This was posted 1 year 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra SIM Only Plan 80GB/Mo for $59/Mo (12M Contract) + $500 Bonus JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (in-Store, New Customers Only)


Rang up JB Hi Fi this morning to see what plan I could get with the new I phones and she happened to offer me this deal instead. She also pointed out after tomorrow the deal would be lessened to a $400 gift card.

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  • Bit off topic, but does anyone know what happens to your Telstra Plus points if you port out to Optus etc? I think i'm gonna have to port out for a month so I can take up these deals and don't know whether I need to spend my Telstra points or they'll stay there even though I've ported out

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      When I ported out they just stayed in my Telstra account.

      • Awesome, thanks mate!

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    Confirmed at JB Springvale VIC

  • Just got this deal with JB Hi-Fi at Brunswick, Victoria in person. The processing times are quite slow on Telstra’s end. I ended up getting the sim and returning home, and the rep told me they will contact me to pick up the gift card when it goes through.

  • Thanks, just signed up. Waitint for sim activation to go through in Telstra system before GC can be issued. Telstra system very slow, in fact sim was active but system was still showing provisioning. Staff was very friendly, they will call back when it goes through.

    • Exact same thing happened to me… SIM instantly ported but waiting game for the GC now

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    Thanks op. Got a sneaky photo of the offer terms

    • Damn they wouldn't let me have 80gb and gave me 60gb. Guess I'm making a second trip today

    • By the looks of the terms, you can add new service to existing account to get this (new number)?

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        I was thinking the same. Which means new customers can just add a new service/number and get the GC

  • $10 credit is for 12 months

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    Pro tip for iPhone nuts out there

    Here is what I did
    The $99 plan at jb has a $700 credit attached to the iPhone 12 mini and 12 pro max to the outright purchase price.
    The $99 has a $10 credit per month applied to make it $89
    Woolworths is giving out home gift cards for 2000 bonus points per $100 card
    I bought 11 cards for $1100 and now have $110 shopping credit to use at Woolworths
    I am now going to buy the iPhone 12 pro max for about $1148 outright
    The negative is I am tied down to an $89 per month fee for 150gb a month. I use the data so I don’t mind.
    Overall I think I’m getting a bargain hope that helps any other woolies shoppers or iPhone nutters out there too
    I am told this offer ends 9pm tonight.

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      If you don't use that much, the plan difference is $300 which is greater than the $200 gift card differential, making the $69 ($59) deal a better offer.

      • Yeah absolutely but I have 3 months across the wet season where I will use 120-140gb making the $59 offer useless for my needs unfortunately.

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        Its only $100 extra for A LOT of extra data.
        Worth it if you travel a lot IMO.

    • Where did you get the gift card from? Online or instore?

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        Woolworths in store. Nationwide they give u 2000 bonus points for the $100 Home gift cards among others. Home gift cards are redeemable at jb hi fi, and good guys

        • Great, thanks!

          Did you then place the pre-order online on JB's webpage (also, do they allow 10+ gift cards at a time?). Or are you trying your luck with availability tomorrow?

          JB Doncaster are now offering this deal and confirmed that it ends tomorrow, not tonight.

          • @jasopan: Hi jasopan, I was able to pay for the iphone pro max using 11 100 dollar gift cards no worries. Ready to grab my phone in a couple hours. The guy at JB hi fi Townsville - great service by the way - told me they had a heap of graphite and Blue in stock and wouldn't likely sell out of those anytime soon, but the other colours were likely to sell out early in the day due to less stock in hand. Not sure if that would apply to most JB's

            Hope that helps

        • Did you use Wish gift cards to buy the Home gift cards?

          • @wtfnodeal: bugger 'wish' I thought of that, would have saved another 5% bringing the iPhone effectively down to like $900 :/

            hope someone else uses your tip :)

          • @wtfnodeal: Unfortunately, Woolworths blocked payment using Wish gift cards for any gift cards they sell some time ago.

        • great tip thanks

  • Do we have the same deal at goodguys?

  • Been on to Optus prepaid or couple of weeks time to port in.
    Thanks 👍🏻

  • If I'm only on a $25 postpaid plan now is it worth it to port in to the $59/month plan just for the sake of the $500 JB GC? I don't even go through my current alloted data plan.

    • No, definitely not

      • Well, if you shop at jb hi-fi, this is effectively $17.3 a month. So how about you make up your own mind?

  • Has anyone tried signing up with a new mobile number then transferring your existing number (I'm on Boost) over onto the new service? I've read people have done this but only after porting out to a non-Telstra service first.

  • Does anyone know when you have to activate it by? My boost ends in January :(

  • Can I port to Kogan then port back tomorrow to Telstra to get the deal? Has anyone tried this?

    My Telstra plan expires in 3 weeks

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      I don't think so, in-store they said you have to be ported out for 4 weeks.

