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iDIGITAL 720p Dash Cam $10 @ The Reject Shop


Seems to be their normal price. Picked up in Liverpool (plenty of stock). Exactly the same to this deal here

Here's a sample I made available here

Quick notes after buying and using today:
- 1280x960 @30fps
- Weird AVI format, use VLC to watch and HandBrake to encode to MP4
- 4:3 aspect ratio
- Stores 200MB per 1 min of footage

I wouldn't recommend using this as a primary dashcam, I have a VIOFO A119 at the front and this is just for something for the rear - better than nothing.

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  • you know what, for $10 that's reasonable as far as image quality goes

  • Got one a while back for a tenner, battery life is absolute shit, unusable without being plugged into the ciggee lighter, got about 25 or so minutes of it recording (w/ screen on), to be fair, would probably get a boat load more with the screen off.

    Camera is good enough to identify the type and color of the car in front of you, picks the plates up surprisingly well most times, which is the most important thing.

    For a tenner though, can't go wrong.

    • Dash cameras are not meant to run off the battery.

      • Why bother putting one in at all then?

        I'm genuinely asking, I bought this for a friend and I never use them (or drive at all, really), but their last one's battery would last a good couple hours, so I figured that's the norm.

        • The battery in a dashcam is generally used to delay the shut down after the ignition is turned off.

          • @Arthur Dunger: I thought the good ones have a capacitor, since batteries aren't good in car ovens in the summer time

            • @TEER3X: This one is $10, hence a battery instead of a capacitor.

              • @Arthur Dunger: Fair point, I was just trying to point out that not all dashcams have batteries.

                I'm scared to buy one though, and checkout this logic, I feel like they're a curse somehow, since the only people that post videos on those dashcams sites are owners of dashcams.

            • @TEER3X: The good thing is for the price, you can just throw this dash cam away when the battery dies and buy a new one instead.

              (imagine telling someone 20 years ago that we'll literally have $10 disposable video cameras in 2020 - their head would explode)

              • @mubd1234: I like the one that goes something like (I'm sure I butchered it):

                Imagine telling someone in the 80s that we'll all be starting down at calculators all day.

              • @mubd1234: Terribly wasteful consumerism. Support local first and quality second, nothing else complies with survival of humanity.

              • @mubd1234: Imagine having the same $10 video camera back in year 2000 and try to sell it. How much would it have fetched on eBay??

            • @TEER3X: What am I going to do with my Tesla?!?!

            • @TEER3X: You are absolutely correct, i have a Transcend Dp200 that i bought 5 years ago, great camera that is but the battery is absolutely cooked now cause of the Aussie sun so if i turn off the ignition, the camera doesn't turn off properly and keeps trying to reboot itself thus draining all battery power, resetting the date and time back to 2014 and any onboard footage becoming potentially corrupt. So every time to turn off i have to manually press the power button to save the hassle of the date and time resetting and losing footage.

  • so this is not a bargain then ;)

  • $10 for this camera is pretty impressive imo. Would only use as a rear camera

  • All good until you can't read that license plate because the image quality isn't quite good enough.

    • Any video evidence is better than nothing if you're involved in an accident & the other driver's insurance company is threatening to take you to court.

    • For 90% of incidents you won't need the plate. All that'll be needed from the camera is who did what (who drifted into the lane/who ran the red light), and the video quality for this one is quite adequate. This is absolutely better than nothing. No excuse for not having a dash cam anymore at $10…

      • yeah but what if you get hit, and don't have the plates. And they do a runner.

        • Depend on the insurance company, even you got his plate but if your insurance could not recover the money, you still need to pay excess and it will be an at fault claim.

          • @kaikor: With regards to "at fault claims", if you haven't realised, most insurers no longer care who is at fault when it comes to premiums.
            They no longer ask "How many at-fault claims do you have in the past XX years?"
            instead, they now ask
            "How many claims do you have in the past XX years, regardless of who was at-fault?"

        • I don't think this happens as much as you think, If it's a serious accident they are not going anywhere. If someone scratches your car in a carpark and drives off the dash cam is probably not going to get that anyway.

          What I've found is important is the performance in low lighting conditions.

    • Have you watched the video from the OP? I can read the number plate easily.

  • Thanks for the video sample OP. How long's the included cable?

    Plates not clear until about a car-length's distance and whoa that field of view!

