I believe will be mark down)

  • +3

    I just called mine and she said the deal was $400 =\

    • +1

      I rang up one of the Sydney stores

    • +5

      always been the problem with these deals theres no consistency.
      need to find a desperate salesperson

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    If you’re already with telstra can’t you sign up to a new number and then port your existing number to this plan?

    • I asked the lady she said no as it would be breaching the contract. But I also heard others have been successful doing so. Lucky dip I suppose.

    • This is what I was thinking too. Previous posts for the $500 GC said that was possible. But this post says “new Telstra customers only”.

    • I went to JB last time and they told me that telstra closed that loophole - unsure if it was all talk though

    • Went down this route a coupe of years ago, took a number of weeks and probably 20ish calls/online chat sessions to make it happen, ended up with an extra $10pm credit for my inconvenience though but was a major PITA

      • I've never had an issue.

        I say:

        I'd like to move my number from account x to account y.

        Telstra m2m 046969690
        JBHiFi plan 049696961

        Result: JBHiFi plan 046969690

        Usually takes less than 5 minutes…

        • I think part of my issue was that I had someone who thought they could do it stuff it up the first time, that then snowballed into multiple other issues.

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