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Dell 27" Curved FHD 144hz VA Freesync Monitor (S2721HGF) $259.74 Delivered @ Dell AU


Has already been posted, although it has declined in price. This monitor just keeps getting cheaper.

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    inb4 "wOuLd Be BeTtEr If 1440p"…

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      That one guy always says that LOL.

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      It would be better if it was 1440p (£14.40). Now THAT would be a bargain!

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        Hey you're not jv hahaha

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          If it was 1440p @ $5 delivered it would be better

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          Thank goodness for that. One jv is bad enough.

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      LOL 1080P!!!!!!1111oneeleven

    • nah it'd be better if it was 24", more FOV for the same image quality

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    Just got mine today from deal last week, very happy for this price point.

    • I’m wondering if this has in built speakers?

      • No, it has an audio pass through from HDMI but no sound.

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    Keanu approved? C'mon man!

  • looking for a monitor with usb hub upstream and downstream

  • Waiting for the non curved one to go on sale :(

  • At least ps5 can not do native 1440p, so this make sense for people do not play on 4k

    • You mean the Series S?

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        No, he's right. PS5 is only 1080p or 4K.

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    I need something to hold me over until a decent HDMI 2.1 monitor is released (that isn't OLED)


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      That doesn't have a crazy price tag.. Guh

      • I have approval to go up to $2300 😏

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          Having approval to pay a crazy price doesn’t mean it isn’t a crazy price

          • @ripoffmerchant: Haha aiint that the truth

            My budget says I can spend 1500 but I won't lol. I can't justify paying more than 6-700

    • Hold on to your hair

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    Bought this @ $284 few weeks ago. Really happy with it for office use. I am not a gamer. Bought two for dual screen setup with bracket. Very happy.

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    This or xiaomi mi 34 inch curved monitor?

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      Apples vs oranges. If you don't need crispy QHD nor the wider aspect ratio, then the Dell, if you need both and don't mind paying $500 (double the Dell), then the Xiaomi. Although I can't speak for colour accuracy for either display.

    • I just got the Xiaomi and I love it :)

      • Details why please

        • Well, mainly I haven't found any reason not to. You know what you're ordering: a curved high refresh ultra wide 34 inch VA monitor. It works. The colors aren't bad at all and I have it sitting next to a decent IPS monitor. The curve is not too extreme. It works. Games look good, movies look good, it's big enough to have two large complex spreadsheets side by side. My only complaint is that I wish it went a bit higher. The stand is too big for the normal "just chuck it on a Reem of paper" trick, so I'll be buying either a monitor stand or a little desk shelf, but that was likely no matter what 34 inch I got.

          I got a 27inch BenQ ips 144hz monitor as an upgrade from some ooooold ass TN monitors. Loved it for games but wanted something bigger for work. Instead of another one I got the xiaomi thinking that if I needed color accuracy I'd have the IPS and the 34 inch would be better for gaming than two 27s. No regrets, except the 27inch BenQ has this fake 4k mode that messes with the eyefinity auto set up. I do t care that much about that, but it would have been nice to play with.

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            @Joker042: The only true monitor is. Oled papper monitor, slap it around a pole, add it on a hat, slap it to a wall, wack it on anything play on anything, ahh if only, how they market oled as the paper we all need is a false reality.

            I do believe xiomai will bring something out like that.

  • Does it support ps5

    • Yes you can use PS5 with this monitor - its not recommended as HDMI Port (HDMI 1.4)
      It's recommended to have HDMI 2.0+ for 120fps support

      If you dont care for 120fps then go nuts

  • don't forget cashreward Dell monitors 3.00% cashback, total $251.95

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      "Dell cashback is ineligible if using codes that are not specifically listed on Cashrewards."

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    Serious question, what is the point of curved monitors?

    Are curved any good for WFH i.e. using Word Excel etc.?

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      Curved monitor makes the most of our FOV —- Field of View —- meaning, you barely move your head, very little your eyes. It's more comfortable for long hours use than flat panels.

      I use my 2K curved WFH and I can't go back to a flat monitor anymore 🤣

      • Have you considered that moving your head and your eyes is actually healthier than being stiff still?

    • Due to FOV, ultrawide or super ultrawide monitors make left or right shorter hence not rectangle when you look at centre. Curve screens adjust your FOV making you see the screen as rectangle

  • Noob question: I have an Asus gaming laptop with HDMI 1.4 output. Will I get 144Hz if I connect this monitor to the laptop?

  • How is this for wfh? Currently in the market for a 27" and have the AOC 27G2 on my shortlist. Since this is a fair bit cheaper, may give this a shot if everything checks out.

  • Almost grabbed one of these but then a friend mentioned they ended up with the 32" S3220DGF over this and went that route instead.

  • Buy this or wait for Black Friday sale?

    • This coupon stacks with the black friday discount so if you didn't grab one already, do it now.

      • Haha, I bought the 24g2 too early.

      • whats the BF discount?

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