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Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Gaming Headset $149 + Delivery @ PCCaseGear


Fairly older headset now, but would seem decent value considering the specs?

From their blurb:

  • Advanced 53mm drivers provide excellent sound-scape and accurate sound reproduction
  • Improved 3D wing support system offers hours of comfort and a secure fit
  • Extremely soft earpads with additional cushioning provide superior comfort for extended game play
  • Equipped with a 1.2 m attached cable and 2.0 m extension cable
  • Double air damping system (D.A.D.S.) delivers deep, resonating bass
  • Built-in volume and mute controller for convenient audio control
  • Compatible with PS4, iPad, iPhone, laptops & PC. Also compatible with Xbox One using the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

The ATH-ADG1X are open back, but their closed back variation - the ATH-AG1X are also discounted at $149 on PC Case Gear:

Shipping starts from $15.

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  • +1

    Great price, very tempting. I have always been a fan of Audio Technica "air" series and sound. Hoping I can get their TOTL cans soon though.

  • Been looking for new headphones, will most likely jump on these! Apparently they use the same drivers as the ATH-AD900X:

    • it's an AD500X driver

      • +1

        Any source on this? Saw a few references to AD900x driver googling, and a guy in the thread I linked to claims a response from Audio Technica confirms they use AD900x drivers (though I'm obviously not going to take a post on Reddit as gospel).

      • +1

        It's definitely not - the specs don't match up. Also these are normally $300, and the AD500X are only a $140 headphone.

  • +7

    These bad boys are awesome, incredible value at this price. I got them for my son @ $179 not expecting much but was blown away. You can spend a lot more than this and get total crap. Worth every buck twice over.

  • I have these and due to the head band being incredibly uncomfortable I cannot recommend them, apart from that they are okay.

    Linus Tech Tips Video On Them

    • +3

      Comfort is very subjective, personally for me the Audio Technica proprietary headband "3D wing" design was super comfortable for me, its probably the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn, and I have owned/tried many different brands in the past.

      • +1

        its probably the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn, and I have owned/tried many different brands in the past

        Same here, so comfortable. As much as my AKG K702's which I love for the same reason (among others)

        • Thats where we differ, I tried upgrading my ATH-AD700 many Years ago to the AKG K712 but the fabric headband strappy thing caused me quite intense pain right at the top of my head literally after 10 mins of using them, sold it shortly after.

          • @bruc3: The 702's have a broader strap. Perhaps it makes a difference?

            • @Lps: Not sure, the K712 is the only AKG headphones I have ever tried, ever since then I have never dared to buy another AKG since the headband design looks so similar.

      • I think it's a head-size thing. Big heads seem to be well suited. Small heads, no so much.

    • I'd say they're the most comfortable headphones I own, can wear for long periods with absolutely zero pain on my head. Granted I have the ADG1 but is the same as the X model.

      And when I say that's, that's taking into consideration headphones from Sony, audio technica, bose, aiaiai, Sennheiser. Sure there'll be more comfortable ones for sure and it's very subjective, but I really love their design.

  • +1

    For any high end gaming headset I prefer getting audiophile open back headphones and have a boom mic attached.

    I also have the flexibility of using them out and about.

    Something like: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1569207-REG/philips_s...
    With this mic: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1038778-REG/v_moda_c_...

    • +5

      You "prefer getting audiophile open back headphones" mate, Audio-Technica & Beyerdynamic open back + Modmic has been the go to dating back like 10years

      Philips SHP9500 vs Audio-Technica ATH-AD900X are so similar you're just nit picking to argue if one is better

      And you come out more expensive at $205AUD for your imported headset vs this local one.

      • +2

        while i dont agree with his choices, its something people should consider. i have the closed version of this headset. while great I do wish I had a seperate combo. More cost upfront but personally would of been more worthwild for me.

        • How do you find the soundstage? Easy to hear footstep locations?

          • @unelectric: If you are talking the A900X and AD900x they are known for soundstage. That is their biggest strenght. The headset the op posted is based on these headphones. And the microphone is really good too. Just as good as the modmic.

            • @Justin Powell: I've seen conflicting things about its source. Another comment on reddit seemed to think it was more related to the AD500x

              • @unelectric: The drivers frequency response and power handling is closest to the AD900x, the additional impedence and loss of sensitivity is explained by the addition of the mic, but they have 10khz higher frequency response and handle double the input power than the AD500 & 5khz higher and 33% more than the AD700.

          • @unelectric: For best results, according to reviews the open backs would be the best. I couldn’t get them cause they weren’t on special for me. With the closed back I didn’t have any issues and they worked perfectly fine for my needs. I got them for valorant. If you do get the closed back, don’t expect complete isolation, you can definitely hear background noise

    • I was so close to pulling the trigger on the recent Philips X2HR Amazon deal with getting the BoomPro separately just this morning…. but decided to do one more quick google around the usual bunch of opened back headsets, in the afternoon.

      And what do you know, found the audio technica's at a decent price….

      Saved myself about $60 by doing so… and can put that towards a copy of the recently released CoD Cold War :)

  • thumbs up for sound and comfort …

  • This is a terrific pair. I bought them from Amazon au for that price a few months ago.

  • I have a pair of these - i would absolutely recommend. I think i paid ~$230 from JB a couple of years ago - pretty tempted to get a back up pair …

  • +1

    the sound from these are awesome, the mechanism that allows the headset to sit on your head sucks. most people use the rubber band method…..

