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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless V1 $149.95 @ Sennheiser


Give your ears an orgasm. They deserve it.

Cheaper than the previous deal that is now marked as expired.

Yes, battery drain is an issue, and you need to recharge these more often than your vibrator, but personally I think these are still (subjectively) the best sounding true wireless buds around. And at least for my ears, they fit the best. The 1000XM3s hurt a bit.

For $150, a daily charge like your phone isn’t that bad of a compromise. $499 RRP is definitely bull though.

Postage is free.

Apparently you can stick a cheap USB C into the case and it will stop the discharge. If that does actually work, these are definitely worth the price.

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    Haha, still thinking if I should get them, but kudos to your review!

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    Cheers cnut

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    Problem with a daily charge is that's okay on a phone because either you replace the battery or upgrade your phone. If I buy earbuds I don't want to have to throw them away in two years because the battery is cooked.

    My wired Sennheisers are still going strong after 15 years, and I'm not looking to replace them any time soon.

    • This is an excellent point.

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    Don't forget to read comments below before you get triggered


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    Anyone know how these would fair when using them at the gym? Are they water proof/resistant?

    • Would also like to know this but for stationary cycling

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      I have used these at the gym almost daily for last 3 years. I don't believe they are IPX but i've had no issues with sweat and I can sweat!

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      As far as I know they’re not rated to be water proof/resistant. However, they are heavy as hell in your ears and they do tend to fall out especially if you’re running.

      Source: Partner

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    There exists a fix for the battery drain issue. Someone figured out that the case continues to discharge even after buds are taken out. If the charging cable is plugged in, the case stop discharging.

    Solution is to buy a $2 USB type C magnetic plug. Good work around for the price of these buds.

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      Yeah instead of it draining in one day it'll last 4 days

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      I'll give this a go, thanks! Will report back.

    • I don’t get it about the magnetic plug part.

    • Where is the cheapest place to get magnetic USB c plug?

      • Following

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        Find an eBay seller that's pretending to be in Australia, then lodge a complaint about not receiving it within the listed postage time. The seller will offer a refund to settle the complaint.

        • lol. hot tip

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          Lol yeah this happens a fair bit. A few times I’ve been offered a refund on the condition that I pay for the item when it finally does arrive. It never arrives.

  • Thanks. Was also considering B&O E8 1st gen

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    I have the galaxy buds + and I get 2-3 weeks use on a single charge ! screw charging these things every day what a sloppy design flaw.

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      Not sure why anyone would buy these over the buds +.

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        The sound is way better than the buds +

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          For me it wasn't at all, I had many connection issues, battery life was terrible, sound leaks, bass is either non existent or overpowering with the app. If you care about sound, get headphones, not tws. Momentum v2 is really good, but really not much better than buds plus, and still much worse than actual good wired buds and bt headphones.

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    Do you have the 1000XM3s as well?
    For the life of me I cannot get my 1000XM3s to sit right. The tips are either too small or too big and now I'm thinking it might just be the earbuds themselves.

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      I do and they sit somewhat OK after playing around with tips, but they’re not as comfortable for my ears as say these or the Jabras.

    • I can highly recommend some aftermarket tips. Pick up some Azla Sedna Xelastec tips in the appropriate size.

      They're a super grippy, soft plastic that will adjust to the shape of your ear with body heat. I tried a fair few tips and those are by far the best I've found for the XM3

      • Thanks ill check it out. How do you determine size? Eg go smaller so you can put it in deeper (that's what she said) or bigger so the jam in (that's what she said).

        The earbuds are fantastic otherwise.

      • I got the MS m ml trial pack

        • That's what I got as well, found i could use all three sizes

    • I am also having troubles. I think the ball of the unit that sits into the cup of the ear is too far out. It assumes people may have dumbo ears or something. Or that it really needs to sit deep into the canal. Whilst it is secure enough and I have reasonable seal, they hurt after a few hours or less. very odd. i would not call it super ergonomic.

      Galaxy buds are lighter, and are more comfortable for me, slipping into the cup of the ear nicely. Same with tarah pros. 65T were ok but I found them to be a ltitle larger than they needed to be too.

      • I can get mine to sit ok…but as soon as I walk it tends to fall out after a few steps

        • That doesn't sound like it is sitting ok lol.

          It seems that they made the unit longer than it needed to be. Or maybe its just our ears.

          I found the foam eartips to recess into the unit more, creating a shorter overall length/reach. but yeah not a great fit overall.

        • Me too

  • I think it's worth a try at $150. Ordered a set.

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      You make it sound like it's a usually $20 burger down to $5 during happy hours. The rich people of ozbargain!

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        You make it sound like you have to be rich to afford a $150 pair of wireless earbuds.

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        A lot of Ozbargainers are rich because of all the money they save !!! :-)

      • $150 for what many people are saying is the best sound quality on a wireless earbud, I think its worth it. I have a set of pixel buds and Jabra 75t so if the battery runs out it's not a major issue. Worst case I guess there's an excuse to return it. Also I find buds extremely subjective because the fit makes it or breaks it for you.

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        $20 for a burger!?

    • More expensive than the better galaxy buds plus.

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    V1 is leaky it seemed and heavy causing drooping ears syndrome

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    Token comment about the ear-buds/phones being good but there isnt enough bass

    • Have you used the app? They have heaps of bass.

    • Maybe try a different ear tip, as if you aren't getting a good seal you may experience a loss of bass. The soundstage on these is excellent, it's the one positive.

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      EQ on the app, these have plenty of bass

  • These are apparently really bad. Not sure why corrocoat is being negged when they have an issue with the product

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      Yea I wanna know why too.

