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Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144hz WQHD 21:9 VA Monitor AU Stock, $534.61 Shipped @ Allphones eBay


If you can't afford IPS this seems to be a decent price.

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    Sorry but $500 should be the normal price for this monitor by now. and I won’t buy it until it’s $450 or below. Just wait for Black Friday

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      Ok I will take your word for it. I was about to buy, but I'll wait.

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        It was $499 a week ago, and $479 a few weeks before that.

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          Since it's been as low as $479 already, I feel that anything above $499 is not a price that any ozbargainer would pay for. I'm just hoping that Black Friday would bring this down to $450.

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      Agree. CNY 1999 + GST should be ~$440.

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        Missing margin which includes logistics costs to import and stock inventory

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          yep, and Australia tax

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            @HD9990: There's also the vengeance tax. China's apparently pretty mad at us at the moment (14 reasons lulz).

    • What are the odds of this monitor being sold out everywhere on black friday? After the 6800xt launch last night I'm terrified that I'll be left high and dry without a GPU and a monitor. Seems like every single time any monitor gets posted here the first comment is "wait for the Xiaomi black friday". Could be worth it now for $530 with free shipping…


  • I'm thinking of trying to pick up one of these on Black Friday - for those of you with one of these, would you recommend it?
    It will be my WFH monitor by day and gaming monitor by night.

    A friend of mine has the 34" Samsung equivalent but it was upwards of $800 - are there any competing products to this Xiaomi that are worth a look?

    • Target the Gigabyte G34WQC too. May be a viable alternative as it has the same panel and pricing.

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      It's an excellent monitor for the price, unbeatable value. I have had one for a few months now.

      - Great colours and contrast
      - Surprisingly good build quality
      - Good UI with plenty of options

      - Minor loss of visual quality at high refresh rates 120/144 hz (may just be my unit, but not a big enough issue for me to return)
      - While slightly better than average, still subject to VA ghosting. For me, only noticable in games where the environment is very dark, and a non-issue
      - Slow pixel response times (vs gaming IPS/TN) also cause very thin bright lines against a dark background to flicker slightly if you make jerky camera movements in games.
      - G-Sync support is average at best, while it is possible to enable it plenty of games do not work well with G-Sync. Requires AMD GPU for proper adaptive sync performance.

      • What GPU are you running it with? I have a 1060 6GB card but after reading online I'm worried that it won't be powerful enough to run the screen at optimal settings

  • Anyone find reviews of the panel online? Only thing I can find is: “it’s decent”

    • The one thing the Xiaomi has going for it is price. Other competing VA models are typically priced $600 to $800. Equivalent IPS is in the low $1000s (was ~$1000 pre-COVID).

      If you're getting one adjust your expectations accordingly. This is not a premium monitor equivalent.

      That said I've had issues with my new Dell AW3420DW that I don't think are going to be rectified (already gone through one replacement). So I'll be keeping an eye on Black Friday sales like everyone else.

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      HUB has done a pretty thorough review on it.

      I've bought it for $636 in August and happy with it, no regrets.
      A bit of screen tearing when playing Overwatch compared to my old BenQ XL2411 (144hz TN).
      I only have a GTX970 so can't tell if gsync or freesync will fix it.

  • Bought this from Allphones about a month ago for like $560. Great monitor! I know a lot of people say the price should be below $500. But it is hard to find the same quality monitor from other brands. Not even close.

    • Gigabyte has since released the G34WQC which uses the same panel and is selling it in the same price bracket. It’s a tad more expensive but it should be discounted soon to match this product. It may be a viable alternative.

      • Can't find it under $700

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          You can pre-order for $650 but still far more expensive than this model

      • I mean, I trust Xiaomi more than Gigabyte on monitors as they make a lot of TVs, projectors, phones and laptops. And it's also cheaper.

  • Can it take advantage of next gen consoles other than the refresh rate? I mean ports and etc.

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      No - for next gen consoles you should aim for HDMI 2.1

      The XBOX Series S might pair well with it as it supports the resolution, but 4K 120Hz over HDMI 2.1 is where it is at. Expect to pay for that though. Monitors with that spec should be releasing soon (early 2021)

      • Wow. I was about to buy it. Thanks for informing me.
        Guess I have to stick to 60hz for now.