  • this is a very good incentive for JB employees to score some commission; should be easy enough to tease the customer with $500 JB gift card which they can use to buy PS5.

  • how much is extra gb or does it revert to like 256kp?

  • Is there any chance this could work with the Pixel 5G/Google Home promotion? Or am I dreaming?

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    Confirmed that Macquarie Park, NSW is running this also.

    I'm going to use this gift card to OzBargain the hell out of the Dell U3818DW ultrawide I want to order from JB.

    • Monitor price match with uMart @ $1599
    • Take off $500 using the gift card
    • Take off a further $250 by paying the $1099 balance with the MoneyMe Virtual Credit Card ($250 instant cashback on $1000 spend)

    I think that'll pretty much beat any Black Friday deal that more than likely won't eventuate! :-)

    • Welp, giftcarding nixes my original idea of getting the iphone with my 28 degrees card and price matching it in about 11 months when they release the 12S or whatever.

      I like this one.

    • Does this card have an annual fee? It says it’s 0-149 depending on credit limit… would like to use it combined with the GC for iPhone 12 Pro

      • $0 with a $3k limit. I got approved for $20k but lowered it to avoid the fee. I'll have it paid off the next day as the money is in my savings account ready to go, but when I spoke with them on the phone, they confirmed the $3k figure.

        • Great, thanks. Any issue with cancelling once the $250 is credited?

          • @Harby7: I would suggest paying it off first ;-) But nah, I don't see why there would be any issues. The application process was extremely quick and now it's approved, I'll just leave it attached to Apple Pay for extreme emergency funds.

            JB Hi Fi have ported my number across already also. So in the 90 mins from my initial message, I walked over to the shopping centre, signed up, ported across and received the gift card. Back there tomorrow to order the monitor. Pretty seamless.

            • @KangaDrew: Thanks for your help mate, happy OzBargaining!

  • called JB Craigieburn… waited for 10 minutes and no confirmation, they said visit the store or call them back later tonight.

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      See my previous comment for photo of the offer sheet. Expires close of business tomorrow :)

  • Just signed up at JB HI FI homebush and can confirm gift card is $500. Delay in getting the gift card but should be able to collect tomorrow.

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      If you're number gets ported across same day, you can get the GC same day. Just hang around for 10-15 mins in case your current carrier drops off quickly. It gets busier in store now as it's peak time, but my port-out from Optus was complete in about 5-10 mins. I switched out the Optus SIM in store, Telstra came up as active and I went to the register to collect my GC. The whole process from start of application to port completion was less than 40 mins.

      But, YMMV…

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        Kanga My porting was very quick however there is some additional authentication thing that needs to occur before they can release your gift card. JB called me 2 hours later to confirm GC ready for pickup. As you said YMMV

        • Oh really? I didn't know that. The salesperson just wanted to see that it had Telstra service after swapping out the SIM and when he saw it he said I was good to go with the GC.

          Hopefully it's pretty seamless for everyone. I was actually quite surprised that I managed to run this from start to finish in well under 2 hours.

  • How easy/fast can you port out and port back in? I'm on a Telstra $59/mo month-to-month. Wouldn't mind a $500 voucher and more data.

    • A month I think.
      Should be able to get a $2 sim from anyone, port that in and then get Telstra to join your existing number to the new contract and keep the existing number.

      • @whitelie both numbers will be active or just one will be active? or the new one will be gone?

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          I believe they can remove the new one and associate the old number with the new contract.

  • @JB Sunshine

    In process of getting $1000 worth of gift cards 😘

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      I just signed up on a Telstra $59/mo month-to-month :( .. how did you get $1k gift cards?

      • $500 x 2 = …….

  • You stated after tomorrow it would drop back to $400.
    So this deal should still be active tomorrow or only for today?

    • Yes deal is still active today. Tomorrow gift cards will be reduced to $400.

      • Someone posted the conditions, didn't say anything about the $400 from memory

        Edit here

        The "only for today" might have been someone trying to close the deal.

        • I called them in Craigieburn and they confirmed the promotion is still on today

      • Today is "Friday"? Post was from yesterday, but your reply here was only about 5 hours ago.

  • Just a reminder, if there is anyone who needs the 150GB data (as work does), the $99 plan is 89$ for 12 months and you get $700 going towards the iphone 12 line up.

    This worked out for me, as i needed the 150GB data anyways, and i was going to get the phone for my mother.

    NOTE: telstra also has a $50 plan that gives you 180GB no gift cards.

  • Just signed up for this. Thanks OP :)

  • -1

    No phone included?

  • Can I add an eSim for my Apple Watch?

    • +$5pm you add via telstra app after

  • I signed up in store earlier this morning and only got $400 gc.. any chance I could get them to honour this deal?

  • Signed up over the phone but haven't had any details come through via email. Is it normal for there to be a delay?

  • +1

    catch connect still best deal going on. works out to be $9.8 per month with cash rewards.

