expired Hopshopgo.com $15 off Plus FREE Upgrade to Express Post to Australia


Offer visible only when you are logged in. Still had 845 uses remaining when I last checked.

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    add additional 14.5% fuel surcharge to your standard/express post cost
    and deduct 10% if you are paying by paypal.

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    Came accross this in the forums yesterday:


      Hmm well my understanding is all shipping companies always charge by volumetric weight. I only buy electronics through them but I have never had an issue and my packages have always been delivered by DHL.


    HSG should be avoided IMO. They make their money not through fees but through high freight costs. Going through companies that charge a nominal fee often works out cheaper.


    So far my experience has been positive - package arrived at facility and 4 hours later they emailed me saying it had arrived and arrange payment etc, then it shipped next day (about 24hrs all up).

    I was really worried about then tearing me a new one for shipping on a couple of items due to size but the weight only went up from 1.8kgs with fedex from amazon to 2.5kgs rounded at hopshopgo.

    Shipping all up was about $28 for express. Amazon was going to charge $40-50 for courier delivery (needed it well before christmas) and wouldn't ship 2 items that I wanted so I had to go with freight forwarding. Just wait for the package now which should hopefully only take about 3 days.


    Sorry to ask… I am new and having trouble navigating the site. I have logged in but where do I find the coupon code?

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