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          I should add that whilst it'll work and an image will be returned, it'll be 1080p for the PS5 with black bars either side.

    • Can the consoles do 2k? I mean these are 2k ultrawides, you will likely just get black strips on the sides as the console outputs 1080p.

    • 34 > 31.5

    • The Xiaomi is a different aspect ratio, higher resolution and with a larger diagonal size.

  • Would this be OK as an extension monitor for office work. I have a MSI MAG322CQRV as my main monitor and want more realestate for multiple applications.

    • Should be fine if you're OK with looking at two different displays (color reproduction, tone, contrast etc.).

      • I am using a 13" laptop at the moment second display so will be better than that…but I am now thinking the extra wide screen is overkill…maybe Samsung C32F391FWE 32inch Curved LED Monitor instead.

        • +1

          I got an ultrawide so I could comfortably have three windows across when I need it.

          The 27" I came from did two across but I couldn't have three. The extra width makes two across more comfortable such that I don't want to go back to 27".

  • Does anyone know if this supports dual screen like most ultrawides?

    • Isn't that OS/hardware specific? Any monitor "supports" dual screen - it depends on what it's plugged into.

      • I am talking about how the Samsung ultrawide has the Easy Setting Box that can display outputs from 2 devices

    • +1

      I found this ultrawide multitasking guide pretty helpful: https://youtu.be/DuIK-NuN3aY

      The program he uses does cost money, but apparently there's a free trial. Otherwise Windows has the snap to edge feature built in of course, so you can easily do dual screen, but 3 screen is a little trickier without an extra piece of software I believe (I don't actually have an ultrawide yet).

    • If you are talking about PBP (Picture by picture) and PIP (Picture in picture) , Yes it does.

      • I am talking about how the Samsung ultrawide has the Easy Setting Box that can display outputs from 2 devices

  • you guys like china?

    • -1

      Yes why?

    • If you're trying to tell people this monitor is china and that's why we shouldn't buy.

      You've come to the wrong place buddy.

      Price is king here.

    • yes, you pay peanuts you get monkey

  • Does this monitor work with the standard VESA mounts?

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      Yes, I have one mounted on an arm using the VESA mount

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    Alright so it looks like the deal from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/577986 is still active so you can get it from Gearbite for $509.15 shipped. It's not sub-$500 or even the $400-450 that people are hoping for but it's still a saving…

    Yes, I know, it says out of stock on the deal but it's in stock on the website.

  • not good enough …. waiting to Black Friday…

  • I wish for double QHD now. WQHD is not quite enough for multiple screens..

    Having said that this monitor is excellent!

  • Does anyone use these in a triple monitor setup (for sim racing / flight sim) ??

    If so
    - What’s the viewing angle like on the side screens ?
    - Is there much ghosting on sim games ?
    - What GPU do u have
    - What FPS r u getting on which game ??

    If the “hoped” prices do come down @ Black Friday … then I need to know what I’m pulling the trigger on 🤣


  • Do you guyz know about warranty/exchange with this monitor? I just noticed my one has a few dead pixels and noticable black smearing (on hdmi @60hz, xps13 usb c to hdmi)

  • I have just bought this monitor and also bought this USB C hub - I thought this would be a simple case of "plug and play" into the usb c port of my HP laptop - but unfortunately there is no signal when I plug it in to the HDMI port on the hub - am I missing something?

    FYI - love the monitor!

  • I'm interested in this monitor for gaming and in the hopes of upgrading my computer soon to be able to push 144 @ 1440p only thing is this isn't 1ms in response time and I was wondering if that would make as much a difference compared to just being able to have 144hz?

    I'm currently using a 60 hz 1080p monitor and want to take my games a little bit more serious and give my self the tools to do that and I know that I need at least a 120hz monitor to begin actually improving (as well as hitting that fps) my game but not sure if I should be concerned about the 1ms response time or not

    Would someone be able to tell me if using this monitor compared to a 1080p 144hz 1ms response time monitor the response time itself would make much of a difference I'm inclined to say no but I am genuinely not sure

    thanks heaps :D

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