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Free $10 DoorDash Credit via ShopBack App


Spotted a $10 DoorDash gift card giveaway in the ShopBack app. For both new and existing users. 15,000 available.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is available from 18 November 2020 6.00am AEDT to 24 November 2020 11.59pm AEDT, for the first 15,000 redemptions only (whichever occurs first).
  • Offer is open to new and existing ShopBack customers.
  • The $10 DoorDash Gift Card code can only be claimed through the ShopBack app.
  • Limited to one Gift Card code per ShopBack customer.
  • The Gift Card code does not expire, and must be entered into the DoorDash App for credit to apply.
  • DoorDash reserves the right to deactivate, cancel or suspend Gift Cards when they expect fraud, unlawful activity, or any violation of the Terms and Conditions.
    Refer to DoorDash Terms & Conditions for full Gift Card Terms & Conditions.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3845)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • -2

    Too Quick at posting, was about to upload deal.

  • +14

    DoorDash sucks

    • Elaborate please.

      • +13

        Yep, had the absolute worst customer experience last month. Placed an order with an ETA of 30-40 mins. After 45 mins, the ETA was jumping to another 20 mins away, each minute that passed. Started a chat with support who advised they couldn't find a driver, and that I should cancel, then ends the chat immediately. Had to then start another chat as this is the only way you can cancel, was matched with another agent who tried to convince me not to cancel in order to receive $5 credit. After refusing for another 10 minutes, they finally agree to cancel, and then inform me that this is no longer possible as a driver has been matched who is now on their way to the restaurant. Order then arrived a total of 1.5 hours later, including the 45+ mins the food would have been sitting on the counter. But hey, on the bright side, I got $5 free credit!

        • +2

          I've used doordash since COVID started and have had no issues at all. Don't think one-off experiences can neg a free $10 credit deal but hey up to you haha.

          • -4

            @pifts: I hear what you're saying, but I personally rate businesses and therefore my likelihood to use/support them based on the assurance that they will provide good customer support in the event something does go wrong. Even if I had used them 20x prior without any issues, this 21st time would deter me from wanting to use them again.

            Not saying Uber is perfect, but part of their model is based on providing an excellent customer experience and have always been quick to firstly listen, and then offer full/partial refunds when issues have occured.

            Negged because the risk/downside greatly outweighs the benefit. I personally ended up spending more time chasing the order and being annoyed than $10 credit is worth to me. Not many people are as familiar with Door Dash so just trying to increase awareness.

          • +3


            Don't think one-off experiences

            Plenty of bad stories around about door dash, more so than uber eats/deliveroo. I wont waste my time over $10, given their bad rep.

        • i had similar experiences, but I got my meal free (delivered but food was almost cold lol) and 30 days worth of free deliveries :)

      • +2

        The application is not well designed and is not tested thoroughly. Every time I use the app there is either a payment issue (as in over charged) or promo not going through. I've even had incidents where it would automatically tip drivers without my permission. Contacting customer service is a time waster as everything on their side reports it as normal. DoorDash is the only app where I have to take a screen shot every time I make a purchase, so that I don't get scammed.

    • +1

      They're scum, complete and utter scum.


      • +8

        For comparison:

        • Uber Eats: 1.2/5
        • Deliveroo: 1.2/5
        • DoorDash: 1.2/5
        • Menulog: 1.4/5

        People mostly only go on to review when they have an issue.

        • +1

          Used Uber Eats and service is very hit and miss, but generally good. Menulog very good in my experience. Deliveroo not in my area. Doordash are deceptive, lying scum, I want nothing to do with them ever again and know I am not the only one. Many restaurants have taken themselves off their platform too due to the issues and customer complaints.

          • @nubzy: Sounds like you've just got a personal issue with them that's all

      • https://www.canstarblue.com.au/stores-services/restaurant-me...

        Or you just had bad luck. I've had over 250 orders with them in a year, use it for work and home. I have issues, bad deliveries etc, but less than UbeEats and heaps less than Menulog, their drivers are a joke.

        Matter of luck I guess

        • +2

          The drivers are not the problem. It is their platform and their abysmal customer service and deceptive promotions.

  • damn, gonna have to set my alarm for 6:01am

    • 5.01am for me

      • +1

        4.01am for me

        • +5

          It's doordash. I'll be sleeping in.

  • +2

    Hope this stacks with STORE2DOOR on new accounts. If so 30 bucks of food for 5 bucks delivered here we come.

    • L

      • Right. I thought maybe as one is a code while the other is a credit on your account after you enter the code.

    • Or the $15 referral for new users. The referral is vary though, my partner has $15 referral for Doordash (x3) while mine is showing $7 :(

      • So can you use the credit and referral code at the same time or not?

    • Did it stack?

    • It looks like Store2door has ended, I was using it like yourself but the gravy train is over as far as I can tell

  • No minimum spend?