    $117.6 year catch connect + $590 gift card or whatever you want to call it - i call it "the freedom to use your own money wherever you like card"
    $708 year jb hifi ($500 forced to use only jb hifi)

    Optus 120gb year / 10gb per month
    vs Telstra 960gb year / 80gb month

    both unlimited calls and text.

    For me, the clear choice no brainer is catch.

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      Can you please share the link?

      • Looks like he is just comparing clubs 12month 120GB deal for $120 with this deal, very much apples and oranges IMHO.


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      Yeah but eww, Optus.

    • no 5G, and remember, people are actually wanting certain items, like new phones and consoles anyways.

      • 5g is overrated, battery unnecessary rapid drainage - im personally going down 4g for that reasons. only people who want it are people who dont have it. btw, you dont have to be locked into jb hifi to buy a console or phone lol, like i said the money u save with the catch deal is the freedom to buy ur console or whatever anywhere, anything. you cant put a price on freedom, if theres anything you learnt, it should have been that during covid 19 (especially if youre victorian).

        if u want a hard bargain, connect is the way to go.

        obviously coverage areas is different for telstra with optus, so use the coverage map in their websites and dont lock yourself in without doing it, fairly straightforward!

  • Anyone know what would be the early termination fee after 6 months?

  • Thanks OB.
    Just confirming is the deal on 13/11 only or 12/11 Thu? (Like expires now)

  • still active deal at JB hifi in brisbane as well

  • Is there a limit on how many sim cards you have ported in and out of plans during the year?
    I have purchased sims in my name for grand kids and have changed my own quite a bit this year.

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    Just got the deal at Moore Park NSW. Took 10 minutes or so to port and walked out with the $500 GC. Thanks OP!

    • Were they busy?

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        Store was relatively quiet when I went. There was just me and 1 other guy on the telco desk wanting to port in.

  • Cheers OP, ported in an hour ago, but it took almost an hour 😑

  • I ported out to kogan about 2 weeks ago has anyone been able to take up this deal recently having ported out less than the 30 days required?

  • Still active at Castle Towers. Took about 20' and walked out with GC :). Sadly iphone 12 pro are out of stock everywhere.

  • Just signed up for a new service, will try to bring my old number over shortly.

  • Hey guys, hope this is not too late for anyone but JB Hi-Fi Southland is still doing the deal today!

  • I signed up/ported last night and it didn't activate (old provider account still active). I called the store today and by magic it activated 5mins later, however my Telstra confirmation email says $69pm for 60gb not $59pm for 80gb.

    I explicitly asked the amount and the data and the guy said it to myself and another couple at the same time - they signed up after I was finished.

    The contract pdf sent by telstra (like the one I signed) says $69/60… but it doesn't have my signature. Wtf is going on here?

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      Hey dude, it's $69pm with a $10 credit for the first 12 months (also the length of the contract). There'll be a line item on the "Telstra Services Form" called "$10 Monthly Credit - 12 Months", and you'll see it on your bill when you get it :D

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      It’s 60gb with a 20gb bonus, and $69 with a $10 discount per month.
      Just did it myself today, pretty happy overall!

      • +1

        Thanks guys. You're right, it's $69 with $10 credit and bonus 20gb,

        So I went back to the store. It hadn't been entered properly so they are fixing it. Got my $500 card while there too.

        The JB staff were really good, so major shout-out to them as well. They gave excellent service!

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    Remember to port/cancel after 12 months!

  • Success, I only ported out from boost 10 days ago 3/11 over to AmaySim, just managed to complete my order with no problems. From what others have told me the order wouldn't have gone through if it was an issue. Very Happy
    My friend also managed to get it in store with another account that was boost only 3 weeks ago that was ported direct to Optus ($5 for $30 offer) so I'm not sure what exactly the tipping point is but if you are approaching 2 weeks it's worth a try just don't tell them if they ask say you've been with current provider for a couple months as if you say 2 weeks they won't even try to process it.
    I keep missing these deals, wrapped I finally got it

    • Congrats, I tried yesterday after 2 weeks and was knocked back.

      • I tried a couple days ago and was knocked back by the sales guy but I decided to try again this afternoon and this time he didn't even ask how long I'd been with AmaySim? It seems to be hit & miss but try again if they didn't actually submit your order request.

  • I hate it how it’s for new customers only. So screw you mr loyal Telstra customer who has been with you for 20 years.

    • +2

      You could try to contact Telstra and see what deals they'll offer you I guess but I doubt they'll give you a $500 credit, just port out to aldiMOBILE/Lyca/WWmobile(if you want Telstra network) for a month and then port back through this offer. It keeps repeating so you are pretty much guaranteed it'll come round again

      • Great idea but I’m now a middle aged man as opposed to a student and doing things like that becomes too hard when you’re old and grumpy. I used to work in Telco so I know why they do this but it’s stupid in the long term.

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