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[Switch] Hori Taiko Drum $111.01/ $108.13/ $105.96 Delivered @ Play-Asia


I have been eyeing this Hori drum, however with Corona, the price has been inflated + shipping is regularly being sold around $150 - $160 on ebay or Amazon.

Play-Asia seems to have the cheapest price ($100.92) + currently they are doing free airmail shipping promo, which brings it to $111.01 after tax.

Edit: credit to @Spiderdragon & @chcse, using the coupon code PLAYASIAWEEK, will bring it down to 108.13 or 5% off with CENSORED to $105.96.

Not the lowest but definitely cheaper than what being offered lately.

Am planning to do some modding later, so the drum can be played using regular taiko stick.

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  • Good price. Purchased this from these guys a few months ago. Works great!

    • Are there any good non japanese songs in the game though? I had a look through all the DLC a while ago and it's mostly Jpop and stuff. There's not many cool or fun drumming songs in English is there?

      • Not sure. Present for the Mrs. It's not my kinda thing

      • Non-japanese stuff will be in the minority.
        There is a lot of European classical compositions as well as a few western media stuff (e.g The japanese language version of Let it Go from Frozen).

        In terms of stuff that will appeal to westerners there is also video game and anime music, from the likes of Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Studio Ghibli, etc.

        • Japanese version of let it go has taiko? Lol

      • Hey what about this song :


        I could bang that out all day long

        • Quarter of a billion YouTubers would agree it looks like.

        • Where's the taiko?

          Oh, bang. I get it

        • luv u tiffany

      • +1

        I wish this was in it. Would be instant buy

    • +11

      Tetris 99

      • +5

        Nevermind JV. He's just the friendly neighbourhood troll ;)

        • +4

          "Friendly" is not the term I would use..

          • @Chael Sonnen: I mean, he's not dick like a lot of other ozbargainers…

            Remove the trolling and he's quite friendly

      • +3

        Think it's a fair question - I would have hoped it could be used with a number of games, but maybe it only works with the single title?

        • Don't think there's many games with 'drumming' actions. Maybe if Doom added in whacking monsters in the head with a pair of sticks?

          There was guitar hero on the PS… maybe one day there's a Drum Hero version

          • +1

            @aragornelessar: That's a shame. Like many target shooting/gun games. There used to be quite a few where you shot at TV targets but they've gone by the wayside.

            • @bargainshooter:

              That's a shame. Like many target shooting/gun games. There used to be quite a few where you shot at TV targets but they've gone by the wayside.

              I was dying for one of those as a kid! I think I heard that they only work on the old school CRTs, which is why you don't get them these days

          • +1

            @aragornelessar: You joke but there's lots of videos of people dicking around with these music controllers and 'playing' shooting games with it hah.

            • @la838:

              with these music controllers and 'playing' shooting games

              COD ?

          • +2

            @aragornelessar: Mannn if the patapon games were on switch…

    • +6

      Dark Souls

  • Tempting

  • +3

    Had one these for ps2 a few years back, great fun if you are planning on playing a lot, but pretty useless afterwards. I did pay like $40 for it, don't think it's worth more than that

  • +1

    Thinking if I should get this given I already purchased a third-party one earlier this year

    • Came here to write the same thing as I got an unofficial one earlier in the year for about this price. There's a few YouTube videos explaining why the Hori one is the "real deal" compared to the unofficial brands.

  • +4

    Use code "PLAYASIAWEEK" for $2USD off.

    • Oh good catch, I'll update the post

      • +4

        Used "CENSORED" for US$3.50 off (this coupon is 5% off purchase price).

        • Cheers, updated!

  • Noooo don't tempt my wallet…..
    Edit: Even more tempted after seeing the mod option, but how on earth do you cut the wood to size :o Afraid I'll just wreck the new drum!

    • Most mods I've seen use cork, which you should be able to cut with a knife.

    • Definitely try the cork option first, which what I will be doing. Once I'm comfortable with that will look into wood. There are ways to get wood cut to size :D

  • +1

    Does this included the game or controller only?

  • Man, so tempted!!! But still too expensive.

  • +1

    I bought this in Japan and sold it after a few months. Just never really felt like the syncing of the drum beat was right. There's calibration options but could never make it feel exactly right. Fantastic game otherwise though.

  • Would love a couple of these but I'm such a casual player that I could never justify the cost.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, been price watching this for so long! Ordered one.

    For those who are complaining about the price, this is getting very close to Japan local price and plus freight, you cant get much lower.