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        Because I own a pair & with the problems, they not worth the money ($150) IMO

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      Funny cause not one person who negged Corrocoat (and you) has commented why they did so and why the post wasn’t deserving of a neg

      • Phill22, thanks for your support. No more comments from me..censorship of free speech leads to poor information flow & education. I own a pair of these…just trying to give 1st hand feedback- I thought that is what this website was created to do??

        • Don't take the negs personally but it would be nice if people could own up to it and explain why they disagree. Helps people change their point of view.

          • @giventofly: I have air pods & and these. These are too bulky heavy, fall out & go flat. Air pods also do not last 5 hrs & have had them changed out a few times as well. Use AirPods 16 hrs a day on Zoom calls…You get to know what works & what does not.

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      welcome to OzShill where positivity of consumption beats all

  • Probably worth a try at that price, but I shall resist. I have been through multiple pairs of truly wireless, and will hold out for a deal on Pixel Buds to compliment my phone.

    Nice in depth review here,

    Also comparison to v2,

  • $150 sounds a lot better than $180

  • I wonder how the sound compares to the galaxy buds live which I happen to think sound very good.

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    These are incredible earbuds. I've had them for over a year now and although the battery drain is definitely an issue it's not something that should worry you too much if you're close to a charger most of the time (which I'm fortunate enough to be).

    • +3

      Naah, it really is. These things cost $500 and they have a hardware flaw. There should have been recalled and updated - not promised that they will be updated with firmware. The amount of times I pick them up and they red light me or worse I miss calls because the case runs out of battery and the headphones turn on and connect.

  • It's puzzling anyone is buying these when truly excellent QCY's are under $30. I've just purchased my 3rd T7 pair, as the previous two are now taken by my family members. I used QS2 and T5 in the meantime. Independent left and right, long lasting battery, and good sound. I have 65t too, and QCY is not worse. Jabra does not have left and right independent, and that's annoying, just like the Senhaiser

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      ………and how is your call quality on your QCY's?

      • -1

        As good as the momentum v1. Very bad.

        • That is such an ignorant comment. I use QCY's daily for work, often for several hours of voice and video conferencing. I hear clearly other participants, and there have been zero complaints about the sound when I'm talking. I've asked people on the call to tell me how I sound when using Jabra 65t and the QCY's, and the feedback was similar for all. I've only had better feedback when I use the big Plantronics, studio type Bluetooth headset, but using it is not nearly as convenient.

          One caveat, I rarely use them in public transport or outside, so maybe they'd be a bit iffy in such conditions. I wouldn't know.

          • @mrau: It's not, I own many soundpeats, many qcy, galaxy buds, airpods momentum v1. No same person after using airpods or actual good buds, would say that the cheap buds have good call ability. Sure, in a silent environment they work really well, that's it though.

            • @onlinepred: I don't believe for a second that you actually have used any of those buds, unless you're troling. I genuinely own about a dozen various Bluetooth headphones, buds, earphones, and I've used all of them at some stage for phone calls. Your comments are completely unhelpful, as they are simply not truthful.

            • @onlinepred: In any case, let's move away from my genuine experience and my opinion, and have a look at a more comprehensive comparison:



              • -1

                @mrau: Haha, these were the reviews I literally read and then bought the buds. I also bought the edifier from AliExpress, but there were also very bad.

                I'm glad you are enjoying them, but they don't compare to actual good ones.

                Scarbir is a great resource, but by no means is it a objective review. The true air soundpeats he recommended, was far worse than the galaxy buds plus I eventually bought after realising no cheap buds are great at everything.

                • @onlinepred: Enjoy trolling. I have not bought any buds on the basis of scarbir, but I appreciated the effort and mostly agreed with the reviews of the buds I actually bought.

                  For some reason, you seem to just enjoy arguing. No problem, keep going. I have better things to do, now that I've assisted ozbargainers in being better informed.

                  • @mrau: I mean if they get the buds, and call quality is like a potato when there is background noise, or when they are out walking, will you refund them?

                    What premium buds are you comparing to? What qcy buds do you reccomend?

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      Owning the Sennheiser and a couple of cheapies I have to agree. These are first generation and it shows. Bad microphone, average battery, bulky case, hardware faults. Unless I'm taking the Sennheiser's outfor purely music, I'll end up using one of the other pairs. Which is embarrassing when it's a $500 to $25 contest.

      • +1

        Indeed. The convenience of many of the cheap buds is truly astonishing, while the value cannot be overstated.

    • It’s the law of diminishing returns

  • +4

    Terrible headphones. No idea how they were released with such a woeful battery / case flaw. Changed to galaxy buds+ after a year of frustration and can honestly say I'd never buy Sennheiser again after their C/S refusal to even remotely acknowledge the problem exists.

    • +2

      Yeah it’s pretty bad but the sound quality is pretty good.

      • I'll agree with you on that one, the sound is very good considering the fact they're ear buds.

    • So you had issues claiming warranty for a faulty product?
      Would like an answer before blowing 150.

      • +2

        They refused to acknowledge it was a problem. Gave me the run around with a whole bunch of "have you turned it on and off again" type of troubleshooting. Eventually gave in and sold them just to get rid of the problem.
        If you're happy charging them everyday, they have great sound. I found that everytime I wanted to use them the battery was dead or was close to it so they were usless.
        I picked up some galaxy buds when I changed phones and the difference is insane.
        Maybe look into the new version of the true wireless ones and see if they've fixed the battery issues as these will drive you nuts.

  • Fiil T1 Pro is a much better earphone than this and it's cheaper.

  • got one and ordered the type C magnetic instantly. Thanks OP

    • Please link this magnetic USB c plug

      • from ebay, just the first popped up as $4

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