  • +10 votes

    She's an easy lover. She'll take your heart but you won't feel it

  • These are pretty generic. Good enough for day time but absolutely crap at night
    Still cheap tho

  • All I saw was someone driving past Harry's and not buying a pie

  • Thanks for the footage! Was considering buying it as a stopgap until I can save up for a proper dash cam in my weekend car, and it actually looks pretty good for $10. Absolutely better than nothing at all.

    My other car has a good dash cam, and I've caught some good stacks on it (had two quite serious NAF crash videos featured on Dash Cam Owners Australia so far).

    • Considering you'd spend $10 just to park your car in the CBD, this is basically free.

      • You can get two for the price of Sydney CBD parking, plus another two for the toll roads to get there.

  • Looks like video was taken in the 90s

  • Where do you plug in the dash cam in to power it in?

  • have a plus vote for the groovy music you've got playing in your sample video

  • For anyone wanting to know the song in the sample video it's called "Easy Lover by Philip Bailey & Phil Collins".

  • That transaction declined and then paid by cash tho :p

  • that camera makes everything look like anime… not bad…

  • Guys , i use my spare HD dash cam as a webcam for my win 10 PC, plug and play no additional driver required , perfect for my zoom classes , although it is not the same brand $10 for a PC camera is not bad at all if it works, maybe someone can try it out and share your experience

  • Clear enough to determine you've visited the worst shopping parking district ever created by man

  • What if someone only has a foot break and no handbrake?

  • +1 vote

    Does it just overwrites footage when space is done

    • According to the manual, yes it does. Note: If you are intending to buy one, I recommend also picking up a pair of cheap reading glasses from Reject while you are there so that you can read the microscopically small manual (why they couldn't make the manual the same size as the box instead of cramming it onto a small slip of paper)

    • If you do want to keep the current 3 minute block, you can press the Lock button while recording and then it doesn't overwrite that one. The video's filename also changes to start with "LOC", making it easier to find.

      Just don't be confused by the "lock" icon it shows when reviewing videos which is an open padlock. It means locked. Also don't be confused by the two menu items next to each other which both say "Lock all". The first one locks all the recorded videos as you'd expect, but the second is actually the menu item for unlocking the selected video. (The lock button only works during recording so you have to use the menu to lock and unlock files afterwards.)

  • Not behd 🙃

  • Watched your dashcam footage and I must say you are very talented at driving in reverse. What's up with all those horizontal lines across your windscreen?

  • If we could keep the YouTube videos to a minimum that would be great, I just spent an hour I didn't need to watching 8 out of 10 Cats compilations.

    • If a dumb c**t decides to just reverse into you and claim you drove into him, how you gonna prove him otherwise? 99% of accidents where you drive into another car's back, the guy who drove into it is guilty.

      I don't have a dashcam, but I had a moment where the driver in front of me suddenly slammed the brakes for no reason, as there were no cars in front of us and the next traffic light was 1 kilomenter away. I kept my safe distance and barely managed to stop a few mils away, but if it was my mom or someone else with slower reaction times, this could have ended badly. Had a road rage moment asking him what the hell he was doing, his excuse was "sorry mate I just felt dizzy". He could have turned left (there was an extra lane) or put an emergency light on first.

      I still don't have a dashcam though, but I always stay vigilant while driving and never use my phone. I stay extra vigilant whenever there is a Falcon, Commodore or an oversized SUV in front of me.

      Also, dashcams got popular in Russia because the courts are corrupt/easily bribed, so once people have video footage, no amount of money is gonna change the judge's opinion.

  • Still better than my kogan dashcam

  • Does is have any internal memory? Or useless with out an SD card?

  • Another test will be whether it turns into a blob of melted plastic in the car, in the hot Aussie summer

    • That's true, but at least it's sold from a bricks & mortar store which means easy warranty return if it's not fit for purpose for at least 12 months.

  • The sample footage looks like a 90s handycam footage haha.

    For $10, its very good value, should definitely not be your main camera is fine.

  • Parramatta had a few of the 1080p - $20, under the front counter

  • If 200Mb per each min is too much for you, there is also a menu option to capture at 640x480 and relive the 80's

  • Can you upload some night time footage please?
    Day time looks good, especially for $10 and I wouldn’t mind a rear cam…

  • Just checking if OP was followed by a police car (see the last 10 seconds of the footage) or just the quality of the cam…. ?