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Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones $348 (+ Free Express Shipping) @ Addicted to Audio


Hey all, saw this deal while looking through addicted to audio website. Seems like a pretty good price from a good seller if people are looking for one!

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    Why are they cheap all of the sudden? Is it because Sony knows they're shit?
    Also the XM3 is the same price, shouldn't that be less? I'm really looking to get the 3rd Gen for under $200

    • Yes, they are not good and I returned back to TGG.

      • So is it better to buy the XM3 instead? I really keen to buy a new noise cancelling headphone since my QC25 earpad is deteriorating .

        • since my QC25 earpad is deteriorating

          Just buy replacement pads from ebay. Did that for my bose qc35.

        • I borrowed my friends XM3 and it is far better than XM4 and with all new features are pain than helpful so returned.

          I am not sure if it was only my headset but here are the issues that I faced.

          • Disconnect while using with zoom/g2meet/teams etc
          • multiple device connection is painful and my AKG N700 has no issue connecting to PC and Phone.
          • Could not use more than1 hour continuously and I feel a lot of pain in my ears.
          • Touch volume control did not work well and sometimes it skips the track while I am reducing and increasing the volume but XM3 does not have that issue.
        • I got original QC25 replacement ear cups.. only 40$ but other than that QC25 works like a charm 5yrs+ now.. TBH I also want to get wireless headphones but the MIC quality is a big turn off for me.

          • @ozone141: I thought it would be nice a nice upgrade since I've been using my one for probably for more than 5 years as well. Especially with how XM3 has been glorified.

    • Are they shit though? I picked some up yesterday for $330 and they're probably the best sounding and comfiest headphones I've worn.

    • this month Every company offer good discount because 11.11, black Friday and near cyber Monday event. however it's a end of years

    • I think it comes down to the stores' offers too. For example, JB Hi Fi has storewide 11% discount. There is only small price difference between XM3 and XM4, and I assume that is because it is not a huge upgrade. In my knowledge, multi-device connectivity, improved(?) touch controls, improved codec support, additional sensor to detect the placement of headphones are the improvements. None of them is sophisticated. Most of the issues I hear from people about these headphones are software related issues (at least in my knowledge) and can be rectified with the updates.

  • Officeworks price match will drop the price to $330.

  • I pulled the trigger and bought this from TGG on 11/11. Starting to regret now…

    I owned an XM3 before and it was quite comfortable and nice for me. I've only used XM4 seriously this morning and already ran into multiple problems

    1. Microsoft Teams showed 2 output devices for the headphones, 1 with "…XM4 Handsfree AG" and 1 without, the "Handsfree AG" is selected by default and it sound like you're listening to the radio in the 90s. Switching output device to the one without "Handsfree" made it better, but then sometimes you didn't get any sound at all (maybe because I have 2 devices connected, next point)
    2. Multi devices supported only 2 devices, and auto-switching tended to be troublesome rather than clever. I connected the headphones to my PC and my Phone. While I was in the meetings, I got a call and the Headphones just switched to my phone with ringing tone in my ears. Even when I cancel the call on my phone, it didn't switch back to my PC, have to switch to loud speakers and loose a minute of discussion.
    3. Worst of all, my ears were really heated up with the new XM4, in fact they became red-hot! I could feel the heat with my hands. Didn't have this problem as much when I used my XM3

    I'll pop back to TGG to return it soon…

    • All those returning their XM4s, does TGG have a ‘change of mind‘ policy for their returns? The headphones are not defective. Sounds more like design issues/Windows drivers. ‘my ears got hot’ is not really a valid reason to return

      • Have mixed reviews,about these.
        I think better to buy xm3 at good price who don't have these.