    This is the HORI version and according to youtube tester, its the best you can get without pay over usd$300 for the custom made one. HORI decided to only sell it in Asia (may be even only Japan) but everyone round the world who has the game want to get one. My suggestion is dont get too OZB and grap it while it last.

  • Could this be used for a hippie drum circle?

  • -1

    Wtf, they used to go for 35

    • +4

      The official Hori drum has never gone for $35, you must be thinking of the Chinese knock-off.

  • Damn. Wish I picked one up for the PS4. Crazy prices on Amazon and eBay!

  • +1

    These are in really high demand and super hard to find. Quality is great, especially compared to the knockoff. We paid about $90 for one at a stall in Taiwan, but I've never seen it shipped to Australia for anywhere close to that. If you're even considering this I'd pick it up before they stop making them, good price.

    • x 1000. We got a pair cause they are so fun. Remember DK bongos, this is this generations DK Bongos.

  • -1

    Can I play Zelda with this?

  • Thanks OP, ordered

  • I wanted to buy this some time ago but just seemed too expensive for what it was, then I eventually got an oculus and beatsaber lol

  • Does anyone know if this works on PS4?

    • Not natively. You would need to use an adapter.

      • I have a Mayflash Magic-s Pro adapter, hopefully it'll work.

        • There you go, that should definitely work.

          • +1

            @dano: Got a confirmation from a friend. Apparently it works with the adapter. Can't wait for the item to ship! :D

        • Can I ask where you got your adapter from and how much it cost? I'm thinking about getting this to play on our ps4 as well.

  • +2
    • Yeah this review was what convinced me to buy my hori drum. Had it for a few months and once broken in damn is it perfection.

  • +1

    If you're paying by paypal, be sure to turn off their rip off conversion. Better to use the mastercard rate.

    • +2

      Yup, used my Bankwest and paid in USD, getting charged at $101

      • I think I am missing something here, I paid by paypal but in AUD. Legit question why are you dealing with conversions?

        • +1

          Because there are cards with zero conversion fees for foreign transactions, and they use the mastercard rate, with is basically the exact exchange rate.

          Paypal add like a 5%-10% extra cost to the conversion ratio. So on an item like this if you pay in AUD and allow paypal to convert to USD, you're paying an extra $10 for nothing.

          • @Odin: I see, I think my AMEX indemnifies me from some of that. Mind you locally businesses dont really take AMEX. Win some lose most lol.

  • Hey guys, I went through the process to purchase but cannot find any section to input the coupon code?

    • In the 'payment' page where you choose how to pay, there is a 'coupon' button under the payment sections.

    • It's towards the end near payment option, right after keying in the shipping details

    • I also had this issue on checkout.

      If you clicked Paypal from the start, you have no option to change the payment method, and add the coupon code.

      I had to sign out of the account and then click manual checkout, go through the steps to payment and it has the option of 'Coupon' on the bottom left corner. You can still pay through PayPal at that point too.

  • +1

    Thanks guys, damn it's not easy to find :D
    Now I just need to wait for a good deal on the actual game!

  • +1

    GEMATSU is also a code I've been using for years

    • Thanks. This gives the same result (A$ 105.96) as code CENSORED.

  • +2

    Now has a 2-4 weeks wait, guess its been ozbargained.

    Also anyone successfully bought the game from US eShop? It's only $15 on there right now, but can't pay with Aus credit cards. So need to buy US eShop giftcards from somewhere else.

    • Haven't bought it but did look through the steps. It does require a bit 9f effort so just procrastinating on it at the moment. Praying the Aussie eshop reduces the price back down to ~$44

  • I wouldn't buy the game form eShop as you won't be able to sell your drum as a set down the line, which in my opinion made it easier to sell.

    Got the game for $28 during 50% EB sale. Funny my wife has gone through most of the songs with Joycon while I was waiting for the drum till now.

    Just a rule of thumb, I find with switch you have to be patient to avoid the premium price. Learn that lesson when I buy the console and Ringfit. After that just told myself hold on and don't rush. So far doing very well will with all Labo kit bought at $29, Taiko no tatsujinat $28 SSB and Kart 8 $40 each.

    • That's a really good point! Makes sense to get the physical game to sell with the drum in the future.

    • A physical copy is pretty difficult to find these days, unfortunately.

      • -1

        They are available, just not for $30 / $40……

        Under $20 for the digital version is a good deal but according to others seems too much trouble to get it.

  • Got my drum earlier this week and set up today, it was fun but not quite sensitive, probably have to look into modding it soon.

  • +1
    • No free shipping though. Shipping cost kills the deal