  • Got it. Thanks

  • Redeemed thanks op

  • Done. Thanks Op. Dinner tonight sorted :)

  • Nice! Thank you OP!

  • +1

    We like Shop back again

  • Thanks OP!

  • got mine thanks OP!

  • +3

    Door dash wasn’t in my area when it launched so I haven’t looked at it since.

    Is it crappy? Some hate posts here…

    • -1

      free is free, so even if it's crappy haha… can get a free smoothie or something with $10

  • +5

    TIL that you can Doordash the Reject Shop, the prices are the same as they are in shop so pickup and you get a decent stack of free stuff.

    • Got no reject shop in my doordash, maybe because of location

  • +6

    Where's all the negative votes this time?

    All of a sudden it's quiet when there's free credit involved.

    • $10 is a lot, u know? :))

  • I still have $7 new user credit + bought a $15 gift card from ShopBack and now this. Can I stack them all does anyone know???

  • Can u do pickup ?

    • Yes, but I can’t find the option to schedule it for later in the day like Ubereats

  • oh wow didn't realise i had $22 credit already on my account. Thanks!!

  • Fyi, It might be good for someone to stack doordash 10% cashback via shopback gift cards.

  • Am I too late to the party? I can't see a code anywhere in the app.

  • +3

    Love Shopback, hate Doordash - but can't argue with free! Thanks! For those who have issues on their delivery (as I have had too), perhaps pick up orders / coffee?

    • yes best way is to pick up. cant complain abt free!

  • +2

    I got my code then tried to use it on the app and it said it failed to apply

    • +1

      Found out why it's not working, you need to redeem it as a gift card not as a promo code.

      • +1

        Haha yep! I ended up realising that too. Cheers anyway

  • thanks mate, will combine this with 25% off first pickup order on the app. Saved me as I didn't have much lunch today.

    • Done same :)

  • All good here, cheers Op.

  • Keeps saying something went wrong when placing order. Is anyone else getting this issue?

  • Thanks, woke up at 5 am (Qld time) and managed to grab one!

  • Is this all gone now?

  • Apple Pay work for anyone in the app? Kept failing for me.

    • Google pay never works for me. I have to install the 12.0. sth apk version for it to work. Even removing and readding the card or reinstalling google pay does nothing. I always use google pay as that way I can keep making new accounts.

      • How do you do that? Just a new gmail account each time? And use the same card linked to them all?

        • +3

          Same email with dots in between letters or + and then something else. Basically the unlimited gmail hack. SIgn up using random phone number and change it at the last step then they will ask you verify using email instead. Finally pay using google pay as otherwise if you use the same card every time it will get blocked. Works every time I do this at least twice a week.

  • Do we have to apply the code to DoorDash account before 24 Nov or not?

  • Does this mean you have to add the promo code in DoorDash by the 24th? Or you have to redeem the code by the 24th?

    • -1

      Redeem I believe

      • claim the gift card code from ShopBack by the 24th, but redeem/apply credit at DoorDash whenever (no expiry)

  • Thanks op I added the credit and selected pickup from Red rooster cheap dinner sorted 👍

  • DoorDash App only, or can we use desktop?

    • T&Cs state app, but Redemption Instructions say either

  • Late thanks, but you sort my and my wife's lunch mate.

  • Hi, are there any more vouchers available. Struggling to find in the app. Thanks

  • Just got one, cheers

  • +2

    A little confusing, does the gift card code need to be entered into the Doordash app for the code not to expire?

    • I would like to know this too.. Anyone know?

  • +1

    Can confirm this can be used with other vouchers, just ordered using $15 off $30 first purchase STORE2DOOR code so only cost $6.20 with 5% surcharge for $30 order. Also had free delivery offer for new members

    • I just tried and it seems the STORE2DOOR party is over :(

      It lasted all year and I was told it was going to expire Dec 31st but looks like they pulled the plug

      • +1


        If STORE2DOOR is finished you can always try this offer, according to terms and conditions you don't have to be a new user I'd assume it also works in combination with $10 voucher. So $5 for $30 food
        Good luck :)

  • The gift credit stacks, so was able to get $40 worth of food for free.

    Thanks OP

    • +1


      • He added 4 codes I assume, since they are credit not coupons theres no limit.

      • +1

        Mom, dad, me and my partner

        • you forgot your grandparents

          • @klownvandamn: Alas both maternal and parental grandparents left this word free early.

  • Still working and stacks with other credits

  • Why are there no directions on how to get this?

    • It's on the main menu of the Shopback app - don't search for DoorDash

  • Deal expired or pulled? Can't seem to find it in the app.

  • No anymore?

  • looks like it's gone..

  • Yeah looks to be all done, I used it yesterday on my account, was going to use it today on my partners account but not there.

  • just confirming - we dont have to spend the $10 today (24th) right?