  • +1

    I have have had these for about 3 years now and love them, the only downside is the headband after about 6 months doesn't fit my tint head so I also use the rubber and method 🤣

  • Dumb question but with the open back I assume you can hear background noise vs the closed back which lets you get more immersed in what you are listening to?

    • +1

      Correct, open back there is no isolation, you will hear everything around you and also other people will hear all the sounds coming from your headphone too as it leaks sound alot.

      • +1

        The big advantage of open back headphones, is that sound isn't trapped inside the earcups, so can leave freely. The sound won't be affected by resonances as much, so different sounds can be separated more clearly, which can also allow you to hear a better sense of depth in the stereo field, good for gaming and keeps your ears cooler in the summer =)

        • Thank you both very much for your replies! It sounds like the closed back ones will be better for my noisy environment and Ill have to take the hit on the clarity and breathability. Cheers! :)

  • -1

    Had these years ago and never like them. Uncomfortable and the earcups fell apart after a year.

    Pretty sure i paid the same price back then aswell. Wouldnt pay more than $100

  • I have these. Really like them. I bought Sennheiser 670's but I didn't like the closed headphones, and the directional audio was terrible so I returned them and bought these. For gaming, these are fantastic for pinpointing where someone is coming from.

  • ath-g1wl are better

    • +1

      They're also like double the price

  • +2

    Bought these at the start of the year and returned them for another pair of HyperX about a month later.
    I didn't find the open-back made a substantial amount of difference when playing games. Footsteps or explosions were no more audible in any specific directions than with regular closed-back sets.

    I returned it because I think the inline volume control had a loose wire in it that cut out sound intermittently if you moved it. Possibly a one-off manufacturing fault but worth mentioning.

  • +1

    It has been this price for a few months now, weird that they haven't sold out yet. The closed version is also available at the same price.

  • I've had these for about a year. Comfort wise they don't clamp too hard but they can slide down your ears a bit if you have a small head (an elastic band around the wing system can solve this issue though). I don't find any discomfort in the headband which is a huge plus for me. Sound wise they are some of the best sounding mid-priced headphones I've used. I'd say they are most suited for gaming and podcasts/video where sound clarity is important. For music they are okay but lack bass. The real highlight is the microphone, it's extremely clear and up there with $150+ add on mics. Overall they are a steal at this price.

    • I think we small head gang haha. I had to do the elastic thing on mine and they're super comfy too.

  • Thanks for this, been on the lookout for something better after using my monster headphones and discovering the sound was waay better than my headset.

    $150 sounds great, bought!

  • For $150+ this is a good deal.
    Like others I bought mine from JB HF on sale $239.
    Pros: sounds great for games. FPS you can hear enemies foot's step quite clear.
    Cons: cable will never be straight. Lacks some bass but can adjust in EQ. The ear cups can get hot & sweaty in summer.
    Many reviews on YT.

  • These or HyperX Cloud Flight?

    I found very mixed reviews on Amazon

  • I have this good sound but its not comfy for long hours of gaming
    Upgrading to a wireless gaming headphone if i find a bargain this black friday

  • I own the ATH-AD900X series and it is without a doubt the best headphones I have ever used.

    If these are anything similar beyond price you cannot go wrong.

  • +1

    Do not buy.
    I did and regret it.

    My $20 Audio Technicas sound twice as good.
    These hurt my head and give me a headache.
    They are crap and i paid this price.

  • Very good headphones for the money! Can't suggest anything else.

    These are even decent for music, but you can do better for music only.

  • Are these below the AD700 or above, because they're selling for $186 on Amazon. However, I don't think they have a microphone.

  • Once I got used to them and realised they weren't going to fall off my head unless I started headbanging I couldn't be happier. The TRRS female to male stereo + mic cable is fairly slim and flimsy though and the primary cable is pretty short if you are just going into a single 3.5mm input would be my main gripes. But sound quality and mic are top-notch for an analog gaming headset. Plenty of noise leaks out so don't think of them as isolating, think of them as near field monitors you strap to your ears with a really great frequency response.

  • For PC and especially FPS gaming is where these headphones shine, have used AD-900 and AD-700x for years and the open soundstage is great for directional sound

  • Anyone got thoughts on this vs Sennheiser HD 598SE's?

    I have them already and I am debating whether I get a modmic for $90ish or wireless version for $200ish… Or just get these for an all in one solution?

    • I did a lot of research last night and that seemed to pop up a fair bit. If you already have the 598s I think stick with those.

      For my current setup I wasn't willing to fork out $90 for a modmic so I went to eBay, bought something like this, (rip it off the metal headpiece) and stuck it on the side of my headphones with 3M sticky things from Bunnings. Keep in mind Covid inflated a lot of prices, those cheap microphones used to be about $5

      • What a super simple idea, here I am looking all these fancy solutions and being frustrated that there is not jack in for a mic on these cans! I can just do my own modmic!

        I remember when researching the 598's that they were hard to beat at their price for soundstage etc so was thinking it wouldn't be worth it. I use them for FPS and then have another closed back set for movies and single player type games.

  • I can't decide on these or the HyperX Cloud Flight

    Both sent a really good reviews

  • I need headset with noise reduction on the microphone and able to use with mobile headset too, do these would ok?

  • Looks like it has expired.

    The closed version - ATH-AG1X - is still $149:

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